Phrases with "been"

Virginia Woolf She should have been taught to look at the stars and reason scientifically. A room of one’s own by Virginia Woolf [1929]

But eat not of what the name of God has not been pronounced over, for, verily, it is an abomination. The Qur'an by translated by E. H. Palmer

Robert Green Ingersoll One by one religious conceptions have been placed in the crucible of science, and thus far, nothing but dross has been found. The Gods by Robert Green Ingersoll

D. H. Lawrence He would have been clever, and capable of becoming a gentleman. The Rainbow by D. H. Lawrence

Watkin Tench To have subjoined perpetual explanations would have been tedious and disgusting. A Complete Account of the Settlement at Port Jackson by Watkin Tench

Sinclair Lewis Sara thinks I’ve been a pedlar; I think I’ve been a missionary. The Prodigal Parents by Sinclair Lewis

Where were you all the while? I’d been waiting for you for hours. Lost Horizon by James Hilton

Arthur Morrison These poor people dwindled in numbers gradually, and although they attempted to bring up their children in their own faith, the whole belief has been practically extinct for years now. The Adventures of Martin Hewitt by Arthur Morrison

I had not been as fortunate as some detectives, for there was no evidence that the straws had ever been used in a sabot at all. The Mystery of Choice by Robert W. Chambers [1896]

Virginia Woolf My body has been used daily, rightly, like a tool by a good workman, all over. The Waves by Virginia Woolf [1931]

A good-looking, well-built, iron-gray, iron-jawed man; but a fool and a weakling at that moment, if he had never been either before. The Black Mask by E. W. Hornung [1901]

Watkin Tench Consequently, if complaint had existed there, it would have been immediately redressed. A Complete Account of the Settlement at Port Jackson by Watkin Tench

Edgar Rice Burroughs Here man has but reached a stage analogous to the Stone Age of our own world’s history, but for countless millions of years these reptiles have been progressing. At the Earth’s Core by Edgar Rice Burroughs [1914]

No doubt all the lines would have been curvilinear if the course had been observed at much shorter intervals. The Movements and Habits of Climbing Plants by Charles Darwin

Walter Scott The neatness with which it was made up, argued the precision of a practised traveller, who had been long accustomed to every resource which change of weather required. Castle Dangerous by Walter Scott [1832]

The drive could not have been beaten in England, and fringes of mown turf on either hand had been pared out of the lush meadows. The Grove of Ashtaroth by John Buchan [1910]

With an impulsive gesture Sinclair pointed to the bed — it had not been lain in — then to the gas — it was still burning. The Amethyst Box by Anna Katharine Green

Arthur Machen Hark! what are those boys calling?” While the two men had been talking together a confused noise of shouting had been gradually growing louder. The Great God Pan by Arthur Machen

Guy de Maupassant Good God! He had forgotten it! He was becoming quite woebegone about it when she offered him a pipe of his father that had been shut up in a cupboard. Hautot Senior and Hautot Junior (Hautot père et fils) by Guy de Maupassant [1889]

Gertrude Stein I mean that I am English. Dear Mr. Henry. What have you been meaning to do. Geography and Plays by Gertrude Stein

George Gissing No hour having been mentioned, he had come in the afternoon; but plainly he need not fear the presence of ordinary callers. Sleeping Fires by George Gissing [1896]

Gertrude Stein The answer is simple it consists in explaining that there has been given the use of all that will be used. Geography and Plays by Gertrude Stein

M. R. James It had been moved by officious servants; doubtless the contents had been put in the wardrobe. Ghost Stories of an Antiquary by M. R. James

He would have been Exhibit A in the case against Richard, and to produce him would have been a feather in Henry’s cap. The Daughter of Time by Josephine Tey

Arthur Conan Doyle Indeed, the latter does not appear to have ever been very formidable. The Parasite by Arthur Conan Doyle [1894]

He had also been for years in the habit of contributing to the best periodical literature of the day. The Tragedy in the Palazzo Bardello by Amelia B. Edwards

Yet—with the exception of such isolated passages—the figure of Jo is in truth one of the most powerful protests that have been put forward on behalf of the friendless outcasts of our streets. Dickens by Adolphus William Ward [1882]

But hadn’t he been enough of a pest already? He was so much better off asleep, even if it was a case of “Uterine Flight.” What a perfect escape the return to the womb was. The Day of the Locust by Nathanael Wes

Edith Wharton You’ve been too good to us — and we must go. The Old Maid by Edith Wharton

Henry James The party had been made up for him, Mrs. Wimbush averred, and every one was counting on it, the dear Princess most of all. The Death of the Lion by Henry James [1894]

M. R. James Except, perhaps, the sensation which invaded Fanshawe in the small hours that something had been let out which ought not to have been let out. A Warning to the Curious and other ghost stories by M. R. James

Henry James Richard de Mauves, we have seen, considered he had; but there was doubtless now something in this young woman’s eyes that had not been there five years before. Madame de Mauves by Henry James [1874]

E. Phillips Oppenheim Regretful evidence had been tendered by the dead man’s medical attendant as to his patient’s tendencies towards alcoholism. The Man Without Nerves by E. Phillips Oppenheim [1934]

E. Phillips Oppenheim On the table in front of Erwen stood two little trifles which had been given him for a farewell present—one a heavy paper weight, the other a silver-framed mirror. The Passionate Quest by E. Phillips Oppenheim [1924]

D. H. Lawrence I should have been on my guard. Aaron’s Rod by D. H. Lawrence

William Hope Hodgson Down on the main-deck, I could see the loom of the lanterns that had been lashed up to the sherpoles in the fore and main rigging. The Ghost Pirates by William Hope Hodgson

Nathaniel Hawthorne Since her interview with Westervelt, Zenobia’s continual inequalities of temper had been rather difficult for her friends to bear. The Blithedale Romance by Nathaniel Hawthorne [1852]

By 12th March, as we gather from the Southey correspondence, the change of arrangements had been made. Coleridge by H. D. Traill [1884]

Sinclair Lewis They had not been so at the Dodsworths’. World So Wide by Sinclair Lewis

D. H. Lawrence How wonderful it must have been to Ulysses to venture into this Mediterranean and open his eyes on all the loveliness of the tall coasts. Sea and Sardinia by D. H. Lawrence [1921]

Kate Chopin His search has always hitherto been fruitless, and he has sunk back, disheartened, into the sea. The Awakening by Kate Chopin

No pains had been taken to baffle pursuers. Tropic Days by E. J. Banfield

Arthur Morrison They might have been better done, as the employer said when he saw them. A Child of the Jago by Arthur Morrison

Its shaft has been dug beforehand, though the entrance closes automatically and is not discoverable on the surface; further, it has a casing of web, reinforced with minute grains of sand. Last Leaves from Dunk Island by E. J. Banfield

Virginia Woolf There, in his Almanack he has collected all the facts about all, or almost all, of the professions that have been opened to the daughters of educated men. Three Guineas by Virginia Woolf [1938]

Willa Cather They think you’re proud because you’ve been away to school or something. O Pioneers! by Willa Cather [1913]

Augustine Birrell Though England has never been long priest-ridden, it has often been priest-led. Andrew Marvell by Augustine Birrell [1905]

Water had always been his delight, so he went through the dreary preliminaries of being coached in a tub-pair till he learned to swing steadily and get his arms quickly forward. The Far Islands by John Buchan [1899]

The atmosphere had been slowly clearing as the day wore on; but we had scarcely anchored ten minutes before a blanket of white fog, rolling in from seaward, swallowed us up. The Riddle of the Sands by Erskine Childers [1903]

Oscar Wilde His beauty had been to him but a mask, his youth but a mockery. The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde [1891]

Edgar Allan Poe As might have been expected, spasms and violent headache were the immediate consequences of an experiment so precipitate and full of danger. The Unparalleled Adventure of One Hans Pfaall by Edgar Allan Poe [1835]

Robert Green Ingersoll There was now and then a sublime heart willing to die for an intellectual conviction, and had it not been for these men we would have been wild beasts and savages today. On Skulls by Robert Green Ingersoll

Arthur Conan Doyle It chanced that, as he emerged upon the landing, Enid who had been engaged in her morning’s shopping, appeared in the lift. The Land of Mist by Arthur Conan Doyle [1926]

Thomas Paine As it is necessary to clear away the rubbish of errors, into which the subject of government has been thrown, I will proceed to remark on some others. The Rights of Man by Thomas Paine [1791]

That was, no doubt, what Marta had meant when she said that if she had lived another ten years her obituaries would have been back-page stuff. To Love and Be Wise by Josephine Tey [1950]

Willa Cather Any suggestion to the contrary might have been very graceful, but it would have been rejected. The Professor’s House by Willa Cather [1925]

Robert Louis Stevenson She was as simple, natural, and engaging as a kid that should have been brought up to the business of a money-changer. The Silverado Squatters by Robert Louis Stevenson

Mrs. McTavish, in particular, was enjoying herself, and, at the same time, wondering how she could ever have been so mistaken about the archdeacon. The Jest of Life by Arthur Gask [1936]

D. H. Lawrence And the instinct which had been jerking at the young man’s wrists suddenly jerked free. The Prussian Officer and other stories by D. H. Lawrence

Their faces, arms, and legs were frightfully scarred with the wounds they had received from dogs when they had been on their raids. The Book of Were-Wolves by S. Baring-Gould [1865]

Jules Verne They saw Hatteras look eagerly at the horizon, and then come down without speaking; but it was easy to see that his hopes had again been crushed. The English at the North Pole by Jules Verne

James Joyce I looked so simple in the cradle they christened me simple Simon. — You must have been a doaty, miss Douce made answer. Ulysses by James Joyce [1922]

George Gissing How have you been getting on? And how is baby?” The woman took a seat by the kitchen fire, and began to talk in a whining, mendicant tone. Denzil Quarrier by George Gissing [1891]

Sir Walter Scott And this is nae great matter, after a’; just to cut the comb of a young cock that has been crawing a little ower crousely. The Black Dwarf by Sir Walter Scott [1816]

Mary Eleanor Wilkins Freeman He very seldom left home, and just now his practice had been neglected on account of Edward’s death. The Shadows on the Wall by Mary Eleanor Wilkins Freeman

William Hope Hodgson The night had been the longest yet; and when the dying sun showed, at last, above the world’s edge, I had grown so wearied of the dark, that I greeted it as a friend. The House on the Borderland by William Hope Hodgson

The fire which had not been allowed to die out, still burned brightly on the ruddy hearthstone, but it was not that which awakened my apprehension. A Strange Disappearance by Anna Katharine Green

Edgar Rice Burroughs It was the same corridor and the same Mahars that I had intended to have lead so important a role in our escape from Phutra. Providence had indeed been kind to me, for the reptiles still slept. At the Earth’s Core by Edgar Rice Burroughs [1914]

Arthur Conan Doyle I believe that you have been somewhat alarmed by this incident of the Parish Magazine?” “Of course I have,” said Pomeroy, in a surly voice. The Parish Magazine by Arthur Conan Doyle [1930]

Edgar Allan Poe It must have been a peculiarity of color, of quantity, of length, or of situation. The Mystery of Marie Roget by Edgar Allan Poe [1842]

And when, upon this, I said I thought I had heard her shut her window down, and supposed she had been listening, she denied it, and accused me of being fanciful. Rose Lodge by Ellen Wood [1876]

E. Nesbi When the children got home and counted up what had been given and what had been promised, they felt that for the first day it was not so bad. The Railway Children by E. Nesbi

George MacDonald But I will not say more, for I find my words only mislead you! — This is the couch that has been waiting for you,” he ended, pointing to one of the three. Lilith by George MacDonald

H.G. Wells If you had made your debut in the chancel — on Sunday — it might have been different. The Wonderful Visit by H.G. Wells [1895]

Virginia Woolf But the eyes had never been shut. Jacob’s Room by Virginia Woolf [1920]

It had long been fast asleep, and both ladies were excited as they drew up at the steps of the George and Dragon, and with bell and knocker roused the slumbering household. The Haunted Baronet by J. Sheridan Le Fanu [1871]

G. K. Chesterton Still he would have set them the example of industry, and he would have been one of the parents whom they could respect. The Ball and the Cross by G. K. Chesterton [1909]

Olaf Stapledon Nor had it been compellingly expressed as a supreme principle of conduct. Saints and Revolutionaries by Olaf Stapledon

Arthur Machen But Horbury was sorry that the old school had been destroyed; he saw for the first time that it might have been made a valuable attraction. The Secret Glory by Arthur Machen

Gustave Flauber He might have been taken for some big idol rough-hewn in a block of stone; for a pale leprosy, which was spread over his whole body, gave him the appearance of an inert thing. Salammbo by Gustave Flauber

By next week’s RIVERINE I saw my friend had been A bit too cunning. The Man from Snowy River and other verses by A. B. Paterson

D. H. Lawrence I thought I must have been mistaken as to the quantity the bottle contained. The White Peacock by D. H. Lawrence

As one can’t suspect him of moral delicacy, I surmise that it must have been from prudence. Because of the Dollars by Joseph Conrad [1915]

Upon her mouth her left hand lay pressed, as if, with her last breath, she sought to absorb the pure kiss which had been left there by the daughter she so much loved. The Forsaken Inn by Anna Katharine Green

H. G. Wells It has always been our custom to discourage weeping and outcries, and you did not forget your training. The Passionate Friends by H. G. Wells [1913]

Edgar Allan Poe I had long been in the habit of mesmerizing the person in question (Mr. Vankirk), and the usual acute susceptibility and exaltation of the mesmeric perception had supervened. Tales of Science by Edgar Allan Poe

Had you?” “Well, I should have been guided by circumstances. A Night on the Borders of the Black Forest by Amelia B. Edwards

It will not do to say, “An individual stood in the street,” when no mention nor allusion has been made, nor is going to be made, to some aggregate of individuals considered as a whole. Write it Right by Ambrose Bierce [1909]

With the exception of the few articles scattered about the lawn, which had been saved earlier, all the splendours with which John Bowring had filled the house were things of the past. The Crowned Skull by Fergus Hume

It had evidently been snowing afresh, for there was not a trace of wheels upon the ground; but it had ceased now. The Danvers Jewels by Mary Cholmondeley [1886]

There was a queer, pinkish look about Rosine’s eyes; and had the two been alone, the United States might have had to cast about for another consul. Cabbages and Kings by O. Henry [1904]

Edgar Allan Poe We now rested a while from our labors, which had been intolerably severe. The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym of Nantucket by Edgar Allan Poe

Arthur Machen You have not forgotten last night already?” “Dyson,” said the other, speaking very seriously, “I have been turning it over in my mind this morning while you have been out. The Shining Pyramid by Arthur Machen

Olaf Stapledon The thing that he had hoped for, their spiritual unity (as he called it) had already been conceived in their deepening friendship. A Man Divided by Olaf Stapledon

F. Scott Fitzgerald My God, has there been a murder?” He went to the window and reported once more: “It seems to be two American sailors fighting and a lot more cheering them on. Tender is the Night by F. Scott Fitzgerald

James Joyce Just God, what an end! Evidently she had been unfit to live, without any strength of purpose, an easy prey to habits, one of the wrecks on which civilisation has been reared. Dubliners by James Joyce

Henry James You’re too beautifully kind; they told me of your having been with her this morning. The Other House by Henry James [1896]

Had he been content to indulge Trenmore’s superstitious regard for that infernal Dust, he would have been left confronting no such ghastly mystery. The Heads of Cerberus by Francis Stevens

Mark Twain Well, I felt sheepish enough to be took in so, but I wouldn’t a been in that ringmaster’s place, not for a thousand dollars. The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain

D. H. Lawrence Things had all been stark, unreal, barren, mere nullities before. The Rainbow by D. H. Lawrence

Wilkie Collins For the rest, our defense on this occasion was, as to essentials, what our defense had been at the inquiry before the magistrate. The Dead Alive by Wilkie Collins [1874]

Andrew Lang The prince had been a fortnight with the grand duke, and enjoyed himself mightily. The Violet Fairy Book by Andrew Lang

Willa Cather I’ve been away engraving other men’s pictures, and you’ve stayed at home and made your own. O Pioneers! by Willa Cather [1913]

Arthur Machen The remainder of the famous rood had been used to mend the roads, to build pigsties and domestic offices; it had turned Protestant, in fact. The Hill of Dreams by Arthur Machen [1907]

Andrew Lang Then Little Two-eyes came to her, and woke her and said, ‘Well, Little Three-eyes, have you been asleep? You watch well! Come, we will go home. The Green Fairy Book by Andrew Lang

Edith Wharton And do you think I shouldn’t have been glad to see you before? Ventnor. No; I think I should have been too glad to see you. Crucial Instances by Edith Wharton [1901]

The devil has been dry-cleaned, but the evil odors of later fiction are more objectionable than the fumes of the pit, are more variant, more individual and distinctive. The Supernatural in Modern English Fiction by Dorothy Scarborough

Arthur Conan Doyle Once more also we were able to communicate with Zambo, who had been terrified by the spectacle from afar of an avalanche of apes falling from the edge of the cliff. The Lost World by Arthur Conan Doyle [1912]

Henry James It so happens that I’ve been brought near it, and that an appeal has been made to me. The Siege of London by Henry James [1883]

E. Phillips Oppenheim The conversation had been desultory at first, but in its course Hildyard had answered many questions about many people, and he had listened to a good deal of pent-up bitterness of spirit. The Amazing Judgment by E. Phillips Oppenheim [1897]

The furnace had been lighted in the brewhouse, for Eunice had a day’s washing before her. Sandstone Torr by Ellen Wood [1874]

Henry James Later on his story became for him, perhaps because of my unduly repeating it, likewise a convenient wordly label; but it had not a year before been the ground on which he was introduced to me. The Way it Came by Henry James [1896]

Jules Verne While he was thus employed the boatswain and the other seamen were stretching the large royal sail on the yard that had been reserved for that purpose. The Survivors of the Chancellor by Jules Verne [1875]

Something tender and gay and passionate had been with us; something strange and exquisitely sweet was gone from us; and we grew sharply old and went about our work without any song or jest or caress. Limehouse Nights by Thomas Burke

Such must have been the darkness before creation. The Shadow Line by Joseph Conrad [1917]

Oh, what are we here for? Why have we been brought to this place, except for this very one purpose? For half an hour I’ve done nothing else but count the minutes disappearing, one by one . The Haunted Woman by David Lindsay [1922]

Mysseri, who had informed me of the step which had been taken, did not know it himself until some time after we had quitted Nablus, when Dthemetri exultingly confessed his successful enterprise. Eothen by Alexander William Kinglake [1844]

Henry James She let me see at any rate that her life had been a good deal what I supposed, though the terms she employed to describe it were less crude than those of my thought. Louisa Pallant by Henry James [1888]

Henry James When she was away from him his occupation was gone — she never HAD been away from him. The Real Thing by Henry James [1892]

Virginia Woolf And we do it, too, by writing about anybody who seems amusing — enough has been written about Shakespeare — Shakespeare hardly pays. The Death of the Moth and other essays by Virginia Woolf [1942]

Henry James We’ve lost one of ours, and I’ve been looking for it everywhere. Pandora by Henry James [1884]

Rudyard Kipling Mr. Prout has a notion that you have been corrupting your associates somehow or other. Stalky & Co. by Rudyard Kipling [1899]

Benjamin Disraeli Be reasonable, and a destiny awaits you, which offers everything that has hitherto been considered the source or cause of happiness. The Rise of Iskander by Benjamin Disraeli [1834]

Jules Verne The heat was intense, and if it had not been for the shelter’ afforded by the sail-tent, would have been unbearable. The Survivors of the Chancellor by Jules Verne [1875]

Nothing could have been finer, and as I say, I was almost sorry it had not been given a dead heat. The Secret of the Sandhills by Arthur Gask [1921]

James Joyce Under the name of Orani he may have been the utility man of the troupe capable of sustaining long parts at short notice. Finnegans Wake by James Joyce

Other cases I know have been traced to the sudden mania, solely mischievous or otherwise, of some female inmate. Our Visit by Ellen Wood

We’ve been slithering along the face of a perpendicular mountain for the last hour — I’ve been taking notice. Lost Horizon by James Hilton

Sometimes, again, he would sit for hours in the room which had been Sir Wynston’s, and, with a kind of horrible resolution, often loiter there till after nightfall. The Evil Guest by J. Sheridan Le Fanu

They had rather a job to separate us, I’ve been told. The Secret Sharer by Joseph Conrad [1910]

Robert Louis Stevenson On the two following, Frank had himself been absent on some of his excursions among the neighbouring families. The Weir of Hermiston by Robert Louis Stevenson

The Caliph Othman said that the omission arose from its having been revealed shortly before Mohammed’s death, who left no instructions on the subject. The Qur'an by translated by E. H. Palmer

For a naturalist it would have been paradise, for no two shapes were alike, and all were fantastic, with individual character. A Voyage to Arcturus by David Lindsay [1920]

Anne Bronte I might be mista’en — but he like gave a sort of a whistle, and I saw a bit of a smile on his face; and he said, “Oh, it’s all stuff! You’ve been among the Methodists, my good woman. Agnes Grey by Anne Bronte [1847]

Never known anything so extraordinary in my life! Been going round with him in the wards, and what do you think? He’s been smiling at all the nurses and looking at them like a young cock-sparrow. The Jest of Life by Arthur Gask [1936]

Henry James To Mrs. Beale she turned no more than Mrs. Beale had turned: she felt as if already their difference had been disclosed. What Maisie Knew by Henry James [1897]

Robert Louis Stevenson And when they came to that part of the beach where strange things had been done in the ancient ages, lo, there was the crone, and she was dancing widdershins. Fables by Robert Louis Stevenson

Arthur Conan Doyle Everything on earth that we loved had been washed away into the great, infinite, unknown ocean, and here were we marooned upon this desert island of a world, without companions, hopes, or aspirations. The Poison Belt by Arthur Conan Doyle [1913]

Edgar Allan Poe They were dirty papers — very dirty — and Gluck, the printer, would take his Bible oath to their having been printed in Rotterdam. He was mistaken — undoubtedly — mistaken. The Unparalleled Adventure of One Hans Pfaall by Edgar Allan Poe [1835]

But he has also been defended by an advocate whose name alone is almost a guarantee for the justness of the cause which he takes up, and the innocency of the client for whom he argues. Bacon by R. W. Church [1884]

Ann Radcliffe We parted — O! let me forget that period! — Had I accompanied him, all might have been well; and the long, long years of affliction which followed had been spared me. A Sicilian Romance by Ann Radcliffe [1790]

I had not been treated like that even at school, though they all hated me. Notes from Underground by Fyodor Dostoyevsky

Helen Zimmern May 22d, 1849, she rose from the banquet of life, where, in her own words, she had been a happy guest. Maria Edgeworth by Helen Zimmern

These men had been for several hours concealed in the brush patiently watching the opposite bank in the amiable hope of getting a shot at some unwary Confederate, but had seen none. Four Days in Dixie by Ambrose Bierce [1888]

Abraham Merri He made them shields and taught them to use both sword and shield as they had been used on his dragons in the old Viking days. The Ship of Ishtar by Abraham Merri

F. Scott Fitzgerald His destination, his refuge, was the studio, where he was not employed but which had been home to him for twenty years. The Pat Hobby Stories by F. Scott Fitzgerald [1941]

Henry James His income had been “fixed” with a vengeance: having painfully stooped to the comprehension of it Mrs. Stannace rested on this effort to the end and asked no further question on the subject. The Next Time by Henry James [1895]

Only two days ago the air had been sluggish and balmy; now an easterly wind nipped the gray city, naked and bare. The House with the Green Shutters by George Douglas Brown [1901]

When a man has been living for months at the Club —’ ‘Of course, poor fellow! I do love that dear old Colonel Innes, though I can’t say I know him a bit. The hesitation of Miss Anderson by Sara Jeannette Duncan [1903]

Robert Louis Stevenson Nor was it long in wakening all the echoes of Europe. What success might have attended it, had the question decided been a purely abstract question, it is difficult to say. Familiar Studies of Men and Books by Robert Louis Stevenson

On beholding Alfred, this had been his invariable behaviour. A Bride from the Bush by E. W. Hornung [1890]

Rafael Sabatini His prophecy had been a shrewd inference of what must inevitably happen to a man in Steffani’s position, pursued by the avenging brother of one woman and the avenging father of another. Casanova’s Alibi by Rafael Sabatini

E. Nesbi Ain’t you never been young yourself, Mr. Bates?” “I ought to report him,” said the foreman. The Railway Children by E. Nesbi

Henry James He rested without power to move, as if some spring in him, some spell vouchsafed, had suddenly been broken for ever. The Beast in the Jungle by Henry James [1903]

H. G. Wells Davis, if such had been his disposition, had departed unsatisfied. Star-Begotten by H. G. Wells [1937]

F. Scott Fitzgerald Suddenly he realized that the footsteps were not behind, had never been behind, they were ahead and he was not eluding but following . This Side of Paradise by F. Scott Fitzgerald

W. H. Hudson I have no doubt that my experience is similar to that of others, especially of those who have lived a rural life, and whose senses have been trained by an early-acquired habit of attention. Idle Days in Patagonia by W. H. Hudson

Arthur Conan Doyle Had we been at the Biltmore Hotel we could not have had better fare. The Maracot Deep by Arthur Conan Doyle [1929]

Henry James And yet she was full of life, old as she was, and had been made finer, sharper and more delicate, by nearly eighty years of it. A London Life by Henry James [1888]

Jacques Futrelle I may say that I called here yesterday, Friday, and asked to see you, but was informed that you had been hurt, so I went away to give you opportunity to recover somewhat. The Chase of the Golden Plate by Jacques Futrelle [1906]

Jules Verne A ship, in such a case, would have been instantly brought ahull, but no manoeuvring could be applied to our raft, which could only drift before the blast. The Survivors of the Chancellor by Jules Verne [1875]

Edgar Allan Poe But it could have been neither the execution of the work, nor the immortal beauty of the countenance, which had so suddenly and so vehemently moved me. The Oval Portrait by Edgar Allan Poe [1842]

Jane Austen He has been only an hour in the house, and I have not been able to learn particulars, for he is so very low that I have not the heart to ask questions, but I hope we shall soon know all. Lady Susan by Jane Austen [1794]

Walter Scott He took a long circuit to avoid being seen, apprehended as a deserter, and sent back to Glasgow, as probably his account of his officer’s indulgence would not have been credited. Chronicles of the Canongate by Walter Scott [1827]

H. G. Wells They played out a little romance in the past as vivid as reality, and when at last they awakened they remembered all they had been through as though it were a real thing. A Story of the Days To Come by H. G. Wells [1897]

Algernon Blackwood So, after all, the rooms in the house had not been empty and unoccupied. John Silence by Algernon Blackwood

I fancy it is one which I have never used before in writing of A. J. Raffles, for I cannot at the moment recall any other occasion upon which its use would have been justified. The Black Mask by E. W. Hornung [1901]

E. F. Benson He (apart from the fact of his having been so foul a ruffian) was a tremendous fellow across country, and they like these indications of the continuance of his superb vitality. How Fear Departed from the Long Gallery by E. F. Benson

Horace Walpole That weak Prince, who had been struck with the charms of Matilda, listened but too eagerly to the offer. The Castle of Otranto by Horace Walpole [1764]

Jacques Futrelle He was the diamond expert of the firm; and for five or six years his had been the final word as to quality and value. The Diamond Master by Jacques Futrelle [1909]

The Whitneys had no acquaintance with the Temples; neither had he and Bill been special friends at college. Seen in the Moonlight by Ellen Wood [1875]

John Galsworthy He had never been in Ireland, so that the debate had for him little relation to reality. The Silver Spoon by John Galsworthy

Mark Twain It makes one pity the poor Archbishop, and with that he, too, could have been let off as leniently. What is Man? and other essays by Mark Twain

F. Scott Fitzgerald Nicole’s mother died when she was eleven and I’ve sort of been father and mother both to her, with the help of governesses — father and mother both to her. Tender is the Night by F. Scott Fitzgerald

M. P. Shiel Hence the sea should have been visible. Shapes in the Fire by M. P. Shiel [1896]

Henry James But she spoke her own despair in the way she murmured “Oh Godfrey, Godfrey, is it true?” “I’ve been the most unutterable donkey — you can say what you like to me. The Marriages by Henry James [1891]

Indeed, had my attention not been drawn to it, I should probably have overlooked it, and have thought there was only a sea horizon before me. Journal of a Cruise on the Tanganyika Lake by John Hanning Speke [1864]

David Hume But there are other causes, which have been found more irregular and uncertain; nor has rhubarb always proved a purge, or opium a soporific to every one, who has taken these medicines. An Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding by David Hume

H. G. Wells No, not those Roentgen vibrations — I don’t know that these others of mine have been described. The Invisible Man by H. G. Wells [1897]

M. R. James They both stopped as if they had been shot. Collected Ghost Stories by M. R. James

Arthur Machen This is not the place to argue the merits or demerits of the scheme which had been maturing for many years in his brain. The Secret Glory by Arthur Machen

Arnold Bennett I regret that I have not been able to earn it. The Grand Babylon Hotel by Arnold Bennett [1902]

Rafael Sabatini I am distressed to think that I should so easily have been deluded. Casanova’s Alibi by Rafael Sabatini

Andrew Lang She could not bear to return to her own castle where she had been so happy with her lover, but determined rather to endure her loneliness and desolation in a strange land. The Green Fairy Book by Andrew Lang

Leslie Stephen Her marriage had been one of convenience, and her husband’s want of sympathy, and jealousy of any interference in business matters, forced her, she says, to take to literature as her sole resource. Samuel Johnson by Leslie Stephen [1878]

Andrew Lang Of course Mr. Towse may have been interested in Buckingham’s career and may have invented the ghost (after discovering the secret token) 65 as an excuse for warning him. The Book of Dreams and Ghosts by Andrew Lang

There is one man, I think he must have been a broad churchman and have taken in the “Spectator”; his arms are folded, and he is smiling a little, with his head on one side. Alps and Sanctuaries of Piedmont and the Canton Ticino by Samuel Butler [1881]

John Stuart Mill During all that time, mankind have been learning by experience the tendencies of actions; on which experience all the prudence, as well as all the morality of life, are dependent. Utilitarianism by John Stuart Mill

Presently I stopped before a low door in a plain stone house which might have been the dwelling of an artisan of the better sort, and without announcing myself, entered. Can Such Things Be? by Ambrose Bierce [1893]

Never since the child had died had Joanna been nearer than then to finding the power of whom she told herself fantastic tales, than when the girl’s struggling will fixed itself again on that centre. The Greater Trumps by Charles Williams

Elizabeth Von Arnim But he had grown suddenly deafer—a phenomenon I have observed to occur every time my orders are such as he has never been given before. The Solitary Summer by Elizabeth Von Arnim [1899]

Howlett served me, dumb reproach in his eyes, for the soup had been standing and the grouse was juiceless. The Maker of Moons by Robert W. Chambers

The Bashkir people have been thoroughly awed, and the Kirghiz, too, have had some good lessons. The Daughter of the Commandant by Aleksandr Pushkin

Her answer was a horrified moan, but it might have been a shriek. The Circular Study by Anna Katharine Green

E. Phillips Oppenheim She would have been very welcome to a home with us. To Win the Love He Sought by E. Phillips Oppenheim [1895]

Ivan Turgenev My father’s all right, he’s been everywhere and known all the ups and downs. Fathers and Sons by Ivan Turgenev

Ann Radcliffe He brought me several articles of comfort, of which I had hitherto been destitute, and answered some questions I put to him concerning my family. A Sicilian Romance by Ann Radcliffe [1790]

Florence Dixie Oswald St. Maur watched them until they were out of sight, then, taking up his pencil, determined to introduce into his sketch that scene from life of which he had just been an unobserved spectator. Redeemed in Blood by Florence Dixie [1889]

Rudyard Kipling I expect we’d knocked out some scientific Hun in the controls, an he’d been succeeded by a man who knew how. Destroyers at Jutland by Rudyard Kipling [1916]

Arthur Machen How have you been getting on since we last met? There is no Mrs. Vaughan, I suppose?” “No,” said Vaughan, “I am still a hermit, like yourself. The Shining Pyramid by Arthur Machen