Phrases with "board"

Nellie Bly In each cell is a board to sit on, and one a little higher for a desk. Around the World in Seventy-Two Days by Nellie Bly [1890]

What else could he have expected? He had rushed in like a ruffian; he had dragged the poor defenceless thing by the hair of her head, as it were, on board that ship. Chance by Joseph Conrad [1913]

The table, whose surface shone like a mirror, had on it a large bowl of fruit, a bottle of wine, and a board of red and yellow chessmen set out as though for play. Rogue Herries by Hugh Walpole [1930]

Jules Verne But one of them, the captain of the Monroe, knowing that Ned Land had shipped on board the Abraham Lincoln, begged for his help in chasing a whale they had in sight. Twenty-Thousand Leagues Under the Sea by Jules Verne [1872]

Virginia Woolf Life on board a man-of-war was splendid, so they agreed, and sailors, whenever one met them, were quite especially nice and simple. The Voyage Out by Virginia Woolf [1915]

Come on board and have a drink” It was late in the afternoon when the smoke of the LAVA KAVA showed south-east. Tropic Days by E. J. Banfield

Before she went down, I told her she was the prettiest girl on board and she kissed me and promised to come up the next evening and have another walk. My Life and Loves by Frank Harris

All on board that royal ship were more or less overcome. Novels by Eminent Hands by William Makepeace Thackeray [1847]

Andrew Lang Here he found a boat sailing for the coast which he desired to reach, and, having just enough money to pay his passage, he went on board and they started. The Green Fairy Book by Andrew Lang

After she had been painted outside and whitewashed inside, eight hundred pilgrims (more or less) were driven on board of her as she lay with steam up alongside a wooden jetty. Lord Jim by Joseph Conrad [1900]

Robert Louis Stevenson At twelve noon a salute was fired from the tender, when the King’s health was drunk, with all the honours, both on the rock and on board of the shipping. Records of a Family of Engineers by Robert Louis Stevenson

Old Grimmett, on the other hand, was doing well out of the war and had turned patriotic and was a member of the local board which tried conscientious objectors. Coming up for Air by George Orwell

There——” “I thought Bevere used to board with a family,” I interrupted. Roger Bevere by Ellen Wood [1884]

Anthony Trollope The time had now come in which he was wont to be on board his yacht, but of his yacht he took no notice whatever. Marion Fay by Anthony Trollope [1882]

Charles Dickens The child then took him by the hand, and they trod lightly and cautiously down the stairs, trembling whenever a board creaked, and often stopping to listen. The Old Curiosity Shop by Charles Dickens [1840]

Sidney told Mrs. Jasher that he would try and steal the jewels in Malta or on board the tramp steamer. The Green Mummy by Fergus Hume

The merchants in Canton got up a subscription, and sent them to London. They were recognized there by old Pine, who had been surgeon on board the ship they came out in. For the term of his natural life by Marcus Clarke [1874]

Robert Louis Stevenson At night I go on board and say  Good-night to all my friends on shore; I shut my eyes and sail away  And see and hear no more. A Child’s Garden of Verses by Robert Louis Stevenson

If Peyrol had not mentioned the lieutenant it was because those two had been plotting some treachery together, all the afternoon on board that tartane. The Rover by Joseph Conrad [1923]

She is president of the school board here in the city, and she is also a member of the city council. Unveiling a Parallel by Alice Ilgenfritz Jones and Ella Merchant [1893]

He said no, but that a young lady had come on board with Mr. Pym yesterday afternoon to see the ship. Verena Fontaine’s Rebellion by Ellen Wood [1880]

T. H. Huxley All Pontiana came on board to see him when we arrived. Essays by T. H. Huxley

Guy de Maupassan Those on board were waving their handkerchiefs, as though they were leaving for America, and their friends on shore were answering in the same manner. Discovery by Guy de Maupassan

Wilkie Collins The servants left with me were to be put on board wages. The Moonstone by Wilkie Collins [1868]

In heat-waves burned that board 4 to the boss, and the breastplate failed to shelter at all the spear-thane young. Beowulf by translated by Francis Gummere

The sailors who succeed in getting a berth on board a cargo-boat for the summer are the most fortunate. A Thousand Miles up the Nile by Amelia B. Edwards [1877]

Walter Scott But being contraband goods, and on board my vessel, and I with my sailing orders in my hand, why, I am to forward them as directed — I say, John Roberts, keep her up a bit with the helm. Redgauntlet by Walter Scott [1824]

We have requested him to take our berths, when he goes to visit the captain on board this evening. Life in Mexico by Frances Calderon de la Barca [1843]

Anthony Trollope How the heat is engendered on board the river steamers I do not know, but it is engendered to so great a degree that the sitting-cabins are unendurable. North America by Anthony Trollope

Anthony Trollope The servants were kept on board wages,and there were no household accounts. The Claverings by Anthony Trollope

Jules Verne The rules for life on board were drawn up by Hatteras and hung up in the common room. The English at the North Pole by Jules Verne

Virginia Woolf A board creaked in the passage outside. The Years by Virginia Woolf [1937]

Jules Verne Now, was I on board the “Terror?” And was I alone with the Captain and his two men? This seemed probable, almost certain. The Master of the World by Jules Verne [1904]

H. G. Wells He saw ahead of him the board of a modest tea-room. Men Like Gods by H. G. Wells [1923]

George Meredith We vowed upon our honour as gentlemen we had tasted grog for the first time in our lives on board the Priscilla. How about the girls? they asked. The Adventures of Harry Richmond by George Meredith [1871]

Maria Edgeworth To complete his happiness, little Oliver this day obtained permission to board at Mrs. Howard’s, so that he was now constantly to be with his protector. The Good Aunt by Maria Edgeworth

Henry James There are lots of French families here that take you to board and teach you. A Bundle of Letters by Henry James [1879]

William Makepeace Thackeray One such looked out at Smyrna from our steamer, and yawned without the least excitement, and did not betray the slightest emotion, as boats with real Turks on board came up to the ship. Notes of a Journey From Cornhill to Grand Cairo by William Makepeace Thackeray

H. G. Wells Just as the feudal concern had been to keep the board clear for hunting and war. When the Sleeper Wakes by H. G. Wells [1899]

In a second the board was overturned and the players were locked in battle. The Ghost Ship by Richard Middleton

Edgar Allan Poe He had never before sailed with a cargo of grain, and on this occasion had the corn thrown on board loosely, when it did not much more than half fill the vessel. The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym of Nantucket by Edgar Allan Poe

After the great kindness I had already received from everyone on board the vessel, it seemed worse than ungrateful to deceive them. The Lust of Hate by Guy Boothby [1898]

Jules Verne Lord Glenarvan was now on board the ‘Duncan,’ but Ayrton was there also. The Mysterious Island by Jules Verne [1874]

John Lewis Burckhard The Aga ordered the master of the ship to give me a free passage, and to put on board some provisions for me, consisting of dates and sugar, the best articles of his own store-room. Travels in Nubia by John Lewis Burckhard

Funny position, wasn’t it? The boredom came later, when we lived together on board his ship. Victory by Joseph Conrad [1914]

H. G. Wells His tendency was to be as variable as the examining board was invariable. An Experiment in Autobiography by H. G. Wells

When did you return?” “On the same day that that steamer with the mummy on board arrived,” was Random’s odd reply. The Green Mummy by Fergus Hume

I am going on shore presently to sign him on, and I shall take him with me as I go back on board to get under way. Freya of the Seven Isles by Joseph Conrad [1911]

On the first evening out of port, the conversation turned upon the value of diamonds, and one of the ladies on board produced some costly stones she happened to have in her possession. My Strangest Case by Guy Boothby [1901]

On the facia board was painted, evidently by an amateur hand, “The Bushman’s Rest. Good accommodation for man and beast. The Race of Life by Guy Boothby [1906]

I asked to be shown my berth; she looked hard at me, muttered something about its being unusual for passengers to come on board at that hour, and seemed disposed to be less than civil. Villette by Charlotte Brontë [1853]

Augustine Birrell Our seamen, whom no danger’s shape could fright, Unpaid, refuse to mount their ships for spite, Or to their fellows swim on board the Dutch, Who show the tempting metal in their clutch. Andrew Marvell by Augustine Birrell [1905]

John Lewis Burckhard I passed many agreeable hours in the company of Captain Boag, on board his ship, and regretted that my pursuits should call me away so soon. Travels in Arabia by John Lewis Burckhard

The stock of provisions on board the brig was not a large one, and I consider that, in dividing it with us, he showed great generosity for one in his situation. For the term of his natural life by Marcus Clarke [1874]

George Borrow The oldest sailors on board acknowledged that they had never witnessed so providential an escape. The Bible in Spain by George Borrow

Charles Kingsley I want to see the Indies. I want to fight the Spaniards. Though I am a gentleman’s son, I’d a deal liever be a cabin-boy on board your ship. Westward Ho! by Charles Kingsley

Wilkie Collins At bed and board the passengers by the Aquila on her homeward voyage had plenty of room, and the choicest morsels for everybody alike on the well spread dinner-table. The Fallen Leaves by Wilkie Collins [1879]

On board that Dale Line steamer that had picked up these four floating in a boat upon the discreet sunset glow of the sea, they had been after the first day looked askance upon. Lord Jim by Joseph Conrad [1900]

Jules Verne Could he have gone on board the Carnatic without us?” “Without you, madam?” answered the detective. Around the World in 80 Days by Jules Verne [1873]

I trust and hope that he may reach it in safety; but the board he has to cross is narrow and slippery. Sketches by Boz by Charles Dickens [1836]

Jules Verne Life on board went on with regularity. The English at the North Pole by Jules Verne

He had to ride on the running board because the seats were occupied by two Walloon grenadiers and four Swabian foot. The Day of the Locust by Nathanael Wes

The woman had managed to escape from the house in some way, and now was being chased in the open by the infuriated Frenchman. He trusted she would try to run on board for protection. Because of the Dollars by Joseph Conrad [1915]

Victor Hugo No one on board knew how to swim, not even the sailors — an ignorance not uncommon among seafaring people. The Man Who Laughs by Victor Hugo [1869]

Willa Cather Eden put on her wrapper and slippers and stole softly down the hall over the old carpet; one loose board creaked just as she reached the ladder. Youth and the Bright Medusa by Willa Cather [1920]

Henry Lawson He said that we were already suffering from insufficient proper nourishment, and he’d tell the doctor so if the doctor came on board at Auckland. Anyway, it was no sin to rob a company. While the Billy Boils by Henry Lawson

Robert Louis Stevenson There are portions of this business on board the thunder over which the reader passes lightly and hurriedly, like a traveller in a malarious country. Virginibus Puerisque by Robert Louis Stevenson

Charles Dickens I believe that every soul on board frequently noticed this, and not one of us understood it. The Wreck of the Golden Mary by Charles Dickens [1856]

James Payn The wind, which was dead against the vessel, had kept her off and on that dangerous coast, and eventually risen to storm, and sunk her with all on board save him alone. Mirk Abbey by James Payn [1866]

Edith Wharton We pawned the furniture, and they turned us out because we couldn’t pay the rent; and so then we went to board with Mrs. Hochmuller.” Ann Eliza pressed her closer to dissemble her own tremor. Bunner Sisters by Edith Wharton [1916]

To get it on board a train and drop it out, or on the top of an omnibus and drop it off, were equally out of the question. The Wrong Box by Robert Louis Stevenson and Lloyd Osbourne

Incidentally, it shows also the sort of discipline on board these ships, the sort of hold kept on the passengers in the face of the unforgiving sea. Notes on Life and Letters by Joseph Conrad [1921]

He was out in a boat early every morning going round the ships he served, and occasionally remaining on board one of them for breakfast with the captain. A Smile of Fortune by Joseph Conrad [1911]

Charles Dickens I knew I should have but scrambling board if I did; so much the less worldly and less devilish the deed would be, I thought. George Silvermans’s Explanation by Charles Dickens [1868]

John Hill Burton With this view he preferred individual management to board management. Introduction to the Study of the Works of Jeremy Bentham by John Hill Burton

The board walk was unusually thronged for that hour. Claimed! by Francis Stevens

George Meredith The earl looked at him remembering the bright laughing lad he had once been, and said: ‘Why not try a month of Madeira? You have only to step on board the boat. Beauchamp's Career by George Meredith [1875]

It was the Chinaman I had seen on board the Dona Mercedes, the man who had thrown the knife which had so nearly terminated Nikola’s existence. Dr Nikola’s Experiment by Guy Boothby [1899]

Jules Verne Phil Evans went to intercede for Frycollin, and asked for him to be taken on board again. Robur the Conqueror by Jules Verne [1887]

Henry Fielding Before a ship hath been visited by one of those magistrates no person can lawfully go on board her, nor can any on board depart from her. Journal of a Voyage to Lisbon by Henry Fielding

H. Rider Haggard Before it is dawn they must take boats and board Gudruda’s ship and search her. Eric Brighteyes by H. Rider Haggard

Arnold Bennett There is no one on board except you and myself and a small crew — a very discreet crew, I may add. The Grand Babylon Hotel by Arnold Bennett [1902]

E. Phillips Oppenheim Do we dine on board to-night, or are we to be landed?” “You dine on board most certainly,” Grant announced. The Wrath to Come by E. Phillips Oppenheim [1924]

As soon as he had breakfasted on board in the harbour, Max hired a boat and made his way ashore. ’Long Live the King!’ by Guy Boothby [1900]

Robert Louis Stevenson And all this thrown upon the flat board — all this entering, naturally and smoothly, into the texture of continuous intelligent narration. Familiar Studies of Men and Books by Robert Louis Stevenson

Anthony Trollope It was simply an ordinary house, with the words “Macpherson’s Hotel” painted on a semi-circular board over the doorway. Phineas Redux by Anthony Trollope

Tobias Smolle So saying, I leaped with my full exertion, and got on board of the boat with the loss of the skin of my shins. The Adventures of Roderick Random by Tobias Smolle

George Meredith It wouldn’t be difficult to get up a mutiny on board this ship. The Adventures of Harry Richmond by George Meredith [1871]

From the first it was a hand-to-hand contest, engaged in suddenly, as if the assailants had at once managed to board in a body, and, as it were, in one unanimous spring. Romance by Joseph Conrad and Ford Madox Ford [1903]

Anthony Trollope The barndoor cock, when we left him on board the steamer going to New York, had not yet learned the nature of his own requirements. Ayala’s Angel by Anthony Trollope

He would have murdered him on board had he intended the crime, as he could have done so with more safety. The Green Mummy by Fergus Hume

Charles Dickens But board and lodging, both for her and her grandfather, she bound herself to provide, and she furthermore passed her word that the board should always be good in quality, and in quantity plentiful. The Old Curiosity Shop by Charles Dickens [1840]

Sir Richard Burton Presently the ship struck the mountain and broke up, and all and everything on board of her were plunged into the sea. The Arabian Nights' Entertainments by Sir Richard Burton

Arthur Morrison Moreover: that the board must not be painted white again. The Hole in the Wall by Arthur Morrison

Arthur Conan Doyle When he sees me he will surely mistake me for his own vessel which he is awaiting, and he will come on board to his own undoing. The Dealings of Captain Sharkey by Arthur Conan Doyle [1925]

Henry Kingsley He offered him money, houseroom, employment, everything he could possibly get for him; and Charles heartily and thankfully accepted houseroom and board for a week. Ravenshoe by Henry Kingsley [1861]

Henry Fielding He refused to come on board the ship till every person in her had been drawn up on deck and personally viewed by him. Journal of a Voyage to Lisbon by Henry Fielding

Charles Dickens But if you wish to board me and to lodge me, take me. No Thoroughfare by Charles Dickens [1867]

Theodore Dreiser I see the rest of you on board often enough. The Titan by Theodore Dreiser

I shall send Dain off to-night in a canoe, by the hidden channels, on board the prau. Almayer’s Folly by Joseph Conrad [1895]

An hour later he had made his way on board and the voyage to South America had commenced. ’Long Live the King!’ by Guy Boothby [1900]

Jules Verne On board the jangada there was a huge pile of this useful product destined for general consumption. Eight Hundred Leagues on the Amazon by Jules Verne [1881]

I entered the hospital as clerk to the managing board and led a dreary life with one solitary diversion: my Sunday visits to the old house on Piriac road. The Death of Olivier Becaille by Émile Zola

He did not like that board with studs and numbers behind Mastrovin’s head. The House of the Four Winds by John Buchan

Anyway, we would be looked out for on board night and day. Romance by Joseph Conrad and Ford Madox Ford [1903]

Meantime Heyst and the girl were a good few miles away, having gone in the night on board one of the Tesman schooners bound to the eastward. Victory by Joseph Conrad [1914]

In another class of examples I take the Drapiers, who hate salt water and never go on board ship if they can help it. The Far Islands by John Buchan [1899]

Elizabeth Gaskell An’ he niver joined it no more; an’ t’ captain an’ all his friends at Newcassel as iver were, made search for him, on board t’ king’s ships. Sylvia’s Lovers by Elizabeth Gaskell [1863]

Arthur Morrison Having observed these things, Hewitt stepped back and read at the bottom of the big board the name, ‘Winsor & Weekes, Surveyors and Auctioneers, Abchurch Lane’. The Chronicles of Martin Hewitt by Arthur Morrison

It was probable, said Date, the two had rowed down the river, and had managed to get on board some outward-bound tramp. The Green Mummy by Fergus Hume

Bram Stoker It was evident that up to lately there had been a large notice board in front of the balcony. Dracula by Bram Stoker [1897]

In half an hour we could be on board the Monterey. Is it not worth some risk to attain that? And we could return, but next time we would not be trapped so easily. Nightmare! by Francis Stevens

Henry Lawson There were about fifty male passengers, including half a dozen New Zealand shearers, two of whom came on board drunk — their remarks for the first night mainly consisted of “gory. While the Billy Boils by Henry Lawson

Jules Verne It had not been a fire on board ship which they had seen, or the cry of a shipwrecked mariner which they had heard. The Fur Country by Jules Verne [1873]

There were on board our ships some patriots that weren't above doing that sort of thing, I can tell you. The Rover by Joseph Conrad [1923]

Jasper answered: “Eighteen rifles with their bayonets, which were on board when I bought her, four years ago. Freya of the Seven Isles by Joseph Conrad [1911]

Anthony Trollope On board ship he lived nearly alone, having his first lieutenant with him for a quarter of an hour every morning. The Fixed Period by Anthony Trollope

Sinclair Lewis He pulled out a blurred sheet of Bristol board and anxiously gave it to her. Main Street by Sinclair Lewis

Thorhall visited it, and found on board a man named Thorgaut, who was in search of work. A Book of Ghosts by S. Baring-Gould [1904]

This was not a matter of much difficulty, and in less than a quarter of an hour I had hauled on board more than we could possibly have eaten in three meals. The Lust of Hate by Guy Boothby [1898]

Men of the highest military rank were going out with the expedition; but they all loved Kate as a sister, and were delighted to hear that she would join their mess on board ship. The Spanish Nun by Thomas De Quincey [1847]

However, the tale brought on board by Symons of his discovery of a hidden craft, of his capture, and his wonderful escape, had made every tartane an object of interest to the whole ship's company. The Rover by Joseph Conrad [1923]

And Ruth says the board wasn’t there last year. Tiny Luttrell by E. W. Hornung [1893]

Robert Louis Stevenson My turtle lay on the verandah at my door, and the man woke me to tell me it was dead, as it had been when we put it on board the day before. Vailima Letters by Robert Louis Stevenson

My old woman has not been six months on board for nothing. Chance by Joseph Conrad [1913]

Be perfectly civil with Stanley Lake till I come on board — that is indispensable; and keep this letter as close from every eye as sealed orders. Wylder’s Hand by J. Sheridan Le Fanu

John Galsworthy Soames walked west to where the house, which he with her would inhabit, stood bright with its fresh paint, and a board with a builder’s name. On Forsyte ’Change by John Galsworthy

We came to the bank, and on the stack of firewood found a flat piece of board with some faded pencil-writing on it. Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad [1899]

My successor is on board already. The Shadow Line by Joseph Conrad [1917]

H. G. Wells The board was bountiful, and the only drink, it seemed to Mr. Parham, was champagne, poured from glass jugs. The Autocracy of Mr. Parham by H. G. Wells [1930]

He had caught a shipwrecked seaman, who had been brought on board at daylight, and was then at breakfast in the cabin. For the term of his natural life by Marcus Clarke [1874]

The narrator on joining the sloop had found this man on board after some years of separation. The Inn of the Two Witches by Joseph Conrad [1913]

Willa Cather The board sidewalks were gray with trampled snow, but at two o’clock in the afternoon the shopkeepers, having come back from dinner, were keeping well behind their frosty windows. O Pioneers! by Willa Cather [1913]

Robert Louis Stevenson Should a leaflet come to land Drifting near to where I stand, Straight I’ll board that tiny boat Round the rain-pool sea to float. A Child’s Garden of Verses by Robert Louis Stevenson

Edgar Allan Poe In one of these, we all distinctly heard the mate tell one of the men to “go forward, have an eye upon them, for he wanted no such secret doings on board the brig. The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym of Nantucket by Edgar Allan Poe

Jules Verne Waiting on board for succor that might never come, would have been imprudence and folly. In Search of the Castaways by Jules Verne [1873]

Thomas Paine I here present the reader with a memorial which was laid before the board of safety a few days after the Testimony appeared. The American Crisis by Thomas Paine

Theodore Dreiser I’m president of the new North Side company just as soon as I get my board of directors organized. The Titan by Theodore Dreiser

Sidney Colvin Keats and Severn accordingly took passage for Naples on board the ship ‘Maria Crowther,’ which sailed from London on Sept. 1872. Keats by Sidney Colvin [1887]

Henry Handel Richardson The withdrawal of the money for Johnny’s board would make a difference to their income. Australia Felix by Henry Handel Richardson

At this moment the duke’s surgeon arrived, quite terrified; he was already on board the admiral’s ship, where they had been obliged to seek him. The Three Musketeers by Alexandre Dumas

Too sleepy to be talkative, they step on board in silence. A Personal Record by Joseph Conrad [1912]

Every face on board was turned toward them, and the master priest himself had crossed the quarterdeck and bent his head with a respect rather mocking, under the circumstances. Citadel of Fear by Francis Stevens

Jules Verne Wilson was told off to arrange the accommodation on board the Macquarie. Under his busy brush and broom things soon changed their aspect. In Search of the Castaways by Jules Verne [1873]

There will be no occasion to quarrel about these dollars here,’ thought Davidson, getting on board quietly. Because of the Dollars by Joseph Conrad [1915]

I had the manager on board and three or four pilgrims with their staves — all complete. Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad [1899]

Arthur Conan Doyle All these were in their armor, save only for their helmets, which lay upon the board before them. Sir Nigel by Arthur Conan Doyle [1906]

The captain will not come on board till the last moment—if he does then. Verena Fontaine’s Rebellion by Ellen Wood [1880]

Kenneth Grahame I placed the Princess in the most highly gilded coach of the lot, and mounted to my place at her side; and the rest of the crew scrambled on board of the others as best they might. Dream Days by Kenneth Grahame

Once get him on board your yacht, away from every thought and association of his old life, and you will find that he will soon pick up again. The Red Rat’s Daughter by Guy Boothby [1899]

Wilkie Collins There was his responsibility, and he unconsciously acted under it, exactly as he would have acted in a case of emergency with women and children on board his own ship. No Name by Wilkie Collins [1862]

So easily and smoothly had Dempsey and the board done their preliminary work that many in the hall had not noticed the checking of the fascinating O’Sullivan’s social triumph. The Four Million by O. Henry [1906]

The Swan tavern was not hard to find, for it had an open door from which slanted a broad band of light that illuminated a white swan on a scarlet ground on a board surmounting a pollarded willow. The Blanket of the Dark by John Buchan [1931]

Henry Fielding Indeed, I got into the boat so much the more easily, as a great number on board the ship were rendered, by drink, incapable of taking any care for themselves. Amelia by Henry Fielding

Sinclair Lewis But he did not, as he wanted to, leave for Avis a note: “Kindly send bill for wife’s board & room to C. Timberlane.” Neither he nor Jinny saw any kind of Elderman or Criley as they left. Cass Timberlane by Sinclair Lewis

For the sun was now low, flaming on the sea’s verge; and the galley chimney smoked on board the schooner. The Wrecker by Robert Louis Stevenson and Lloyd Osbourne

A. E. W. Mason For he went on board the first steamer which touched at Suakin on its way to Suez and so left the Soudan.” “I must find out where he is. The Four Feathers by A. E. W. Mason [1902]

Robert Louis Stevenson He would have enlisted, but he was too small for the army and too old for the navy; and thought himself fortunate at last to find a berth on board a trading dandy. The Amateur Emigrant by Robert Louis Stevenson

George Gissing Was he—hideous doubt—preparing himself for an even worse disillusion? Undoubtedly the people on board had remarked his attentions; for all he knew, jokes were being passed, nay, bets being made. The Crown of Life by George Gissing [1899]

Lucy Maud Montgomery But Josie Pye, if deficient in some qualities that make for popularity, had at least a natural and inborn gift, duly cultivated, for walking board fences. Anne of Green Gables by Lucy Maud Montgomery [1908]

Willa Cather Her hair was blowing about her face, and her eyes were squinting so intently at the uneven board sidewalk in front of her that she did not see the doctor until he spoke to her. The Song of the Lark by Willa Cather [1915]

Arthur Conan Doyle But Copley Banks came often on board the Happy Delivery, and joined Sharkey in many of his morose debauches, so that at last any lingering misgivings of the latter were set at rest. The Dealings of Captain Sharkey by Arthur Conan Doyle [1925]

The board was cracked and the tiny wooden dice were so ill-cut that they would hardly lie on their sides. Nineteen Eighty-four by George Orwell

How could he have made that mistake? But on board ship away from the land one does not expect to come upon a stranger. Chance by Joseph Conrad [1913]

I therefore wired to Don Pedro at Genoa that the mummy was on board The Diver and was being sent to Gartley. I also advised him to come to me here in order to be introduced to you. The Green Mummy by Fergus Hume

They hauled me on board and secured the boat astern. A Set of Six by Joseph Conrad [1908]

Wilkie Collins He asked if he could be allowed to go on board at once, and sleep in his berth over-night. The Moonstone by Wilkie Collins [1868]

Charles Dickens A lop-sided board drooped over the garden wall, announcing that it was “to let on very reasonable terms, well furnished. The Haunted House by Charles Dickens [1859]

You can live board and lodging free, and you’ll be welcome. The Woman with One Hand by Richard Marsh

Bram Stoker They were more than kind and courteous, and took us at once on board the Czarina Catherine, which lay at anchor out in the river harbor. Dracula by Bram Stoker [1897]

Kergariou was away the greater part of the time, on board a whaler in Greenland. When he came home he and his pretty wife seemed monstrously fond of each other. The Cloven Foot by Mary Elizabeth Braddon [1879]

Charles Dickens The tickets we have received on board the steamboat are marked No. 1, so we belong to coach No. 1. American Notes for General Circulation by Charles Dickens [1842]

Rudyard Kipling When tales were told of hot nights, Kim did not sweep the board with his reminiscences; for St Xavier’s looks down on boys who ‘go native all-together. Kim by Rudyard Kipling [1901]

He was thinking that Réal had got his sign, but whether it meant death from starvation or disease on board an English prison hulk, or in some other way, it was impossible to say. The Rover by Joseph Conrad [1923]

Wilkie Collins I was Richard Wardour’s companion on board ship for months, and I learned there to do him justice. The Frozen Deep by Wilkie Collins [1874]

Theodore Dreiser Minnie was thinking of the resource which Carrie’s board would add. Sister Carrie by Theodore Dreiser

But, with Blasco Nunez, to suspect was to be convinced; and he ordered De Castro to be placed under arrest, and confined on board of a vessel lying in the harbour. The History of the Conquest of Peru by William Hickling Presco

They were at no expense for board and clothing, for they ate nothing to speak of and dressed according to the weather, wearing whatever breeze happened to be blowing. The Devil’s Dictionary by Ambrose Bierce [1911]

Robert Louis Stevenson And no sooner have we all bathed than we board the two shallops and push off gaily, and go gliding under the trees and gathering a great treasure of water-lilies. Essays of Travel by Robert Louis Stevenson

Andrew Lang The first step in his cure was the public swallowing by a conjurer of a board of wood, ‘about the size of a barrel-stave,’ twice as wide across as his mouth. The Making of Religion by Andrew Lang

I spoke in a loud voice, the same as when I am on board ship in a storm; I swore like a fiend, I raised a frightful disturbance. The Widow Lerouge by Émile Gaboriau

The profits were of the smallest, but she gave me my board and lodging, and I was too fond of Madame Lemarque, and of Jacko,” added the spinster, looking fondly at the cockatoo. Wyllard's Weird by Mary Elizabeth Braddon [1885]

Bram Stoker I asked him to stay on board the WEST AFRICAN and have a good look round, and find out what he could about Mr. Caswall. Naturally, he was struck with the aboriginal savage. The Lair of the White Worm by Bram Stoker [1911]

Maria Edgeworth Dunne led me to a hiding-place in a safe part of the town, and committed me to the care of a seafaring man, who promised to get me on board an American ship. Ormond by Maria Edgeworth

Jules Verne An hour afterwards the bell rang on board the Caucasus, calling the new passengers, and recalling the former ones. Michael Strogoff by Jules Verne [1876]

Robert Louis Stevenson The captain worked the vessel into smooth water with admirable dexterity, and I got on board again about 6 p. Records of a Family of Engineers by Robert Louis Stevenson

He may not be a desirable person to have on board one’s ship, but since you have no choice he may be made to do, I believe. Freya of the Seven Isles by Joseph Conrad [1911]

Go to Bun-Hin yourself and see the dollars of that payment counted and packed, and have them put on board the mail-boat for Ternate. She’s due here this afternoon. An Outcast of the Islands by Joseph Conrad [1896]

Gertrude Stein The youth and the check board and the all color minutely, this and the chance of the bright flours inward is not in a glance. Geography and Plays by Gertrude Stein

For Mr. Powell had come now to entertain his captain’s wife with anecdotes from the not very distant past when he was a boy, on board various ships, — funny things do happen on board ship. Chance by Joseph Conrad [1913]

This was something different from the captains’ wives I had known on board crack clippers. Youth by Joseph Conrad [1898]

E. Phillips Oppenheim I really think that he ought to know, especially as he has been using all his powers of persuasion to induce her to try a little sea air with him on board his yacht. The Amazing Judgment by E. Phillips Oppenheim [1897]

George Meredith Grancey and I saw some Working Men (you have to write them in capitals, king and queen small); they were reading the Address on a board carried by a red-nosed man, and shrugging. Beauchamp's Career by George Meredith [1875]

Charlotte Perkins Gilman Every person on board had a clean and comfortable lodging, though there were grades of distinction in size and decoration. Moving the Mountain by Charlotte Perkins Gilman [1911]

Jules Verne The note was worded as follows: TO PROFESSOR ARONNAX, On board the Nautilus. 16th of November, 1867. Twenty-Thousand Leagues Under the Sea by Jules Verne [1872]

George Meredith A debate had been held on board the yacht. Sandra Belloni by George Meredith [1887]

Samuel Johnson The price of board is from three pounds, to four pounds ten shillings a year, and that of instruction is half a crown a quarter. A Journey to the Western Isles of Scotland by Samuel Johnson

So that I can represent a transverse section of the ring and its appendages upon the diagram board in this way. On the Study of Zoology by Thomas Henry Huxley

George Meredith He explained to the incomprehensible lady he fancied he had somewhere seen, that the battle might be known as near the finish by the behaviour on board Lord Brailstone’s coach. The Amazing Marriage by George Meredith [1895]

George Meredith Above his bowed head there was a board proclaiming that Queen Anne’s Farm, and all belonging thereunto, was for sale. Rhoda Fleming by George Meredith [1865]