Phrases with "cares"

We feel, conceive, or reason; laugh or weep,  Embrace fond woe, or cast our cares away; It is the same: for, be it joy or sorrow,  The path of its departure still is free. Frankenstein by Mary Shelley [1831]

Robert Louis Stevenson Nobody cares a rush for me; and on the whole, after the present interview, I scarce know anybody that I like better than yourself. Prince Otto by Robert Louis Stevenson

Edith Wharton What rot! As if I’d take her baby from her — and just because she cares for it. Twilight Sleep by Edith Wharton [1927]

Anthony Trollope He was accustomed to the tone of his father’s remarks, and cared for them not more than the ordinary son cares for the expression of the ordinary father’s ill humour. The Landleaguers by Anthony Trollope [1883]

Elizabeth Gaskell She forgot that her mother had had to struggle hard with many cares ever since she had been left a widow, and that her illness now had made her nervous. Bessy’s Troubles at Home by Elizabeth Gaskell [1852]

All he cares about’s a full belly. Lark Rise to Candleford by Flora Thompson [1945]

H. G. Wells Who cares if the canoe upsets? Come nearer to me. Tono Bungay by H. G. Wells [1909]

Henry James It takes different conditions to make him, and then perhaps he cares more. The Ambassadors by Henry James [1903]

Olaf Stapledon He cares only for the irresponsible life. Saints and Revolutionaries by Olaf Stapledon

Anthony Trollope Of his pleading for Murena we have, if not the whole, the material part, and, though nobody cares very much for Murena now, the oration is very amusing. The Life of Cicero by Anthony Trollope [1881]

H. G. Wells We’ll go back to find London selling us, and selling the Union Jack with us, to anyone who cares to buy. The Autocracy of Mr. Parham by H. G. Wells [1930]

Anthony Trollope Half of your life has gone; you have settled down into the cares and duties of married life, none of which had been so much as thought of when I took you. Mr. Scarborough's Family by Anthony Trollope [1883]

Anthony Trollope He cares nothing for minerals, and knows nothing of botany. Travelling Sketches by Anthony Trollope [1866]

Sinclair Lewis Nobody in New York cares about anybody else. Gideon Planish by Sinclair Lewis

Jane Austen Be assured he cares for nobody but you. Mansfield Park by Jane Austen [1814]

We, who are here, have to battle with cares and crosses; and shall have to do so to the end. Wolfe Barrington’s Taming by Ellen Wood [1870]

I experienced a selfish kind of restfulness in which all my cares were forgotten. The Death of Olivier Becaille by Émile Zola

For neither regal treasures nor the consul’s officer can remove the wretched tumults of the mind, nor the cares that hover about splendid ceilings. The Works of Horace by translated literally into English prose by Christopher Smar

He cares too much for Madame St. Vincent to care for Mina: at least we think so. Lady Jenkins by Ellen Wood [1879]

What cares he for us? He despises his own family; always did. The Cloister and the Hearth by Charles Reade

Margaret Oliphant He was scarcely to be seen even in the shop, into which sometimes the minister himself gazed disconsolately when he strayed out in the twilight to walk his cares away. Salem Chapel by Margaret Oliphant [1862]

George Eliot And yet he was dominated, as one who feels himself in the wrong always is, by the man whose good opinion he cares for. Adam Bede by George Eliot [1859]

She was very quiet and very happy, tormented by no fever either of body or heart; her whole attention being given to the daily cares of a poor household. A Love Episode by Émile Zola [1878]

Elizabeth Gaskell If he had known it, he could have sang the song of the miller who lived by the river Dee:— ‘I care for nobody — Nobody cares for me. North and South by Elizabeth Gaskell [1854]

James Joyce Their children, his writing, her household cares had not quenched all their souls’ tender fire. Dubliners by James Joyce

My old friend Gerrish cares no more really about personal allusions than I do. Annie Kilburn by William Dean Howells

Anthony Trollope She was demonstrative, and therefore she was the more disappointed in that Lucy did not rush at once with all her cares into her open heart. Framley Parsonage by Anthony Trollope

D. H. Lawrence Not that anybody cares one bit, you know, unofficially. The Captain’s Doll by D. H. Lawrence

H. G. Wells In phases of fatigue, and particularly in phases of sleeplessness, when one is leaving all that one cares for behind, it becomes an irrational torment. The Research Magnificent by H. G. Wells [1915]

She looked doubtful for a moment, but household cares obliterated the question in her mind. The Franchise Affair by Josephine Tey

George Gissing Mrs Reardon, no doubt, repents her marriage bitterly, and I doubt whether Reardon cares much for his wife. New Grub Street by George Gissing [1891]

George Meredith If Mrs. Barman cares to practise charity, she has only to hold in her Fury-forked tongue, or her Jarniman I think ‘s the name. One of our Conquerors by George Meredith [1891]

Maybe, my dear Sir, you can think of some conscientious and Christian practitioner who is not so laden with other people’s cares and troubles as you are. Wylder’s Hand by J. Sheridan Le Fanu

And, O! I wish, contented with my cares Of salvage spoils, she had not sought the wars! Then had she been of my celestial train, And shunn’d the fate that dooms her to be slain. The Aeneid by translated by John Dryden

One of his principal cares at this time was the supervision of the education of Shaftesbury’s grandson. Locke by Thomas Fowler [1880]

Exacting as the roses and lilies were, manifold as were the cares of the hothouses and ferneries and wildernesses, Mrs. Wyllard’s husband was more exacting still. Wyllard's Weird by Mary Elizabeth Braddon [1885]

Then the fiddler spake: “Sir Hagen, my friend, it behooveth us to bear these cares together. The Nibelungenlied by translated by Daniel B. Shumway

He was no longer worried with the cares and responsibilities of kingship, but was able to give himself up entirely to the studies he so ardently loved. ’Long Live the King!’ by Guy Boothby [1900]

Then laid she wines on cares to make them sink: Who fears the threats of Fortune, let him drink. Hero and Leander by Christopher Marlowe and George Chapman

Anthony Trollope She has got that d —— French fellow at her heels, and though I don’t suppose she cares one straw about him, it may be well to make sure. The Three Clerks by Anthony Trollope

He cares more for my little finger than for——” Poor girl! She never finished her sentence. The Mystery at Number Seven by Ellen Wood [1877]

Anthony Trollope He is very fond of sheep, but I don’t think he cares for anything else, unless he has a slight taste for pigs. Is He Popenjoy? by Anthony Trollope [1878]

Adam Lindsay Gordon He cares not for the bubbles of Fortune’s fickle tide, Who like Bendigo can battle, and like Olliver can ride. Poems by Adam Lindsay Gordon

Sinclair Lewis He was worried with the cares of wealth, with having to decide when to leave for his world-wanderings, but he was also very much aware that office managers are disagreeable if one isn’t on time. Our Mr. Wrenn by Sinclair Lewis

Henry Handel Richardson The Lord he cares for the widder and the orphun, and if He don’t, why Patrick O’Donnell does. The Getting of Wisdom by Henry Handel Richardson

George Gissing The crowd stares at him and applauds, and there is nothing he cares for so much as that kind of admiration. Born in Exile by George Gissing [1891]

George Gissing Take a philosopher who prides himself on his detachment from vulgar cares and desires, duties and troubles, and looks down upon the world with pity or contempt. Our Friend the Charlatan by George Gissing [1899]

George Gissing Then he turned round, waved his arm, and shouted: ‘Let her go to the devil She cares nothing for her father. The Nether World by George Gissing [1888]

Thus will I pay my vows to Stygian Jove, And end the cares of my disastrous love; Then cast the Trojan image on the fire, And, as that burns, my passions shall expire. The Aeneid by translated by John Dryden

George Borrow Who cares for the cowardly priests? I am a liberal, Don Jorge, and a friend of your countryman, Flinter. Many is the Carlist guerilla-curate and robber-friar whom I have assisted him to catch. The Bible in Spain by George Borrow

Jane Austen Her cares are over, and she feels that she may exert all her powers of pleasing without suspicion. Mansfield Park by Jane Austen [1814]

Suddenly I forgot all cares and difficulties of the present and future and became foolishly light-hearted. Greenmantle by John Buchan

Anthony Trollope How he can put up with it! But I don’t suppose he cares for anything. The Small House at Allington by Anthony Trollope

E. Phillips Oppenheim She cares for you, so you’ve got to know the truth. The Passionate Quest by E. Phillips Oppenheim [1924]

It makes a display, and that is all she cares about. Ten Years Later by Alexandre Dumas [1848-1850]

Edith Wharton When she returned to her seat, pale and a little breathless, she looked as if her domestic cares sometimes weighed on her too heavily. The Children by Edith Wharton [1928]

Wilkie Collins Do you? What nonsense I am talking! Who cares what I have lost? It has gone; and there’s an end of it. No Name by Wilkie Collins [1862]

But I am never sure how much he cares about the whole business, and England, you know, demands wholeheartedness in her public men. The Three Hostages by John Buchan [1924]

Anthony Trollope Energy! nay, it was occasionally a concentration of passion, which left her for the moment perfectly unconscious of all other cares but solicitude for that subject which she might then be advocating. Doctor Thorne by Anthony Trollope

I was in high spirits, as on the eve of holiday; I had breakfasted excellently on eggs and salmon-steaks; I had no cares to speak of, and my prospects were not uninviting. No-Man’s-Land by John Buchan [1899]

Edith Wharton I can’t tell you what it’s been to me, these last weeks, to see Venice through the eyes of some one who really cares for beauty . The Children by Edith Wharton [1928]

George Gissing No more dreaming among his books; no more waking to the ordinary duties and cares of a reasonable life. The Whirlpool by George Gissing [1896]

For he says to an enemy that he cares as a father for his son, and, again, when any one by way of jest extolls his neighbor, as the suitors (O. ii. Essays and Miscellanies by Plutarch

Sidney Colvin His critics sometimes speak as if his aim had been merely to create a paradise of art and beauty remote from the cares and interests of the world. Keats by Sidney Colvin [1887]

They were to be clothed as well as fed at Mauleverer; they were to have all those tender cares and indulgences which a loving mother could give them. The Golden Calf by Mary Elizabeth Braddon [1883]

Thomas Hardy Who cares about the looks of a castaway like me!” Her journey back was rather a meander than a march. Tess of the d’Urbervilles by Thomas Hardy

No one who cares for poetic beauty can be insensible to it. Spenser by R. W. Church [1879]

Sir Walter Scott He that would climb the eagle’s nest, my lord, cares not who are catching linnets at the foot of the precipice. Kenilworth by Sir Walter Scott [1821]

E. Phillips Oppenheim Her husband was a city Knight and though he wasn’t a millionaire, she’s good for what she cares to buy. The Ostrekoff Jewels by E. Phillips Oppenheim [1932]

D. H. Lawrence The citron-cheeked, dry one, however, cares darkly nothing for cakes. Sea and Sardinia by D. H. Lawrence [1921]

George Gissing His patrimony was modest, but happily, if the capital remained intact, sufficient to save him from the cares that degrade and waste a life. The Emancipated by George Gissing [1889]

No! He was really a decent fellow, he was quite unfitted for this world, he was a failure, a good man cornered—a sight for the gods; for no decent mortal cares to look at that sort. Victory by Joseph Conrad [1914]

George Meredith The cares of nursing were Jane’s almost undividedly, except for the aid she had from her friend Grace Barrow and from Miss Colesworth. Mrs. Adister O’Donnell was a nurse in name only. Celt and Saxon by George Meredith [1910]

Anthony Trollope He cares for nothing but farthings. Phineas Redux by Anthony Trollope

He wishes only for your happiness and welfare and you know well that there is no human being on the face of the globe for whom he cares as he does for you. Judith Paris by Hugh Walpole [1931]

She cares no more than Enver for the faith of Islam. She can laugh at it. Greenmantle by John Buchan

G. K. Chesterton Perhaps the highest and purest thing in him is simply that he cares more for politics than for anything else; more than for art or for philosophy. George Bernard Shaw by G. K. Chesterton [1909]

Nobody cares for the contemptible point, the wholly insignificant question, whether allusion to Mr. Gerrish’s variety store was intended or not. Annie Kilburn by William Dean Howells

Thomas Hardy I so much like singing to anybody who REALLY cares to hear me. A Pair of Blue Eyes by Thomas Hardy [1899]

William Makepeace Thackeray Good old Prince! we have sat many a night smoking in the Doctor’s harness-room, whither we retired when our boys were gone to bed, and our cares and canes put by. Dr. Birch and his young friends by William Makepeace Thackeray [1849]

Anthony Trollope I don’t think there is a man in the world cares less what people say of him than I do. The Eustace Diamonds by Anthony Trollope

It is when one cares for nothing that, sometimes, one can do anything. The Crime and the Criminal by Richard Marsh [1897]

Anthony Trollope She at least was anxious for his welfare, and was making his cares her own. Phineas Finn by Anthony Trollope

But time drives flocks from field to fold: When rivers rage and rocks grow cold, And Philomel becometh dumb, The Rest complains of cares to come. The Compleat Angler by Izaac Walton [1653]

Walter Besant Jenny cares not who they are, so long as they amuse her and make her laugh, which is all she loves. Dorothy Forster by Walter Besant [1884]

He seemed just a light-hearted and easy-going young fellow, with no cares or troubles at all. The Poisoned Goblet by Arthur Gask [1935]

E. F. Benson She cares nothing in the world about me except to contrive how the greatest possible quantity of labour may be squeezed out of me, and to that end she overwhelms me with oceans of needlework. Charlotte Bronte by E. F. Benson [1932]

Benjamin Disraeli I have no friend among those intimates: there is not a man of them who cares to serve or is capable of serving me. The Young Duke by Benjamin Disraeli [1831]

George Gissing Her manner of reading betokened the quick-witted woman who sees at a glance the thing she cares for, and refuses to spend a moment on anything not immediately attractive. Our Friend the Charlatan by George Gissing [1899]

Sir Walter Scott On the subsequent day he goes to Theobald’s, where he is so much occupied with hunting and other pleasures, that he cares not to be intruded on. The Fortunes of Nigel by Sir Walter Scott [1822]

Edgar Rice Burroughs Tell him, also, that in my home in America, in the city of Baltimore, there will always be a welcome for him if he cares to come. Tarzan of the Apes by Edgar Rice Burroughs [1912]

The sun sank beneath the horizon as we landed, and as I touched the shore I felt those cares and fears revive which soon were to clasp me and cling to me forever. Frankenstein by Mary Shelley [1831]

Anthony Trollope I don’t think she cares for it. Is He Popenjoy? by Anthony Trollope [1878]

George Gissing As with John Hewett, so with himself; the circle of his interests had shrivelled, until it included nothing but the cares of his family, the cost of house and food and firing. The Nether World by George Gissing [1888]

An An cares less for things that do not concern him than a Gy does; the Gy-ei are inquisitive creatures. The Coming Race by Edward Bulwer-Lytton [1871]

Anthony Trollope You will be absent now in London; you will have the business of the estate to manage; you will have heavy cares upon your hands. Doctor Thorne by Anthony Trollope

Guy de Maupassant She came to know what heavy housework meant and the odious cares of the kitchen. The Diamond Necklace (La Parure) by Guy de Maupassant [1884]

There’s nobody in the world he cares for as he cares for you. Our First Term at Oxford by Ellen Wood [1873]

Elizabeth Gaskell I’ll take the greatest of cares of him; pretty darling, how sweet he looks when he’s asleep!” When the couples were once more alone, the husbands unburdened their minds to their wives. Christmas Storms and Sunshine by Elizabeth Gaskell [1848]

Rudyard Kipling Collectively, they’re just a mob of Anglo–Indians. Who cares for what Anglo–Indians say? Your salon won’t weld the Departments together and make you mistress of India, dear. Under the Deodars by Rudyard Kipling [1888]

Robert Louis Stevenson But if it’s excitement the gentleman is after, I can supply him with more than perhaps he cares about. The Master of Ballantrae by Robert Louis Stevenson

H. G. Wells He cares for you very, very much. Marriage by H. G. Wells [1912]

E. Phillips Oppenheim She cares nothing for Germany’s future. The Great Impersonation by E. Phillips Oppenheim [1920]

So long as the island is quiet, he cares not whether the men live or die. For the term of his natural life by Marcus Clarke [1874]

Anthony Trollope Would you believe it now? — he cares for nothing on earth except money. The Small House at Allington by Anthony Trollope

Gertrude Stein The cares and duties of a mother had been denied to Carrie Russell. Polybe silent. Geography and Plays by Gertrude Stein

Marjorie Bowen I cannot move him to any fury by talk of ruin, always his face hath one expression for me, and no way can I alter it; is there nothing in the world he cares for?” Honoria shrugged her shoulders. The Rake’s Progress by Marjorie Bowen [1912]

R. D. Blackmore For this is the excellence of having other people’s cares to carry (with the carriage well paid), that they sit very lightly on the springs of sleep. Mary Anerley by R. D. Blackmore [1880]

Bronislaw Malinowski It must not be forgotten that women were often encumbered in their work by suckling, carrying their children, and by the various cares demanded by the latter. The Family among the Australian Aborigines by Bronislaw Malinowski [1913]

E. Phillips Oppenheim We all do, but I don’t reckon he cares about that. The Lion and the Lamb by E. Phillips Oppenheim [1930]

Anthony Trollope You must remember that for the truth itself he cares nothing. The Landleaguers by Anthony Trollope [1883]

Sinclair Lewis I keep asserting that I have given up all the idyllic delights of pathological research for the less fascinating but so very important and fatiguing cares of the directorship. Arrowsmith by Sinclair Lewis [1925]

Andrew Lang Aucassin rides, he cares not whither, if he has but his love with him. Letters on Literature by Andrew Lang

Andrew Lang No less manifestly, savages, who already possess a throng of serviceable ghost-gods, will not enthusiastically evolve a moral Being who despises gifts, and only cares for obedience. The Making of Religion by Andrew Lang

I must say that Mrs. Sterling was always having babies — if any one cares for the information. Over the Water by Ellen Wood [1871]

Louisa May Alcott Now, isn’t it a dreadful state of things?” “Do you think Meg cares for him?” asked Mrs. March, with an anxious look. Little Women by Louisa May Alcott [1868]

William Blades These he ruthlessly extracts, frequently leaving the decapitated carcase of the books, for which he cares not, behind him. The Enemies of Books by William Blades [1880]

Anthony Trollope When we left Lady Eustace alone in her bedroom at the Carlisle hotel after the discovery of the robbery, she had very many cares upon her mind. The Eustace Diamonds by Anthony Trollope

Anthony Trollope But on reaching his office he found that other cares awaited him — cares which he would have taken much delight in bearing, had the state of his mind enabled him to take delight in anything. The Small House at Allington by Anthony Trollope

Anthony Trollope All the world—German, Frenchman, Italian, Spaniard—all men of all nations know that that ugly gray shooting-coat must contain an Englishman. He cares for no one. The Bertrams by Anthony Trollope [1859]

I had two cares on my mind, and they bothered me. Our First Term at Oxford by Ellen Wood [1873]

Elizabeth Gaskell The whole scene was so peaceful, so soothing, that it dispelled the cares and fears (too well founded in fact) which had weighed down on his heart during the dark hours of the past night. Sylvia’s Lovers by Elizabeth Gaskell [1863]

And with Charlotte, the dear adopted sister, would come the man she had once loved, to share whose cares had once been the brightest dream. Charlotte’s Inheritance by Mary Elizabeth Braddon [1868]

William Makepeace Thackeray Would that we could shake off our cares as men, and be boys, as thou art, again!” Here my friend began to weep once more, and fondly shook my hand. The Paris Sketch Book by William Makepeace Thackeray [1840]

Anthony Trollope He is making money, but he spends it so fast that he never has any; and as for the opinions expressed on his books, he cares little for what he hears. Thackeray by Anthony Trollope [1879]

Benjamin Disraeli We have great cares now; let us not conjure up fantastic fears. Venetia by Benjamin Disraeli [1837]

E. Phillips Oppenheim Some day I shall pull the strings, and who cares to may watch the faces. The Passionate Quest by E. Phillips Oppenheim [1924]

E. F. Benson How would it be if we had the tableaux first at Lucia’s, and then came on here? If Lucia cares to suggest that to me, and my guests consent, I don’t mind doing that. Queen Lucia by E. F. Benson [1920]

Jules Verne He did not in fact know what to think, but other cares soon occupied his mind, and he did not long endeavour to get to the rights of this singular peculiarity. The Fur Country by Jules Verne [1873]

G. K. Chesterton This weakness in civilisation is best expressed by saying that it cares more for science than for truth. A Miscellany of Men by G. K. Chesterton [1912]

Anthony Trollope When I came home there was very little that I cared for, though I had the prospect of this money and thought that my cares in that respect were over. The Vicar of Bullhampton by Anthony Trollope [1870]

H. G. Wells If he cares for you, and you for him, a little separation won’t matter. Marriage by H. G. Wells [1912]

Virginia Woolf I thought then, and still think, that she cares for me. Night and Day by Virginia Woolf [1919]

R. D. Blackmore He was come to that pitch of exhaustion in which a man scarcely cares whether he is killed or dies. Mary Anerley by R. D. Blackmore [1880]

Anthony Trollope He has been in the House for nearly thirty years, and is now at the Home Office. He is a stout, healthy, grey-haired gentleman, who certainly does not wear the cares of office on his face. Phineas Finn by Anthony Trollope

G. K. Chesterton Any one who cares to walk up a side slum like Pump Street, can see a little Adam claiming to be king of a paving-stone. The Napoleon of Notting Hill by G. K. Chesterton

George Gissing Whether Veranilda be discovered or not, he cares little; I began to suspect that when I saw that you came off so easily from your dealings with him. Veranilda by George Gissing [1903]

Jane Austen Nobody cares for a letter; the thing is, to be always happy with pleasant companions. Emma by Jane Austen [1816]

Remember that though you’ll find men who are richer, and younger, and better in every way than I, you’ll never find one who cares for you so much. Burmese Days by George Orwell

Who cares about the customers? they don’t know what’s going on. Down and Out in Paris and London by George Orwell

It is the suggestive power of words that the poet cares for, rather than their current denotation. Milton by Mark Pattison [1879]

Andrew Lang It only bloomed every five years, and then bore but a single rose, but oh, such a rose! Its scent was so sweet that when you smelt it you forgot all your cares and troubles. The Yellow Fairy Book by Andrew Lang

Washington Irving The last lines on the page were still wet; they form a part of the description of Italy: “By sports like these are all their cares beguiled, The sports of children satisfy the child. The Life of Oliver Goldsmith by Washington Irving [1840]

Frances Hodgson Burnett He’s one that’s gossiped about and he cares nothing for what’s said. The Head of the House of Coombe by Frances Hodgson Burnett [1922]

Elizabeth Gaskell Her thoughts had gone back to this time even while Mr. Ness had been speaking; for it was there her father had lived, and it was after his death that her cares in search of a subsistence had begun. A Dark Night’s Work by Elizabeth Gaskell [1864]

John Galsworthy But you persist generally at the ends of the earth, doing things that nobody knows or cares anything about. Maid in Waiting by John Galsworthy

Jonathan Swif But who the Devil cares what they think? Am I under obligations in the least to any of them all? Rot ’em, for ungrateful dogs; I will make them repent their usage before I leave this place. The Journal to Stella by Jonathan Swif

According to his own description the cares of official life were not overwhelming. Hume by Thomas Henry Huxley [1879]

George Meredith She cares very little about it. Evan Harrington by George Meredith [1861]

George Gissing I shall go behind the counter myself, and Allchin, if he cares for the place, shall be my assistant. Will Warburton by George Gissing [1903]

Anthony Trollope He cares nothing that he has robbed every one all round. Mr. Scarborough's Family by Anthony Trollope [1883]

Henry James It had plenty of occupation nearer home, and though he had many cares upon his conscience the idea that he had been an unnatural uncle was, very properly, never among the number. The Europeans by Henry James [1878]

George Eliot Then shall all vain imaginations, evil perturbations, and superfluous cares fly away; then shall immoderate fear leave thee, and inordinate love shall die. The Mill on the Floss by George Eliot [1860]

Nathaniel Hawthorne Age, with its miserable train of cares and sorrows and diseases, was remembered only as the trouble of a dream from which they had joyously awoke. Twice-Told Tales by Nathaniel Hawthorne [1842]

More, though, than one cares to lose: a little gold and a bank-note. Our Visit by Ellen Wood

Edith Wharton The cares of a large party always prevailed over personal feelings, and Lily saw no change in her hostess’s manner. The House of Mirth by Edith Wharton [1905]

Anthony Trollope Patrick, in my heart I do not believe that she cares for him. Castle Richmond by Anthony Trollope

He listened intently, and as he did so his heart quickened and the black cares rolled away from his soul. A Voyage to Arcturus by David Lindsay [1920]

H. G. Wells Nobody cares what is happening. The Research Magnificent by H. G. Wells [1915]

The value of a thing to a man is exactly what he cares to give for it, so I have always been led to believe. Dr Nikola’s Experiment by Guy Boothby [1899]

Anthony Trollope She is very clever, and beautiful, and has a way with her that I know is charming —” “But what, Lucy?” “I don’t think she cares so much as some people. The Eustace Diamonds by Anthony Trollope

George Gissing He cares for me a great deal; and that’s just why he won’t marry me. The Crown of Life by George Gissing [1899]

Mark Twain An oyster has no taste for such things; he cares nothing for the beautiful. The Innocents Abroad by Mark Twain

Rudyard Kipling But he never told tales of ‘57 because, as he said, he was the Subaltern’s guest, and ‘57 is a year that no man, Black or White, cares to speak of. Soldiers Three by Rudyard Kipling [1899]

Levitt’s very close-fisted, and I shouldn’t wonder if that’s all he cares about. Her Father’s Name by Florence Marryat [1878]

Edith Wharton Nevertheless, as the motor flew on through the icy twilight, her present cares flew with it. The Custom of the Country by Edith Wharton [1913]

What does it matter what we wear? My legs are still fine, although there is no one who cares any more. Judith Paris by Hugh Walpole [1931]

Anthony Trollope Nobody, I think, cares less for wealth than I do. The Eustace Diamonds by Anthony Trollope

Anthony Trollope As for the first intention as to driving his cares out of his own mind for that time, he had long since abandoned even the attempt. The Prime Minister by Anthony Trollope

G. K. Chesterton Shaw is a republican in the literal and Latin sense; he cares more for the Public Thing than for any private thing. George Bernard Shaw by G. K. Chesterton [1909]

The cares of Empire. Is anybody coming my way? My man is waiting with the car. Burmese Days by George Orwell

Anthony Trollope His wife had died very shortly after his promotion, and he had been left with one only daughter on whom to lavish his cares and his affection. Is He Popenjoy? by Anthony Trollope [1878]

Robert Louis Stevenson And besides, it is all he cares for; let him take it, and let me never hear from him again. The Story of a Lie by Robert Louis Stevenson

H. G. Wells Yet. Who cares about a casual she-bear, if this is the real Gemini?” She read on. Babes In The Darkling Woods by H. G. Wells [1940]

Nathaniel Hawthorne They had but stepped across the threshold of their homes, when lo! the dark array of cares and sorrows that rose up to warn them back. The Snow Image and other stories by Nathaniel Hawthorne [1851]

George Gissing In regulating private interests one cares singularly little for anything but hard demonstration and the logic of cause and effect. Demos by George Gissing [1886]

Joseph Furphy Philosophy whispered that all earth-born cares were not only wrong, but unprofitable. Such is Life by Joseph Furphy

Edith Wharton I don’t believe Undine cares a straw for ‘the appearance of respectability. The Custom of the Country by Edith Wharton [1913]

Out yonder there, with no cares to think of but my horse and my troop, I am a soldier — and nothing else; so best. Under Two Flags by Ouida [1867]

Anthony Trollope But I have heard so often of the crushing cares of office, and I had thought that of all living men he had been the most crushed by them. The Duke’s Children by Anthony Trollope

H. G. Wells But he will be an ill thing to see, lank and unshaven and with the cares of this world growing up to choke him as he sprouts out of his bed. An Experiment in Autobiography by H. G. Wells

Willa Cather The last thing a bridge commission cares about is the kind of bridge you build. Alexander’s Bridge by Willa Cather [1912]

Henry Kingsley Why, he cares as much for you as for a little dog barking at him. Ravenshoe by Henry Kingsley [1861]

One of his first cares had been to grub out of his soaked clothes a handful of tobacco, and now he turned over the little drying heap critically. Romance by Joseph Conrad and Ford Madox Ford [1903]

E. Phillips Oppenheim Tell me whether she cares for him; and he for her. To Win the Love He Sought by E. Phillips Oppenheim [1895]

Perhaps he knows more about his daughter than he cares to let out; knows that she is sickly, and that he stands a good chance of surviving her. Fenton’s Quest by Mary Elizabeth Braddon [1871]

Robert Louis Stevenson Nobody cares how many lords and ladies, and divines and lawyers, may have been crowded into these houses in the past — perhaps the more the merrier. Edinburgh Picturesque Notes by Robert Louis Stevenson

Anthony Trollope Who cares about Mr. Greenwood? What business has Mr. Greenwood to interfere in my family? He does not know how to behave himself, and he shall go. Marion Fay by Anthony Trollope [1882]

Anthony Trollope After that, she had a longer interview with her nephew, and then it seemed that all worldly cares were over with her. The Belton Estate by Anthony Trollope

I have never seen a man care more for a woman than he cares for you. Red Pottage by Mary Cholmondeley [1899]

Anthony Trollope Nay;—old cares were grievous, but new cares were terrible. Ralph the Heir by Anthony Trollope [1871]

E. Phillips Oppenheim It is not every one who cares to look, however dimly, into the face of death. A Sleeping Memory by E. Phillips Oppenheim [1902]

Robert Louis Stevenson What for he take my pig?’ Lafaele cares plenty; I don’t think he is the man, though he may be; but he knows him, and most likely will eat some of that pig to-night. Vailima Letters by Robert Louis Stevenson

Henry Kingsley I never heard Welter speak of her in that sort of way, and I don’t think she cares for him. Ravenshoe by Henry Kingsley [1861]

I thought the last of all my cares Would end with my last minute; But though I went to my long home, I didn’t stay long in it. The Poetical Works of Thomas Hood by with biographical introduction by William Michael Rossetti

George Gissing I feel dreadfully alone, without a soul who cares for me. The Emancipated by George Gissing [1889]

Thomas Hardy He did not know how to dispose of himself, till it occurred to him that, to get rid of his intolerable heaviness, he would invite some friends to dinner and drown his cares in grog and wine. A Group of Noble Dames by Thomas Hardy [1891]

The monks surrounded their illustrious brother with cares and attentions, and Pan urge fared well for his master’s sake. Chicot the Jester by Alexandre Dumas

In the same way, the Sage cares for all people, and so he does not reject any one; he is cares for all things, and so he does not reject anything. Tao Te Ching by Lao tzu

George Gissing All the more so that he is utterly devoid of personal ambition; he cares not the least to make a name, and to be respectfully regarded by his fellows. Sleeping Fires by George Gissing [1896]