Phrases with "chiefly"

H. G. Wells Temple at first spoke chiefly of his travels. The Reconciliation by H. G. Wells [1895]

Arthur Morrison But chiefly observe the bottle. The Dorrington Deed-Box by Arthur Morrison

John Lewis Burckhard During my stay at Djidda, scarcely a day passed without some arrival by sea, chiefly from Yembo and Cosseir; and there were constantly forty or fifty ships in the harbour. Travels in Arabia by John Lewis Burckhard

Olaf Stapledon The common purpose of the married couple is chiefly the maintenance of the community itself; though the raising and equipment of children is a purpose which comes under both categories. Philosophy and Living by Olaf Stapledon [1939]

She watched the straight thin rain, and thought about Rorie — chiefly to the effect that she hated him, and never could, by any possibility, like him again. Vixen by Mary Elizabeth Braddon [1879]

Benjamin Disraeli The table was profusely covered, chiefly with the sports of the forest, and the celebrated wild boar was not forgotten. Vivian Grey by Benjamin Disraeli [1827]

Arnold Bennett It even fell as far as Maggie. What chiefly preoccupied Constance was a subtle change in her mother. The Old Wives’ Tale by Arnold Bennett [1908]

Bronislaw Malinowski The relation between a parent and a child is in our society chiefly determined by their mutual feelings. The Family among the Australian Aborigines by Bronislaw Malinowski [1913]

Edgar Allan Poe Its variations seem to be chiefly of degree. Tales of Illusion by Edgar Allan Poe

I was sick of the inaction on the Aragon front and chiefly conscious that I had not done my fair share of the fighting. Homage to Catalonia by George Orwell [1938]

Yet the ancient Peruvians seem to have made much less account of it than their Spanish conquerors, and to have valued the llama, in common with the other animals of that genus, chiefly for its fleece. The History of the Conquest of Peru by William Hickling Presco

George Meredith I will believe that I am chiefly responsible for inducing you to contract it. Lord Ormont and his Aminta by George Meredith [1894]

John Stuart Mill The moral education of mankind has hitherto emanated chiefly from the law of force, and is adapted almost solely to the relations which force creates. The Subjection of Women by John Stuart Mill [1869]

John Lewis Burckhard Dóngola is noted for its breed of horses, great numbers of which are imported by the people of Mahass; they are chiefly stallions, the natives seldom riding mares. Travels in Nubia by John Lewis Burckhard

Wylder’s crotchets were chiefly ‘mare’s nests. Wylder’s Hand by J. Sheridan Le Fanu

Andrew Lang But what chiefly puzzles him, and what he chiefly tries to explain, is the worship of odds and ends of rubbish, and the adoration of animals, mountains, trees, the sun, and so forth. Custom and Myth by Andrew Lang

Washington Irving When but eighteen years of age he was so delighted with reading Johnson’s Rambler that he came to London chiefly with a view to obtain an introduction to the author. The Life of Oliver Goldsmith by Washington Irving [1840]

Anthony Trollope And she was aware that the lions eat up chiefly rich people. Ayala’s Angel by Anthony Trollope

This, as Amy knew, was Guy’s delight, and further, what she would not tell herself, was that he chiefly cared for showing it to her. The Heir of Redclyffe by Charlotte M. Yonge [1853]

What chiefly struck me was the gentle manners of these people, and I longed to join them, but dared not. Frankenstein by Mary Shelley [1831]

Leon Trotsky We were inclined to interpret the struggle between the Boers and the English chiefly as an instance of the inevitable victory of large capital over small. My Life by Leon Trotsky

I wanted to get inside chiefly to soothe my conscience. Mr. Standfast by John Buchan [1919]

Isabella Bird The women pursue this work chiefly in odds and ends of time, and in some cases make it much of a pastime. Journeys in Persia and Kurdistan by Isabella Bird [1891]

Francis Bacon The vices of authority are chiefly four: delays, corruption, roughness, and facility. The Essays by Francis Bacon [1601]

Towards the quarter of the President’s house are several handsome dwellings, which are chiefly occupied by the foreign ministers. Domestic Manners of the Americans by Fanny Trollope

Thomas Wolfe The fact that such usury was practised chiefly against “a bunch of niggers” to a large degree condoned and pardoned it in the eyes of the law. You Can’t Go Home Again by Thomas Wolfe [1940]

Andrew Lang Mr. Tylor, however, is chiefly concerned with Animism as ‘an ancient and world-wide philosophy, of which belief is the theory, and worship is the practice. The Making of Religion by Andrew Lang

H. Rider Haggard In face the man was hideous, though his ugliness was not unpleasant, being due chiefly to a great development of his tribal feature, the nose, and in body he was misshapen to the verge of monstrosity. The People of the Mist by H. Rider Haggard

Arnold Bennett The experiments were chiefly conducted out of idle amusement, but he was serious on the subject of food. The Old Wives’ Tale by Arnold Bennett [1908]

Sir Walter Scott It suited well the character of the little glen, which was overhung with thickets and underwood, chiefly of larch and hazel, intermixed with the usual varieties of the thorn and brier. The Antiquary by Sir Walter Scott [1816]

Nathaniel Hawthorne Our account of this interview is chiefly taken from the narrative of Colonel Smith, corroborated by other testimony. Life of Franklin Pierce by Nathaniel Hawthorne [1852]

Guy de Maupassant She loved him, loved him with refined tenderness, which arose chiefly from the remembrance of her dream, although she dreaded the accomplishment of the desires which had arisen in her mind. The Awakening (Reveil) by Guy de Maupassant [1883]

Henry James Without his knowing why, several things, chiefly trivial, that had happened during the last two years and that he had quite forgotten, became vividly present to his mind. Roderick Hudson by Henry James [1875]

Besides this sandstone there was a good deal of pink and blue slate, the pink chiefly at the top of the range, showing a beautiful colour from the river-bed. A First Year in Canterbury Settlement by Samuel Butler

William Dampier They carry hither all sorts of European commodities, especially linen; making vast returns, chiefly in silver and cocoa. A New Voyage Round the World by William Dampier [1697]

Charles Stur The horses living chiefly on pulpy vegetation had little stamina, and were incapable of enduring much privation or hardship. Narrative of an expedition into Central Australia by Charles Stur

Olaf Stapledon The children also would help on the farm, chiefly for their education. Darkness and the Light by Olaf Stapledon

Mr. Gosse himself confesses that it is chiefly as a master of literary form that Browne deserves to be remembered. Books and Characters by Lytton Strachey

Edith Wharton The fastidiousness of speech came chiefly from my mother’s side, and my father probably acquired it under her influence. A Backward Glance by Edith Wharton [1934]

Sir Walter Scott Some hordes of them yet remain, chiefly in such situations as afford a ready escape either into a waste country or into another Jurisdiction. Nor are the features of their character much softened. Guy Mannering by Sir Walter Scott [1815]

His mother, though not lacking in admiration of her son, is said to have been chiefly concerned lest the praises of his genius should make him forget the Giver of it. Robert Burns by John Campbell Shairp [1879]

George Meredith I do now because I must appeal to you, as the one chiefly responsible, on whose head the whole weight of a dreadful error will fall. The Adventures of Harry Richmond by George Meredith [1871]

Anthony Trollope He imagined that dissenters and calico-printers chiefly used them, and perhaps a few literary lions more conspicuous for their wit than their gentility. Barchester Towers by Anthony Trollope

Edmund Burke And this arises chiefly from these three causes. On the Sublime and Beautiful by Edmund Burke [1757]

The peacock is chiefly remarkable from the extraordinary length of his tail-coverts; the tail itself not being much elongated. The Descent of Man by Charles Darwin

Wilkie Collins What the servants chiefly resented, I think, was her silent tongue and her solitary ways. The Moonstone by Wilkie Collins [1868]

John Stuart Mill It must be admitted, however, that utilitarian writers in general have placed the superiority of mental over bodily pleasures chiefly in the greater permanency, safety, uncostliness, etc. Utilitarianism by John Stuart Mill

I met a great many cultivated people, chiefly young ladies, and there were several houses where we young fellows went and came almost as freely as if they were our own. My Literary Passions by William Dean Howells

They follow freemasonry down — freemasonry of which one is chiefly reminded nowadays in England by propitiatory symbols outside shady public-houses. The New Machiavelli by Herbert George Wells [1911]

There was but a small sprinkling of diamonds, and that chiefly among the elderly part of the community. Life in Mexico by Frances Calderon de la Barca [1843]

Olaf Stapledon But chiefly Paul was impressed by the man’s sublime confidence, almost arrogance, in his own religious faith and practice, and by his lively bantering affection for the straying sheep of his flock. Last Men in London by Olaf Stapledon

Francis Bacon The reasons for the latter opinion rest chiefly on this, that the moon reflects the rays of the sun; nor does light seem to be reflected except by solid bodies. The New Organon by Francis Bacon [1620]

Algernon Blackwood Horror may have formed an ingredient, but it was not chiefly horror, and in no sense ghostly horror. John Silence by Algernon Blackwood

Anthony Trollope She sent him letters filled chiefly with politics, saying something also of the guests at Loughlinter, something of the game, and just a word or two here and there of her husband. Phineas Finn by Anthony Trollope

H. G. Wells The expert was chiefly anxious to get the machine at work again, for seven or eight trains had stopped midway in the stuffy tunnels of the electric railway. The Stolen Bacillus and other incidents by H. G. Wells [1895]

George Eliot What chiefly attracted him in all subjects were the vexed questions which have the advantage of not admitting the decisive proof or disproof that renders many ingenious arguments superannuated. Impressions of Theophrastus Such by George Eliot [1878]

Mr. White possessed a museum—formed chiefly by himself, and originally, perhaps, directed simply to professional objects, such as would have little chance for engaging the attention of females. The Orphan Heiress by Thomas De Quincey [1835]

Charles Stur Their implements were simple and rude, and consisted chiefly of troughs for holding water or seeds, rush bags, skins, stones, etc. Narrative of an expedition into Central Australia by Charles Stur

Sigmund Freud The evaluations of dreams by the earlier psychologists fall chiefly within this category. The Interpretation of Dreams by Sigmund Freud [1911]

It may survive, but only, I think, as the fair and the circus survive, or Punch and Judy. What chiefly comes to mind when thinking of music-hall is its songs. London in My Time by Thomas Burke

Edith Wharton Professor Linyard was known chiefly as a microscopist. The Descent of Man and other stories by Edith Wharton [1903]

Anthony Trollope I am very sorry for it, chiefly for your sake; but in these days no man can count on the highest honours as a certainty. The Bertrams by Anthony Trollope [1859]

Jules Verne The break was chiefly composed of pudding-stone, interspersed with sandstone and schist, such as is most often met with between the coal veins. The Underground City by Jules Verne [1877]

H. G. Wells At first she had thought chiefly of his immediate necessities, of food and some sort of shelter. Marriage by H. G. Wells [1912]

With civilised nations this primary check acts chiefly by restraining marriages. The Descent of Man by Charles Darwin

The injury lay chiefly in his head. A Day of Pleasure by Ellen Wood [1872]

G. K. Chesterton He merely wallowed in memories, chiefly in material memories; words said with a certain cadence or trivial turns of the neck or wrist. The Ball and the Cross by G. K. Chesterton [1909]

It was rebuilt by the Portuguese in 1506, who gave it the name of Castillo Real. The site has been a centre of population from the remotest period, chiefly Berbers, whose name it still bears. Travels in Morocco by James Richardson

Henry Handel Richardson But chiefly it was the greenness that called to him — the greenness of the greenest country in the world. Australia Felix by Henry Handel Richardson

Bronislaw Malinowski These chiefly consist of game or other articles of food; the father, perhaps, receives a cloak, spears or other implements. The Family among the Australian Aborigines by Bronislaw Malinowski [1913]

Algernon Blackwood To the want of balance was chiefly due the ineffectiveness of these hints. The Bright Messenger by Algernon Blackwood [1922]

D. H. Lawrence It is chiefly rose red, then blue, a metallic, mid-blue, and a very soft dark blue. Women in Love by D. H. Lawrence

Wilkie Collins It will be easy for Mr. Blake to suppress what may not prove to be sufficiently flattering in these pages to the person chiefly concerned in them. The Moonstone by Wilkie Collins [1868]

But as a matter of fact, the thought that was chiefly in my mind was how differently things turn out from what you expect. Coming up for Air by George Orwell

Arnold Bennett The latter had chiefly to do with envelope and bill-head printing and with bookbinding, and only two of them were in use. These Twain by Arnold Bennett [1916]

H. G. Wells We were soon seated together in a little stone arbour, engaged in conversation, chiefly of smiles. The Time Machine by H. G. Wells [1896]

E. F. Benson During dinner Frank chiefly occupied himself in bringing himself up-to-date in the movements and achievements of this old friend whom he had not seen for six years. The Man Who Went Too Far by E. F. Benson

He is chiefly remembered for his hymns, one of which, Abide with Me, is universally known and loved. A Short Biographical Dictionary of English Literature by John W. Cousin [1910]

Anthony Trollope These, no doubt, chiefly came from the creditors and their allies. Mr. Scarborough's Family by Anthony Trollope [1883]

Hitherto, the returns from the New World had been chiefly in vegetable products, which, if the surest, are also the. The History of the Conquest of Mexico by William Hickling Prescott [1843]

It is chiefly as a songster that the fowl is esteemed; the cage of him in full chorus has been known to draw tears from two persons at once. The Devil’s Dictionary by Ambrose Bierce [1911]

He published one small volume, Essays and Poems, the latter chiefly in the form of the Shakespearian sonnet. A Short Biographical Dictionary of English Literature by John W. Cousin [1910]

Anthony Trollope Lord Fawn did not make his appearance at Richmond on the Saturday evening, nor was he seen on the Sunday. That Sunday was, we may presume, chiefly devoted to reflection. The Eustace Diamonds by Anthony Trollope

The rest was arable land producing corn and root crops, chiefly wheat. Lark Rise to Candleford by Flora Thompson [1945]

Algernon Blackwood He was aware chiefly of her eyes, for in them glowed light and fire he had never seen there before but still in their depths. The Bright Messenger by Algernon Blackwood [1922]

Edgar Allan Poe What the modern chiefly appreciates and admires in the Greek hexameter is the melody of the abundant vowel sounds. The Rationale of Verse by Edgar Allan Poe [1848]

He held various public offices, chiefly in connection with the colony of Virginia. Savage, Richard (1697?-1743). A Short Biographical Dictionary of English Literature by John W. Cousin [1910]

Anthony Trollope The whole affair occupied but a week, and was chiefly memorable as being the means of cementing the friendship which existed between the two Irish members. Phineas Finn by Anthony Trollope

Isabella Bird When I opened the tent I found the crowd seated in a semicircle five rows deep, waiting for medicines, chiefly eye-lotion, quinine, and cough mixtures. Journeys in Persia and Kurdistan by Isabella Bird [1891]

The bonnets were chiefly Parisian, as were many of the gowns. Life in Mexico by Frances Calderon de la Barca [1843]

Sinclair Lewis He kept it up chiefly because all his life he had kept up onerous labor without any taste for it. Selected Short Stories by Sinclair Lewis

Ann Radcliffe Adeline arrived at Paris after a journey of several days, during which she was chiefly supported by the delicate attentions of Louis, whom she pitied and esteemed, though she could not love. The Romance of the Forest by Ann Radcliffe [1791]

Rudyard Kipling All that time they were fed on fruits, chiefly bananas, with some sago. The Day’s Work by Rudyard Kipling [1898]

George Meredith Even the exceptionally cynical are chiefly to be accused of bad manners. One of our Conquerors by George Meredith [1891]

George Meredith We exchanged passes, the prince chiefly attacking. The Adventures of Harry Richmond by George Meredith [1871]

Algernon Blackwood Where the wind had unobstructed motion, and where the heat of the sun accumulated in the hollows, this sense of preparation, of cooperation, chiefly touched me. Julius LeVallon by Algernon Blackwood [1916]

William Dampier This manufactory is chiefly used at the Maldive Islands, and the threads sent in balls into all places that trade thither purposely for to make cables. A New Voyage Round the World by William Dampier [1697]

Edith Wharton What chiefly puzzled him was Alfieri’s insistence that Cantapresto should not be privy to the adventure. The Valley of Decision by Edith Wharton [1902]

Ann Radcliffe This passage was closed by a door, which on examination was found to be chiefly of iron. A Sicilian Romance by Ann Radcliffe [1790]

H.P. Lovecraft I think, on the whole, that it was this variety which chiefly disturbed me. The Shunned House by H.P. Lovecraft [1924]

Benjamin Disraeli He lived in a retreat like the villa of Hadrian, and maintained himself in an elevated position chiefly by his wit and a little by his wealth. The Young Duke by Benjamin Disraeli [1831]

It is an irregular square, and built chiefly of the remains of ancient edifices. Travels in Morocco by James Richardson

The chapter (which has been written and printed for the reasons mentioned in the preface) is chiefly filled with the detailed conversation, or rather discourse, of a highly eccentric gentlewoman. Eothen by Alexander William Kinglake [1844]

When these joined in, however, they turned and fled, chiefly owing to the moral effect of our success on the other flank. The True History by Lucian of Samosata

The work, however, on which his literary fame chiefly rests is his Journal, extending from 1735–90, which is one of the most graphic and interesting records of its kind in existence. A Short Biographical Dictionary of English Literature by John W. Cousin [1910]

He held various offices, chiefly legal, but appears to have kept as far as possible out of the fierce political struggles of his time, and to have been a genially satirical humorist. A Short Biographical Dictionary of English Literature by John W. Cousin [1910]

William Godwin We had cultivated our powers (if I may venture to use this sort of language) in different directions; I chiefly an attempt at logical and metaphysical distinction, she a taste for the picturesque. Memoirs of the Author of a Vindication of the Rights of Woman by William Godwin [1798]

Jeremy Bentham As to health, strength, and hardiness, if rank has any influence on these circumstances, it is but in a remote way, chiefly by the influence it may have on his habitual occupations. An Introduction to the Principles of Morals and Legislation by Jeremy Bentham

Ford Madox Ford She gathered, chiefly from ejaculations of the Messenger, that he treated his Ministry with contempt, but was regarded as so indispensable that he never lost his post. Last Post by Ford Madox Ford [1928]

Henry James To fiction, directly, Hawthorne did not address himself; he composed first, chiefly during the year 1862, the chapters of which our Our Old Home was afterwards made up. Hawthorne by Henry James [1879]

Her tastes were masculine, her knowledge chiefly related to masculine topics. The Haunted Woman by David Lindsay [1922]

The work was chiefly done by the men; the women scattering the seed, husking the corn, and taking part only in the lighter labours of the field. The History of the Conquest of Mexico by William Hickling Prescott [1843]

This extraordinary view has been widely supported, chiefly in America, and has been sometimes maintained; with considerable ability and misplaced ingenuity. A Short Biographical Dictionary of English Literature by John W. Cousin [1910]

It is here most of Mtesa’s three or four hundred women are kept, the rest being quartered chiefly with his mother, known by the title of N’yamasore, or queen-dowager. The Discovery of the Source of the Nile by John Hanning Speke [1863]

Anthony Trollope It is not my own worldly comfort and happiness to which I am chiefly looking. Rachel Ray by Anthony Trollope

I therefore lay quiet, going forth from my lodgings but little, and that chiefly under cover of the dusk, and conversing hardly at all, except with those whom I well knew. The Purcell Papers by J. Sheridan Le Fanu

Charles Dickens The cellar is full of company, chiefly very young men in various conditions of dirt and raggedness. Reprinted Pieces by Charles Dickens [1850]

Thomas Hardy The sounds were chiefly those of pickaxes and shovels. The Trumpet-Major by Thomas Hardy [1879]

Thomas Wolfe And when the act did begin it was unconscionably long, chiefly because Mr. Logan was not able to make it work. You Can’t Go Home Again by Thomas Wolfe [1940]

This was regarded chiefly as a spelling test. Lark Rise to Candleford by Flora Thompson [1945]

At first, as has been said, the scheme which led to their cutting down the forest was chiefly one for shipbuilding. The Island of Anarchy by E.W [1887]

The aristocracy and the big bourgeoisie exist in his books chiefly as a kind of ‘noises off’, a haw-hawing chorus somewhere in the wings, like Podsnap’s dinner-parties. Charles Dickens by George Orwell [1940]

The pair only issued one more joint work, The Book Without a Name, which appeared in 1842, and consisted chiefly of articles and sketches that had already been published in the magazines. Little Memoirs of the Nineteenth Century by George Paston [1902]

There were moving specks on certain roads especially away in Northern China; and, since there chiefly she could trace movement, without deliberate intention concentrated on it. The Greater Trumps by Charles Williams

W. H. Hudson About this girl I must speak at some length, since it is with her fortunes that this narrative is chiefly concerned. El Ombú by W. H. Hudson [1902]

Anthony Trollope He would generally go of a Sunday morning; but there was a conviction that he did so chiefly to oblige his mother. Is He Popenjoy? by Anthony Trollope [1878]

H. G. Wells It was I who called in the housekeeper and broke matters to her, and it was I chiefly who fixed up the inverted bed. Twelve Stories and a Dream by H. G. Wells [1903]

It was delightfully cool after the cellars, and the work was chiefly polishing silver and glasses, which is a humane job. Down and Out in Paris and London by George Orwell

Tobias Smolle The common people, and even the bourgeois of Paris live, at this season, chiefly on bread and grapes, which is undoubtedly very wholsome fare. Travels through France and Italy by Tobias Smolle

John Stuart Mill To individuality should belong the part of life in which it is chiefly the individual that is interested; to society, the part which chiefly interests society. On Liberty by John Stuart Mill [1859]

But suspicion fell chiefly upon one person—and that was Thomas Owen the milkman. The Mystery at Number Seven by Ellen Wood [1877]

George Gissing And chiefly because of her acquaintance with Godwin Peak. In him she concentrated her interests; he was the man to whom her heart went forth with every kind of fervour. Born in Exile by George Gissing [1891]

The little lecturer took out a wad of notes, chiefly newspaper cuttings, and pinned them down with his glass of water. Coming up for Air by George Orwell

Anthony Trollope I write now chiefly to say that I shall be over with you about twelve tomorrow, and that I must bring you away with me. Framley Parsonage by Anthony Trollope

So that it may be said we all were chiefly Mrs. Cramp’s guests. A Tragedy by Ellen Wood [1886]

George Borrow In one corner of it I found the ruins of a large clumsy castle, chiefly built of flint stones: into these ruins I attempted to penetrate, but the entrance was secured by a gate. The Bible in Spain by George Borrow

D. H. Lawrence But what do you call yourselves? How do you appear to the public?” “We call ourselves the digger clubs, and we go in chiefly for athletics. Kangaroo by D. H. Lawrence

The larger sucks men and other animals; the smaller seems to confine himself chiefly to birds. Wanderings in South America by Charles Waterton [1825]

Arthur Machen Well, to return to the more or less — chiefly less — direct current of my tale, after my sojourn in the southern suburb came a return to the country, where I remained eight or nine months. Far Off Things by Arthur Machen [1922]

Leon Trotsky The majority feared chiefly the bad effect of the transfer on the Petrograd workers. My Life by Leon Trotsky

Anthony Trollope They are taken chiefly from the orations I have named above, though subsequent allusions to the glory of his return to Rome are not uncommon in his works. The Life of Cicero by Anthony Trollope [1881]

Its attendants were chiefly confined to the parties themselves and their immediate relatives, but that did not prevent other people from flocking in to see it. A Tragedy by Ellen Wood [1886]

H. G. Wells Rachel Borken sat for a long time with him and talked chiefly of women in the world, and with her was a girl named Edith Haydon who was already very well known as a cytologist. The World Set Free by H. G. Wells [1914]

It is chiefly taken up with his Chilian conquests, to which his campaign under Gasca, on his visit to Peru, forms a kind of brilliant episode. The History of the Conquest of Peru by William Hickling Presco

John Locke But it is chiefly by the finding out those ideas that show the connexion of distant ones, that our stock of knowledge is increased, and that useful arts and sciences are advanced. An Essay Concerning Human Understanding by John Locke [1690]

Nathaniel Hawthorne Passionate, self-willed, and imperious, she had a warm and generous nature; showing the richness of the soil, however, chiefly by the weeds that flourished in it, and choked up the herbs of grace. The Blithedale Romance by Nathaniel Hawthorne [1852]

But this inference is chiefly grounded on analogy and it is immaterial whether or not it be accepted. The Origin of Species by Charles Darwin

Rudyard Kipling At midnight they returned, announcing that they were ‘highly respectable gondoliers,’ and that oysters and stout were what they chiefly needed. Many Inventions by Rudyard Kipling [1893]

H. G. Wells He had a packet of Algerian cigarettes (twenty for fivepence), and appeared chiefly concerned to smoke them all before the evening was out. Love and Mr Lewisham by H. G. Wells [1900]

John Stuart Mill The wife's power of being disagreeable generally only establishes a counter-tyranny, and makes victims in their turn chiefly of those husbands who are least inclined to be tyrants. The Subjection of Women by John Stuart Mill [1869]

Edith Wharton It was the young man’s subsequent impression that Winterman had not spoken much that first evening; at any rate, Bernald himself remembered chiefly what the Wades had said. Tales of Men and Ghosts by Edith Wharton [1910]

Maria Edgeworth The fury of the mob had hitherto been directed chiefly against papists, or persons supposed to favour their cause. Harrington by Maria Edgeworth

Anthony Trollope To tell the very truth, the proposed party was made up chiefly for Crocker’s sake. Marion Fay by Anthony Trollope [1882]

Henry Handel Richardson At first, her tale had been chiefly concerned with the internal rift in Mr. Shepherd’s home-life, and only in a minor degree with herself. The Getting of Wisdom by Henry Handel Richardson

H. G. Wells But chiefly he slept, dreaming little because of his loss of blood and the slightness of his food. A Story of the Stone Age by H. G. Wells [1897]

Algernon Blackwood His happiness was beyond all question, his admiration, wonder too; yet the quality she chiefly looked and expected was not there. The Bright Messenger by Algernon Blackwood [1922]

The latter of these is chiefly remarkable for an immense arched window, such as you see in churches, with five lights. A Stable for Nightmares by J. Sheridan Le Fanu

To be at the farm before six o’clock, he had to leave home at half-past five, taking his breakfast with him, which was chiefly dry bread. Dick Mitchel by Ellen Wood [1870]

When he was in time with his written matter the credit was chiefly due to his wife. Victorian Worthies by George Henry Blore

Anthony Trollope I believe the misery of the canal-boat chiefly consists in a pre-conceived and erroneous idea of its capabilities. The Kellys and the O’Kellys by Anthony Trollope

George MacDonald Joseph had been looking anxiously for him, chiefly with the desire of getting rid of Ruby — not that he was absolutely of no use to him, but that he was a constant weight upon his mind. At the Back of the North Wind by George MacDonald

Tobias Smolle It was the lower sort of people with whom he chiefly conversed, such as ploughmen, ditchers, and other day-labourers. The Life and Adventures of Sir Launcelot Greaves by Tobias Smolle

Henry Adams Adams could never tell a story, chiefly because he always forgot it; and he was never guilty of a witticism, unless by accident. The Education of Henry Adams by Henry Adams [1907]

Henry James That’s not complimentary to you, dear Louisa, and still less to your brilliant brother; for Mr. Cockerel explains that he means it (the bad effect of Paris) chiefly of men. The Point of View by Henry James [1882]

He remembered them dimly, because they were spent chiefly in sleep or stupor. Nineteen Eighty-four by George Orwell

Nathaniel Hawthorne There were remnants of faded and tattered paper-hangings, but larger spaces of bare wall ornamented with charcoal sketches, chiefly of people’s heads in profile. Twice-Told Tales by Nathaniel Hawthorne [1842]

In fact Scott’s comparative abstinence from politics was due, I believe, chiefly to the fact that during almost the whole of his literary life, Tories and not Whigs were in power. Sir Walter Scott by Richard H. Hutton [1878]

Anthony Trollope He was already known by his faculty of making verses, chiefly parodies. Thackeray by Anthony Trollope [1879]

Isabella Bird The opinions concerning God represent Him chiefly as a personification of a fate, to which they must bow, and as a Judge, to whom, in some mysterious way, they must account after death. Journeys in Persia and Kurdistan by Isabella Bird [1891]

Anthony Trollope She had always been very fond of the chapter, and her original dislike to Bishop Proudie had been chiefly on his interference, or on that of his wife or chaplain. Framley Parsonage by Anthony Trollope

Anthony Trollope After all, love was the food chiefly necessary for the nourishment of Lady Lufton — the only food necessary. Framley Parsonage by Anthony Trollope

Arthur Morrison One of these was what is called a steel trunk — a small one — which had held old papers, the others were filled chiefly with old clothes. The Adventures of Martin Hewitt by Arthur Morrison

Anthony Trollope Though she might be fond of champagne, it was, he thought, chiefly for other people. Mr. Scarborough's Family by Anthony Trollope [1883]

Samuel Johnson Rowe is chiefly to be considered as a tragic writer and a translator. Lives of the Poets by Samuel Johnson

Henry Lawson There are eleven cows, but not one of them can be milked out of the bailchiefly because their teats are sore. While the Billy Boils by Henry Lawson

Jane Austen What chiefly surprised Edmund was, that Crawford’s sister, the friend and companion who had been so much to her, should not be more visibly regretted. Mansfield Park by Jane Austen [1814]

D. H. Lawrence And by the highest good of the greatest number is chiefly meant the material prosperity of all classes. The Rainbow by D. H. Lawrence

John Hill Burton It must be admitted that this characteristic — the keeping in view demonstration in preference to elucidation, is chiefly to be found in his later works. Introduction to the Study of the Works of Jeremy Bentham by John Hill Burton

Anthony Trollope But Mrs Finn had never been cordially accepted by those among whom Lady Cantrip chiefly lived. The Duke’s Children by Anthony Trollope

It is chiefly prized for its kernels. Two Trips to Gorilla Land and the Cataracts of the Congo by Richard F. Burton [1876]

The music is chiefly instrumental, sometimes on a harp, sometimes on a violin, though occasionally it is vocal. The Supernatural in Modern English Fiction by Dorothy Scarborough

FOOL. — Is it open to the public? PH. — The pocopo is a small animal of North America, chiefly remarkable for singularity of diet. Cobwebs from an Empty Skull by Ambrose Bierce [1874]

He continued to follow out his studies, devoting himself chiefly to St. Paul’s epistles. A Short Biographical Dictionary of English Literature by John W. Cousin [1910]

Anthony Trollope I don’t much admire your taste, my dear, because he’s a hundred and fifty years old — and what there is of him comes chiefly from the tailor. Phineas Redux by Anthony Trollope

As we get on in life our interests tend to settle into grooves, and my groove is chiefly connected with conveyancing. The Eye of Osiris by R. Austin Freeman [1911]

H. G. Wells However, it is not to Schopenhauer and his writings, at least among the English-speaking peoples, that this increasing realization of life as essentially a succession of births, is chiefly ascribed. Mankind in the Making by H. G. Wells [1903]

His familiar letters and a number of essays, chiefly written in youth, form the remainder of the miscellaneous works. Gibbon by James Cotter Morison [1878]

Sir Walter Scott It had its drawbridge, though now never drawn up, and its dry moat, the sides of which had been planted with shrubs, chiefly of the evergreen tribes. The Antiquary by Sir Walter Scott [1816]

Elizabeth Gaskell I regret the change from Brussels to Lille on many accounts, chiefly that I shall not see Martha. Mary has been indefatigably kind in providing me with information. The Life of Charlotte Bronte by Elizabeth Gaskell [1857]

Washington Irving As to his songs, they were chiefly picked out of old books in the squire’s library, and adapted to tunes that were popular among the choice spirits of the last century. The Sketch Book of Geoffrey Crayon by Washington Irving

There were, besides, five hundred marks of silver, chiefly in plate, drinking cups, and other articles of luxury. The History of the Conquest of Mexico by William Hickling Prescott [1843]

After all, publicity was what he chiefly aimed at, and if he gave his reasons for threatening the secretary, he felt confident that the man would find it difficult to clear his character. The Mystery Queen by Fergus Hume

Charles Dickens After that, he wrote no more about them, and devoted his leisure chiefly to their house. Hard Times by Charles Dickens [1854]

H. G. Wells One or two, whom in a rare access of high spirits I had scarred rather badly, bore me a grudge; but it vented itself chiefly behind my back, and at a safe distance from my missiles, in grimaces. The Island of Doctor Moreau by H. G. Wells [1896]

Algernon Blackwood The shining eyes were what he chiefly noticed. The Bright Messenger by Algernon Blackwood [1922]

E. Phillips Oppenheim For a person whose enthusiasms were chiefly latent, his manner was almost exuberant. The Wrath to Come by E. Phillips Oppenheim [1924]

Anthony Trollope During that walk to and from Gobblegoose Wood something had been said between the lovers as to Captain Batsby — something, no doubt, chiefly in joke. Ayala’s Angel by Anthony Trollope

Arrived at Tippet-town, I gave my “dashes,” chiefly brass and copper rods, bade an affectionate farewell, and then dropped down stream without further ceremony. Two Trips to Gorilla Land and the Cataracts of the Congo by Richard F. Burton [1876]

G. K. Chesterton I may say, in so far as I may touch upon such things, that the Lady chiefly involved has already accepted them. Four Faultless Felons by G. K. Chesterton [1930]

E. Phillips Oppenheim He therefore skipped the description of the tragedy, and devoted his attention to the last paragraph, toward which he fancied that the finger of Major Jones had been chiefly directed. Peter Ruff and the Double Four by E. Phillips Oppenheim [1912]