Phrases with "favourite"

It was a favourite rendezvous of hotel workers. Down and Out in Paris and London by George Orwell

Alfred Ainger So shall be thy days beguiled, Thornton Hunt, my favourite child. Charles Lamb by Alfred Ainger [1882]

In his plan he promised them religious toleration, permission for foreigners to hold property, and so on — the last, in fact, being his favourite project. Life in Mexico by Frances Calderon de la Barca [1843]

Anthony Trollope Poor Bunce, poor old Bunce!” Bunce was one of the surviving recipients of Hiram’s charity, an old man, now over ninety, who had long been a favourite of Mr. Harding’s. Barchester Towers by Anthony Trollope

She may be a favourite of yours. The Golden Calf by Mary Elizabeth Braddon [1883]

Jane Austen She treated her therefore, with all the indulgent fondness of a parent towards a favourite child on the last day of its holidays. Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen [1811]

This had been no easy task for her, and the entry of the large handsome David, who was, she knew, Harcourt’s favourite nephew, did not please her at all. Rogue Herries by Hugh Walpole [1930]

Like the rest of us, she knew better than to put her favourite illusion to the test. Lark Rise to Candleford by Flora Thompson [1945]

It appears that the president’s favourite plan is to have thirty thousand men under arms; and there is little doubt that he will bring this about. Life in Mexico by Frances Calderon de la Barca [1843]

Benjamin Disraeli The Count of Ferroll was a favourite in English society, for he possessed every quality which there conduces to success. Endymion by Benjamin Disraeli [1880]

Her favourite brother, Charles, was killed beside him; and it was natural that under this double blow she should have retired from London. She buried herself in Wales; but not for long. Books and Characters by Lytton Strachey

To what will not the diplomatist condescend! It was John’s favourite game; indeed his only game — he had found all the rest too intellectual — and he played it with equal skill and good fortune. The Wrong Box by Robert Louis Stevenson and Lloyd Osbourne

Charles Dickens Sitting down is my favourite posture. Doctor Marigold by Charles Dickens [1865]

His favourite paper was The People — Mother preferred the News of the World, which she considered had more murders in it. Coming up for Air by George Orwell

Jules Verne The shallow waters of the lake teemed with trout, pike, and other available fresh-water fish; and the little river was a favourite resort of salmon and shoals of white bait and smelts. The Fur Country by Jules Verne [1873]

Thomas Hardy It had not positively amounted to a desire, but it had always been a favourite dream. Return of the Native by Thomas Hardy

Anatole France Look on the pretty favourite lover! On him! On him! Spike him, rascals, spike him hard!” The windows of the adjoining houses were opened, heads in night-caps appeared. At the Sign of the Reine Pédauque by Anatole France

George Eliot The rector of Little Treby had been a favourite in the neighbourhood since the beginning of the century. Felix Holt the Radical by George Eliot [1866]

Mr. Dumps had a nephew who had been married about a year, and who was somewhat of a favourite with his uncle, because he was an admirable subject to exercise his misery-creating powers upon. Sketches by Boz by Charles Dickens [1836]

Benjamin Disraeli The prince was also a frequent guest at the Neuchatels’, and was a favourite with the head of the house. Endymion by Benjamin Disraeli [1880]

Andrew Lang It happened that this farewell took place before the whole Court, and so great a favourite had Prince Mannikin become that they were all indignant at the coldness with which the Princess treated him. The Green Fairy Book by Andrew Lang

Anthony Trollope Therefore, Beatrice, though she was Mary’s great friend, though she was her brother’s favourite sister, could give Frank no encouragement. Doctor Thorne by Anthony Trollope

You are such a favourite that he will smile at a liberty from you which he would be the first to resent in any one else. Wyllard's Weird by Mary Elizabeth Braddon [1885]

Joseph cast into the pit; the calling of Samuel; Daniel in the lions’ den; — these were favourite passages: of the first especially she seemed perfectly to feel the pathos. Villette by Charlotte Brontë [1853]

Willa Cather She had no favourite stories — there were too many. Not Under Forty by Willa Cather [1936]

Andrew Lang One is sometimes almost tempted to regard the favourite Maori spiral as an imitation of the form, not unlike that of a bishop’s crozier at the top, taken by the great native ferns. Custom and Myth by Andrew Lang

Thomas Hardy On reaching his favourite seat he found he had left his cigar-case behind him; he immediately returned for it. Two on a Tower by Thomas Hardy [1895]

Anthony Trollope A favourite sister may perhaps be told of the hard struggle and the bitter failure, but not a word is said to any one else. The Bertrams by Anthony Trollope [1859]

Walter Besant I was loitering about Bucklersbury, my favourite place of resort, in the hope of meeting the old man, when my arm was touched as I turned round. The Case of Mr Lucraft by Walter Besant [1886]

H. G. Wells Food-seeking became spiritless, none knew who might go next, and all day the women toiled, even the favourite women, gathering litter and sticks for the night fires. A Story of the Stone Age by H. G. Wells [1897]

Is not Sir Thomas Browne a favourite with you? . Judith Paris by Hugh Walpole [1931]

G. K. Chesterton His favourite military barber was struck down. The Napoleon of Notting Hill by G. K. Chesterton

Jack London This last was a favourite feat of his. The Star Rover by Jack London [1915]

Donna Rodolpha’s Library was principally composed of old Spanish Romances: These were her favourite studies, and once a day one of these unmerciful Volumes was put regularly into my hands. The Monk by Matthew Lewis [1796]

Light blue was my favourite colour and the other girls used to say I always looked what the French called chic. The Silent Dead by Arthur Gask [1950]

George Meredith Cornelia, for a mask to her emotions, gave Emilia a gentle, albeit high-worded lecture on the artist’s duty toward Art, quoting favourite passages from Mr. Barrett’s favourite Art-critic. Sandra Belloni by George Meredith [1887]

F. Scott Fitzgerald And Test Pilot is my boy friend’s favourite picture and Dark Victory is mine. The Pat Hobby Stories by F. Scott Fitzgerald [1941]

I soon became a favourite with all the company, many of whom I shaved after the day’s march was over. The Adventures of Hajji Baba of Ispahan by James Justinian Morier

Henry James I had an odd sense, till we fell apart again, as of keeping my finger rather stiffly fixed on a passage in a favourite author on which I had not previously lighted. The Sacred Fount by Henry James [1901]

Andrew Lang The next novel is, at present, my favourite cigarette. Adventures Among Books by Andrew Lang

Charles Dickens This was a favourite mistress with the poor pupil. American Notes for General Circulation by Charles Dickens [1842]

E. Phillips Oppenheim He is my favourite in the family. The Spy Paramount by E. Phillips Oppenheim [1934]

Matthew Flinders In harbour, the measuring of log and lead lines upon deck, and the stowage of the holds below, were the favourite subjects of his attention. A biographical tribute to the memory of Trim by Matthew Flinders [1804]

His favourite resort is the country round Agra, where Krishna391 the azure Hindu Apollo, “Tunes harps immortal, and to strains divine Dances by moonlight with the Gopia nine. The Life of Sir Richard Burton by Thomas Wrigh

Florence Dixie She was thinking how all these would have to be parted with, and a farewell for good made to the old favourite haunts. Redeemed in Blood by Florence Dixie [1889]

Anthony Trollope She was a favourite with them all, and even the Under-Secretary would not have been hard upon her. The Eustace Diamonds by Anthony Trollope

The people speak of an ‘Akík (“carnelian”) which, rubbed down in vinegar, enters into the composition of a favourite philtre — we could not, however, find any for sale. The Land of Midian by Richard F. Burton [1879]

George Gissing On my expressing myself pained and shocked at such a philosophy, Dr. Gmelin laughed and told me that it was his favourite theory. Workers in the Dawn by George Gissing [1880]

Wilkie Collins Miss Mira found her favourite pleased and flattered, when she saw us together, and was naturally pleased and flattered herself. The First Officer’s Confession by Wilkie Collins [1887]

Sir Walter Scott To enjoy this exquisite cheer, was placed, at the head of the table, the old Laird himself, with his nephew on the one side, and the favourite housekeeper on the other. Old Mortality by Sir Walter Scott [1816]

Anthony Trollope The father had made a favourite of the younger boy, and thereby had done mischief. The Landleaguers by Anthony Trollope [1883]

Their favourite was the one they called ‘Granny’s Golden Footstool’. Lark Rise to Candleford by Flora Thompson [1945]

Matthew Flinders Being a favourite with everybody on board, both officers and seamen, he was well fed, and grew fast both is in size and comeliness. A biographical tribute to the memory of Trim by Matthew Flinders [1804]

Andrew Lang Probably you would not be very tolerant (tolerance was not your leading virtue) of Mr. Roe, now your countrymen’s favourite novelist. Letters to Dead Authors by Andrew Lang

E. Phillips Oppenheim I go into Cook’s and have my hat ironed, and I buy a carnation of my favourite colour for my coat. The Postmaster of Market Deignton by E. Phillips Oppenheim [1897]

Thomas Hardy To wonder how many of these cups the landlord possessed altogether was a favourite exercise of children in the marvellous. The Mayor of Casterbridge by Thomas Hardy

It was a favourite gambit with criminals who had no case. The Man in the Queue by Josephine Tey

George Meredith He was a popular boy, a favourite of women, and therefore full of engagements to Balls and dinners. Beauchamp's Career by George Meredith [1875]

Thou didst surely but yestereve Mock the women, a favourite Far above them: anon the first Beard, the razor. Poems and Fragments by Catullus

Henry Kingsley He will be dowering a wife for his precious favourite some day. Ravenshoe by Henry Kingsley [1861]

But the story of Androcles was a favourite with the bear whose adventures I am about to relate. Cobwebs from an Empty Skull by Ambrose Bierce [1874]

Charles Dickens He soon danced himself into the good graces of his Sowship, and danced the other favourite out of favour. A Child’s History of England by Charles Dickens [1852]

My favourite view of the church is from the other side of the small valley which separates it from the village, (see preceding page). Alps and Sanctuaries of Piedmont and the Canton Ticino by Samuel Butler [1881]

Maria Edgeworth To the right they turned, into a glade of the park, which opened to a favourite view of the general’s, to which Cecilia knew that all attention must be paid. Helen by Maria Edgeworth

Charles Dickens Detaining her in his embrace, he said, ‘I may assure you now, my favourite child, that I am made happy by the sound decision at which you have arrived. Hard Times by Charles Dickens [1854]

Henry Kingsley A favourite and precious bag, which never left her, had been dropped in the water; and her Prayer-book, a parting gift from Lady Kate, had been utterly spoiled. The Recollections of Geoffrey Hamlyn by Henry Kingsley [1859]

John Lewis Burckhard The boiled beans are called mudammes; they form a favourite dish with the people of Egypt, from whom the Arabs have adopted it. Travels in Arabia by John Lewis Burckhard

Jane Austen I shall not lose you so soon, and Edward will have greater opportunity of improving that natural taste for your favourite pursuit which must be so indispensably necessary to your future felicity. Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen [1811]

Having recovered her favourite nephew, after so long a severance, Aunt Betsy was in no wise disposed to let him go. The Golden Calf by Mary Elizabeth Braddon [1883]

Walter Scott This path used to be my favourite evening and morning resort, when engaged with a favourite author, or new subject of study. The Heart of Mid-Lothian by Walter Scott [1818]

In Wigan a favourite refuge was the pictures, which are fantastically cheap there. The Road to Wigan Pier by George Orwell [1937]

The ladies carried about with them the favourite songs of it in fans, and houses were furnished with it in screens. Memoirs of Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds by Charles Mackay [1852]

It was a favourite word with Mrs Milburn — outre. The Imperialist by Sara Jeannette Duncan [1904]

Florence Dixie Since childhood blackberries had been a favourite fruit with him, but he never remembered finding a dish so palatable as this one. Redeemed in Blood by Florence Dixie [1889]

Joseph Furphy So the right to live, being in the nature of a boon or benefaction, went largely by favourlike the slobbery salute imagined by poets — and poor Alf was no favourite with anyone. Such is Life by Joseph Furphy

Walter Scott He was, therefore, always respected, and often employed; but he was not a favourite of George the Second, his consort, or his ministers. The Heart of Mid-Lothian by Walter Scott [1818]

Goldwin Smith I shall be most happy to come and hear your favourite preacher. Cowper by Goldwin Smith [1880]

Gustave Flauber After a time his displeasure abated, as he caught sight of a dish of Syrian lambs’ tails, dressed with spices, a favourite dainty. Herodias by Gustave Flauber

Radclyffe Hall Her father looked at her glumly, but through his angry eyes shone an uneasy, almost wistful expression, when forced to meet his favourite daughter face to face. The Unlit Lamp by Radclyffe Hall

Leo Tolstoy Smoking as he strolled Volgin took his favourite path past the summer-house into the fields beyond. There are No Guilty People by Leo Tolstoy

G. K. Chesterton He would put anything into Hamlet which he really thought was true, from his favourite nursery ballads to his personal (and perhaps unfashionable) conviction of the Catholic purgatory. George Bernard Shaw by G. K. Chesterton [1909]

A favourite child similarly afflicted is preserved as long as possible, in torment. The Fiend’s Delight by Ambrose Bierce [1873]

It was a favourite trick of Altiora’s to speak of everybody as a “type”; she saw men as samples moving; her dining-room became a chamber of representatives. The New Machiavelli by Herbert George Wells [1911]

Benjamin Disraeli Although society had not smiled on him, he had always been rather a favourite with the bulk of the population. Endymion by Benjamin Disraeli [1880]

His favourite time for composition was at the plough. Robert Burns by John Campbell Shairp [1879]

Theodore Dreiser The little Quakeress was marked for a favourite the moment she appeared, and thereafter easily held attention and applause. Sister Carrie by Theodore Dreiser

The favourite habitat of this species is sandy flats, where the foothold is insecure. Last Leaves from Dunk Island by E. J. Banfield

Sir Walter Scott The conversation of Elizabeth and the favourite Earl has not reached us in detail. Kenilworth by Sir Walter Scott [1821]

Hunting was another favourite sport, though he rarely indulged himself in this luxury, and only when he could do so without much expense. Victorian Worthies by George Henry Blore

At other times he repeated my favourite poems, or drew me out into arguments, which he supported with great ingenuity. Frankenstein by Mary Shelley [1831]

D. H. Lawrence There you are, then — they WANT war!” He was not a favourite debater in the public-house, being too quick and overbearing. Sons and Lovers by D. H. Lawrence

John craned his neck to see the last of the bob-tail of his old favourite whisk round the corner. Diana Tempest by Mary Cholmondeley [1893]

The ravens, here as elsewhere, are a plague: flights of them occupy favourite places, and they prey upon the young lambs, hares, and maimed birds. The Land of Midian by Richard F. Burton [1879]

I learned later that watching a patient have a mustard poultice was a favourite pastime in the ward. Collected Essays by George Orwell

Close behind the favourite came a little group of four, with Lord Burke the most prominent of these. The Dark Highway by Arthur Gask [1928]

It was his favourite gesture of contempt. The Blanket of the Dark by John Buchan [1931]

G. K. Chesterton To my astonishment his eyes were really brilliant with pleasure, like those of a child heated by a favourite game. The Club of Queer Trades by G. K. Chesterton [1905]

Thomas Wolfe Here were boys reading letters from their friends, from boys in other colleges, from older brothers and from younger sisters, from fathers, mothers, and from favourite aunts and uncles. You Can’t Go Home Again by Thomas Wolfe [1940]

Benjamin Disraeli He had bred several horses of repute, and one, which he had named Lady Roehampton, was the favourite for a celebrated race. Endymion by Benjamin Disraeli [1880]

Leslie Stephen He would, like Johnson, sit up talking beyond midnight, and next day decline to rise till dinner-time, though his favourite drink was not, like Johnson’s, free from intoxicating properties. Samuel Johnson by Leslie Stephen [1878]

I broke my mistress’s favourite drinking-cup; Shireen incurred the blame, and was obliged to supply another. The Adventures of Hajji Baba of Ispahan by James Justinian Morier

Henry Kingsley Lee had been a favourite servant of my father’s, and when he got into trouble my father had paid a counsel to defend him. The Recollections of Geoffrey Hamlyn by Henry Kingsley [1859]

He talked very little that night in the old-fashioned drawing-room, where Alice played his favourite old airs for him on the piano, which he still called the “harpsichord. The Wyvern Mystery by J. Sheridan Le Fanu

Wilkie Collins Margaret! — it had never hitherto been a favourite name with me. Basil by Wilkie Collins [1852]

D. H. Lawrence Then when his favourite hen came strolling unconcernedly near him, emitting the lure, he pounced on her with all his feathers vibrating. The Man Who Died by D. H. Lawrence

Charles Dickens Grip seemed to perch again upon his high-backed chair; Barnaby to crouch in his old favourite corner by the fire; the mother to resume her usual seat, and watch him as of old. Barnaby Rudge by Charles Dickens [1841]

H. G. Wells The favourite platitude of the politician excusing himself for the futilities of his business, is that “moral progress has not kept pace with material advance. What are we to do with our lives? by H. G. Wells [1928]

Isabella Bird By many persons it is supposed that the country is for ever “locked in regions of thick-ribbed ice,” and that skating and sleighing are favourite summer diversions of the inhabitants. The Englishwoman in America by Isabella Bird [1856]

Anthony Trollope However, he proposed Mrs Neverbend’s health and the ladies, and the captain instantly called upon the band to play some favourite tune. The Fixed Period by Anthony Trollope

Benjamin Disraeli The ‘Dictionary of Dates’ is a favourite book of mine. Endymion by Benjamin Disraeli [1880]

Anthony Trollope John Eames’s name she did not mention, knowing that John Eames was not a favourite with Mr Crosbie; nor had she anything to say of John Eames, that had not been already said. The Small House at Allington by Anthony Trollope

I signed the card ‘Mary,’ because Mary was my favourite name, and I thought too I had heard the man say ‘Mary’ to the girl as he had got out of the car. The Secret of the Sandhills by Arthur Gask [1921]

Leslie Stephen Harley made him a favourite of the old stamp, to reward his supremacy in the use of the new weapon. Swift by Leslie Stephen [1882]

Ida loved music too passionately to be indifferent to the harmony of village voices, carefully trained to sing her favourite hymns to the sound of a small but excellent organ. The Golden Calf by Mary Elizabeth Braddon [1883]

John Galsworthy It was to her a vehement satisfaction to have her favourite son back from South Africa after all this time, to feel him so little changed, and to have taken a fancy to his wife. To Let by John Galsworthy

Three hundred yards from the beach the dorsal fin of a huge hammer-head shark obtruded about two feet as it leisurely quartered a favourite hunting-ground. My Tropic Isle by E. J. Banfield

George Gissing Sandhurst Stratton was in the stables, a favourite haunt, and Ada sat by herself in the library. Isabel Clarendon by George Gissing [1886]

My favourite captain of the Guard, Baron Bathony, covered with snow, entered the vestibule as we crossed it. ’Long Live the King!’ by Guy Boothby [1900]

Theodore Dreiser Why not his favourite son? It was doing him injury morally, socially, commercially, that he was sure of. Jennie Gerhardt by Theodore Dreiser

E. T. A. Hoffmann She now clung to him with the most confiding childlike affection; she entered into his favourite hobbies — into his mad schemes and whims. The Cremona Violin by E. T. A. Hoffmann

Charles Dickens Besides which, the foolish charge was brought against Hubert that he had made himself the King’s favourite by magic. A Child’s History of England by Charles Dickens [1852]

George Gissing That Vincent should be a favourite where ladies were concerned was natural enough. Isabel Clarendon by George Gissing [1886]

Arnold Bennett Every one liked Daniel Povey; he was a favourite among all ranks. The Old Wives’ Tale by Arnold Bennett [1908]

Anthony Trollope But he did intend to make himself necessary to the old man — to become the old man’s son, and if possible the favourite son. The Prime Minister by Anthony Trollope

John Galsworthy This, and Jolyon’s favourite cat, who still clung to the deserted habitat, were the pleasant spots in that dishevelled, sad workroom. To Let by John Galsworthy

Sir Walter Scott Her favourite you are, and may remain, if the lady at Cumnor place continues in her present obscurity. Kenilworth by Sir Walter Scott [1821]

Robert Louis Stevenson Now the heliotrope had been Marjory’s favourite flower, and since her death not one of them had ever been planted in Will’s ground. Will O’ the Mill by Robert Louis Stevenson

F. Scott Fitzgerald Her favourite books had to do with poor girls who kept house for widowed fathers. Tales of the Jazz Age by F. Scott Fitzgerald

Anthony Trollope Then, as the afternoon was very warm, he took her out to a favourite seat she had in the garden, and it became impossible that they could longer abstain. The Belton Estate by Anthony Trollope

The favourite pleasures of the Mpongwe are gross and gorging “feeds,” drinking and smoking. Two Trips to Gorilla Land and the Cataracts of the Congo by Richard F. Burton [1876]

Gertrude Stein In his surprise at the violence Ezra fell out of Gertrude Stein’s favourite little armchair, the one I have since tapestried with Picasso designs, and Gertrude Stein was furious. The Autobiography of Alice B. Toklas by Gertrude Stein [1933]

Ford Madox Ford Not her sentiments those; quotations from Christina, sister of Lady Macmaster’s favourite poet . A Man Could Stand Up by Ford Madox Ford [1926]

He is my father’s favourite author. The Infidel by Mary Elizabeth Braddon [1900]

Benjamin Disraeli Of late I have seldom visited it; but, indeed, it will become a favourite residence of mine, if it be, as I anticipate, the scene of my nuptial ceremony. The Rise of Iskander by Benjamin Disraeli [1834]

Then I questioned him, and for a space we discussed our favourite hymns and hummed them, or rather I did, for “Jimmy” was too shy to do more than nod in time before a stranger. Tropic Days by E. J. Banfield

Wilkie Collins Though I was his favourite butt, both at school and college, I never quarrelled with him in my life. Basil by Wilkie Collins [1852]

Samuel Johnson Swift, being now the declared favourite and supposed confidant of the Tory Ministry, was treated by all that depended on the Court with the respect which dependents know how to pay. Lives of the Poets by Samuel Johnson

George Gissing He, however, was full to-night of a favourite subject, and kept up a steady flow of bright narrative. The Unclassed by George Gissing [1883]

Sinclair Lewis But Fred’s favourite goal was the country store in Stonefield Centre, with its back door opening on forty acres of pasture and sugar maples. The Prodigal Parents by Sinclair Lewis

Henry Kingsley He was a favourite everywhere. Ravenshoe by Henry Kingsley [1861]

Arthur Conan Doyle Kennedy had been amused by the frankness and simplicity of his rival, while Burger in turn had been fascinated by the brilliancy and vivacity which had made Kennedy such a favourite in Roman society. Tales of Terror and Mystery by Arthur Conan Doyle [1923]

Somebody having described him as “not a bad old chap,” Mr. Payne added characteristically, “And he had a favourite cat, which says something for him. The Life of Sir Richard Burton by Thomas Wrigh

George Eliot Her gentle opening of the door had not roused her mistress, to whom the sensations produced by Denner’s presence were as little disturbing as those of a favourite cat. Felix Holt the Radical by George Eliot [1866]

George Meredith She came to a knowledge of Aminta’s favourite colours through the dwelling of his look on orange and black, deepest rose, light yellow, light blue. Lord Ormont and his Aminta by George Meredith [1894]

His marvellous powers as a conversationalist and improvisatore made him a favourite in the highest circles. A Short Biographical Dictionary of English Literature by John W. Cousin [1910]

David Hume We choose our favourite author as we do our friend, from a conformity of humour and disposition. Of the Standard of Taste by David Hume

Arthur Conan Doyle Eight is Linden’s favourite number. The Land of Mist by Arthur Conan Doyle [1926]

Greatly daring, he put the whole £20 upon the favourite in the next race, this time picking up £45 and making a profit of £65 on the day. The House with the High Wall by Arthur Gask [1948]

Robert Louis Stevenson Now when the artist has found something, word or deed, exactly proper to a favourite character in play or novel, he will neither suppress nor diminish it, though the remark be silly or the act mean. Familiar Studies of Men and Books by Robert Louis Stevenson

Robert Louis Stevenson Before man arrived, and introduced into the silence of the sea the smoke and clangour of a blacksmith’s shop, it was a favourite resting-place of seals. Records of a Family of Engineers by Robert Louis Stevenson

He confounded “the fools” (his favourite synonym for his acquaintance) for going and calling Dodd’s mother an elder sister, and so not giving him a chance to divine her. Hard Cash by Charles Reade [1863]

Jack London This was the favourite trick of the wolf breeds — to rush in upon him, either directly or with an unexpected swerve, in the hope of striking his shoulder and overthrowing him. White Fang by Jack London [1906]

I am a favourite with him, you know. Eleanor's Victory by Mary Elizabeth Braddon [1863]

It seemed to be a favourite action of his when in any worry of thought. Our Strike by Ellen Wood [1871]

A man conning a single and favourite subject of meditation grows wedded to one or the other of the opinions on which he revolves. Paul Clifford by Edward Bulwer-Lytton [1830]

On his next visit to her home he asked to see the prize prayerbook, and when she brought it, said: ‘The binding is calf — my favourite binding — but it is very susceptible to damp. Lark Rise to Candleford by Flora Thompson [1945]

Olivia sat in her dead husband’s favourite chamber. John Marchmont’s Legacy by Mary Elizabeth Braddon [1862]

Maria Edgeworth I was a favourite with the master — he was glad to see me again. Harrington by Maria Edgeworth

The orchard seemed to be a favourite promenade for the aged women of the neighbourhood. The Chronicles of Clovis by Saki

Baldwin Spencer The favourite material for making them is string, called Mukinoborbo, made out of Banyan bark, though other kinds may also be used. Native tribes of the Northern Territory of Australia by Baldwin Spencer

Toast was a favourite dish for family consumption. Lark Rise to Candleford by Flora Thompson [1945]

Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu Was it merely a favourite haunt, or were there a little beetle brood, and a wife awaiting him there? A strong instinct of some sort urged him, and a most heroic perseverance. The Tenants of Malory by Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu [1867]

The favourite joke in Wigan was about a man who was refused relief on the ground that he ‘had a job carting firewood’. The Road to Wigan Pier by George Orwell [1937]

H. Rider Haggard I afterwards learnt that the hooting of an owl is a favourite signal among the Masai tribes. Allan Quatermain by H. Rider Haggard

Miles Franklin He was just as luny as our most aristocratic bull, who would put himself against fence posts or toss gates on his horns and tear up anything that came in his way, even his favourite heifers. My Career Goes Bung by Miles Franklin [1946]

In Nicaragua “chicha,” a kind of light beer, made from maize, is still the favourite Indian beverage. The Naturalist in Nicaragua by Thomas Belt [1874]

Florence Dixie She is not exactly a favourite amongst women of her own class. Redeemed in Blood by Florence Dixie [1889]

Radclyffe Hall She was Andros’s favourite pupil. The Unlit Lamp by Radclyffe Hall

Andrew Lang Now on this particular day, it so happened that the Queen lost her favourite ring, and suspicion fell on the confidential servant who had access to all parts of the palace. The Green Fairy Book by Andrew Lang

When a favourite dog has an incurable pain, you “put him out of his misery” with a bullet or an axe. The Fiend’s Delight by Ambrose Bierce [1873]

It will not be my favourite room. Mohawks by Mary Elizabeth Braddon [1886]

Walter Scott He failed not to jog Roland’s elbow, who was sitting in state behind him, and recommend to his particular attention those favourite passages. The Abbot by Walter Scott [1820]

George Gissing Having breakfasted, he remembered what day it was, and presently took down a volume of his Goethe, opening at the Easter morning scene in Faust, favourite reading with him. The Unclassed by George Gissing [1883]

Sir Walter Scott Many cultivated music with success; and the favourite fiddler or piper of a district was often to be found in a gipsy town. Guy Mannering by Sir Walter Scott [1815]

In the time Aunt Jane took to buy a hair-net the modern women has given her favourite store the once-over and is snapping into one purchase after another. London in My Time by Thomas Burke

Rudyard Kipling Though none dared to boast of being a favourite with King, the taciturn, three-cornered Winton stood high in his House–Master’s opinion. A Diversity of Creatures by Rudyard Kipling [1917]

He was something of a favourite in society. The Secret Agent by Joseph Conrad [1907]

Not a sentence of Mr. Pitt’s has ever been quoted, or formed the favourite phrase of the day—a thing unexampled in any man of equal reputation. Coleridge by H. D. Traill [1884]

The painter was a young scrub out of the West named Kraft, who had a favourite food and a pet theory. The Four Million by O. Henry [1906]

In the evening this was a favourite resort of many birds that came to drink at the pellucid stream, or catch insects playing above the water. The Naturalist in Nicaragua by Thomas Belt [1874]

I may say with the king in my favourite ballad,— I trust I have within my realm, Five hundred good as he. Robert Burns by John Campbell Shairp [1879]

On the afternoon of the same day, Catherine and her daughter were chatting together about their favourite theme, Gerard, his goodness, his benefice, and the brightened prospects of the whole family. The Cloister and the Hearth by Charles Reade

Robert Louis Stevenson A loaded quarter-staff, one of the two favourite weapons of the Tahitian brave; the javelin, or casting spear, was the other. Ballads by Robert Louis Stevenson

E. Phillips Oppenheim Do me the favour of lunching with me, Mr. Mangan, and although Africa will never be a favourite topic of conversation with me, I will tell you about some of my speculations. The Great Impersonation by E. Phillips Oppenheim [1920]

Sir Walter Scott The favourite Scottish order of battle somewhat resembled the Macedonian phalanx. A Legend of Montrose by Sir Walter Scott [1819]

His favourite way of acquiring stock was to buy up the libraries of people who had just died, especially clergymen. Keep the Aspidistra Flying by George Orwell

D. H. Lawrence Connie was his favourite daughter, he had always liked the female in her. Lady Chatterley’s Lover by D. H. Lawrence

This was Lady Lesbia’s chosen retreat on summer mornings, and a favourite place for afternoon tea. Phantom Fortune by Mary Elizabeth Braddon [1883]

Mary Webb Four times a day Edward’s favourite dishes were set in the parlour by a bright hearth. Gone to Earth by Mary Webb [1917]

That was Bothwell’s favourite expression. Wyllard's Weird by Mary Elizabeth Braddon [1885]

Charles Stur At seven we resumed the journey, and got on tolerably well until midnight, when poor Bawley, my favourite horse, fell; but we got him up again, and abandoning his saddle, proceeded onwards. Narrative of an expedition into Central Australia by Charles Stur

Arthur Conan Doyle I was his favourite aide-decamp. The Adventures of Gerard by Arthur Conan Doyle [1903]

The horses were well into the straight for home, and to the great joy of his supporters it was seen that the favourite was leading, well in front. The Dark Highway by Arthur Gask [1928]

The metallic starlings have again built on a favourite tree — not massive and tough, but a slim though tall Moreton Bay ash, the branchlets of which are not notoriously brittle. Tropic Days by E. J. Banfield

Their favourite tree is the Bodhi tree (tree of intelligence). The Diamond Sutra by translated from the Chinese with an introduction and notes by William Gemmell

George Meredith In default of you I paraded the island with Tiberius, who is my favourite tyrant. The Tragic Comedians by George Meredith [1880]

He fished his favourite pool, below the swing bridge, and conducted delightful conversations with Bryce. Because of course there would be a conversation. The Singing Sands by Josephine Tey [1952]

His favourite amusements were a country walk or ride with Forster, or a dinner at Jack Straw’s Castle with him and Maclise. He was likewise happy at home. Dickens by Adolphus William Ward [1882]

Nathaniel Hawthorne The belief was a favourite one with our forefathers, as betokening that their infant commonwealth was under a celestial guardianship of peculiar intimacy and strictness. The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne [1850]

Anthony Trollope During the day and early in the evening a few sparks of the glory which scintillated from the favourite horse flew in his direction. The Duke’s Children by Anthony Trollope