Phrases with "form"

I’ll form a solemn, committee of your friends — your real friends — and we’ll come some day and exact an oath from you, individually and collectively. A Daughter of To-Day by Sara Jeannette Duncan [1894]

H.P. Lovecraft And it was very odd that shingles so worm-eaten could survive, or bricks so crumbled still form a standing chimney. The Strange High House in the Mist by H.P. Lovecraft [1926]

G. K. Chesterton They took the form of monstrous remarks, in the middle of all his mild and rational remarks. The Paradoxes of Mr. Pond by G. K. Chesterton [1936]

Rarely the capsule falls to the ground complete, and then the parting of the valves reveals the fruit, in form not unlike a small fish covered with glistening scales. Tropic Days by E. J. Banfield

My rapid glance ran over her, enveloped, appropriated the form concreting the abstract sentiment of my command. The Shadow Line by Joseph Conrad [1917]

Edith Wharton Neither one of the couple cared for money, but their disdain of it took the form of always spending a little more than was prudent. The House of Mirth by Edith Wharton [1905]

H. G. Wells As the current reading public changes, all this work will become obsolescent so far as its present form and method go. What are we to do with our lives? by H. G. Wells [1928]

Sir Walter Scott The figure they had seen the night before seemed slowly and toilsomely labouring to pile the large stones one upon another, as if to form a small enclosure. The Black Dwarf by Sir Walter Scott [1816]

Jack London They arose around him, on every side, like some monstrous quick-growing form of life. White Fang by Jack London [1906]

I can’t transfer my affection, as a man transfers his capital from one form of investment to another. Milly Darrell by Mary Elizabeth Braddon [1873]

She advised me to form girls’ classes in literature for the halfholidays each week; was good enough to send out the circulars and lend her drawing-room for my first lectures. My Life and Loves by Frank Harris

Wilkie Collins John Herncastle.” That was all he ever wrote, and that came regularly to the day; until some six or eight months since, when the form of the letter varied for the first time. The Moonstone by Wilkie Collins [1868]

Enormous as they look from above, one can form no idea of the bulk of these huge monolithic masses except from the level on which they stand. A Thousand Miles up the Nile by Amelia B. Edwards [1877]

Paper kites he introduced; carefully determining their best form and proportions, and the position and number of points whereby to attach the string. Life of Sir Isaac Newton by N. W. Chittenden [1846]

The form shows how clear, cold intelligence plays with miracles and applies the supernatural to daily life. The Supernatural in Modern English Fiction by Dorothy Scarborough

I will admit that the motives of the investigation may have been excellent, and probably were; my criticism bore mainly on matters of form and also on the point of efficiency. Notes on Life and Letters by Joseph Conrad [1921]

Tobias Smolle Among the inconveniences of this climate, the vermin form no inconsiderable article. Travels through France and Italy by Tobias Smolle

Elizabeth Gaskell The shape is an oblong, with the two corners near the door of entrance cut off to form cupboards. French Life by Elizabeth Gaskell [1864]

Thomas Hardy By the time this was done and the waggon pushed back and locked in, Bob had returned with his weapon, somewhat mortified at being doomed to this low form of defence. The Trumpet-Major by Thomas Hardy [1879]

Arthur Conan Doyle Here there were creatures of every conceivable tint and form which pelagic life can show. The Maracot Deep by Arthur Conan Doyle [1929]

Arnold Bennett Never been to a school before, except that wretched little dame’s school, and he goes practically straight to the top of the third form — at nine years of age!” They discussed his future. The Old Wives’ Tale by Arnold Bennett [1908]

Slightly east of north the twins Naghar and Nughayr, combining to form the “Mountain of the Maker” (Jebel el-Sáni’), tower in the shape of a huge pyramid. The Land of Midian by Richard F. Burton [1879]

Wilkie Collins But I can only produce a work of art, when irresistible impulse urges me to express my thoughts in form and color. The Guilty River by Wilkie Collins [1886]

He saw a man of about six-and-twenty, of the middle height, slim almost to fragility, yet with a compactness of form which indicated activity and possibly strength. The Cloven Foot by Mary Elizabeth Braddon [1879]

Ralph Waldo Emerson Into every beautiful object, there enters somewhat immeasurable and divine, and just as much into form bounded by outlines, like mountains on the horizon, as into tones of music, or depths of space. The Conduct of Life by Ralph Waldo Emerson [1860]

William Makepeace Thackeray But the narrative had best form the contents of another chapter. The Memoires of Barry Lyndon by William Makepeace Thackeray [1852]

Not volcanic forms these; not even accidental forms, if one may venture to form an opinion from so far off. A Thousand Miles up the Nile by Amelia B. Edwards [1877]

Goldwin Smith Grace of form he never lacks, but this was a part of his nature, improved by his classical training. Cowper by Goldwin Smith [1880]

Anthony Trollope The railway itself is ugly, and its numerous sidings and branches form a mass of iron road which is bewildering, and, according to my ideas, in itself disagreeable. North America by Anthony Trollope

Simmer until it is thick, then add the yolks of the two eggs to form it into a paste. Simple Italian Cookery by Antonia Isola

H.P. Lovecraft I ceased to be afraid of them, for they seemed to form supremely natural parts of their environment. The Shadow Out of Time by H.P. Lovecraft [1935]

George Eliot Afterwards Esther found herself unable to listen so as to form any judgment on what she heard. Felix Holt the Radical by George Eliot [1866]

Once when I was hop-picking I asked the sweated pickers (they earn something under sixpence an hour) why they did not form a union. The Road to Wigan Pier by George Orwell [1937]

He gets an idea, begins trying to express it, and then in the frightful mess of words that generally results, a pattern begins to form itself more or less accidentally. New Words by George Orwell

At first you behold the fall rushing down a bed of rocks with a tremendous noise, divided into two foamy streams which, at their junction again, form a small island covered with wood. Wanderings in South America by Charles Waterton [1825]

Anthony Trollope In those days there was a form of face which came upon the sufferers when their state of misery was far advanced, and which was a sure sign that their last stage of misery was nearly run. Castle Richmond by Anthony Trollope

He was thus launched into what was looked upon as the road of preferment; in his case, as it turned out, a very subordinate form of public employment, which was to continue almost for his lifetime. Spenser by R. W. Church [1879]

H. Rider Haggard Bending over him, her hand resting on his forehead, is a draped female form of such white loveliness as to make the beholder’s breath stand still. Allan Quatermain by H. Rider Haggard

The greater multitude, led by the enthusiastic Hermit, followed close upon his heels, with a bulky train of baggage, and women and children sufficient to form a host of themselves. Memoirs of Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds by Charles Mackay [1852]

John Stuart Mill This is a form of the argument for religious intolerance, sufficiently remarkable not to be passed without notice. On Liberty by John Stuart Mill [1859]

It belongs to women, if I may be allowed the expression, to form an experimental morality, and to reduce the study of man to a system. A Vindication of the Rights of Woman by Mary Wollstonecraft [1792]

Wilkie Collins There is a form in these things. The Law and the Lady by Wilkie Collins [1875]

Washington Irving His great qualities lose their novelty, we become too familiar with the common materials which form the basis even of the loftiest character. The Sketch Book of Geoffrey Crayon by Washington Irving

Thomas Paine We form one common floor of public good, and, whatever is our charge, it is paid for our own interest and upon our own account. The American Crisis by Thomas Paine

So it went on for two years, during which suspense of his reason, his frail form became robust and vigorous. A Strange Story by Edward Bulwer-Lytton [1862]

Arthur Machen Well, in this Beauty Parlour, the lady who would achieve perfection of form must undergo many severe trials; and, indeed, this is the way of perfection of every kind, and there is no escape from it. Dreads and Drolls by Arthur Machen

But the Lancelot in its original form was held by so competent an authority as the late M. Gaston Paris to have been one of the earliest, if not the very earliest, of French prose texts. From Ritual to Romance by Jessie L. Weston [1920]

Within the fragile form of Ethel, there beat a heart of more worth than a king’s ransom; and its pulsations were ruled by him. Lodore by Mary Shelley

The Miss Blinketts had heard it affirmed “by one who knew a wide sweep of clergy and was therefore competent to form an opinion,” that Mr. Black was the handsomest vicar in the diocese. Notwithstanding by Mary Cholmondeley [1913]

If this encasement is globular or pear-shaped, or takes the form of a button and is lucid, lustrous, flawless, and of large size, it may be of almost inestimable worth. Tropic Days by E. J. Banfield

Robert Louis Stevenson I go through no form of qualifying my threat, which would be commonplace and not conscientious. Lay Morals by Robert Louis Stevenson

George Gissing And one day she said to herself passionately that never would she wed again—never, never! She was experiencing for the first time in her life a form of liberty. The Emancipated by George Gissing [1889]

Sir Walter Scott Behind these charging columns marched in line the Irish, under Colkitto, intended to form the reserve. A Legend of Montrose by Sir Walter Scott [1819]

Mania will develop before that, but what form it will take only the gods can say. The Tragedy of the Silver Moon by Arthur Gask [1940]

Finally, climbing plants are sufficiently numerous to form a conspicuous feature in the vegetable kingdom, more especially in tropical forests. The Movements and Habits of Climbing Plants by Charles Darwin

Andrew Lang Here then a fetich-stone was indicated as such by a spirit in form of a lizard. Custom and Myth by Andrew Lang

G. K. Chesterton His genius showed itself in turning this method of a laborious lucidity into a peculiarly exasperating form of satire and controversy. The Victorian Age in Literature by G. K. Chesterton [1913]

Abraham Merri Thanaroa is, I suspect, the original form of the name of Tangaroa, the greatest god of the Polynesians. There’s a secret cult to him in the islands. The Moon Pool by Abraham Merri

With the reveille and the break of morning Cigarette woke, herself again; she gave a little petulant shake to her fairy form when she thought of what folly she had been guilty. Under Two Flags by Ouida [1867]

David Hume The other species of philosophers consider man in the light of a reasonable rather than an active being, and endeavour to form his understanding more than cultivate his manners. An Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding by David Hume

Thomas Wolfe It was a form of whistling to keep one’s courage up. You Can’t Go Home Again by Thomas Wolfe [1940]

Sigmund Freud Here I might relate one of my own dreams, in which the recalled impression takes the form of an association. The Interpretation of Dreams by Sigmund Freud [1911]

Thomas Love Peacock Her lover’s form appeared to glide, And beckon o’er the water: Alas! his blood that morn had dyed Her brother’s sword with slaughter. Maid Marian by Thomas Love Peacock

Gaston Leroux Suddenly, a queer-looking form stood before them and blocked the road: “No, not this way!” And the form pointed to another passage by which they were to reach the wings. The Phantom of the Opera by Gaston Leroux [1910]

I gave it form and fashion then. The Crime and the Criminal by Richard Marsh [1897]

That first mere glimpse he had of her on the street — the hour at dinner in your house — these impressions might have somewhat paled in the stress of confronting so disgraceful a form of death. Serapion by Francis Stevens

Joseph Furphy The ominous speck on the plain had approached much nearer, but had taken definite form as an emu; and now the negative blessing of escape seemed like a positive benefaction. Such is Life by Joseph Furphy

Likewise the earliest form of ownership is an ownership of the women by the able bodied men of the community. The Theory of the Leisure Class by Thorstein Veblen

Wilkie Collins You would probably form your own opinion on that subject also; and I have no wish to be judged by your unenviable experience of humanity for the second time. Little Novels by Wilkie Collins [1887]

Charles Dickens Just adding, that it is very hot, lies among great rivers, and has vast tracts of undrained swampy land around it, I leave the reader to form his own opinion. American Notes for General Circulation by Charles Dickens [1842]

H. G. Wells Then, in a flash, I perceived that all had the same form of costume, the same soft hairless visage, and the same girlish rotundity of limb. The Time Machine by H. G. Wells [1896]

His eyes were wide and staring, his lips were parted, and little beads of sweat began to form upon his forehead. The Storm Breaks by Arthur Gask [1949]

Bending over a fragment of stone near the roadside, he perceived the form of a man; and when he approached, he recognised Zanoni. The Englishman saluted him courteously. Zanoni by Edward Bulwer-Lytton [1842]

She wants to form you in all things after the model of a Flemish school-girl. Shirley by Charlotte Bronte [1849]

Olaf Stapledon Second, in its best, its sincerest form scientific detachment contains, I believe, a core of piety, an emotional acceptance of the universe whatever its nature turns out to be. Saints and Revolutionaries by Olaf Stapledon

Thomas Hardy He reached the garden-gate, and, looking into the bosky basin where the old house stood, saw a graceful female form moving before the porch, bidding adieu to some one within the door. Two on a Tower by Thomas Hardy [1895]

H.P. Lovecraft His form was very slight; thin almost to cadaverousness; and his voice proved phenomenally soft and hollow, though not particularly deep. He by H.P. Lovecraft [1925]

Henry James What I tell you is the result of thirty years of observation; and in order to be able to form that judgement in a single evening, I have had to spend a lifetime in study. Washington Square by Henry James [1880]

James Anthony Froude But as a matter of fact, a form of society did for some purpose or other exist, and had been permitted to exist for 5000 years, owning Beelzebub’s sovereignty. Bunyan by James Anthony Froude [1880]

Andrew Lang The remarks of Waitz may be cited in full: ‘The religion of the negro may be considered by some as a particularly rude form of polytheism and may be branded with the special name of fetishism. The Making of Religion by Andrew Lang

Elizabeth Gaskell Typhus fever decimated the school periodically; and consumption and scrofula, in every variety of form bad air and water, bad and insufficient diet can generate, preyed on the ill-fated pupils. The Life of Charlotte Bronte by Elizabeth Gaskell [1857]

Anthony Trollope Cæsar had become Cæsar since he had learned to form his opinion on politics, and on Cæsar’s side all things seemed to be bright and prosperous. The Life of Cicero by Anthony Trollope [1881]

For the music that so created her form in his imagination at the same time swept his imagination round and round her form, but its cry drove him from her. Shadows of Ecstasy by Charles Williams

Rudyard Kipling As he had risen and pleaded, so did I understand The form of the dream he had followed in the face of the thing he had planned. The Five Nations by Rudyard Kipling [1903]

Isabella Bird All that changes is the bodily form of the Divine manifestation. Journeys in Persia and Kurdistan by Isabella Bird [1891]

E. Phillips Oppenheim Personally I am absolutely convinced now that the Russian fleet has never been trained or adjusted to form a separate unit. The Wrath to Come by E. Phillips Oppenheim [1924]

F. Scott Fitzgerald The priest seemed to guess Amory’s thoughts before they were clear in his own head, so closely related were their minds in form and groove. This Side of Paradise by F. Scott Fitzgerald

Sir Walter Scott Dinmont internally paid the same compliment to Brown, whose athletic form he now perused somewhat more at leisure than he had done formerly. Guy Mannering by Sir Walter Scott [1815]

Anthony Trollope Or it has been a thing long ago so that there has been time for new ideas to form themselves. Kept in the Dark by Anthony Trollope [1882]

Olaf Stapledon The supreme form was the form of the Good. From this all other forms were derived. Philosophy and Living by Olaf Stapledon [1939]

Some were detached sentences; other parts took the form of a regular diary, scrawled in an unformed childish hand. Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte [1847]

He therefore chose four cardinals, whose united deliberations might appease these troubles, and he imagined that he could establish in Rome a form of government that should be durable. The Life of Petrarch by Thomas Campbell

She saw them, white and silent, and then there swept up from the turmoil in the house a giant figure, a dimly defined form waving a huge club from which the snow poured in a continuous torrent. The Greater Trumps by Charles Williams

Finally Madame Bijard took the laundry away a bundle at a time, her face splotched with purple and her tall form bent under the weight. L’Assommoir by Émile Zola

Juturna took her time; and, while in vain He strove, assum’d Meticus’ form again, And, in that imitated shape, restor’d To the despairing prince his Daunian sword. The Aeneid by translated by John Dryden

Olaf Stapledon Altogether, I found it impossible to form a clear picture of Victor’s state of mind at this time. A Man Divided by Olaf Stapledon

Arthur Conan Doyle Of its nature or form I could frame no conception, save that it was both light-footed and gigantic. Tales of Terror and Mystery by Arthur Conan Doyle [1923]

Benjamin Disraeli The mountains which form the valley are not, as in Switzerland, so elevated that they confine the air or seem to impede the facility of breathing. Vivian Grey by Benjamin Disraeli [1827]

Washington Irving The beautiful princesses were forthwith received into the bosom of the Church, and, after being in all due form made regular Christians, were rendered happy wives. The Alhambra by Washington Irving

He shot an oblique glance at Willems, whose indistinct form towered above the glow of dying embers. An Outcast of the Islands by Joseph Conrad [1896]

E. Phillips Oppenheim What is your favourite form of gambling, Mr. Fardale?” The two men engaged in a more or less animated discussion, whilst the Princess and Mildred exchanged gossip about mutual friends. Harvey Garrard's Crime by E. Phillips Oppenheim [1926]

Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu I have faith in instinct — faith in passion, which is but a form of instinct. Checkmate by Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu [1871]

H. G. Wells That form of administrative organisation has not yet been devised. World Brain by H. G. Wells [1938]

She is of medium height, this Juliet, and her form has that sway in it which you see in a lily nodding on its stem. The Old Stone House and other stories by Anna Katharine Green

I began to form an altogether pastoral opinion of myself and all the violets of spring bloomed anew in my heart. Mademoiselle de Maupin by Théophile Gautier [1835]

It may be in some measure ascribed to fortune, but still more to those showy qualities which form a sort of substitute for mental talent, and which secured his popularity with the vulgar. The History of the Conquest of Peru by William Hickling Presco

O happy Sextius! The short sum total of life forbids us to form remote expectations. The Works of Horace by translated literally into English prose by Christopher Smar

George Borrow These are the stones which form the sierras of Spain and Portugal; those singular mountains which rise in naked horridness, like the ribs of some mighty carcass from which the flesh has been torn. The Bible in Spain by George Borrow

F. Scott Fitzgerald And now Rosemary, too, could hear, louder and louder, a verbal inhumanity that penetrated the keyholes and the cracks in the doors, swept into the suite and in the shape of horror took form again. Tender is the Night by F. Scott Fitzgerald

Louis Renouf opened his eyes, followed the form making its way to the door, and understood. Poor Cousin Louis by Ella D'Arcy [1894]

H. P. Lovecraf AS may naturally be expected of a form so closely connected with primal emotion, the horror-tale is as old as human thought and speech themselves. Supernatural Horror in Literature by H. P. Lovecraf

E. F. Benson To her, as a married woman, it seemed also rather bad form to have a lover; it was not dignified. The House of Defence by E. F. Benson [1906]

F. Scott Fitzgerald And then three startled gasps rang out as a dark brown form rounded the corner, and they saw what was apparently a huge beast looking down at them hungrily. Tales of the Jazz Age by F. Scott Fitzgerald

E. Phillips Oppenheim Bracken, brambles, shrubs and bushes had grown up and degenerated, only to be succeeded by a ranker and more dense form of undergrowth. The Great Impersonation by E. Phillips Oppenheim [1920]

Upon a moonless night I sat where I could watch her sleeping form, And wrote by candle-light; but her form moved. Collected Poems by William Butler Yeats

In the interval between 1642 and 1658, he changed the form from a drama to an epic, but his choice remained unaltered. Milton by Mark Pattison [1879]

Among upper-class and middle-class intellectuals, only in the transposed form — i. Notes on Nationalism by George Orwell [1945]

Baldwin Spencer Bent pieces of split cane are inserted in the projections so as to form a structure shaped like a basket handle, eight inches high. Native tribes of the Northern Territory of Australia by Baldwin Spencer

Percy Bysshe Shelley It is sufficiently easy, indeed, to form any proposition, concerning which we are ignorant, just not so absurd as not to be contradictory in itself, and defy refutation. A Defence of Poetry and other essays by Percy Bysshe Shelley

Nathaniel Hawthorne At least such was the effect which this tropical flower imparted to the beloved form in his memory, and thus it somehow both brightened and wronged her. The Dolliver Romance by Nathaniel Hawthorne [1876]

Olaf Stapledon In this sense even the prisoners in a gaol may be said to form a community. Philosophy and Living by Olaf Stapledon [1939]

He was prepared to be wounded by the answer, but the form it took surprised him. The Ghost Ship by Richard Middleton

Theodore Dreiser Now, however, in her seventeenth year, Jessica had developed a certain amount of reserve and independence which was not inviting to the richest form of parental devotion. Sister Carrie by Theodore Dreiser

True, it does not take so practical a form as among the Kosekin, yet it is believed by one-third of the human race as the foundation of the religion in which they live and die. A Strange Manuscript Found in a Copper Cylinder by James De Mille [1888]

Helen Zimmern She knew not that excellent as utilitarianism is in its place and sphere, there is something more, something beyond, that is needed to form the basis upon which human actions are set in motion. Maria Edgeworth by Helen Zimmern

John Galsworthy The whitened seams of the excellent suit, the traversing creases in the once admirable shoes, the faded tie exactly tied, were evidences of form preserved, day by day, from hand to mouth. Swan Song by John Galsworthy

Virginia Woolf And the pilgrims who had continued their march and their chant in the background, now gathered round the figure of Eliza on her soap box as if to form the audience at a play. Between the Acts by Virginia Woolf [1941]

He pieced them together in his own orderly mind, so as to form a connected whole. A Book of Ghosts by S. Baring-Gould [1904]

The circumstances which form our fortunes are certainly curious things. For the term of his natural life by Marcus Clarke [1874]

Henry Handel Richardson It was peaked, burnous-like, to form a hood, and this and the corners were hung with heavy white silk tassels. The Way Home by Henry Handel Richardson

Ralph Waldo Emerson The Same, the Same: friend and foe are of one stuff; the ploughman, the plough and the furrow are of one stuff; and the stuff is such and so much that the variations of form are unimportant. Representative Men by Ralph Waldo Emerson [1850]

Only twice his eye stole to that spot which her breath and form made sacred to him; once when he began, and once when he concluded his song. Paul Clifford by Edward Bulwer-Lytton [1830]

George Borrow The form of the woman was entirely concealed by the large wrapping man’s cloak which she wore. The Bible in Spain by George Borrow

Edward Bellamy These form nowadays the only aristocracy with which alliance is distinction. Looking Backward From 2000 to 1887 by Edward Bellamy

Arthur Conan Doyle As they drew near she remarked with ecstasy upon their perfect beauty of form — even while she did so they became as ugly as sin, as if to give the lie to her words. The Coming of the Fairies by Arthur Conan Doyle [1922]

Jules Verne It was necessary to beat a path, which would in the future form the most direct road to Prospect Heights and Mount Franklin. The trees, belonging to the species already discovered, were magnificent. The Mysterious Island by Jules Verne [1874]

William Dampier I did not perceive any form of religion that they had; they had neither temple nor idol nor any manner of outward veneration to any deity that I did see. A New Voyage Round the World by William Dampier [1697]

Another painful speculation was how to form some design for the future that would not be a merely aerial project, or at least a melancholy one. I Promessi Sposi by Alessandro Manzoni

Walter Crane So far we have been considering the relief of form by means of line. Line and Form by Walter Crane [1900]

Henry Lawson The men eat in a casual kind of way, as though it were only a custom of theirs, a matter of form — a habit which could be left off if it were worth while. While the Billy Boils by Henry Lawson

Henry James I know her well enough to know that she would never be truly happy over here, and I wish her to form some strong American tie that will act as a preservative. Portrait of a Lady by Henry James [1881]

When — as was frequently the case — she clothed her attenuated form in a faded brown silk gown, her resemblance to that lively insect was remarkable. The Mystery of a Hansom Cab by Fergus Hume

Rudyard Kipling We couldn’t agree on a form of words for a modus moriendi. Limits and Renewals by Rudyard Kipling [1932]

T. H. Huxley It is these starch grains which form many of those bright specks that we see dancing in a ray of light sometimes. Essays by T. H. Huxley

Looking up at the vault of the sky, he saw the whole expanse of vision filled by Surtur’s form — not as a concrete man, but as a vast, concave cloud image, looking down and frowning at him. A Voyage to Arcturus by David Lindsay [1920]

Walter Scott It was a large wolf-dog, in strength a mastiff, in form and almost in fleetness a greyhound. Woodstock by Walter Scott [1855]

Virginia Woolf An itinerant writing-master had taught her to form a few words. The Common Reader by Virginia Woolf [1925]

D. H. Lawrence He had that poignant carelessness about himself, his own suffering, his own life, which is a form of slow suicide. Sons and Lovers by D. H. Lawrence

H. G. Wells It is disposed to fight and embarrass any form of regulation. An Experiment in Autobiography by H. G. Wells

Ford Madox Ford In the glimpse he had caught of the telegraph form now in his hand, he had perceived that it was addressed to Sylvia Tietjens and began with the word ‘agreed. Some Do Not . . . by Ford Madox Ford [1924]

Sigmund Freud This would have been the exciting cause which led her to repeat the warning dream and to form her intention of stopping the treatment. Fragment of an Analysis of a Case of Hysteria by Sigmund Freud [1905]

Arnold Bennett And the sensations which she had experienced on first meeting George Cannon in the dining-room were renewed in a form even more acute. Hilda Lessways by Arnold Bennett [1911]

Thomas Hardy Is your van here too?” Venn moved his elbow towards a hollow in which a dense brake of purple-stemmed brambles had grown to such vast dimensions as almost to form a dell. Return of the Native by Thomas Hardy

All these barges and lighters must be in attendance to form an escort and carry my provisions. The Man in the Iron Mask by Alexandre Dumas [1850]

It is the highest form of philanthropy. Mohawks by Mary Elizabeth Braddon [1886]

Charlotte Perkins Gilman We had gradually come to feel that we were in the hands of friends, and very capable ones at that — but we couldn’t form any opinion yet of the general level of these women. Herland by Charlotte Perkins Gilman [1915]

Its form is cumbrous in the extreme, and large tracts of it have little claim to the name of poetry. Wordsworth by F. W. H. Myers [1881]

Benjamin Disraeli Whatever form a government may assume, power must be exercised by a minority of numbers. The Spirit of Whiggism by Benjamin Disraeli

Henry James If such perceptions are delicate as between men, the reader need not be reminded of the exquisite form they may assume in natures more refined. The Bostonians by Henry James [1886]

Edith Wharton She began to feel a distinct aversion for her hostess, and her eyes turned with involuntary annoyance to the square-backed form of Linda, still inquisitively suspended on the fence. Bunner Sisters by Edith Wharton [1916]

William did not venture to take any steps to form an alliance against France, till a new incident emerged to shake the country from its mood of surly calculation. Daniel Defoe by William Minto [1879]

Jack London I come by at one o’clock, an’ the line was beginnin’ to form then — pets, that’s what they are. The People of the Abyss by Jack London [1903]

The prose essays, under the signature of Elia, form the most delightful section amongst Lamb’s works. Charles Lamb by Thomas De Quincey

Oscar Wilde There is no mode of action, no form of emotion, that we do not share with the lower animals. Intentions by Oscar Wilde [1891]

Sigmund Freud Our memories, on the other hand, are unconscious in themselves; those that are most deeply impressed form no exception. The Interpretation of Dreams by Sigmund Freud [1911]

D. H. Lawrence She loved her husband, she kissed his eyes and nose and mouth, and made much of him, she said his limbs were beautiful, she was fascinated by the physical form of him. The Rainbow by D. H. Lawrence

William Morris These form the mass of our architectural treasures, the houses that everyday people lived in, the unregarded churches in which they worshipped. Hopes and Fears for Art by William Morris [1882]

What it meant, however, he could not form the faintest idea. His Prey was Man by Arthur Gask [1942]

Tobias Smolle His chin was so long, so peaked, and incurvated, as to form in profile, with his impending forehead, the exact resemblance of a moon in the first quarter. The Life and Adventures of Sir Launcelot Greaves by Tobias Smolle

Her cheeks wore a flush; her eyes glistened; her tall form was drawn up to its most haughty height. East Lynne by Ellen Wood [1861]

William Makepeace Thackeray Bismillah, Barikallah, and so on, according to the novelists, form the very essence of Eastern conversation. The Tremendous Adventures of Major Gahagan by William Makepeace Thackeray [1838]

Andrew Lang Every other dramatic form he despised. Adventures Among Books by Andrew Lang

Olaf Stapledon The doctrine that matter is just a form of our experience, and that to be is to be perceived, will be discussed in due course. Philosophy and Living by Olaf Stapledon [1939]

H. G. Wells The London Foundling, be it noted, in the reorganized form it assumed after its first massacres, is not a Foundling Hospital at all. Mankind in the Making by H. G. Wells [1903]

Coming home from an all-night meeting I have seen the kvost (tail) beginning to form before dawn, mostly women, some with babies in their arms. Ten Days That Shook the World by John Reed

The store-keepers form the aristocracy of the village. The Naturalist in Nicaragua by Thomas Belt [1874]

D. H. Lawrence The diminished, dark-blue form of a soldier was seen passing between the green stretches of grass, his spurs giving the faintest glitter to his walk. New Eve and Old Adam by D. H. Lawrence [1934]

I had a very soft spot in my heart for Rose: her beauty of face and form always excited and pleased me and her mind, too, grew quickly through our talks and the books I gave her. My Life and Loves by Frank Harris

G. K. Chesterton It seemed like the final form of matter, the most shapeless and the most shameful. The Man Who Was Thursday by G. K. Chesterton

Soon after this a fellow-enthusiast came on the scene in the unwonted form of an old lady. The Cloister and the Hearth by Charles Reade

Some of the ministers mingled with them, and tried to form a bond between them and the other villagers. Annie Kilburn by William Dean Howells

Ralph Waldo Emerson We look into the eyes to know if this other form is another self, and the eyes will not lie, but make a faithful confession what inhabitant is there. The Conduct of Life by Ralph Waldo Emerson [1860]

George Meredith I disapprove the form of your protest nothing more. Sandra Belloni by George Meredith [1887]

From her shoulder down to her foot, that proud form grew cold and feelingless and dead, and she, who had so long carried herself as a queen among women, sank in a senseless heap upon the floor. Phantom Fortune by Mary Elizabeth Braddon [1883]

James Joyce That republicanism is the best form of government. Ulysses by James Joyce [1922]

H.P. Lovecraft Indeed, the type is composed of a form of matter totally alien to our part of space — with electrons having a wholly different vibration-rate. The Whisperer in Darkness by H.P. Lovecraft [1930]

Finally, the relation experienced between terms that form states of mind, and are immediately conscious of continuing each other. Essays in Radical Empiricism by William James

Henry Handel Richardson For it staggered credulity that every form of sickness, that the break-neck casualties inseparable from bush life, should one and all fade out in so preposterous a fashion. Ultima Thule by Henry Handel Richardson

Robert Louis Stevenson Still, oblige me by reading that form of words once more, and see if a light does not break. Vailima Letters by Robert Louis Stevenson

I could see but the outline of her small form in its sable dress — an infant beside the dead. A Strange Story by Edward Bulwer-Lytton [1862]

Henry Handel Richardson But, a moment later, she gave a low cry, and hardly able to form the words for excitement, asked: “Who . Maurice Guest by Henry Handel Richardson

Still, they persist in saying that the death and the darkness together form a state of bliss. A Strange Manuscript Found in a Copper Cylinder by James De Mille [1888]

Arnold Bennett Racksole saw him place some sort of white flannel garment over the prone form on the table, and then lift it bodily on to the great bed, where it lay awfully still. The Grand Babylon Hotel by Arnold Bennett [1902]

Anthony Trollope The two girls were named Ada and Edith, and were, in form and figure, very unlike each other. The Landleaguers by Anthony Trollope [1883]

The words seemed to form themselves, fiery or pathetic, in the air, outside her lips. The Arrow of Gold by Joseph Conrad [1919]

Baldwin Spencer These are piled irregularly on one another to form a mound which may finally reach a height of six feet or even more. Native tribes of the Northern Territory of Australia by Baldwin Spencer

George Gissing She did not offer to shake hands, and used no form of civility beyond requesting her visitor to be seated. The Odd Women by George Gissing [1892]

Edgar Allan Poe In an instant the apartment had shifted its form into that of a lozenge. The Pit and the Pendulum by Edgar Allan Poe

Charles Dickens The form was that of a man, miserably clad and begrimed with smoke, which, perhaps by its contrast with the natural colour of his skin, made him look paler than he really was. The Old Curiosity Shop by Charles Dickens [1840]

Jules Verne There were few mountains, and only such hills as were enough to form the ravines and pools where the pintadoes and snipes went sailing and diving through. Five Weeks in a Balloon by Jules Verne [1869]