Phrases with "here"

Very well-when you leave here you’ll think of yourself that I’ve taken this particular trouble over instead of you. Descent into Hell by Charles Williams [1937]

Jacques Futrelle So, this is Washington! And here at dinner are the diplomatic representatives of all the nations. Elusive Isabel by Jacques Futrelle [1909]

George Gissing Pendal Castle Hill, as the locality is called, is approached by a rustic lane leading from the village; it is enclosed like an ordinary meadow, and shadowed here and there with trees. A Life's Morning by George Gissing [1885]

H. G. Wells We have to bring that up to the new scale of life, and at present, and particularly here in England, nobody seems disposed to do anything about it at all. Babes In The Darkling Woods by H. G. Wells [1940]

H. Rider Haggard Kara here will let out the maids. Allan Quatermain by H. Rider Haggard

The understanding with Mrs. Carlyle was that I should remain here until her return, and should then be at liberty at once to leave. East Lynne by Ellen Wood [1861]

A while ago I had a letter, and from it you might fancy he would be here any moment. Judith Paris by Hugh Walpole [1931]

Charles Kingsley By-the-by, there’s been strange doings among them since you were here last. Westward Ho! by Charles Kingsley

George Eliot I’m here upo’ Mr. Tom’s business, an’ I’m not the man to take up the time wi’ my own. The Mill on the Floss by George Eliot [1860]

Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu But here was all revived, and worse. The Tenants of Malory by Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu [1867]

Anthony Trollope But I hope you did not send for me here to talk about him. Barchester Towers by Anthony Trollope

Henry Handel Richardson But here she broke off, with an impatient click of the tongue. The End of a Childhood by Henry Handel Richardson

John Galsworthy Soames made an effort, and said with a lift of his lip, not quite a smile nor quite a sneer: “Well, young man! I’m here for my daughter; it rests with you, it seems — this matter. To Let by John Galsworthy

Rudyard Kipling As they gave way, the hrmph-hrmph of the oars in the oar-ports reminded Sulinor, he said, of an elephant choosing his man in the Circus. ‘She has been here re-masting. Limits and Renewals by Rudyard Kipling [1932]

Anthony Trollope All the circumstances of the Miss Jones’s as they had been, it will be here unnecessary to explain. The Landleaguers by Anthony Trollope [1883]

E. Phillips Oppenheim We could have wiped them off the face of the sea, Hincks, as surely in fact as we have done here on paper. The Spymaster by E. Phillips Oppenheim [1938]

Maxwell won’t be here either. Burmese Days by George Orwell

Jules Verne I declare our ‘Bonadventure’ could stay here from one end of the year to the other, without even dragging at her anchor!” “It is rather large for her!” observed the reporter. The Mysterious Island by Jules Verne [1874]

F. Scott Fitzgerald Well, here we are, your hundred sheep, Tune up, play on, pour forth . This Side of Paradise by F. Scott Fitzgerald

Then, in a foolish moment, I thought I would come here and burn all these papers. The Silent Dead by Arthur Gask [1950]

And here is some bread and onion. An Honest Thief by Fyodor Dostoyevsky [1848]

Anthony Trollope I know that I am about to do my duty; and you would not wish that I should remain here in safety, when my King and my country require my services. La Vendée by Anthony Trollope

William Godwin But here again the priests manifested the same activity as before. Lives of the Necromancers by William Godwin [1834]

D. H. Lawrence I mustn’t stay out here — it is growing chilly. The White Peacock by D. H. Lawrence

E. Phillips Oppenheim We shall stay here for the night. The Ostrekoff Jewels by E. Phillips Oppenheim [1932]

Anthony Trollope Lady Laura Standish is the best character in Phineas Finn and its sequel Phineas Redux — of which I will speak here together. An Autobiography by Anthony Trollope [1883]

Morgan Robertson We must be out of the tracks — we were about nine hundred miles out when we struck; and the current sticks to the fog-belt here — about westsou’west — but that’s the surface water. The Wreck of the Titan by Morgan Robertson

George Meredith And the earl, my lord, not coming, and he wanting her to move again, seems to her he durstn’t do it here and intends to snap at the child on the road. The Amazing Marriage by George Meredith [1895]

Benjamin Disraeli But here is a Peer of the realm missing, fellow, and you are most grievously suspected of being concerned in his spiriting away, or even murder. Venetia by Benjamin Disraeli [1837]

But here were books, and here were men who had penetrated deeper and knew more. Frankenstein by Mary Shelley [1831]

Anthony Trollope Who can tell? I would not be thought to press indecently, but I do feel that here the ordinary rules which govern men and women are not to be followed. The Prime Minister by Anthony Trollope

Thomas Hardy Well — I will tell you this — Jude has been here this afternoon, and I find I still love him — oh, grossly! I cannot tell you more. Jude the Obscure by Thomas Hardy

Arthur Conan Doyle The lady who has passed here as Miss Stapleton is in reality his wife. The Hound of the Baskervilles by Arthur Conan Doyle [1902]

Anthony Trollope MY DEAR LADY SCROOPE, Since I wrote to you before, Mr. Neville has been here once, and we all liked him very much. An Eye for an Eye by Anthony Trollope [1879]

Benjamin Disraeli Is she ill?” “Quite well; I saw her before I left Hill Street. She wished me to come alone, as she would not be here early. Endymion by Benjamin Disraeli [1880]

Anthony Hope If Rupert had escaped the trap and was still alive with the letter on him, Rupert must be found; here was the first task. Rupert of Hentzau by Anthony Hope

Anthony Trollope There’s that dear good Bishop of Abingdon is the best friend I have in the world — and as for the Bishop of Dorchester, I’d walk from here to there to hear him preach. Phineas Finn by Anthony Trollope

G. K. Chesterton One of us should go to the door and one to each window; Macbride here has a ladder for the upper window. The Man Who Knew Too Much by G. K. Chesterton

That is why I take in the World. If he had been in London this week, I should not—be here at this moment. Moth and Rust by Mary Cholmondeley [1912]

Jane Austen But here she hoped too much; Miss Crawford was not the slave of opportunity. Mansfield Park by Jane Austen [1814]

James Joyce Do they know what they cart out here every day? Must be twenty or thirty funerals every day. Ulysses by James Joyce [1922]

Rudyard Kipling Why, the man that sold me here he says to the boss, s’ he: ‘Mind, now, I’ve warned you. The Day’s Work by Rudyard Kipling [1898]

Arthur Conan Doyle We can only regard it as a special Providence that you should chance to be here at the time, for in all England you are the one man we need. His Last Bow by Arthur Conan Doyle [1917]

G. K. Chesterton How the devil did it get out here in the garden?” He ripped it open with his finger and remained for some time staring in mystification at its contents. Tales of the Long Bow by G. K. Chesterton [1925]

Robert Louis Stevenson And here you are in the meantime, on this pastoral hillside, among nibbling sheep and looked upon by monumental buildings. Edinburgh Picturesque Notes by Robert Louis Stevenson

Arthur Conan Doyle We have come here in search of rest, Mr. West — complete rest. The Mystery of Cloomber by Arthur Conan Doyle [1889]

Sinclair Lewis Stay herecatch the next steamer! Persuade Mother —” “I must catch this one. Selected Short Stories by Sinclair Lewis

David Hume And here it is constantly supposed that there is a connexion between the present fact and that which is inferred from it. An Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding by David Hume

Walter Scott I am here to behold and to report your proceedings, and I see with wonder that they are those of heathens, rather than Christians — of madmen, rather than men possessed of reason. Quentin Durward by Walter Scott [1823]

H. G. Wells The portraits I have reproduced here I have had to borrow. An Experiment in Autobiography by H. G. Wells

I’ve scored one point, however; she has promised to let me know when she leaves Paris. I will stay here until that time arrives, on the chance of meeting her again, and then ——. The Red Rat’s Daughter by Guy Boothby [1899]

I’ll ring up the Yard tomorrow and have an urgent message ‘phoned to me here that somebody is dying and I am to leave at once. The House on the Island by Arthur Gask [1931]

Robert Green Ingersoll Right here it is only proper that I should warn you of the consequences of laughing at any story in the Bible. When you come to die, your laughing at this story will be a thorn in your pillow. Lectures by Robert Green Ingersoll

Abraham Merri Gods! If we might only have crept upon her here and won Klaneth’s reward!” Kenton’s compunction fled; here were the hunters, and delivered into the hands of the hunted. The Ship of Ishtar by Abraham Merri

H. G. Wells And as the evening advanced, the fields became dotted here and there with groups of three or four men, and noisy with the yelping of dogs. The Invisible Man by H. G. Wells [1897]

E. F. Benson Ah! here is the coffee, and the other king: three lumps of sugar, dear Susan, and then stir it up well, and hold it to my mouth, so that I can drink without interruption. Miss Mapp by E. F. Benson [1922]

Theodore Dreiser Addison was not at all concerned over coming here — liked the idea of it; his own position and that of his wife in Chicago was secure. The Titan by Theodore Dreiser

William Makepeace Thackeray Dublin’s a fine place, and if you have a mind to take a ride thither and see the town for a month, here are twenty guineas at your service. The Memoires of Barry Lyndon by William Makepeace Thackeray [1852]

Therefore, I am in no very pleasant situation, being deprived of the necessary supplies of food, and what is worse, of water; for all the water here is brought on mules’ backs up a great steep. Little Memoirs of the Nineteenth Century by George Paston [1902]

He’ll be here in an hour—at least, he will be if Smith is worth his salt. The Understudy by Mary Cholmondeley

E. Phillips Oppenheim I think he really left his clubs here because he didn’t want to be seen carrying them upstairs. The Strange Boarders of Palace Crescent by E. Phillips Oppenheim [1934]

Anthony Trollope As for money, you know, you have none of your own, and I am told that he has a very nice property in Rufford. There is a neighbour of his coming here to-morrow, and perhaps he knows him. The American Senator by Anthony Trollope

M. P. Shiel Herr Somebody will not only come, but will bring his two sons and his three day-labourers, and by three o’clock you will see gathered here the bravest swarm of them. The Last Miracle by M. P. Shiel [1906]

Henry James The future’s here of course, but it isn’t only that — the present’s here as well. The Point of View by Henry James [1882]

They must pass by here to go home. Lady Audley’s Secret by Mary Elizabeth Braddon [1862]

George Meredith Laetitia was invited here to show her the example of a fixed character—solid as any concrete substance you would choose to build on, and not a whit the less feminine. The Egoist by George Meredith [1879]

Anthony Trollope And, doctor, would you tell your people to send that fellow of mine up here with hot water. Doctor Thorne by Anthony Trollope

Robert Louis Stevenson While here at home, in shining day, We round the sunny garden play, Each little Indian sleepy-head Is being kissed and put to bed. A Child’s Garden of Verses by Robert Louis Stevenson

Wilkie Collins One thing is clear, Geoffrey shall not keep you here much longer. Man and Wife by Wilkie Collins [1870]

George MacDonald I beg my reader to aid me in the endeavour to make myself intelligible — if here understanding be indeed possible between us. Lilith by George MacDonald

Maria Edgeworth Bad luck to the minute they come into the house! I wish the jantleman would be back — Oh! here he is — and will they go, jewel?” cried she, eagerly. Harrington by Maria Edgeworth

M. P. Shiel Strange how all that old life has come back to my fancy now, pretty vividly, and for the first time, though I have been here several times lately. The Purple Cloud by M. P. Shiel [1901]

John Lewis Burckhard No sacred spot is here shown; but its floor is covered with very fine Persian carpets. Travels in Arabia by John Lewis Burckhard

G. K. Chesterton Now it is here that Browning had a certain odd advantage over Tennyson; which has, perhaps, somewhat exaggerated his intellectual superiority to him. The Victorian Age in Literature by G. K. Chesterton [1913]

And here are clothes and equipment for the journey, all ready. Lost Horizon by James Hilton

George Gissing What ‘ud Mrs. Pennyloaf say if she knew you was here with me? You daren’t tell her; you daren’t!’ ‘I’m not doing any harm as I know of. The Nether World by George Gissing [1888]

I tell you, in very truth and very deed, that to-night I have seen Christ hard by here in the square. A Second Coming by Richard Marsh [1900]

George Gissing Mrs. Westlake had come here to regain strength after a confinement; the fact drew her near to Adela, whose time for giving birth to a child was not far off. Demos by George Gissing [1886]

John Lewis Burckhard These knives are about eight inches long, and are worn in a leathern scabbard tied over the left elbow: they are two-edged, like those worn by the Berábera, and are of the shape here represented. Travels in Nubia by John Lewis Burckhard

Walter Scott The verge of the pool on the rocky side was here and there strewed with fragments of large size, detached from the precipice above, but not in such quantity as to encumber this pleasant horse-course. The Betrothed by Walter Scott [1825]

John Morley But here also private insipidities are banished, though perhaps it is only in favor of public insipidities. Voltaire by John Morley

Anthony Trollope In the fourth and the sixth are attacks upon Clodius and Crassus, and are here republished in what would have been the very worst taste amid the politeness of our modern times. The Life of Cicero by Anthony Trollope [1881]

H. G. Wells And here he was in this fermenting blaze with nothing else to do — nothing. Meanwhile by H. G. Wells [1927]

I knew by his grim face that here I had a very good substitute for a prophet of the Lord. ‘You were right,’ I said. The Grove of Ashtaroth by John Buchan [1910]

George Gissing It is pleasant to be here and talk so freely of things I have always had to keep in my own mind. A Life's Morning by George Gissing [1885]

If he happens to be here when I come in, he gets up and goes away. Lady Jenkins by Ellen Wood [1879]

She used often to come in here with Bent and buy sixpenny-worth of bulls’-eyes. The House on the Fens by Arthur Gask [1940]

Arthur Conan Doyle How about the baggles, Anerley?” “They’ll be here in five minutes. The Green Flag by Arthur Conan Doyle [1900]

Guy de Maupassan Do not be angry that I broach the subject at such a time, but the day after to-morrow I shall leave here and when you return to Paris it might be too late. Bel Ami by Guy de Maupassan

Benjamin Disraeli How deceived I was, you may judge, not certainly from finding me here; but I am here because I have ceased to suffer, only in having ceased to hope. Vivian Grey by Benjamin Disraeli [1827]

G. K. Chesterton There was a pail of whitewash in one of the empty rooms, a step-ladder in another, here and there a curtain rod, and at last, in the fourth room a curtain. The Flying Inn by G. K. Chesterton [1914]

R. D. Blackmore If you had only been here four years more, your evidence would have settled all I want to know. Mary Anerley by R. D. Blackmore [1880]

Anthony Trollope It had now become grey, but still with the shade of the chestnut through it here and there. Dr. Wortle’s school by Anthony Trollope

Charles Dickens Besides, you know, some of the Catholic gentlefolks have actually sent trinkets and suchlike down here for safety — at least, so the story goes. Barnaby Rudge by Charles Dickens [1841]

E. Phillips Oppenheim I am recalled from here to take the place for which I was destined. The Great Impersonation by E. Phillips Oppenheim [1920]

But here it is more elaborately done, and with a really exquisite finesse. The Room in the Dragon Volant by J. Sheridan LeFanu

I will stay here when that white woman comes, she will think I am one of the servants’ wives. Burmese Days by George Orwell

Now here comes this little man from the tropics with just what I want, and he’s offered me the job. Roads of Destiny by O. Henry [1909]

Arthur Morrison He had attempted very little in the way of domiciliary visiting, being content for the time to see his parish, and speak here a word and there another with his parishioners. A Child of the Jago by Arthur Morrison

Abraham Merri And here let me say that if I have given the impression that the Akka are simply magnified frogs, I regret it. The Moon Pool by Abraham Merri

Benjamin Disraeli I am here, and I am here only, because I love you. Endymion by Benjamin Disraeli [1880]

Anthony Trollope She has come here to get money from me by threats, and only that we have no time, I would have her taken to the lock-up house at once. The Claverings by Anthony Trollope

E. F. Benson He said the best thing I could do was to come down here and amuse myself, and forget all about the typhoid. The House of Defence by E. F. Benson [1906]

Henry James There are families here who receive American and English people to live with them, under the pretence of teaching them French. You may imagine what people they are — I mean the families themselves. A Bundle of Letters by Henry James [1879]

Kenneth Grahame There’s a sort of dell down here in front of us, where the ground seems all hilly and humpy and hummocky. The Wind in the Willows by Kenneth Grahame

Her child died here a month ago. Notwithstanding by Mary Cholmondeley [1913]

After making due allowance for exceptions and sporadic departures from the normal, the situation here at the present time may be summarized quite briefly. The Theory of the Leisure Class by Thorstein Veblen

Maria Edgeworth I would not give Lady Delacour the trouble of coming down here to me with her sprained ankle, especially as she has inquired for me several times. Belinda. by Maria Edgeworth

She has been very nice to Ruth. Most of the people here are rather classy, I can assure you. Tiny Luttrell by E. W. Hornung [1893]

Willa Cather When they sat down to lunch he learned that Mlle. de Courcy and Madame Barre had been here almost a year now; they came soon after the town was retaken, when the old inhabitants began to drift back. One of Ours by Willa Cather [1922]

Walter Scott But, what is more material, I fear you most use your poniards, my mates; for you have not here the fitting conveniences for the exercise of your profession. Quentin Durward by Walter Scott [1823]

A. E. W. Mason Here he had been most happy, here he had known the uttermost of his misery; here his presence had brought pleasure, here too he had done his worst harm. The Four Feathers by A. E. W. Mason [1902]

Charles Dickens I shall live here for two years. The Old Curiosity Shop by Charles Dickens [1840]

Theodore Dreiser I love your daughter, and I am here to see her because I do love her. Jennie Gerhardt by Theodore Dreiser

Each division of the subject might have been extended into a separate essay, but must here be treated briefly. The Descent of Man by Charles Darwin

G. K. Chesterton But I only note this error here to emphasise the fact that my controversy with G. B. S., both logically and chronologically, is from the beginning. Autobiography by G. K. Chesterton [1936]

A separate culture might flourish here without contamination from the outside world. Lost Horizon by James Hilton

I am here ——” “Excuse me, please, Mr. Larose,” broke in Lady Ardane quickly, “but I think I would prefer to explain. The Poisoned Goblet by Arthur Gask [1935]

Thomas Hardy Though I be here myself, I feel ’tis a pity for such as you to come. Tess of the d’Urbervilles by Thomas Hardy

When I accepted the invitation to be here this evening, your secretary was good enough to send me the addresses which have been given by distinguished persons who have previously occupied this chair. Science and Education by Thomas Henry Huxley

It don’t matter whether his family’s here or not. The Rise of Silas Lapham by William Dean Howells

George Gissing On the open moor, the sun blazed with parching heat; here was freshness as of spring, the waft of cool airs, the scent of verdure moistened at the root. The Crown of Life by George Gissing [1899]

Marjorie Bowen He would come here at half-past two. Half-Past Two by Marjorie Bowen

David Hume I can foresee other objections, derived from topics which have not here been treated of. An Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding by David Hume

Virginia Woolf Here was the boss of a chair; here the bulk of a cupboard. The Waves by Virginia Woolf [1931]

Marie Corelli And now — here he was — with no habitation in sight save the solitary building whose walls loomed darkly through the eucalyptus trees. The Master-Christian by Marie Corelli [1900]

I have been here only six years. A Book of Ghosts by S. Baring-Gould [1904]

H. G. Wells While we stand about here and stare at each other and do nothing, there they are working away, getting born, growing up, plotting, planning — one after another — these monsters. Star-Begotten by H. G. Wells [1937]

Sinclair Lewis Well, Leory, I suppose you and Martykins here have now ratiocinated all these questions of polo and, uh, Monte Carlo and so on. Arrowsmith by Sinclair Lewis [1925]

Wilkie Collins What did it mean? It meant that here was one strange side shown to me of the terrible affliction that darkened her life. Poor Miss Finch by Wilkie Collins [1872]

In the little graveyard near here Georges had been buried, and here her father and mother had died. Judith Paris by Hugh Walpole [1931]

Leslie Stephen I say this, because I am here forced to notice the worst of all the imputations upon Pope’s character. Alexander Pope by Leslie Stephen [1880]

Charles Dickens If you’re happy or merry ever, you come here to say, along with that chap, that you’re sorry for it. The Old Curiosity Shop by Charles Dickens [1840]

Rudyard Kipling Wait here at least till the dawn. Kim by Rudyard Kipling [1901]

Andrew Lang And if you will fix a day to meet me here I will bring the baby. The Brown Fairy Book by Andrew Lang

Sinclair Lewis I’m here with him; just us two. Let’s Play King by Sinclair Lewis

Reference is here made to the existence of these questions only to remark that the interest of the present discussion does not lie in that direction. The Theory of the Leisure Class by Thorstein Veblen

Half the folk that come here the noo should be in a menawgerie. Castle Gay by John Buchan [1930]

E. Phillips Oppenheim As I say, here I have the sweetest and happiest little wife who ever drifted from heaven into a man’s life. The Glenlitten Murder by E. Phillips Oppenheim [1929]

It first spelled “DRINK.” Gowing here said: “Ah! that’s more in my line. The Diary of a Nobody by George and Weedon Grossmith

Anthony Trollope If you will believe this, you will understand what they mean, and what I mean, when we say that here at Manor Cross we think more of personal conduct than of rings and jewels. Is He Popenjoy? by Anthony Trollope [1878]

Robert Louis Stevenson It was clear we had been sighted yesterday in the morning; here were the cruiser’s boats to cut us out; here were we defenceless in their very midst. The Master of Ballantrae by Robert Louis Stevenson

Rudyard Kipling Who relieves me here — do you know?” Raines turned over a sheaf of telegrams. The Day’s Work by Rudyard Kipling [1898]

Arthur Morrison The drab stuff of his pockets peeped out here and there in a crumpled bunch, and his waistcoat gaped where the watch-guard had been. A Child of the Jago by Arthur Morrison

As for the bourgeois press, here in Moscow there was no more bourgeois press; even the City Duma had been dissolved. Ten Days That Shook the World by John Reed

Caroline Lamb But here be those who fell on me at the fair. Glenarvon by Caroline Lamb [1816]

Anthony Trollope I have come here because you have asked me, but I really don’t know that I have anything to say. The American Senator by Anthony Trollope

You can wait here or go round the foot and meet us at the other side. Comedy in the Full Moon by John Buchan

Kate Chopin I don’t know what you’ve been telling him,” with an insolent smile, “but he has sent me here to kiss you. Short stories by Kate Chopin

Elsewhere the town is invading the country: here the country must invade the town. Garden Cities of To-morrow by Ebenezer Howard

Anthony Trollope Had she remained here your treatment would have induced her to run away with him at the first word. Marion Fay by Anthony Trollope [1882]

E. F. Benson On these occasions it was not worth while to open the whole house, and so she had established herself here on the third-floor, with just the one sitting-room, and a bedroom and bathroom adjoining. The House of Defence by E. F. Benson [1906]

E. Phillips Oppenheim Then we can either come back here or go to Biarritz—whichever you prefer. Harvey Garrard's Crime by E. Phillips Oppenheim [1926]

I need not point out to you, Dr. Leverson, that all that passes here is in the strictest confidence. Marvels and Mysteries by Richard Marsh

Nellie Bly When I was brought here they went to give me a bath, and the very disease for which I needed doctoring and from which I was suffering made it necessary that I should not bathe. Ten Days in a Mad-House by Nellie Bly

H. G. Wells I beat the ground with my hands, and got up and sat down again, and wandered here and there, and again sat down. The Time Machine by H. G. Wells [1896]

Robert Louis Stevenson And now, behold, here came the fog to besiege me in my chosen altitudes, and yet came so beautifully that my first thought was of welcome. The Silverado Squatters by Robert Louis Stevenson

Wilkie Collins You can come here twice a week, if you like, and you had better do so, to accustom yourself to the sight of my injuries. Basil by Wilkie Collins [1852]

The entire quarrel of the intellectualist with him is over his concreteness, intellectualism contending that the vaguer and more abstract account is here the more profound. The Meaning of Truth by William James

A son of France alone should kneel before the death-bed of a King of France. As to me, my place is marked out; it is here by the laws of nature as well as the laws of royalty. Marguerite de Valois by Alexandre Dumas

Henry Handel Richardson You would not like being here I think you should always stop at home you will never get as far as long division. The Getting of Wisdom by Henry Handel Richardson

H. G. Wells Either road will bring you here at last to the eternal search for knowledge and the great adventure of power. The World Set Free by H. G. Wells [1914]

The sun, sloping towards his descent, cast long and deep shadows over the mountain; here and there they still heard the rustic reed of the shepherd amongst copses of the beechwood and wild oak. The Last Days of Pompeii by Edward Bulwer-Lytton [1834]

Anthony Trollope There are also here four gentlemen of other colleges; they will not, I am sure, begrudge us our triumph; they are his old friends, and will be as proud of the Oxford man as we are of the Trinity man. The Bertrams by Anthony Trollope [1859]

Arthur Conan Doyle I shall certainly go down to the office here and register a complaint. The Return of Sherlock Holmes by Arthur Conan Doyle [1904]

He turned round to Sir Philip, when the latter entered the room, and exclaimed in English, “I am here because you are. A Strange Story by Edward Bulwer-Lytton [1862]

Which reminds me, Gladys told me she was once out here for a week, alone, riding the boundaries, when they were short-handed. A Bride from the Bush by E. W. Hornung [1890]

Let him seek here the mighty brawn, the muscle, the abounding blood, the full-fed flesh he worshipped: let all materialists draw nigh and look on. Villette by Charlotte Brontë [1853]

Empirical instances of the way in which higher unities reconcile contradictions are innumerable, so here again Hegel’s vision, taken merely impressionistically, agrees with countless facts. A Pluralistic Universe by William James [1909]

Anthony Trollope I will not have him here on any pretence whatsoever. Ayala’s Angel by Anthony Trollope

I——” “A handsome apology, I am sure,” laughed another man, “but while upon the subject of personal property, Mr. Smith, may I remark that some gentleman here must be sitting on my hat. Gentlemen of Crime by Arthur Gask [1932]

E. T. A. Hoffmann But here — here in this castle, which is haunted by an evil spirit, I always dread something terrible happening; and then it’s the first time she has been ill here. The Entail by E. T. A. Hoffmann

Wilkie Collins Wandering here and wandering there, we drifted into the kitchen garden — with one little patch still sparely cultivated by the old man and his wife, and all the rest a wilderness of weeds. The Law and the Lady by Wilkie Collins [1875]

Myn heritáge must I needes selle, And be a begger, here may I not duelle, And shamen al my kyndrede in this place, Save I of him may gete better grace. Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales for the Modern Reader by prepared & edited by Arthur Burrell MA

Consequently, we here behold a plant in an actual state of transition from a leaf-climber to a tendril-bearer. The Movements and Habits of Climbing Plants by Charles Darwin

When you rejoined us here it seemed as if you had laid its precepts to heart. Notwithstanding by Mary Cholmondeley [1913]

There are people from Scotland Yard here in the house. The Franchise Affair by Josephine Tey

George Meredith I am here to fulfil a duty to my family; a highly disagreeable one to me. Beauchamp's Career by George Meredith [1875]

Cf. here an illustration in Miss Harrison’s Themis (p. From Ritual to Romance by Jessie L. Weston [1920]

Karl Philipp Moritz I must, however, here insert a few remarks on the elocution, or manner of speaking, of this country, which I had forgot before to write to you. Travels in England in 1782 by Karl Philipp Moritz

George Borrow However, I am here with my bottle of champagne and the Romany Rye, and he was in his cell, with bread and water and the prison chaplain. The Romany Rye by George Borrow

H. G. Wells If we mean to encircle this mighty threat to all we hold dear, then the time for encirclement is here and now. The Autocracy of Mr. Parham by H. G. Wells [1930]

Andrew Lang Then he would search those receptacles and exclaim, “Yes, yes, here it is; so much obliged to you; I am so absent. The Library by Andrew Lang

Jane Austen He will be here this evening, I dare say, and then I will give it him back, and some nonsense or other will pass between us, and you shall not be committed. Emma by Jane Austen [1816]

But it seems rather strange you must needs come out here in secret to see such a very intimate acquaintance as I am, considering as you’re the mistress of that great castle up yonder. Run to Earth by Mary Elizabeth Braddon [1868]

Let us read it here as he wrote it more than a half-century ago:— DEAR SISTER:— I am very angry with you for not sending me some of your poetry, which I consider a great piece of ingratitude. A Study of Hawthorne by G. P. Lathrop [1876]

Anthony Trollope I have business that will keep me here all day. Castle Richmond by Anthony Trollope

For where could you find anyone to steal a girl out of an orchestra? No doubt fellows here and there took a fancy to some pretty one—but it was not for running away with her. Victory by Joseph Conrad [1914]

Oh, granny, we ought not to have come here at all, according to my ideas; but if we ever do again, I do beg and pray it may not be in the holidays. Diana Tempest by Mary Cholmondeley [1893]

Intellect here reigned supreme. John Marchmont’s Legacy by Mary Elizabeth Braddon [1862]

So here we are back to the battle of Naseby.’ Will, Judith thought, was quite human all of a sudden. Judith Paris by Hugh Walpole [1931]

Wilkie Collins I was not here when she came, but was told she asked for Turner, in a very agitated manner. Basil by Wilkie Collins [1852]

Anthony Trollope And here I must not be misunderstood. Rachel Ray by Anthony Trollope

Arthur Morrison I shall stay here for a little while. The Dorrington Deed-Box by Arthur Morrison

George Gissing When all is ready, you shall come down here and live at the hotel until the house is furnished. The Odd Women by George Gissing [1892]

Entertainment here for man and beast!” “I should be glad of one of your caresses,” said a porcupine, meekly; “it has been some time since I got a loving embrace. Cobwebs from an Empty Skull by Ambrose Bierce [1874]

We know that Prince John is here—he was seen here this very day. Castle Gay by John Buchan [1930]

Anthony Trollope I’ll tell you what I’ll do, Ricketts. I’ll write to Miss Brodrick’s father, and ask him to come over here before the trial. Cousin Henry by Anthony Trollope [1879]

Twelve hours now, I kept telling myself, and the French will be here and we’ll have done our task. Mr. Standfast by John Buchan [1919]

Andrew Lang I brought you here to tell me if the child will grow up pretty and fortunate. The Red Fairy Book by Andrew Lang