Phrases with "last"

Sir Henry at last gave in so far as to propose an elderly colonel. Diana Tempest by Mary Cholmondeley [1893]

Anthony Trollope She, at any rate, ought to have known that her advice would at last be of no importance. Dr. Wortle’s school by Anthony Trollope

After his brother’s death, he told her, he had been always restless, and at last had begun to preach up and down the country, simply by himself, attached to no creed. Judith Paris by Hugh Walpole [1931]

Heaven knows what would have become of us last winter, if it hadn’t been for your generosity. The Lovels of Arden by Mary Elizabeth Braddon [1871]

Wilkie Collins I inclose a receipt for the remittance which your last letter confides to my care. The Black Robe by Wilkie Collins [1881]

D. H. Lawrence At last Morel came; brisk, and with something of an air, even in his blackness. Sons and Lovers by D. H. Lawrence

Anthony Trollope Then at last he went home, and had another sad and solitary walk across the Parks, during which he vainly tried to rally himself again, and collect his energies for the work which he had to do. The Three Clerks by Anthony Trollope

Anthony Trollope Mr. Fenwick,—what is it, sir?” Then he repeated the question he had before put to the miller about Sam. Where was Sam last night?—She only shook her head. The Vicar of Bullhampton by Anthony Trollope [1870]

D. H. Lawrence Or you can keep it trim on the kitchen table, dirty your fingers occasionally trimming it up, and it’ll last a long time, and sink out mildly. The White Peacock by D. H. Lawrence

Andrew Lang He was not even allowed to speak in his own defence, but on the very steps of the gallows he sent a message to the king and begged, as a last favour, that he might play a tune on his zither. The Crimson Fairy Book by Andrew Lang

E. Phillips Oppenheim The last thing I remember on that night was you in your blue pyjamas. The Lion and the Lamb by E. Phillips Oppenheim [1930]

Henry James The doctor had been right on coming in after dinner; it was clear in the morning that they had not seen the last of Mr. Carteret’s power of picking up. The Tragic Muse by Henry James [1890]

Wilkie Collins I rose to open the door, and exchanged a last meaning look with her, as she bowed and went by me. A Rogue’s Life by Wilkie Collins [1879]

Andrew Lang When she awoke next morning she determined to set out and find the witch; so she wandered on for many a day, and at last she reached the flowery meadow and found the hut where the old witch lived. The Yellow Fairy Book by Andrew Lang

Marjorie Bowen The hackney rumbled off down towards the Mall; a chapman, shouting ballads and the last dying speech and confession of a famous thief hanged that morning, went by. The Rake’s Progress by Marjorie Bowen [1912]

Olaf Stapledon But now at last Victor had come of his own accord. A Man Divided by Olaf Stapledon

Henry James The period of recreation appointed by Mrs. Tristram had at last expired, and he asked himself what he should do now. The American by Henry James [1877]

Henry James This was all to his credit and his honor, but what it clearly certified was that their case was at last not even one of spirit reaching out to spirit. Julia Bride by Henry James [1908]

Edith Wharton The impregnable stronghold of Bracciaforte was in the hands of the serfs whose fathers had toiled to build it, and the last descendant of Bracciaforte was virtually a prisoner in his palace. The Valley of Decision by Edith Wharton [1902]

George Gissing I should write for the St. James’s Gazette, and at last poison myself in an agony of shame. Born in Exile by George Gissing [1891]

F. Scott Fitzgerald She seemed about to fall to her knees — from that position she delivered her last shot. Tender is the Night by F. Scott Fitzgerald

Olaf Stapledon When at last she visited Victor’s lodgings, she found his landlady very much on her guard, for she did not consider that this ugly girl was good enough for her dear lodger. A Man Divided by Olaf Stapledon

Henry James At last he grew almost used to the dumb exultation of the cliff above him. Roderick Hudson by Henry James [1875]

Arthur Conan Doyle Only last night we had news that the couple had been hunted down in Liverpool, and they prove to have no connection whatever with the matter in hand. The Return of Sherlock Holmes by Arthur Conan Doyle [1904]

Rudyard Kipling The nearer we came to our town the fewer were the people, till at last we halted in a well-built suburb of paved streets where there was no life at all. France at War by Rudyard Kipling [1915]

Wilkie Collins In this difficulty, Reverend Finch proved to be — for the first time, and also for the last — of some use. Poor Miss Finch by Wilkie Collins [1872]

At last he said, raising himself and looking upward, with a wild adoration — his finger-tips elevated and glimmering in the faint mixed light — “No, I thank my Creator, I am not quite forsaken. Uncle Silas by J. Sheridan Le Fanu

At last he seemed to have made-up his mind to something; and applied himself quietly and diligently to arranging papers, and docketing some and burning others. The Haunted Baronet by J. Sheridan Le Fanu [1871]

Charles Dickens I was speaking of Provis. Do you know, Handel, he improves?” “I said to you I thought he was softened when I last saw him. Great Expectations by Charles Dickens [1860]

Anthony Trollope Since my last letter to you everything here has been decided as far as I can decide it,—or, indeed, as far as any of us can do so. Marion Fay by Anthony Trollope [1882]

Wilkie Collins At last she stops, and claps me on the back. Hide and Seek by Wilkie Collins [1854]

Then he regained hope and strength for a last effort. Chicot the Jester by Alexandre Dumas

Anthony Trollope At last he heard a door open, and a step along a passage, and then another door was opened, and Mr Slow reappeared with Margaret Mackenzie behind him. Miss Mackenzie by Anthony Trollope [1865]

Anthony Trollope I thought you were tired last night when I saw that you had altogether given over dancing. Castle Richmond by Anthony Trollope

I am more master there than his Dutch Excellency down in Batavia ever will be when some day a lazy man-of-war blunders at last against the river. An Outcast of the Islands by Joseph Conrad [1896]

George Meredith I woke with my last line to you on my lips, and the great news thundering. The Amazing Marriage by George Meredith [1895]

F. Scott Fitzgerald My name is Campion. Here is a lady who says she saw you in Sorrento last week and knows who you are and would so like to meet you. Tender is the Night by F. Scott Fitzgerald

Andrew Lang But poor Saphir was so unhappy, and begged so hard for forgiveness, that at last the Frog’s anger gave way, and she held up to him a tiny diamond stone. The Yellow Fairy Book by Andrew Lang

Rafael Sabatini Behind them, his back to the casement, he extinguished at last the light. The Plague of Ghosts by Rafael Sabatini

He had been the first one to call him in the morning, and the last one to see that he had got all he wanted at night. The Dark Highway by Arthur Gask [1928]

Jean-Jacques Rousseau To distinguish, democracy degenerates into ochlocracy, and aristocracy into oligarchy; and I would add that royalty degenerates into tyranny; but this last word is ambiguous and needs explanation. The Social Contract by Jean-Jacques Rousseau

Frances Hodgson Burnett I bought a hat from Cerise last week and I gave it two little thumps with my fist—one in the crown and one in the brim and they made it wonderful. The Head of the House of Coombe by Frances Hodgson Burnett [1922]

Robert Louis Stevenson But this was both too flimsy and too cowardly to last me long, and the remembrance of James began to succeed to the possession of my spirits. Catriona by Robert Louis Stevenson

The blow fell at last upon those two loving hearts. John Marchmont’s Legacy by Mary Elizabeth Braddon [1862]

George Meredith Captain Bulsted had come to us for his wife, whom he had not found at home on his arrival last midnight. The Adventures of Harry Richmond by George Meredith [1871]

Henry James At last he headed for the little temple, saying first, however, “Shan’t we visit the ruin?” “If you like. The Tragic Muse by Henry James [1890]

Andrew Lang Then she chased it from place to place, and at last had it safe between her fingers, almost as frightened as on the day that it had made its first entrance into the hut. The Pink Fairy Book by Andrew Lang

Theodore Dreiser His recent victory over Carrie seemed to atone for much he had endured during the last few days. Sister Carrie by Theodore Dreiser

Guy de Maupassant At last it is ended, and I am very glad. The Diamond Necklace (La Parure) by Guy de Maupassant [1884]

Lucy Maud Montgomery The last time I made a cake I forgot to put the flour in. Anne of Green Gables by Lucy Maud Montgomery [1908]

Vsevolod Krestovsky At last the finger-ends felt something hard. Knights of Industry by Vsevolod Krestovsky

Charles Dickens The relief of being at last engaged in the execution of the purpose was so great to me that I felt it difficult to realize the condition in which I had been a few hours before. Great Expectations by Charles Dickens [1860]

Anthony Trollope I have thought much of all this since we were together last night’; and he came and sat beside her, and put his arm round her waist as he had done then. The Warden by Anthony Trollope

Henry James What form of it,” I asked, “do you prefer?” My companion looked a little mystified; and at last he said, “I am very fond of the pictures. The Diary of a Man of Fifty by Henry James [1879]

Then followed a scene of last health-drinkings, last hand-shakings, last embracements. A Night on the Borders of the Black Forest by Amelia B. Edwards

Jules Verne At last the captain seemed to understand, and Clawbonny said, while he examined him with a keen scrutinizing glance — “Let us go round the island. The Field of Ice by Jules Verne

Radclyffe Hall At last he said: ‘I’m afraid she’s burnt in the third degree. The Unlit Lamp by Radclyffe Hall

Walter Besant When the Crusaders occupied the Holy Land (where they founded the Latin Kingdom, which they thought would last for ever), leprosy broke out among them, which they attributed to the eating of pork. Dorothy Forster by Walter Besant [1884]

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle You know my powers, my dear Watson, and yet at the end of three months I was forced to confess that I had at last met an antagonist who was my intellectual equal. The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle [1894]

Willa Cather At last Harsanyi threw back his head and rose. The Song of the Lark by Willa Cather [1915]

F. Scott Fitzgerald So-and-so was out, riding, swimming, playing golf, sailed to Europe last week. All the Sad Young Men by F. Scott Fitzgerald [1926]

Jack London The last dog had been driven back. White Fang by Jack London [1906]

The last sentence might be rendered ‘until ye become Muslims.’ 31 The word means in Arabic ‘inclining to what is right;’ it is often used technically for one who professes El Islâm. The Qur'an by translated by E. H. Palmer

John Galsworthy Of course — June admitted — they would last his time if he didn’t have them out! But if he had more teeth he would have a better heart and his time would be longer. To Let by John Galsworthy

Marjorie Bowen There remained only Conrad. ‘Till tomorrow at noon,’ murmured Carrara, repeating della Scala’s last words, as he watched him ride away. The Viper of Milan by Marjorie Bowen [1906]

William Makepeace Thackeray The country of Duguesclin has loyalty for an heirloom! To the rest of my subjects, my atheist misguided subjects, their father makes one last appeal. Burlesques by William Makepeace Thackeray

Till at last there rose in Europe something which was neither, and set itself to destroy both. All Hallows’ Eve by Charles Williams [1945]

The last time is about an hour since. Green Tea by J. Sheridan Le Fanu

William Henry Hudson Those last expressions I have quoted about the “august Mother of the house” were unintelligible, and appeared to me meaningless. A Crystal Age by William Henry Hudson

So he was relieved when Sir Parry at last led the way along the passage, and ushered him into a cosily furnished dining-room. The Poisoned Goblet by Arthur Gask [1935]

These last five words are rashly supplied by the translator. Sir Gawain and the Green Knight by translated by Kenneth G. T. Webster and W. A. Neilson

Henry James At last he made his way to St James’s Park, and he strolled about a long time. The Princess Casamassima by Henry James [1886]

Rudyard Kipling There came at last a brilliant day, swept clear from the south-west, that brought the hills within hand’s reach — a day of unstable airs and high filmy clouds. Traffics and Discoveries by Rudyard Kipling [1904]

Ford Madox Ford For every man there comes at last a time of life when the woman who then sets her seal upon his imagination has set her seal for good. The Good Soldier by Ford Madox Ford

Thomas Hardy My opinion at last was that you had started for some colony with that man, and had been drowned on your voyage. The Mayor of Casterbridge by Thomas Hardy

Henry Adams Perhaps he — unlike Henry Adams — had at last got an education, and all he wanted. The Education of Henry Adams by Henry Adams [1907]

Here we are; the other man’s name is Hurst. He is apparently a cousin, and it was at his house the missing man was last seen alive. The Eye of Osiris by R. Austin Freeman [1911]

At last a score or more, mostly men, remained where they were, speechless, staring, excited. Can Such Things Be? by Ambrose Bierce [1893]

Daniel Defoe But he happened at last to be in it once too often — namely, when that dreadful tempest blew, November 27, 1703. From London to Land’s End by Daniel Defoe

At last he heard of her in this way: a lawyer’s clerk paid him a little visit and commenced a little action against him in the name of Miss Haythorn for insulting her in a railway-train. The Box Tunnel by Charles Reade

Jules Verne At last it began to be really hot weather. The Field of Ice by Jules Verne

Anthony Trollope He was lingering over his last cup of tea, surrounded by an ocean of newspapers, through which he had been swimming, when John Bold’s card was brought in by his tiger. The Warden by Anthony Trollope

Marjorie Bowen I am afraid of HIM.” The last two sentences were underlined, the last word twice. The Folding Doors by Marjorie Bowen

Bram Stoker At last we reached the wall of the churchyard, which we climbed over. Dracula by Bram Stoker [1897]

Jules Verne His last gesture was a supreme blessing on his new friends of only one day. Five Weeks in a Balloon by Jules Verne [1869]

Neither of them knew any world except the region surrounding Arden Court. At last Clarissa remembered Beckenham. She had driven through Beckenham once on her way to a garden-party. The Lovels of Arden by Mary Elizabeth Braddon [1871]

He just sat below, finished his last two bottles, paid off his men, and then, after a sleep, went ashore to report. Limehouse Nights by Thomas Burke

D. H. Lawrence This was the last of the lovely days. The Ladybird by D. H. Lawrence

The brute was after me last night and I got all this trouble in getting away. The Secret of the Garden by Arthur Gask [1924]

James Anthony Froude Nay then, thought I, if that you breed so fast I’ll put you by yourselves, lest you at last Should prove ad Infinitum, and eat out The book that I already am about. Bunyan by James Anthony Froude [1880]

At last it seemed to me that every man of them would be destroyed, and that they were all throwing their lives away to no purpose whatever. A Strange Manuscript Found in a Copper Cylinder by James De Mille [1888]

H. G. Wells The last word I caught was, “They’ll have to come back. Little Mother up the Morderberg by H. G. Wells [1910]

D. H. Lawrence He seemed at last to hear, and it was as if his eyes made the last weary gesture of a polite bow. The Ladybird by D. H. Lawrence

From 1785 he lived in England, near York, and was for his last 16 years confined to the house. A Short Biographical Dictionary of English Literature by John W. Cousin [1910]

H. P. Lovecraft When at last I turned and faced the seat of the sound, my eyes must have started from their orbits at the sight that they beheld. The Alchemist by H. P. Lovecraft [1908]

Henry James Maisie took them full in her own, knowing that here at last was the moment she had had most to reckon with. What Maisie Knew by Henry James [1897]

In desperation Julia asked him, what did he mean to DO now that he had flung away his last chance of succeeding in life. Keep the Aspidistra Flying by George Orwell

Charles Dickens To these remonstrances, the single gentleman answered not a word, but when the trunk was at last got into the bed-room, sat down upon it and wiped his bald head and face with his handkerchief. The Old Curiosity Shop by Charles Dickens [1840]

Henry Fielding At last hunger, together with the persuasions of some people who took pity on me, prevailed with me to quit that situation, and refresh myself with food. A journey from this world to the next by Henry Fielding

Henry James She had an especial wish to know whether he had ever been in love — seriously, passionately — and, failing to gather any satisfaction from his allusions, she at last directly inquired. The American by Henry James [1877]

R. D. Blackmore Rapidly and skillfully he made his way, meeting the larger waves sideways, and rising at their onset; until he was obliged to swim at last where the little horse was swimming desperately. Mary Anerley by R. D. Blackmore [1880]

Marya went to bid a last farewell to the tomb of her parents, buried behind the church. The Daughter of the Commandant by Aleksandr Pushkin

D. H. Lawrence And even if it can’t last for ever, it is a life while it does last. The Fox by D. H. Lawrence

Henry Lawson There was a low-spirited dingo at his heels, whose sole object in life was seemingly to keep his front paws in his master’s last footprint. While the Billy Boils by Henry Lawson

This made for me some reputation in the neighborhood, to which I attribute the happiness of having been last night awoke by a pretty voice. Chicot the Jester by Alexandre Dumas

They slowed down passing through Saxmundham, and then, outside the town, he switched on the light inside, so that at last he might have a good look at her. The Master Spy by Arthur Gask [1936]

Then he attempted to withdraw his right hand from beneath him, groaned, and by a considerable effort at last raised himself on one elbow. The Heads of Cerberus by Francis Stevens

Late on that Sunday night we passed through a great city which the captain told me was Vienna. It seemed to last for miles and miles, and to be as brightly lit as a circus. Greenmantle by John Buchan

At last his sons-in-law, to salve their consciences, offer to place him in an almshouse. Balzac by Frederick Lawton

This last was Peter’s favourite corner, for in the morning hours it had the bustle of a market-place. The Blanket of the Dark by John Buchan [1931]

Jack London Yes, and Pilate had his last sneer at this people he detested. The Star Rover by Jack London [1915]

Arthur Conan Doyle The last bid was fifty pounds a head from Mancune. The word lies with you, Mr. Strellenhaus.” Mr. Jack Flynn whispered something to the salesman. The Green Flag by Arthur Conan Doyle [1900]

Arthur Conan Doyle It was evening when he at last climbed down, with a final assurance that he would keep the Indians till next morning. The Lost World by Arthur Conan Doyle [1912]

Willa Cather She felt that her presence was not much desired, and at last she went upstairs and resignedly watched them from the sitting-room window. One of Ours by Willa Cather [1922]

Guy de Maupassan Ten minutes more — five minutes — two — and at last the train was due, though as yet she could see no signs of it. Une Vie (A Woman’s Life) by Guy de Maupassan

Jules Verne The songs gradually died away; occasionally cries were heard in the distance, until at last all was silence again. Around the World in 80 Days by Jules Verne [1873]

Olaf Stapledon We are at last sufficiently shocked for waking; and if we will, we can now wake properly. A Man Divided by Olaf Stapledon

Elizabeth Gaskell A keener, cleverer, bolder, and more heart-stirring harangue than that which Mr. C. delivered from Haworth pulpit, last Sunday evening, I never heard. The Life of Charlotte Bronte by Elizabeth Gaskell [1857]

Robert Louis Stevenson For some time the schoolmaster held them at bay, and at last despatched a messenger to call my grand-father. Records of a Family of Engineers by Robert Louis Stevenson

These last scribes evidently entirely forgot that no one knew where the central quarters of the gang were, and that the letter of Mr. Laurance was an attempt to root out the heart of the mystery. The Mystery Queen by Fergus Hume

William Black The last phrase of a note appended to this review by Goldsmith probably indicates his own humble estimate of his work at this time. Goldsmith by William Black [1878]

They passed the guard boat, exchanging hails with the boat-swain’s mate in charge, and drew near at last to the forbidden ship. The Ebb-Tide by Robert Louis Stevenson and Lloyd Osbourne

Thomas Hardy Well, then, for the sake of others you ought not to rush off to that God-forgotten sea-rock just when you are wanted in town, all for a woman you last saw a hundred years ago. The Well-Beloved by Thomas Hardy [1897]

Olaf Stapledon As he grew older, however, the two worlds seemed to interpenetrate more and more, until at last he found that there was a day view of everything and a night view also. Last Men in London by Olaf Stapledon

Wilkie Collins We had some money, you know, left, after that last private-theatrical party, where they treated us so generously. Mr Wray’s Cash Box by Wilkie Collins [1852]

Sinclair Lewis The rain was as dreary as Sara’s charge of last evening that he had been so imprisoned in ruts that he couldn’t even look over the edges. The Prodigal Parents by Sinclair Lewis

Jules Verne He was not aware that Dr. Vogel’s last letters had made known this singular feature of the shores of Lake Tchad, where reptiles are more numerous than in any other part of the world. Five Weeks in a Balloon by Jules Verne [1869]

Theodore Dreiser To have her past thrown up to her as a defense for the others! To be told that she was no better than they! This was the last straw. The Titan by Theodore Dreiser

For two days and two nights we suffered horribly; but at last we ran ashore near a French seaport. Zanoni by Edward Bulwer-Lytton [1842]

Why, when they found the policeman’s body in that cellar in Jury Street last year no one could make head or tail of it until Larose was called in. The Dark Highway by Arthur Gask [1928]

Henry Handel Richardson Laura took her last peep at the outside world, every evening, in the brief span of time between sunset and dark. The Getting of Wisdom by Henry Handel Richardson

E. Phillips Oppenheim They tell me you’ve been doing S. S. work for Washington for the last two years. The Wrath to Come by E. Phillips Oppenheim [1924]

I do not mean to say that he would attempt to beguile the last moments of humanity by an ingenious tale. Notes on Life and Letters by Joseph Conrad [1921]

Andrew Lang So at last he had dropped down exhausted, and then he could remember no more. The Yellow Fairy Book by Andrew Lang

Olaf Stapledon When at last Jim was silent, she staged a concealed yawn and said, “You’re clever, aren’t you! That was a good trick you did, though a horrid one. Collected Stories by Olaf Stapledon

Anthony Trollope How often have you asked me during the last month! Now I have come for it. Cousin Henry by Anthony Trollope [1879]

Robert Browning What if the Three should catch at last Thy serenader? While there’s cast Paul’s cloak about my head, and fast Gian pinions me, Himself has past His stylet thro’ my back; I reel; And . Dramatic Romances by Robert Browning [1845]

E. Phillips Oppenheim He is safe from me, yet if last night I had struck home, I should have ridded your country of a great and menacing danger. Mysterious Mr. Sabin by E. Phillips Oppenheim [1898]

You have not troubled yourself a great deal about me, you know: and I’m no worse off now than any time for the last three years. Wylder’s Hand by J. Sheridan Le Fanu

Anthony Trollope I don’t suppose this kind of thing will last for ever, you know. The Landleaguers by Anthony Trollope [1883]

Anthony Trollope But, as far as luck goes, you’ve had more than me; you won nearly as much, in stakes, as I did, last autumn, and your stable expenses weren’t much above a quarter what mine were. The Kellys and the O’Kellys by Anthony Trollope

Henry James Unfortunately they didn’t last long. The Diary of a Man of Fifty by Henry James [1879]

Nathaniel Hawthorne The third and last of the miraculous events in the life of this high-destined man was to be the attainment of extensive influence and sway over his fellow-creatures. Twice-Told Tales by Nathaniel Hawthorne [1842]

Is it monotonous? May be it’s monotonous too: it’s fighting and fighting; they are fighting now, they fought first and they fought last — you will admit, that it is almost too monotonous. Notes from Underground by Fyodor Dostoyevsky

William Hope Hodgson But I made that I should get hence very quick, and I did turn me about in the bushes, and went upon my hands and knees; and so came at last a great way off. The Night Land by William Hope Hodgson

Andrew Lang However, at last she consented on condition that she might sleep one night in the king’s room. The Crimson Fairy Book by Andrew Lang

Mark Twain At last he rose up sighing and departed in the darkness. The Adventures of Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain [1876]

Anthony Trollope This was the last of Thackeray’s long stories in Fraser. I have given by no means a complete catalogue of his contributions to the magazine, but I have perhaps mentioned those which are best known. Thackeray by Anthony Trollope [1879]

H. Rider Haggard At last the light came and to their wonder and exceeding joy they found that the rain had ceased and the mist was melting. The People of the Mist by H. Rider Haggard

Now I am running away for the last time. Judith Paris by Hugh Walpole [1931]

Guy de Maupassan She never had felt such a sensation, she had never seemed to lose her hold on life like this before, never been so near her last breath. The History of a Heart by Guy de Maupassan

Anthony Trollope But at last there came a change a change which to Clara was as great as that which had affected her when she first found that her delightful cousin was not sale against love-making. The Belton Estate by Anthony Trollope

At last I could tell her my plans. The Daughter of the Commandant by Aleksandr Pushkin

E. Phillips Oppenheim You can see by the book that I haven’t quite settled last week’s account. The Passionate Quest by E. Phillips Oppenheim [1924]

John Galsworthy Within a week he was playing the sonata in her studio for the first and last time. On Forsyte ’Change by John Galsworthy

Henry James The world began to call her so, she said, before she ever dreamed of it, and at last finding that she had the reputation, in spite of herself, she resolved to enjoy its privileges. Eugene Pickering by Henry James [1874]

Presently we turned south, and passed the brackish well, El–Hufayrah (“the Little Pit”), in a bay of the left bank, distant about eight miles from our last camp. The Land of Midian by Richard F. Burton [1879]

Arthur Conan Doyle There wasn’t a drain or a hollow but was overhauled, and never a sign of Joe, till at last we gave him up in despair, and agreed that he must be at the bottom of the river. That Veteran by Arthur Conan Doyle

Henry Handel Richardson I won’t HEAR of it, Mary.” “You see, last time he took me completely by surprise. Ultima Thule by Henry Handel Richardson

He loitered here, he loitered there, till he was like to drop, Until at last in sheer despair he sought a barber’s shop. The Man from Snowy River and other verses by A. B. Paterson

It amounted at last to a dreadful interruption. Green Tea by J. Sheridan Le Fanu

Richard Burton This last is a juste-milieu view, by no means in favour with the inhabitants of either place. Personal Narrative of a Pilgrimage to Al-Madinah and Meccah by Richard Burton

Anthony Trollope The last of the ten days had now come, and Phineas was discontented and almost unhappy. Phineas Finn by Anthony Trollope

Charles Dickens Inquiring here, inquiring there, he could hear of no such place as Lime-Tree Lodge. Passing a house-agent’s office, he went in wearily, and put the question for the last time. No Thoroughfare by Charles Dickens [1867]

Yet during the last hour he had winked no fewer than three times. Can Such Things Be? by Ambrose Bierce [1893]

Wilkie Collins I think I am justified in saying, that very few fathers would have acted towards a son as I have acted for the last year or more. Basil by Wilkie Collins [1852]

Wilkie Collins I myself heard Mr. Speedwell warn Delamayn that he was in broken health, when we were visiting together at Windygates House last month. Man and Wife by Wilkie Collins [1870]

Andrew Lang They only fell to beating him again, and at last pushed him out of the house more dead than alive. The Crimson Fairy Book by Andrew Lang

Leslie Stephen When dying, he begged his wife to grant him a last request, and, upon her consent, explained it to be that she would never again marry an old man. Alexander Pope by Leslie Stephen [1880]

Anthony Trollope Let her be never so vehement, her vehemence was not respected; all her ‘No, no, no’s’ were met with counter-asseverations, and at last were overpowered. The Warden by Anthony Trollope

Jack London Didn’t he kill his boat-steerer last year? ’Twas called a sad accident, but I met the boat-puller in Yokohama an’ the straight iv it was given me. The Sea-Wolf by Jack London [1904]

Andrew Lang He sought her long, and at last came to a lake where she and her fairy friends were playing in the shape of birds. Custom and Myth by Andrew Lang

H. G. Wells I have spoken so little with men of this age for the last ten years or more that I have ceased to make due allowances and concessions for other minds. The Chronic Argonauts by H. G. Wells [1888]

Henry James You remember what I thought of the tone of your table in Florence last year, and how surprised you were when I asked you why you allowed such things. The Point of View by Henry James [1882]

It was my trick at the wheel from two till four; and I stood my last helm, making between nine hundred and a thousand hours which I had spent at the helms of our two vessels. Two Years Before the Mast by Richard Henry Dana [1840]

Thomas Hardy The last one seen in Casterbridge must have been ten years ago, if a day. The Mayor of Casterbridge by Thomas Hardy

She had worn it last during a period of entire mental prostration, which had succeeded all too soon an exciting discovery of mushrooms in the glebe. Sir Charles Danvers by Mary Cholmondeley [1889]

Robert Louis Stevenson But have to consider The Heather on Fire, The Wood by Silvermills, and the last chapter. Vailima Letters by Robert Louis Stevenson

Charles Dickens The last I remember was the skipper whispering to me that he didn’t like the look of things either, and that he would go below and consult his instructions again. The Haunted House by Charles Dickens [1859]

Anthony Trollope But no overt act of secession by the State was committed, and at last it was decided that Kentucky should be declared to be loyal. North America by Anthony Trollope

Rafael Sabatini By the bed she came at last to a halt, and stood mutely gazing at him. Casanova’s Alibi by Rafael Sabatini

Edith Wharton He turned in at the concert hall, secured the last seat in the highest gallery, and wandered away again to pick up a sandwich and a cup of coffee before the concert began. Hudson River Bracketed by Edith Wharton [1929]

She was closely watched and guarded, as the most precious thing at Fellside. At last the clock struck five, and Hammond could endure delay no longer. Phantom Fortune by Mary Elizabeth Braddon [1883]

Isabella Bird When the wood has been cleared off, wheat is sown among the stumps, and then grass, which appears only to last about four years. The Englishwoman in America by Isabella Bird [1856]

H.P. Lovecraft Once she hinted to the child Dutee of a somewhat peculiar circumstance in Mercy’s last moments, but he had soon for gotten all about it save that it was something peculiar. The Shunned House by H.P. Lovecraft [1924]

A compliance of some weeks threatening to result in the establishment of an intolerable bore — I at last distinctly told her she must make up her mind to mend her own garments. Villette by Charlotte Brontë [1853]

Robert Louis Stevenson Shake hands, old man, for the last time. The Pavilion on the Links by Robert Louis Stevenson

Anthony Hope The guard of the train had disappeared, but presently I observed the station-master; he seemed to be taking a last glance round the premises. Rupert of Hentzau by Anthony Hope

H. G. Wells But I wish mother had let me help wash-up to-night, my last night. The Dream by H. G. Wells [1924]

E. Phillips Oppenheim Yet since I am here, grant me a last favor. To Win the Love He Sought by E. Phillips Oppenheim [1895]

Then at last I dared call the doctor. The King in Yellow by Robert W. Chambers

Robert Louis Stevenson It took a deal of knocking to waken one; and he, when he came at last to the door, could find no other remark but that “it was none of his business. Providence and the Guitar by Robert Louis Stevenson

Thomas Hardy At last the obstacle which separated them was providentially removed; and he came to marry her. The Mayor of Casterbridge by Thomas Hardy

That cloud was at last pierced. Autobiographical Sketches by Thomas De Quincey [1853]

Anton Chekhov Hateful worries! The interest owing to the bank had not been paid for the last two quarters, and fines and arrears of all sorts had mounted up to more than two thousand. The Chorus Girl and other stories by Anton Chekhov

Gertrude Stein The last few years had been lonesome ones and had been passed in an agony of adolescence. The Autobiography of Alice B. Toklas by Gertrude Stein [1933]

That was the last any of his guests had seen of him alive. The Beachy Head Murder by Arthur Gask [1941]

But the dusk came quickly on, and then darkness; and I left at last without having seen any farther sign or token of her presence. The Story of Salome by Amelia B. Edwards

Arthur Machen Happy fancies took shape in happier words, and when at last he leant back in his chair he felt the stir and rush of the story as if it had been some portion of his own life. The Hill of Dreams by Arthur Machen [1907]

Alfred Ainger The last was three months, followed by two of depression most dreadful. Charles Lamb by Alfred Ainger [1882]