Phrases with "learned"

At least, so his majesty says, and he is learned in friendship. Chicot the Jester by Alexandre Dumas

It was only by passing through this that we learned its great extent. A Strange Manuscript Found in a Copper Cylinder by James De Mille [1888]

Frances Hodgson Burnett She found out that because he had been an invalid he had not learned things as other children had. The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett [1911]

Afterwards she had learned to laugh at them: there was no harm in him. To-morrow by Joseph Conrad [1902]

Henry James I was furious that morning, when I learned your flight, and during the week that followed I made two or three attempts to find you. The Bostonians by Henry James [1886]

Jack London It was he that first learned the trick of rolling a fellow~cub over with a cunning paw-stroke. White Fang by Jack London [1906]

Edith Wharton Here I learned some particulars of the Duke’s attempted reforms. The Valley of Decision by Edith Wharton [1902]

But by-and-by I learned something of veld-craft: I learned how to follow spoor, how to allow for the wind, and stalk under cover. Prester John by John Buchan

John Lewis Burckhard Some learned men of Mekka deliver lectures on religious subjects every afternoon under the colonnade, but the auditors are seldom numerous. Travels in Arabia by John Lewis Burckhard

This was shown by the difference of manner now assumed by the coroner and by the more easily impressed Sweetwater, who had not yet learned the indispensable art of hiding his feelings. Agatha Webb by Anna Katharine Green

For hours we thus were together, and I learned many words. A Strange Manuscript Found in a Copper Cylinder by James De Mille [1888]

And I learned that in Caskia there is no such thing as speculative enterprise. Unveiling a Parallel by Alice Ilgenfritz Jones and Ella Merchant [1893]

Olaf Stapledon His success, he said, made him “feel like God.” Later he learned to kill flies and beetles by freezing their brains. Collected Stories by Olaf Stapledon

But peace was forbidden me, for I learned that we Russians had to win back our fatherland again and that the weakest must work in that cause. Huntingtower by John Buchan [1922]

The needs of Bogle’s customers were supplied by two waitresses and a Voice. One of the waitresses was named Aileen. She was tall, beautiful, lively, gracious and learned in persiflage. The Four Million by O. Henry [1906]

The military historian must often make shift to write of battles with slender data, but he can pad out his deficiencies by learned parallels. Huntingtower by John Buchan [1922]

They learned also to emulate the achievements of their royal ancestors by listening to the chronicles compiled by the amautas. The History of the Conquest of Peru by William Hickling Presco

Thomas Wolfe At any rate, he had not learned it, because it could not be taught: he had been born with it. You Can’t Go Home Again by Thomas Wolfe [1940]

Of these the most celebrated was Alfarabi flourished at the commencement of the tenth century, and enjoyed the reputation of being one of the most learned men of his age. Memoirs of Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds by Charles Mackay [1852]

Sir Richard Burton I learned intoning the Koran according the seven schools, and I read all manner books, and held disputations on their contents with the doctors and men of science. The Arabian Nights' Entertainments by Sir Richard Burton

He learned that the man was on a job at Nether Windyways, and he watched for him on the hill-road as he returned in the evening. Witch Wood by John Buchan [1927]

George Eliot She learned this from a substantial shop-keeping Piagnone, who had not yet laid down his pike. Romola by George Eliot [1862-3]

Anthony Trollope It was then I learned where to find you. Ayala’s Angel by Anthony Trollope

His worldliness was dropping from him day by day as he learned to know Rachel better. Red Pottage by Mary Cholmondeley [1899]

Anthony Trollope He knew from of old that Ralph’s uncle would have nothing to do with his nephew’s debts; but he learned now as a certainty that the uncle could not disinherit his nephew. Ralph the Heir by Anthony Trollope [1871]

But he spoke much of Evallonia, and Jaikie learned one thing from him — there was complete loyalty to the ideal of the cause, but no one leader had laid his spell upon it. The House of the Four Winds by John Buchan

And apparently I was right, as I learned one afternoon when, having finished his round, he came and sat down on the chair by my bedside to talk to me. Mr Polton Explains by R. Austin Freeman [1940]

Anthony Trollope Mr Hardy in his heart of hearts thought that his learned friend was about to fling away his case. Lady Anna by Anthony Trollope

What was it, I wondered, that could give me pain? or what could there still be that could excite fear in me, who had learned and seen so much? I could not imagine. A Strange Manuscript Found in a Copper Cylinder by James De Mille [1888]

Has my learned friend formed any opinion?” “The neck is certainly dislocated,” I replied, “and the odontoid process is broken. Mr Polton Explains by R. Austin Freeman [1940]

In time she learned to love him ten times better than if she had begun all flames. Hard Cash by Charles Reade [1863]

Thomas Love Peacock I suppose the learned friend has written a sixpenny treatise on mechanics, and the rascals who robbed me have been reading it. Crotchet Castle by Thomas Love Peacock

Isabella Bird The few matters on which I write which did not come under my own observation, I learned from trustworthy persons who have been long resident in the country. The Englishwoman in America by Isabella Bird [1856]

Ralph Waldo Emerson The men have learned accuracy and comprehension, logic, and pace, or speed of working. English Traits by Ralph Waldo Emerson [1856]

Henry Adams The boy naturally learned only one lesson from his saturation in such air. The Education of Henry Adams by Henry Adams [1907]

Jack London We learned afterward how it happened. The Iron Heel by Jack London [1908]

This union of self-indulgence and self-denial seemed almost an act of piety when we learned that the bull-fight was to be on Sunday, and we prepared ourselves with tickets quite early in the week. Familiar Spanish Travels by William Dean Howells

When Serapion learned that he asked to be left alone with me for a little while. Serapion by Francis Stevens

F. Scott Fitzgerald He learned that he was looked upon as a rather romantic figure, a scholar, a recluse, a tower of erudition. The Beautiful and Damned by F. Scott Fitzgerald [1922]

He learned to read what haze signified at dawn and sunset, and to smell distant rain. The Blanket of the Dark by John Buchan [1931]

Algernon Blackwood And, with the years, I learned to recognize this instinct that never failed when a choice, and therefore an element of doubt, presented itself. The Garden of Survival by Algernon Blackwood [1918]

Anthony Trollope His ass’s ears were tickled, and he learned to fancy that he was intended by nature for the society of high people. Framley Parsonage by Anthony Trollope

When it had become a free exhibition, in which any brother could enact a part, a queer-looking person got up and began a pious and learned exhortation. The Fiend’s Delight by Ambrose Bierce [1873]

Bob’s knowledge of cattle was uncanny and all I know I learned from him. My Life and Loves by Frank Harris

Leon Trotsky It was only in the train that I learned why. My Life by Leon Trotsky

Francis Bacon Whereas with the learned man it fares otherwise, that he doth ever intermix the correction and amendment of his mind with the use and employment thereof. The Advancement of Learning by Francis Bacon [1605]

Sinclair Lewis But he learned to be easy and common with common men. Elmer Gantry by Sinclair Lewis

Arthur Conan Doyle Among other things, I, learned to dispense drugs for the surgeon, and picked up a smattering of his knowledge. The Sign of Four by Arthur Conan Doyle [1890]

Jack London These old bones of mine are fragile, and I’ve learned my lesson. The Iron Heel by Jack London [1908]

Henry James I looked into that myself,” said Miss Bordereau. Then she added, “But she has learned nothing since. The Aspern Papers by Henry James [1888]

Arthur Machen I have said already that in my boyhood and youth I was a deep and learned student of the country about my home, and that I always saw it as a kind of fairyland. Far Off Things by Arthur Machen [1922]

Daniel Defoe Of Dr. Arthur Duck, a famed civilian, and well known by his works among the learned advocates of Doctors’ Commons. 7. From London to Land’s End by Daniel Defoe

Edgar Rice Burroughs All this we learned from one of our own warriors who had pretended to sympathize with this band and had then escaped at the first opportunity. Pellucidar by Edgar Rice Burroughs [1923]

Isabella Bird The learned nuns and deaconesses of the early days were without successors. Journeys in Persia and Kurdistan by Isabella Bird [1891]

Miles Franklin To escape Mrs. Crasterton’s sententiousness as to how much I should have learned from a man like that, and to begin on the article, I betook myself to my own room. My Career Goes Bung by Miles Franklin [1946]

Henry James She thought Ralph’s judgements distorted by his trials, but she flattered herself she had learned to make allowance for that. Portrait of a Lady by Henry James [1881]

Andrew Lang When the king learned this he said he would forgive his offence if he would go to the next kingdom and steal the horse with the four golden shoes. The Pink Fairy Book by Andrew Lang

George Gissing My energy has as yet had no fields for exercise but those of learning, it is true; yet I have there learned some confidence in my own powers of perseverance. Workers in the Dawn by George Gissing [1880]

Andrew Lang The choice would be left to him, but he would probably prefer either to be a soldier or one of the doctors learned in the law, who explain the Koran to the ignorant people. The Grey Fairy Book by Andrew Lang

Arthur Conan Doyle He was wont to say that had he been owned and his body cast up upon some savage land, the natives might have learned the whole of the blessed gospel from a contemplation of his carcass. Micah Clarke by Arthur Conan Doyle

Andrew Lang When he grew sensible he learned history; and whenever any great prince or beautiful princess was spoken of, his teachers took care to tell him that they had long noses. The Blue Fairy Book by Andrew Lang

George MacDonald From them I learned something of Diamond, and was in consequence the more glad to find him, when I returned, seated in the same place as before. At the Back of the North Wind by George MacDonald

I never saw him; these particulars I learned from my grandfather, from whom also I got the man’s story when I was a lad. Tales of Soldiers and Civilians by Ambrose Bierce

Though the hour was getting very late, he felt he must read on until he learned if the police found out who was really the murderer. The Vaults of Blackarden Castle by Arthur Gask [1950]

Arthur Conan Doyle Hast learned from the monks, I trow, to fear a woman as thou wouldst a lazar-house. The White Company by Arthur Conan Doyle [1891]

F. Scott Fitzgerald From his childhood he had read papers to audiences — learned that trick of detaching himself. Flappers and Philosophers by F. Scott Fitzgerald

Thomas Hardy The pa’son might have forgi’ed ’em when he learned the truth o’t, but the squire would not. A Few Crusted Characters by Thomas Hardy [1891]

Arthur Conan Doyle The hours slipped rapidly by, and it was with horror that I heard the village clock strike eleven, and so learned that for four hours I had forgotten the Emperor’s business. The Exploits of Brigadier Gerard by Arthur Conan Doyle [1896]

Rudyard Kipling As he reached the years of indiscretion, he learned to avoid missionaries and white men of serious aspect who asked who he was, and what he did. Kim by Rudyard Kipling [1901]

He never bothered his head very much as to what was going on in the Seven Isles group till he learned from some talk in Mintok or Palembang, I suppose, that there was a pretty girl living there. Freya of the Seven Isles by Joseph Conrad [1911]

Arthur Conan Doyle He would say nothing of the case, and it was from the papers that I learned the particulars of the inquest, and the arrest with the subsequent release of John Mitton, the valet of the deceased. The Return of Sherlock Holmes by Arthur Conan Doyle [1904]

Henry James It may be that Isabel’s a genius; but in that case I’ve not yet learned her special line. Portrait of a Lady by Henry James [1881]

Jack London For he had already learned that there were such restrictions. White Fang by Jack London [1906]

John Galsworthy If he learned of it from the butler, he might think it odd if she did not. To Let by John Galsworthy

From the mirror in the waiting-room I learned that my handglass had not deceived me. The Crime and the Criminal by Richard Marsh [1897]

Joseph Furphy So another fortnight passed, whilst each of us learned something from the other. Such is Life by Joseph Furphy

William Morris So Oxford and my learned lecture on it, all got at second-hand from my old kinsman, must wait till we come down the water a fortnight hence. News from Nowhere by William Morris [1890]

A learned Jesuit monk, Eusebio Kuhn, is said to have been the first who discovered that California was a peninsula. Life in Mexico by Frances Calderon de la Barca [1843]

Olaf Stapledon I learned from Victor himself, in our conversation in my hotel, that his policy had been deliberate. A Man Divided by Olaf Stapledon

H.P. Lovecraft I used my vocal organs clumsily and gropingly, and my diction had a curiously stilted quality, as if I had laboriously learned the English language from books. The Shadow Out of Time by H.P. Lovecraft [1935]

I have kept the unique wonder of Seville waiting too long already for my recognition, though in its eight hundred years it should have learned patience enough for worse things. Familiar Spanish Travels by William Dean Howells

Sinclair Lewis But she also learned that by comparison Gopher Prairie was a model of daring color, clever planning, and frenzied intellectuality. Main Street by Sinclair Lewis

Jack London I learned to suffer passively, as, undoubtedly, all men have learned who have passed through the post-graduate courses of strait-jacketing. The Star Rover by Jack London [1915]

Edith Wharton There was apparently nothing embarrassing to her in his silence: it was a part of her long European discipline that she had learned to manage pauses with ease. Madame de Treymes by Edith Wharton [1907]

Edmund did not learn to read quite so early; but when he did, he learned more thoroughly. Lark Rise to Candleford by Flora Thompson [1945]

Lucy Maud Montgomery It was splendid to fish for trout over the bridge and the two girls learned to row themselves about in the little flat-bottomed dory Mr. Barry kept for duck shooting. Anne of Green Gables by Lucy Maud Montgomery [1908]

Horace Walpole He learned with indignation that she was absent at the convent. The Castle of Otranto by Horace Walpole [1764]

Edith Wharton Odo, questioning him, learned that at the village on the shore below they could obtain a boat to carry them across the lake. The Valley of Decision by Edith Wharton [1902]

The nobles, who bore and attended it, could scarcely believe their senses, when they learned their master’s purpose. The History of the Conquest of Mexico by William Hickling Prescott [1843]

I soon got well and strong and for the first time learned to know my father. My Life and Loves by Frank Harris

Anthony Trollope She had already learned from her husband that he had but little respect for Mrs Roby. ‘You remember the sapphire brooch,’ he said once. The Prime Minister by Anthony Trollope

We learned that much gratification was felt by the council, and also expressed, at Layelah’s account and at our action. A Strange Manuscript Found in a Copper Cylinder by James De Mille [1888]

William Morris Kind are my lips, and they look as though my soul had learned Deep things I have never heard of. The Pilgrims of Hope by William Morris [1915]

Benjamin Disraeli In time she learned that Ferrers was in Italy, and had seen Lord Bohun before the departure of that nobleman. The Consul’s Daughter by Benjamin Disraeli

H. Rider Haggard Then the son Ignosi became a wanderer again, and journeyed into a land of wonders, where white people live, and for many more years he learned the wisdom of the white people. King Solomon’s Mines by H. Rider Haggard

In the hour that followed he learned a great deal about Pat Ashby, but nothing that helped to explain his suicide. Brat Farrar by Josephine Tey

Sinclair Lewis I’m glad you’ve learned to play bridge. Main Street by Sinclair Lewis

George Gissing Of the dealings between Nancy and her legal guardians Tarrant learned nothing, save the bare fact that her marriage was avowed, and all benefit under her father’s will renounced. In the Year of Jubilee by George Gissing [1894]

E. Phillips Oppenheim I learned early in life, when I knew that I was going to be small and delicate, and that I was going to lead a life of adventure, to find the means of life or death quicker than your clumsy methods. The Lion and the Lamb by E. Phillips Oppenheim [1930]

Sir Walter Scott No, no, I will not drink with that poisoning devil within doors, to be choked with the fumes of arsenic and quick-silver; I learned from villain Varney to beware of that. Kenilworth by Sir Walter Scott [1821]

What, have you not had his letter? Then how did you know?’ ‘I learned it from Laura herself. The Heir of Redclyffe by Charlotte M. Yonge [1853]

He pretended that he had acquired the knowledge of it from a Carmelite friar, who had learned it in Persia or Armenia, from an oriental philosopher of great renown. Memoirs of Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds by Charles Mackay [1852]

Arthur Conan Doyle All that I learned was through the columns of a newspaper. His Last Bow by Arthur Conan Doyle [1917]

I’ve grown wiser since then, and I’ve learned to bide my time. Aurora Floyd by Mary Elizabeth Braddon [1863]

R. D. Blackmore Perhaps I told you; and that is the very book your learned boy was reading. Mary Anerley by R. D. Blackmore [1880]

Charlotte Perkins Gilman So he learned to check himself, and was almost reasonable in his bearing — but not quite. Herland by Charlotte Perkins Gilman [1915]

Edith Wharton Betton had slept later than usual, and, springing out of bed with the telegram in his hand, he learned from the clock that his secretary was due in half an hour. Tales of Men and Ghosts by Edith Wharton [1910]

Edgar Allan Poe Since my escape, I have had several conversations on this subject with an old school-master of the district; and it was from him that I learned the use of the words ‘cylinder’ and ‘sphere. Tales of Science by Edgar Allan Poe

He learned enough to show him that a dangerous organisation existed, and then sent for Mr. Durwin, who belonged to New Scotland Yard, so that he might reveal what he knew. The Mystery Queen by Fergus Hume

Such women would want the suffrage, and to have the learned professions thrown open to them. Vixen by Mary Elizabeth Braddon [1879]

I remember it because I learned them the Sunday before I went to the treat for the first time. Many Dimensions by Charles Williams [1931]

Anthony Trollope These gentlemen found out too that he never entered his office till half-past twelve, perhaps not having also learned that he was generally there till nearly seven. The American Senator by Anthony Trollope

Anatole France He displayed, to capture her, the most learned stratagems. The Red Lily by Anatole France [1894]

Those who know the Way are not extensively learned; the extensively learned do not know it. Tao Te Ching by Lao tzu

From them she learned a great deal about the past life of the hamlet. Lark Rise to Candleford by Flora Thompson [1945]

Edith Wharton Probably he regarded such incidents as inevitable interruptions to his work, and had learned to dismiss them from his mind as soon as they were over . The Gods Arrive by Edith Wharton [1932]

Grant learned that the Petronel had gone around to Cowes, where her owner, Giles Champneis, would live in her for Cowes’s week. A Shilling for Candles by Josephine Tey [1936]

Arthur Conan Doyle We’ve learned to appreciate each other, and we’ve learned to appreciate each other’s nations. The Pot of Caviare by Arthur Conan Doyle [1908]

An hour after leaving the chamber of the cardinal, he learned that the dying man, recovering a little strength, had insisted upon being dressed, adorned and painted, and seeing the ambassadors. The Vicomte de Bragelonne by Alexandre Dumas [1848-1850]

Jules Verne On going into a barber’s to get shaved he learned that these ancient men were all at least eighty years old, at which age they are permitted to wear yellow, which is the Imperial colour. Around the World in 80 Days by Jules Verne [1873]

Edith Wharton Better conversation I never heard; and can heartily confirm the assurances of those who had told me that the lady was as agreeable in discourse as learned in the closet. The Valley of Decision by Edith Wharton [1902]

Finally I learned that Ada and Mr. Barrows were to be buried the next day. The Mill Mystery by Anna Katharine Green

D. H. Lawrence He learned to acquiesce to this, to submit to the awful, obliterated sources which were the origin of his living tissue. The Rainbow by D. H. Lawrence

M. P. Shiel At ten the next morning Margaret learned at the Guildhall the address of her brother’s defending solicitor, and set out to find him, the wretchedest woman on earth now. The Lord of the Sea by M. P. Shiel [1901]

E. Phillips Oppenheim He learned the way into his suite. The Wrath to Come by E. Phillips Oppenheim [1924]

I, sire, owe my own life to chance — to my mother’s forgetfulness, perhaps; but as soon as I learned your danger I remembered my duty, and a wife’s duty is to share her husband’s fortunes. Marguerite de Valois by Alexandre Dumas

William Cowper The learned and wise Sarcastic would exclaim, and judge the song Cold as its theme, and, like its theme, the fruit Of too much labour, worthless when produced. The Task by William Cowper [1785]

Gertrude Stein He had first learned about Cézanne from Pissarro the painter. The Autobiography of Alice B. Toklas by Gertrude Stein [1933]

Andrew Lang He might be as rich and learned as possible, but he hated the sun, and the trees, and the flowers, and all that Maia loved best. The Olive Fairy Book by Andrew Lang

Edith Wharton No answer was returned, but he learned that she had turned white, and tearing the letter in shreds had called for her travelling-carriage within the hour. The Valley of Decision by Edith Wharton [1902]

Arthur Conan Doyle There was little amenity in the warlike ways which had been learned upon the Scottish border. Sir Nigel by Arthur Conan Doyle [1906]

But my own thoughts were all of Almah. I learned how dear she was. A Strange Manuscript Found in a Copper Cylinder by James De Mille [1888]

Anthony Trollope Dr Macnuthrie is a learned man, but I doubt whether he can do anything for such a malady. Phineas Finn by Anthony Trollope

Robert Burns With deep-struck, reverential awe,26 The learned sire and son I saw, To Nature’s God and Nature’s law, They gave their lore, This, all its source and end to draw; That, to adore. The Poetical Works of Robert Burns by Robert Burns

John Locke The learned divine and lawyer must, on such occasions, renounce his sacred definition of animal rationale, and substitute some other essence of the human species. An Essay Concerning Human Understanding by John Locke [1690]

From him, the peasants learned only the bare fact; and the news spread rapidly from group to group. The Honor of the Name by Émile Gaboriau

Andrew Lang You have many ships built by learned men, with all sorts of new and clever improvements. The Crimson Fairy Book by Andrew Lang

Once or twice we have found him admitting still more objectionable articles into his materia medica; in doing which, I am sorry to say that he could plead grave and learned authority. Medical Essays by Oliver Wendell Holmes

Pizarro learned that the Inca had left Guamachucho, and was now lying with a small force in the neighbourhood of Caxamalca, at a place celebrated for its natural springs of warm water. The History of the Conquest of Peru by William Hickling Presco

Thomas Hobbes From Aristotle's civil philosophy, they have learned to call all manner of Commonwealths but the popular (such as was at that time the state of Athens), tyranny. Leviathan by Thomas Hobbes

George Eliot From him she learned the full story of Savonarola’s arrest, and of her husband’s death. Romola by George Eliot [1862-3]

Henry James It’s a matter of national pride with me that all Englishmen should have a good time, and as I’ve been through a good deal with them I’ve learned to minister to their wants. An International Episode by Henry James [1878]

Henry Adams Nothing new was to be done or learned there, and the world hurried on to its telephones, bicycles, and electric trams. The Education of Henry Adams by Henry Adams [1907]

Arthur Machen A learned man said to me a few weeks ago: “When I have to choose between the evidence of tradition and the evidence of a document, I always believe the evidence of tradition. The Terror by Arthur Machen

And in the second place, Examination is an Art, and a difficult one, which has to be learned like all other arts. Science and Education by Thomas Henry Huxley

Charles Dickens My Lord being prayed to bid my learned friend lay aside his wig, and giving no very gracious consent, the likeness became much more remarkable. A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens [1859]

Bit by bit, however, I learned that he first went to the palace, and, finding the king had gone off yachting to the Murchison Creek, he followed him there. The Discovery of the Source of the Nile by John Hanning Speke [1863]

Edith Wharton Not till she learned that she had missed her chance did she understand how many hopes had hung upon it. Bunner Sisters by Edith Wharton [1916]

The king, too, learned the tale and laughed for very pleasure. The Nibelungenlied by translated by Daniel B. Shumway

Rudyard Kipling He learned to run in under the stroke of the hammer. Rewards and Fairies by Rudyard Kipling [1910]

G. K. Chesterton You are the greatest of historical characters; and the learned may come to call you a legend. The Return of Don Quixote by G. K. Chesterton [1927]

Olaf Stapledon He did many experiments and learned a lot. Collected Stories by Olaf Stapledon

I ask your Honor now to strike out all this testimony as irrelevant in rebuttal, and I beg our learned friend to close an examination as unprofitable to his own cause as to mine. Hand and Ring by Anna Katharine Green

Arthur Thomas Quiller-Couch Of his craft, except what he picked up by watching, the lad learned nothing. Three Men of Badajos by Arthur Thomas Quiller-Couch

My ancestor, Vordenburg, whose title I still bear, soon discovered this, and in the course of the studies to which he devoted himself, learned a great deal more. Carmilla by J. Sheridan Le Fanu

George Gissing Those who had been longest in the house speedily instructed new arrivals in the behaviour they had learned to deem becoming. Thyrza by George Gissing [1887]

Henry David Thoreau One may almost doubt if the wisest man has learned anything of absolute value by living. Walden by Henry David Thoreau

Thomas Hardy Perhaps a man could be as good and as learned and as useful in the capacity of archdeacon as in that of bishop. Jude the Obscure by Thomas Hardy

She learned the language very easily, yet understood but little of the new faith the good sisters taught her, assimilating quickly only the superstitious elements of the religion. Almayer’s Folly by Joseph Conrad [1895]

Arthur Conan Doyle On the top of all the other obstacles which attracted me, I learned from her own lips very early in the proceedings that she was engaged. The Green Flag by Arthur Conan Doyle [1900]

Henry James It was from Henrietta Stackpole that she learned how Caspar Goodwood had come to Rome; an event that took place three days after Lord Warburton’s departure. Portrait of a Lady by Henry James [1881]

Elizabeth Von Arnim Moreover, he is filled with that humility and eagerness to learn which is only found in those who have already learned more than their neighbours. The Solitary Summer by Elizabeth Von Arnim [1899]

Isabella Bird I have at last engaged Johannes, a strong-looking young Armenian, speaking Turkish and Persian besides Armenian. He has never served Europeans, but has learned baking and the wine trade. Journeys in Persia and Kurdistan by Isabella Bird [1891]

D. H. Lawrence She learned at school a little Latin, she learned an Ave Maria and a Pater Noster, she learned how to say her rosary. The Rainbow by D. H. Lawrence

In that moment I learned something of the secret of Africa, of Prester John’s empire and Tchaka’s victories. Prester John by John Buchan

Henry Fielding The learned have imagined it designed to represent the Gorgon; but it was in fact copied from the face of a certain long English baronet, of infinite wit, humour, and gravity. The History of the Adventures of Joseph Andrews and his friend Mr Abraham Adams by Henry Fielding

Francis Bacon And lastly, learned times, specially with peace and prosperity; for troubles and adversities do more bow men’s minds to religion. The Essays by Francis Bacon [1601]

Wilkie Collins My son has learned to prize them already as the faithful friends who served him at his utmost need. The Queen of Hearts by Wilkie Collins [1859]

Edith Wharton The Spraggs had been “plain people” and had not yet learned to be ashamed of it. The Custom of the Country by Edith Wharton [1913]

Guy de Maupassan The baron and Jeanne set out at once for Havre. On reaching the college they learned that Paul had not been there for a month. The History of a Heart by Guy de Maupassan

Washington Irving Early in the gloomy month of November, that mouth of fog and despondency in London, he learned the shipwreck of his hope. The Life of Oliver Goldsmith by Washington Irving [1840]

Arthur Conan Doyle I remember the time when gusts and whirls and air-pockets used to be things of danger — before we learned to put an overmastering power into our engines. Tales of Terror and Mystery by Arthur Conan Doyle [1923]

John Galsworthy The position of a bedroom was learned with difficulty and soon forgotten. Maid in Waiting by John Galsworthy

Robert Louis Stevenson It was by a hazard that we learned the conduct of the four marines of the Wager. There was no room for these brave fellows in the boat, and they were left behind upon the island to a certain death. Virginibus Puerisque by Robert Louis Stevenson

John Galsworthy What he learned of farming in that week might have been balanced on the point of a pen-knife and puffed off. To Let by John Galsworthy

Henry Handel Richardson By piecing his broken utterances together Mary learned all she needed to know about the case he had gone out to attend, and his desperate ride home. Australia Felix by Henry Handel Richardson

Andrew Lang It was now universally admitted that the learned K’o-ch’ang had been an impostor, a clever ghost. Books and Bookmen by Andrew Lang

Arthur Conan Doyle From her I learned the ways of the house. The Return of Sherlock Holmes by Arthur Conan Doyle [1904]

Robert Louis Stevenson And have you never done anything else but tumble?’ ‘Before I learned that, I used to steal,’ answered Jean-Marie gravely. The Treasure of Franchard by Robert Louis Stevenson

Nellie Bly From Miss Neville and other patients I learned what transpired. Ten Days in a Mad-House by Nellie Bly

Polwin’s information, learned from a friendly policeman who had no business to disclose official secrets, was perfectly correct. The Crowned Skull by Fergus Hume

I wonder if Miss Loach, living near the place, learned that a gang was there. The Secret Passage by Fergus Hume

Anthony Trollope But in their travels and their studies, and in the luxury of their life, they have learned to dislike the rowdiness of their country’s politics. North America by Anthony Trollope

H.P. Lovecraft The curious knowledge and strange conduct of my body’s late tenant troubled me more and more as I learned further details from persons, papers, and magazines. The Shadow Out of Time by H.P. Lovecraft [1935]

He’s a learned kind of chap, with his Greek and Latin and poetry and all that. Coming up for Air by George Orwell

Andrew Lang However, as none of them seemed to know anything of the history save what they had learned from the song, I took it the more kindly. Sir Walter Scott and the Border Minstrelsy by Andrew Lang [1910]

E. T. A. Hoffmann He was also a learned historian of music. The Cremona Violin by E. T. A. Hoffmann

Anatole France I have been told that he was a learned man, a member of the Royal Society of Paris. Madame Marmet, talk to me of him. The Red Lily by Anatole France [1894]

Leon Trotsky I learned to appreciate painting, as well as nature, with great difficulty. My Life by Leon Trotsky

Henry Handel Richardson It was not till afterwards, when he fell to re-living his travels in memory, that she learned how great was the pleasure he had got out of them. The Way Home by Henry Handel Richardson

Benjamin Disraeli From him the young Duke learned that his fellow-inside was Mr. Duncan Macmorrogh, senior, a writer at Edinburgh, and, of course, the father of the first man of the day. The Young Duke by Benjamin Disraeli [1831]

And that, if you may believe the learned in the matter, is the only love deserving the name. Anne by Ellen Wood [1876]

We sat on and on and I learned that she was very lonely: Mr. Mayhew away every night and nearly all day and nothing to do in that little dead-and-alive place. My Life and Loves by Frank Harris

D. H. Lawrence For at last he learned that he would be in hell until he came back to her. The Rainbow by D. H. Lawrence

The young man learned to reflect, which is a destructive process, a reckoning of the cost. Victory by Joseph Conrad [1914]

Thomas Hobbes I find the words lex civilis and jus civile, that is to say, and law and right civil, promiscuously used for the same thing, even in the most learned authors; which nevertheless ought not to be so. Leviathan by Thomas Hobbes

Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu I have now, for the first time, learned from that gravestone to whom the place belongs. The Tenants of Malory by Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu [1867]

Mark Twain And now you wouldn’t mind telling me and this lady some of the things you’ve learned — no, I know you wouldn’t — for we are proud of little boys that learn. The Adventures of Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain [1876]

Arthur Conan Doyle He loved me, and I thought I loved him until — until I learned what love is, Etienne. He will never forgive you. The Adventures of Gerard by Arthur Conan Doyle [1903]

Henry James I learned something — at first, certainly — that had not been one of the teachings of my small, smothered life; learned to be amused, and even amusing, and not to think for the morrow. The Turn of the Screw by Henry James [1898]