Phrases with "love"

My husband and boys are real to me, and I love them fondly. A Voyage to Arcturus by David Lindsay [1920]

Anthony Trollope When he fell in love with her he had been a great deal too generous to think of fortune, and that ought to he remembered now to his credit. Phineas Redux by Anthony Trollope

Do not suppose that I love you one whit the less. A Book of Ghosts by S. Baring-Gould [1904]

If to show you love her you must drink with her she has chosen an ill place for followers, for she is forbid with the waters. The Life and Letters of John Gay by Lewis Melville

Anthony Trollope Lord Bracy had sent him there to be taught Latin and Greek, and had a right to expect that he should not be encouraged to fall in love with his tutor’s daughter. Dr. Wortle’s school by Anthony Trollope

I do think I love to feel them though I loathe them, but I do not know why. War in Heaven by Charles Williams [1930]

Andrew Lang I shall remember him with love and gratitude as long as I live. The Violet Fairy Book by Andrew Lang

Knowing of WLB’s love of it, she always provided a custard in a stemmed glass. The Bragg Family in Adelaide by John Jenkin

I ought to have been an Indian. I love to sit in the sun and read Shakespeare.” “’Twas I taught you to love Shakespeare, was it not?” he asked fondly. Mohawks by Mary Elizabeth Braddon [1886]

She was certain that Flora did not love her. Chance by Joseph Conrad [1913]

E. F. Benson She was conscious till the end, speaking but seldom, and at the very last she turned her dimmed eyes to her ‘dear boy,’ clinging to the life which his love had made sweet for her. Charlotte Bronte by E. F. Benson [1932]

Thus hathe the kite my love in hire servíse, And I am lost withoute remedye. Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales for the Modern Reader by prepared & edited by Arthur Burrell MA

There is not much of the outward expression of love — in this Balzac did not excel — but there is a good deal of its hidden tragedy. Balzac by Frederick Lawton

George Meredith I am yours; and, dearest, if I love you, need you care what anybody else thinks? We will soon change their opinion. Evan Harrington by George Meredith [1861]

Jules Verne Lady Helena, whom I love so, and the Major, with his calm manner, and Captain Mangles, and Monsieur Paganel, and all the sailors on the Duncan. How courageous and devoted they are. In Search of the Castaways by Jules Verne [1873]

Charles Kingsley For all best things, Amyas, become, when misused, the very worst; and the love of woman, because it is able to lift man’s soul to the heavens, is also able to drag him down to hell. Westward Ho! by Charles Kingsley

Great love didst thou give when thou wast a mother, O Beautiful! who art now white as silver and hath ice upon thine ancient head. Demi-Gods by James Stephens

E. F. Benson If she talks of it, I stop my ears: but she is good, she is true, she is faithful, and I love her. Charlotte Bronte by E. F. Benson [1932]

Next to woman, I love the old recollections of my ancestral land; I love to keep alive — to propagate on distant shores (which her colonies perchance yet people) her dark and mystic creeds. The Last Days of Pompeii by Edward Bulwer-Lytton [1834]

Arthur Conan Doyle MAUDIE. It read like a love affair, an assignation, though when and where were a blank. The Case Book of Sherlock Holmes by Arthur Conan Doyle [1927]

Robert Louis Stevenson For love rests upon a physical basis; it is a familiarity of nature’s making and apart from voluntary choice. Virginibus Puerisque by Robert Louis Stevenson

Henry James I can’t tell you I keep it in my own room because I love it so, for the simple reason —— ’ And she paused a moment. The Liar by Henry James [1888]

It is indeed odd to see this love of titles — and such titles — growing up in a country or which the recognition of individuality and bare manhood have so long been supposed to be the very soul. Memories and Studies by William James

You love me, Clary. No sweet-spoken pretences, no stereotyped denials, will convince me. The Lovels of Arden by Mary Elizabeth Braddon [1871]

Ralph Waldo Emerson The freshness of youth and love dazzles him with its resemblance to morning. Nature by Ralph Waldo Emerson [1836]

These were various, embracing the mythic legends of a heroic age, the warlike achievements of their own, or the softer tales of love and pleasure. The History of the Conquest of Mexico by William Hickling Prescott [1843]

George Meredith I love him for making her in love with English boys. The Adventures of Harry Richmond by George Meredith [1871]

William Godwin The principal feature they set before us is credulity and a love of the marvellous. Lives of the Necromancers by William Godwin [1834]

H. G. Wells You are my dear sister Fanny and I love you and we have loved each other. The Dream by H. G. Wells [1924]

Wilkie Collins I love you, I adore you; my whole heart and soul are yours. The Law and the Lady by Wilkie Collins [1875]

Guy de Maupassant From that day, Monsieur de Coutelier was in love with her, and used to say, raising his eyes: “What a woman!” And he used to go and see them every evening now, and talked about shooting. Rust (La Rouille) by Guy de Maupassant [1882]

She defended him, or intended to defend him, from the simple duty of charity, from her love of truth, and, to use just the expression by which she described her feelings to herself, as her neighbour. I Promessi Sposi by Alessandro Manzoni

George Meredith She became a young lady of fortune, in love with Robert, and concealed by the artifice of the offending gentleman whom Robert had challenged. Rhoda Fleming by George Meredith [1865]

H. G. Wells Now it is exceptional for men to love women of their own age, it is the commoner thing that they should love maidens younger and often much younger than themselves. The Passionate Friends by H. G. Wells [1913]

M. P. Shiel If he doesn’t love me really, I am sorry for him. The Lost Viol by M. P. Shiel [1905]

My heart was kindled by resentment, but by the power of love my soul was made tranquil, for come what absurdity might, I had Sera-phina safe for the time. Romance by Joseph Conrad and Ford Madox Ford [1903]

Anthony Trollope A woman’s love can live on the recollection of the past, and cling to what is old and ugly. Phineas Redux by Anthony Trollope

From the earthly love to love beyond, from the known to the unknown. Mohawks by Mary Elizabeth Braddon [1886]

If he had been in love before—which, of course, he ought to have been—he would have understood what that change meant. Diana Tempest by Mary Cholmondeley [1893]

Elizabeth Barrett Browning From the summits of love a curse is driven, As lightning is from the tops of heaven. Poems Before Congress by Elizabeth Barrett Browning [1860]

The two whites had a liking for that old and incomprehensible creature, and called him Father Gobila. Gobila’s manner was paternal, and he seemed really to love all white men. Tales of Unrest by Joseph Conrad [1898]

People knew him scarcely well enough to love him, while they were jealous of him and feared him. The Widow Lerouge by Émile Gaboriau

Anthony Trollope She had not forgotten him! She had not ceased to love him! There was merit in that which went far with him in excuse of her perfidy. The Golden Lion of Granpere by Anthony Trollope

G. K. Chesterton I am not here defending such doctrines as that of the Sacrament of Penance; any more than the equally staggering doctrine of the Divine love for man. Autobiography by G. K. Chesterton [1936]

Sometimes I think I love him; sometimes I think I do not. The Old Stone House and other stories by Anna Katharine Green

Theodore Dreiser A love affair such as this had proved to be was little less or more than a drop of coloring added to a glass of clear water, or a foreign chemical agent introduced into a delicate chemical formula. The Financier by Theodore Dreiser

George Meredith His love distressed his liver, and gave him a jaundice once or twice, but where his love yields its poor ghost to his philosophy, yours begins its labours. The Tragic Comedians by George Meredith [1880]

Andrew Lang She is a saucy school-girl, and she and Edwin are on uncomfortable terms: she does not love him, while he perhaps does love her, but is annoyed by her manner, and by the gossip about their betrothal. The Puzzle of Dickens’s Last Plot by Andrew Lang

Ford Madox Ford And that sense of duty was her prevailing mood when Leonora, tall, clean-run, golden-haired, all in black, appeared in her doorway, and told her that Edward was dying of love for her. The Good Soldier by Ford Madox Ford

This last thought of love counseled her to make this last sacrifice. The Three Musketeers by Alexandre Dumas

James Joyce Next to our shrinking selves we love sensitivas best. Finnegans Wake by James Joyce

Thomas Wolfe He had known love in it, and for the first time in his life he had tasted there the bright, delusive sacraments of fame. You Can’t Go Home Again by Thomas Wolfe [1940]

Wilkie Collins The empty outer wilderness, which was my father’s world, opened before me void of love and void of joy. The Two Destinies by Wilkie Collins [1876]

Theodore Dreiser He reflected for a moment what terrible things passion and love are — how they make fools of us all. The Titan by Theodore Dreiser

Benjamin Disraeli I was more madly in love with her than ever. Vivian Grey by Benjamin Disraeli [1827]

Many, perhaps a majority, of thinking people are not in love with machine-civilization, but everyone who is not a fool knows that it is nonsense to talk at this moment about scrapping the machine. The Road to Wigan Pier by George Orwell [1937]

D. H. Lawrence I don’t believe in revolutions that aren’t bloody,” said Josephine. “Wouldn’t I love it! I’d go in front with a red flag. Aaron’s Rod by D. H. Lawrence

Tobias Smolle But I stood too much upon the punctilios of love to incur the least suspicion of being mercenary, and refused the present, by saying I had merited nothing by barely doing my duty. The Adventures of Roderick Random by Tobias Smolle

Little by little he had come to regard himself as one out of the pale of love and mercy, as one tormented of fortune, plunged into a deep into which the eye of Heaven did not penetrate. For the term of his natural life by Marcus Clarke [1874]

Henry James If one had n’t been in love with her at first, one ought to have been at the end of a week or two. The Path Of Duty by Henry James [1884]

Robert Louis Stevenson It was strange to myself that, while I read these details, I continued rather to sympathise with Mr. Huddlestone than with his victims; so complete already was the empire of my love for my wife. The Pavilion on the Links by Robert Louis Stevenson

William Morris Birdalone went oft to the wood, and learned yet more of lore: but of the matter of the Departure, how it was to be gone about they spake no more, and great was the love betwixt them. The Water of the Wondrous Isles by William Morris [1897]

Andrew Lang They were all very handsome, and very expert in all arts and exercises, so that they gained the love and esteem of all that had seen them. The Red Fairy Book by Andrew Lang

Willa Cather Rudolph was a serious sort of chap, serious in love and serious about his work. Obscure Destinies by Willa Cather [1932]

Renouard had no doubt that all the means of publicity would be put at the service of love and used for the discovery of the loved man. The Planter of Malata by Joseph Conrad [1915]

Kate Chopin He sent his love to the family. The Awakening by Kate Chopin

Towards those, however, whom he did not love he could be vindictive. Sir Walter Scott by Richard H. Hutton [1878]

Jane Austen The very idea of her having been suffered to grow up at a distance from us all in poverty and neglect, would be enough to make either of the dear, sweet-tempered boys in love with her. Mansfield Park by Jane Austen [1814]

Wilkie Collins The unexpressed thought in him was, “Another of them in love with Romayne! and nothing, as usual, likely to come of it. The Black Robe by Wilkie Collins [1881]

What kind of creature was this Simon Ashby, who could not bear to be beaten by the girl he was in love with? He remembered Bee’s inordinate pleasure in the brown horse. Brat Farrar by Josephine Tey

F. Scott Fitzgerald ROSALIND: No. AMORY: Don’t you want to kiss me? ROSALIND: To-night I want you to love me calmly and coolly. This Side of Paradise by F. Scott Fitzgerald

George Gissing You and I inherit the brave old man’s love of work; Alec was born an idler. The Crown of Life by George Gissing [1899]

Maria Edgeworth I did not refuse Mr. Salisbury from generosity, but because I did not love him. The Absentee by Maria Edgeworth

Henry James In reality I was in love with you. Confidence by Henry James [1879]

I cannot tell you how dear she soon became to me, but I had made an oath I would leave her nothing, and I have not broken that oath, dearly as I love her. The Cloven Foot by Mary Elizabeth Braddon [1879]

Layelah was silent for a few moments, and then went on in a musing tone: “As I was saying, I love you, Atam-or, and I hate Almah because you love her. A Strange Manuscript Found in a Copper Cylinder by James De Mille [1888]

Arthur Machen He heard the history of the woman who fell in love with her slave-boy, and tempted him for three years in vain. The Hill of Dreams by Arthur Machen [1907]

Anthony Trollope But Eleanor was not in love with him. Barchester Towers by Anthony Trollope

Jack London And as I contemplate this vast past history of me, I find several great and splendid influences, and, chiefest of these, the love of woman, man’s love for the woman of his kind. The Star Rover by Jack London [1915]

Sinclair Lewis She stirred on the pillow and whispered, “Oh, my darling! And you forgave me! Oh I do love you so!” as he kissed her fragrant hair. Elmer Gantry by Sinclair Lewis

H. Rider Haggard Then the woman, being very cunning and fierce-hearted for revenge, took counsel with herself and said to the man, “I love thee, and if thou wilt make war upon thy brother I will marry thee. Allan Quatermain by H. Rider Haggard

Jack London What of his joy, the great love in him, ever surging and struggling to express itself, succeeding in finding a new mode of expression. White Fang by Jack London [1906]

Jane Austen She is choosing a friend and companion exactly where she ought, and I am glad her love of money does not interfere. Mansfield Park by Jane Austen [1814]

George Meredith They had consulted in private and owned to one another, that they did really love the child, and dared not look forward to what they would do without her. One of our Conquerors by George Meredith [1891]

Frances Hodgson Burnett She was, of course, just ripe for young peerings into the land of love making. The Head of the House of Coombe by Frances Hodgson Burnett [1922]

Arnold Benne You are “penned in town,” but you love excursions to the country and the observation of wild life — certainly a heart-enlarging diversion. How to Live on Twenty-Four Hours a Day by Arnold Benne

D. H. Lawrence Happy lily, never to be saddled with an idee fixe, never to be in the grip of a monomania for happiness or love or fulfilment. Aaron’s Rod by D. H. Lawrence

Guy de Maupassan It was indeed a love story, but quite commonplace. The Cripple by Guy de Maupassan

Ivan Turgenev O nature! nature! I love thee so, but I came forth from thy womb good for nothing — not fit even for life. The Diary of a Superfluous Man and other stories by Ivan Turgenev

The love is an exclusive passion, not of Herodian fierceness, misgiving, and gloom, but of joyful jealousy, for it must be well-nigh impossible to every one else. My Tropic Isle by E. J. Banfield

But its mysterious work of love was done. The Wyvern Mystery by J. Sheridan Le Fanu

Elizabeth Gaskell I did so love thee; it was my very heart-strings as gave way when they told me thou was drowned — feyther, and th’ Corneys, and all, iverybody. Sylvia’s Lovers by Elizabeth Gaskell [1863]

Anthony Trollope I should be ungrateful were I to leave you for one moment in doubt as to my real sentiments: I cannot love you as I ought to love my husband. La Vendée by Anthony Trollope

It was so strange, in a sense so disturbing, that he never made love to her. The Story of Ivy by Marie Belloc Lowndes [1927]

They were real love letters and beautifully written, and he could quite understand why Mark Aaronson had treasured them. The Night of the Storm by Arthur Gask [1937]

I’m not going to fall in love with my servant. Madame Midas by Fergus Hume

The love of a dog for his master is notorious; as an old writer quaintly says,9 “A dog is the only thing on this earth that luvs you more than he luvs himself. The Descent of Man by Charles Darwin

Charlotte Perkins Gilman There were plenty of strong ropes in the gymnasium — they seemed to love to swing and climb on them — but we were never there by ourselves. Herland by Charlotte Perkins Gilman [1915]

Anthony Trollope All history, all romance, all poetry and all prose, taught him that perseverance in love was generally crowned with success — that true love rarely was crowned with success except by perseverance. Phineas Redux by Anthony Trollope

Children often form a more agreeable and permanent connection between married people than even love itself. A Vindication of the Rights of Woman by Mary Wollstonecraft [1792]

Her love for Roger had gone deeper, where all love must go, if it is to survive its rainbow youth. Notwithstanding by Mary Cholmondeley [1913]

Lucy Maud Montgomery I couldn’t love anybody as I love you. Anne of Green Gables by Lucy Maud Montgomery [1908]

Frederick Marryat I purchased it, as I told you, at Lymington, and they told me that it belonged to Colonel Beverley. It is for his sake that I love it. Children of the New Forest by Frederick Marryat [1847]

Please, please try to love her for my sake. The Story of Ivy by Marie Belloc Lowndes [1927]

I make no profession, you see, my dear Granger, on my daughter’s part; but I have no fear but that Clarissa will learn to love you, in good time, as truly as you can desire to be loved. The Lovels of Arden by Mary Elizabeth Braddon [1871]

Ivan Turgenev That buffoon,’ she went on, pointing with her fan towards the howling actor (he was acting the part of a tutor), ‘reminded me of my young days; I, too, was in love with a teacher. The Torrents of Spring by Ivan Turgenev [1872]

Andrew Lang It is true that I love a charming princess, but if the Fairy should set me free my gratitude would oblige me to love her only. The Blue Fairy Book by Andrew Lang

William Godwin Prompted by Thessalian song, love glides into the hardest hearts; and even the severity of age is taught to burn with youthful fires. Lives of the Necromancers by William Godwin [1834]

Algernon Blackwood This, too,” he explained, “we call love, though it is love in its weakest, least enduring form. The Bright Messenger by Algernon Blackwood [1922]

Guy de Maupassan We would have liked to undertake some wonderful task, to love some unknown, deliciously poetic being. The Model (Femme d'artiste) by Guy de Maupassan

She knew she did not love him; but she could not have supposed, even a fortnight before, that the hour of suspense could have affected her so powerfully. Mr. Justice Harbottle by J. Sheridan Le Fanu

Arthur Conan Doyle I bowed myself out, and very glad I was to get away, for I hate a Court as much as I love a camp. The Exploits of Brigadier Gerard by Arthur Conan Doyle [1896]

D.H. Lawrence She had him too much in love to disagree or to examine her words. The Trespasser by D.H. Lawrence

George Elio I shall come back a hapless bachelor — perhaps to find you already married to the good-looking chaplain, who is over head and ears in love with you. Mr. Gilfil’s Love Story by George Elio

Rudyard Kipling Oh, my love — don’t you know me? VOICE. (In a half chant. Soldiers Three by Rudyard Kipling [1899]

Sir Walter Scott I have heard, too, thou dost love a brace of good dogs and a fleet horse, and it may well be that, loving things which are costly to come by, thou hatest not a purse of gold. Ivanhoe by Sir Walter Scott [1820]

Victor Hugo Her pupils were made for love and hate, for happiness and misery. The Man Who Laughs by Victor Hugo [1869]

Arnold Bennett I did not think that I should dare to love you until that day when I overheard that old villain Niepce make his advances. The Old Wives’ Tale by Arnold Bennett [1908]

D. H. Lawrence But he had the dim, hurting sense that she would not love him tomorrow, that it was only her great need to love that exalted him to-night. New Eve and Old Adam by D. H. Lawrence [1934]

William Shakespeare Yet him for this my love no whit disdaineth; Suns of the world may stain when heaven’s sun staineth. The Sonnets by William Shakespeare

Serge repeated, “I love you! I love you! I love you!” A fearful longing took possession of Jeanne. She no longer pushed away the arms which clasped her. Serge Panine by Georges Ohnet [1881]

Mrs. Gaskell Perhaps he has been too severe, and perhaps I have not been kind enough; but God knows how we love you, my dear only boy. Cranford by Mrs. Gaskell [1851-3]

George Meredith It must have been guidance, for in my bed there lay my sister, and I could not leave her, I love her so. Rhoda Fleming by George Meredith [1865]

Thomas Hardy Pity me — O, pity me! To die unloved is more than I can bear! I loved your father, and I love him now. Desperate Remedies by Thomas Hardy [1871]

Ivan Turgenev Zinaïda guessed at once that I was in love with her, and indeed I never even thought of concealing it. First Love by Ivan Turgenev

Nathaniel Hawthorne No matter whether of love or hate: no matter whether of right or wrong! Thou and thine, Hester Prynne, belong to me. The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne [1850]

Wilkie Collins One hears of men falling in love with women at first sight. The Black Robe by Wilkie Collins [1881]

A poor widow, named Lerouge, who enjoyed the general esteem and love of the community, has been assassinated in her home. The Widow Lerouge by Émile Gaboriau

I just want you to know I love you. The New Machiavelli by Herbert George Wells [1911]

Geoffrey Chaucer Right thus the Apostel tolde it unto me, And bad oure housbondes for to love us weel. The Canterbury Tales by Geoffrey Chaucer

Victor Hugo While he continued to love his legitimate king, he had the good sense to serve the usurper; he was, moreover, although sometimes disposed to rebel against discipline, an excellent officer. The Man Who Laughs by Victor Hugo [1869]

Won’t you say that it will be soon? I love you more than the other one. A Love Episode by Émile Zola [1878]

Anna Katherine Green I love but thee — and thee will I love to eternity. The Mystery of the Hasty Arrow by Anna Katherine Green

Marietta, or the other hand, who does not see into my heart, and takes; caress for a transport of the soul, thinks me madly in love and looks upon herself as the most fortunate of women. The Charterhouse of Parma by Stendhal

D. H. Lawrence I am really in love with another man, and do hope you will divorce me. Lady Chatterley’s Lover by D. H. Lawrence

Guy de Maupassan I love you so that I am almost crazy. The History of a Heart by Guy de Maupassan

William Godwin Mrs. Turner introduced her to Dr. Forman, a noted astrologer and magician, and he, by images made of wax, and various uncouth figures and devices, undertook to procure the love of Carr to the lady. Lives of the Necromancers by William Godwin [1834]

Queen Sophonisba said, “My lord, I love this best of all the fair things thou hast shown me in thy castle of Galing: here where all trouble seems a forgotten echo of an ill world left behind. The Worm Ouroboros by E. R. Eddison [1922]

Guy de Maupassan I can only love a man who is in a position to provide me with all those luxuries which an actress, or, if you like, which I cannot do without. An Honest Ideal by Guy de Maupassan

Very probably this is because even the highest class of readers, who are the magazine readers, have small love of pure literature, which seems to have been growing less and less in all classes. Literature and Life by William Dean Howells

They are in love with the same man, Ferdinand, the manager of the general’s works. Balzac by Frederick Lawton

Jane Austen I love this house and everything in it: I shall love nothing there. Mansfield Park by Jane Austen [1814]

Henry James He didn’t want to fall in love with her — that would be a sell, he said to himself — and she promptly became much too interesting for it. The Tragic Muse by Henry James [1890]

It was the truth when he had told her he had never been in love before, but now, deep in the toils, he could never get her out of his thoughts. The Man of Death by Arthur Gask [1945]

Leon Trotsky It was a centre of political and intellectual interests, of love of music, of four European languages, of various European connections. My Life by Leon Trotsky

Charles Dickens The little woman had been passing a long time with her sick mother in New York, and had left her home in St. Louis, in that condition in which ladies who truly love their lords desire to be. American Notes for General Circulation by Charles Dickens [1842]

Fanny Fern My dear wife, let by-gones be by-gones; my love for you is imperishable. Ruth Hall by Fanny Fern [1854]

Abraham Merri And unseen by them, wrapped as they were within their love and sacrifice, I crept softly behind. The Moon Pool by Abraham Merri

Henry James He was in love with her, beyond a doubt; but he could not flatter himself that she was in love with him, though she appeared willing (what was so strange) to quarrel with her family about him. Georgina’s reasons by Henry James [1884]

But to marry without love is like undertaking to sew without a needle, or dig without a spade—attempting difficult work without the tool provided for it. Diana Tempest by Mary Cholmondeley [1893]

Anthony Trollope It is because I love George with all my heart, and with all my soul. The Golden Lion of Granpere by Anthony Trollope

Miles Franklin That is the companion piece of love being for men a thing apart, but for women their whole existence. My Career Goes Bung by Miles Franklin [1946]

John Galsworthy They were already, indeed, saying that hardly one of them could sell a picture for love or money. Swan Song by John Galsworthy

E. F. Benson He warns himself that he must not make himself too attractive, and cause the enchanting Catherine (married, so he fancies, to the boorish Hareton) to fall in love with him. Charlotte Bronte by E. F. Benson [1932]

Miles Franklin I love the organ music, and the hush which pervades the building; and there is much entertainment in various ways if one goes early and watches the well-dressed congregation filing in. My Brilliant Career by Miles Franklin

Andrew Lang All the time that this wise mother could spare from filling her son with hatred for all womenkind she passed in giving him a love of the pleasures of the chase, which henceforth became his chief joy. The Yellow Fairy Book by Andrew Lang

Elizabeth Gaskell She had not thought of love on either side. Sylvia’s Lovers by Elizabeth Gaskell [1863]

D. H. Lawrence She shrugged her shoulders, saying, “Make love to the next girl you meet, and by the time the poppies redden the field, she’ll hang in your arms. The White Peacock by D. H. Lawrence

Andrew Lang This request made him feel very sad, as if some misfortune must surely come of it, but his love for the Princess being stronger than anything else he did not like to refuse her. The Blue Fairy Book by Andrew Lang

Don’t you?” “Scarcely.” “But is there no one you love in England? Is there no one you love looking out for your arrival?” “I hope so,” she said gravely. Lady Audley’s Secret by Mary Elizabeth Braddon [1862]

Andrew Lang The emperor received Iliane with all the respect that was due to her, and fell in love at first sight besides. The Violet Fairy Book by Andrew Lang

Lucy Maud Montgomery I love a book that makes me cry. Anne of Green Gables by Lucy Maud Montgomery [1908]

What is that the poet says? —‘If not an Adam at his birth, he is no love at all. Fenton’s Quest by Mary Elizabeth Braddon [1871]

Ivan Turgenev I cherished my love in silence, and jealously and shyly concealed it. The Diary of a Superfluous Man and other stories by Ivan Turgenev

Edgar Allan Poe It arose in part, no doubt, from the sentiment of love with which I was imbued; but chiefly from my conviction of the extreme sensibility of the singer. Tales of Illusion by Edgar Allan Poe

I think I shall always love you, though I shall try not. Sir Charles Danvers by Mary Cholmondeley [1889]

William Makepeace Thackeray He is racked by bitter remorse: he tells his love of his treachery, and declares “no crocodile was ever more unjust. The Irish Sketch Book by William Makepeace Thackeray [1843]

Guy de Maupassan There was something singular, disturbing, exciting about it — a kind of mystery of love in which there floated a delicious confusion. A Meeting by Guy de Maupassan

A very good, quiet, obedient, loving wife, and I love her as much as she loves me. An Outcast of the Islands by Joseph Conrad [1896]

D. H. Lawrence He thought of the gentle love of his first married years, and became only whiter and colder, set in more intense obstinacy. Aaron’s Rod by D. H. Lawrence

Yet my heart overflowed with kindness and the love of virtue. Frankenstein by Mary Shelley [1831]

Wilkie Collins Time, as my wife and I both hope, may yet convince Rothsay that he will not be wrong in counting on Susan’s love — the love of a sister. Little Novels by Wilkie Collins [1887]

George Meredith Camillo has had love passages with Michiella, Count Orso’s daughter, and does not hesitate to declare that he dreads her. Vittoria by George Meredith [1867]

Henry James She may be weak, but she is passionately in love with him. The Path Of Duty by Henry James [1884]

Gaston Leroux What for?” “Not a second’s delay, for the love of Heaven. Do what I tell you on your side, and let me do mine. The Secret of the Night by Gaston Leroux [1913]

Andrew Lang This is a very different thing from a love of making dogs fight. Adventures Among Books by Andrew Lang

Why don’t I love her? Why is it that although I know her to be pretty, and pure, and good, and truthful, I don’t love her? Her image never haunts me, except reproachfully. Lady Audley’s Secret by Mary Elizabeth Braddon [1862]

Anthony Trollope Mr. Harding was some minutes quite dumbfounded, and Mr. Arabin could only talk in short, spasmodic sentences about his love and good fortune. Barchester Towers by Anthony Trollope

Nathaniel Hawthorne I love to spend such pleasant Sabbaths from morning till night behind the curtain of my open window. Twice-Told Tales by Nathaniel Hawthorne [1842]

Anthony Trollope Some few might be named, but even in those the attempt breaks down, and the softness of love is found to be necessary to complete the story. An Autobiography by Anthony Trollope [1883]

M. P. Shiel You cannot, you know, instil into the wild zebra the love of poppy; nor teach the tossing limbs of ocean to swear allegiance to mandrake. Shapes in the Fire by M. P. Shiel [1896]

Algernon Blackwood Presently he spoke: “Fillery, I tell you really I love the fellow. The Bright Messenger by Algernon Blackwood [1922]

Then the stranger, after he had made a little pause, said: Men in love are ambitious to be in company with their sweethearts; when that is denied them, they desire at least to talk of them. Symposiacs by Plutarch

Maria Edgeworth But Mademoiselle, who was summoned to Corny’s private council, gave it as her opinion, that M. de Connal was already quite in love — quite as much as a French husband ever was. Ormond by Maria Edgeworth

Henry James She understands all that; that’s why I love her. Portrait of a Lady by Henry James [1881]

G. K. Chesterton If a man, instead of falling in love with a woman, fell in love with a fossil or a sea anemone, poetry could not express him. Robert Browning by G. K. Chesterton [1903]

I said that I did not love her brother but that I had no scruples whatever in marrying him. Chance by Joseph Conrad [1913]

But I do more than love M. de la Fere, dear Baisemeaux; I venerate him. The Man in the Iron Mask by Alexandre Dumas [1850]

I ventured to tell her that Mazarin was the lover of Anne of Austria. She wouldn’t believe me, saying that she knew Anne of Austria, who was too proud to love such a worthless coxcomb. Twenty Years After by Alexandre Dumas [1845]

The past had seemed to stretch its cruel desecrating hand over all the future, cutting her off from the possibility of love and marriage, and from the children whom in dreams she held in her arms. Red Pottage by Mary Cholmondeley [1899]

Far more beautiful was she than Blanche had ever been, and Francis Levison, who had not seen her since she was a child, fell — as he would have called it — in love with her. East Lynne by Ellen Wood [1861]

In depicting the personalities she put all her force into her words, all the abundance of love awakened in her so late by her rousing experiences. Mother by Maksim Gorky

The love of exercising his strong powers of satire and the applause of his boon-companions, lay and clerical, prevailed over the whispers of his own better nature and the advice of his truest friends. Robert Burns by John Campbell Shairp [1879]

H. Rider Haggard I hope you will think kindly of me, Leonard, when I am dead, for I do love you with all my heart, indeed I do. The People of the Mist by H. Rider Haggard

Olaf Stapledon With love and no reason the saint becomes amiably ineffective and superstitious. Saints and Revolutionaries by Olaf Stapledon

Charles Dickens I love you when you’re proud. Barnaby Rudge by Charles Dickens [1841]

Percy Bysshe Shelley Is it for you—is it for Matilda,” continued he, his countenance assuming a smile of bitterest scorn, “to talk of love to the lover of Julia?” Rapid tears coursed down Matilda’s cheek. Zastrozzi by Percy Bysshe Shelley [1810]

Virginia Woolf For such gestures one falls hopelessly in love for a lifetime. The Waves by Virginia Woolf [1931]

Andrew Lang Take this purse full of jewels and make the best use you can of them for love of me, and come back quickly and demand my hand. The Blue Fairy Book by Andrew Lang

E. Phillips Oppenheim Giuseppe and Paul used to pretend that they were in love with me, but neither of them asked me to marry them. Harvey Garrard's Crime by E. Phillips Oppenheim [1926]