Phrases with "making"

He and his wife declined an invitation to Mrs. Story’s masquerade, and lived very quietly during this first winter in Rome, making few acquaintances, but seeing a good deal of the city. The Life and Genius of Nathaniel Hawthorne by Frank Preston Stearns [1906]

I have been making Arnaud write my will. The Heir of Redclyffe by Charlotte M. Yonge [1853]

The inspector stood still, looking worried, and glanced gloomily at the Chief Constable, who was making half-audible noises. Many Dimensions by Charles Williams [1931]

Robert Green Ingersoll In this book I read about God’s making the world and one man. On Skulls by Robert Green Ingersoll

D. H. Lawrence He had been making the garden in order, cutting the edges of the turf, laying the path with stones. The Rainbow by D. H. Lawrence

G. K. Chesterton With Browning, as with all true poets, passion came first and made intellectual expression, the hunger for beauty making literature as the hunger for bread made a plough. Robert Browning by G. K. Chesterton [1903]

Henry Handel Richardson Even Tilly. When it came to making Richard’s straits public, she was hedged on every side. Ultima Thule by Henry Handel Richardson

I have just now lying on the table before me a receipt for making soupe à la reine, copied with my own hand; for beef and cabbage (a charming dish) and old mutton and old claret nobody excels me. Hume by Thomas Henry Huxley [1879]

Sinclair Lewis She has their same stunt of making you feel that if you disagree with them, you’re not only a fool — you ought to see a doctor. World So Wide by Sinclair Lewis

And now the prospect for Larose was so hopeless, as he could do absolutely nothing to help himself, not knowing where to start at making any effort to effect his escape. The Grave-digger of Monks Arden by Arthur Gask [1938]

Cortes, making allowance for the strong national propensity, authorises it under certain limitations; but prohibits the use of dice altogether. The History of the Conquest of Mexico by William Hickling Prescott [1843]

Kate Chopin She had succeeded in making the room look habitable and homelike. The Awakening by Kate Chopin

Anthony Trollope He had no object of making money. The American Senator by Anthony Trollope

Olaf Stapledon For ever since philosophy began, philosophers have been addicted to making metaphysical statements, and yet they have been unable to come to any agreement. Philosophy and Living by Olaf Stapledon [1939]

Guy de Maupassant You must wash George’s hands, for he has been making sand pits. Monsieur Parent by Guy de Maupassant [1885]

Charles Kingsley There was another soul in danger of perdition; another black spot of sin, making earth hideous to her. Two Years Ago by Charles Kingsley

Anatole France As he was well accustomed to making excuses of that sort, he failed to observe that it was not natural for Therese to offer them. The Red Lily by Anatole France [1894]

Wilkie Collins I had, as you will easily imagine, difficulty enough in making him take this view of Nanina’s flight. After Dark by Wilkie Collins [1856]

Algernon Blackwood Others joined in, complimenting him on his knowledge of the language, making him feel utterly at his ease, yet at the same time a little uncomfortable by the excess of their admiration. John Silence by Algernon Blackwood

Wilkie Collins You will be good enough maturely to consider the same, making any remarks on it, tending to economy, which may suggest themselves to your mind at the time. The Law and the Lady by Wilkie Collins [1875]

Anthony Trollope But I wasn’t making bold to say nothing about that. John Caldigate by Anthony Trollope

D.H. Lawrence She recognized the peculiar sulky, childish look she knew so well, therefore, making an effort, she forbore to question. The Trespasser by D.H. Lawrence

Olaf Stapledon As a matter 'of fact he knows almost nothing about himself, and what he does know is found not by being himself but by making himself an object of a knowing act in the ordinary way. Philosophy and Living by Olaf Stapledon [1939]

Charles Dickens His bloated gaoler, who wore spectacles to read with, glanced over them to assure himself that he had taken his place, and went through the list, making a similar short pause at each name. A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens [1859]

John Stuart Mill Such regulations would in general be no material impediment to obtaining the article, but a very considerable one to making an improper use of it without detection. On Liberty by John Stuart Mill [1859]

Anthony Trollope But if that system gives us substantial justice, and protects us from the tyranny of men in office, the German will not succeed in making us believe that it is a bad system. North America by Anthony Trollope

H. Rider Haggard Without saying anything to me he drew out this paltry sum, and, having adopted the name of Neville, started off for South Africa in the wild hope of making a fortune. King Solomon’s Mines by H. Rider Haggard

George Eliot Right before him was an unfinished chest of drawers, which he had been making in spare moments for Hetty’s use, when his home should be hers. Adam Bede by George Eliot [1859]

Anthony Trollope There were twelve ladies collected together with the view of making the evening pass agreeably to me, the single virile being among them all. Tales of all countries by Anthony Trollope

Charles Dickens Mrs. Joe was a very clean housekeeper, but had an exquisite art of making her cleanliness more uncomfortable and unacceptable than dirt itself. Great Expectations by Charles Dickens [1860]

E. Phillips Oppenheim All the time, the big, understanding operator, who deals in the sound shares of the world, goes on his way making money, as make money he must. The Passionate Quest by E. Phillips Oppenheim [1924]

Mr. Tamlyn just worshipped Bertie. He only lived to one end—that of making money for Bertie, after he, himself, should be gone. Janet Carey by Ellen Wood [1873]

Jules Verne We know that the settlers had no other sugar at their disposal than the liquid substance which they drew from the maple, by making deep incisions in the tree. The Mysterious Island by Jules Verne [1874]

Abraham Merri Circling him were those who were left of the black galley’s crew, staring at him, silent, making no move. The Ship of Ishtar by Abraham Merri

Willa Cather His revelation still possessed him, making his whole body sensitive, like a tightly strung bow. One of Ours by Willa Cather [1922]

Anthony Trollope And yet he would willingly have seen any decent man take her and marry her, making a bargain that he should never see her again. The Eustace Diamonds by Anthony Trollope

She need not be very rich, but she must have enough, so that she need not be harassed about making both ends meet, when she ought to be devoting herself to her social duties. A Traveler from Altruria by William Dean Howells

Willa Cather A good many people in Moonstone have been making money lately, and have bought new pianos. The Song of the Lark by Willa Cather [1915]

Anthony Trollope He thought only of making fresh attacks upon his enemy, instead of meditating flight from those which were made upon him. Dr. Wortle’s school by Anthony Trollope

Oscar Wilde He felt that the time had really come for making his choice. The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde [1891]

Robert was faintly cheered by the bad impression she was patently making on everyone. The Franchise Affair by Josephine Tey

Algernon Blackwood For his work, these images taught him, was to increase life by making the “body” it used as perfect as he could. The Bright Messenger by Algernon Blackwood [1922]

With a voice like a young lion, he was hallooing in all directions, making everything fly, and, at the same time, doing everything well. Two Years Before the Mast by Richard Henry Dana [1840]

Wilkie Collins Phoebe, making room under protest, began to whisper again. The Fallen Leaves by Wilkie Collins [1879]

George Gissing In fact—it’s not a polite thing to say—but you’re making a fool of yourself. Thyrza by George Gissing [1887]

Maria Edgeworth Scarcely had Griselda gained this point, when a question arose at the tea-table respecting the Chinese method of making tea. The Modern Griselda by Maria Edgeworth

Virginia Woolf He had gone in to dinner rather late, from some idiotic idea of making himself felt, and had sat down by old Miss Parry — Aunt Helena — Mr. Parry’s sister, who was supposed to preside. Mrs. Dalloway by Virginia Woolf [1925]

Charles Dickens He is bound as before, and in his mouth there is a gag — tied so, with a tight string, making him look almost as if he laughed. A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens [1859]

My business it was not: I abstained from making it such. Shirley by Charlotte Bronte [1849]

I will just say, that the time consumed in making the journey was incredibly brief. Unveiling a Parallel by Alice Ilgenfritz Jones and Ella Merchant [1893]

George Meredith The difficulty of making sure of a bed when you are once detached from your home, was the philosophical reflection we arrived at, for nothing practical presented itself. The Adventures of Harry Richmond by George Meredith [1871]

D. H. Lawrence Only her indomitable will remained static and mechanical, she sat at the table making her musing, stray remarks. Women in Love by D. H. Lawrence

The man thought he was just sleeping it off, because the whisky bottle had rolled all over the floor and the compartment smelt as if he had been making a night of it. The Singing Sands by Josephine Tey [1952]

George Gissing I did give you the chance of making friends among better people than your father. In the Year of Jubilee by George Gissing [1894]

The Fostât’s sailors are already swarming aloft—the Bagstones’ trackers are making for home—our own men are preparing to fling in the rope and jump on board as the Philæ nears the bank. A Thousand Miles up the Nile by Amelia B. Edwards [1877]

Andrew Lang They have some other cause than the indolence or inefficiency of a cento — making undergraduate. Homer and His Age by Andrew Lang

Andrew Lang Yes! there it was, making straight for the island; and Tiidu, holding his pipes in his hand, dashed down to the shore. The Crimson Fairy Book by Andrew Lang

But all the while the pain in my arm was diabolical, making me swear and then try not to swear, because every time I breathed too hard the blood bubbled out of my mouth. Homage to Catalonia by George Orwell [1938]

George Gissing The first duty of the State is to make citizens, and that can only be done by making children understand from the beginning what is meant by citizenship. Our Friend the Charlatan by George Gissing [1899]

Charles Dickens The two ghastly casts on the shelf were not far from him, and their expression was as if they were making a stupid apoplectic attempt to attend to the conversation. Great Expectations by Charles Dickens [1860]

Charles Kingsley So, Miss Val, you must be quick in making good friends with the heir-at-law; or else you won’t get your bills paid any more. Two Years Ago by Charles Kingsley

Gaston Leroux Two windows reaching to the floor let a wan light creep with difficulty through their dirty panes, making a vague twilight in the room. The Secret of the Night by Gaston Leroux [1913]

Rudyard Kipling He was bent on making a fool of himself that way; and he was in no sort disappointed. Plain Tales from the Hills by Rudyard Kipling [1888]

Anthony Trollope He discussed the matter with Gertrude, and she, fully agreeing with him, undertook the task of making the proposal through her mother. The Three Clerks by Anthony Trollope

Marjorie Bowen As he pulled the knife from her, defeating her easily with the least exertion of his enormous strength, he hated her for the worst of her sins, that of making them both ridiculous. Forget-me-not by Marjorie Bowen [1932]

E. Phillips Oppenheim All the time Alexis was walking from room to room, making ceaseless perambulations of the house, continually on the watch for an attack which never came. The Ostrekoff Jewels by E. Phillips Oppenheim [1932]

Henry James The Princess had led to this, almost as soon as they left the house; making up for her avoidance of such topics the day before by saying, suddenly, “Now tell me what is going on among your friends. The Princess Casamassima by Henry James [1886]

Anthony Trollope It’s making too little of any girl to be asking a man to marry her, but better that than let her break her heart, and get ill spoken of through the country too. The Macdermots of Ballycloran by Anthony Trollope [1847]

Andrew Lang She was present at all his councils, and her opinion was asked before making peace or war. The Crimson Fairy Book by Andrew Lang

George Gissing In that moment Miss Shepperson clutched at the notes and gold, and, with a quick step forward, took hold of the baby’s hand, making the little fingers close upon the money. A Charming Family by George Gissing

John Galsworthy The thought of that man was almost making him want her, and this was a revelation of their relationship, startling to one little given to introspective philosophy. To Let by John Galsworthy

Anthony Trollope But as he went down through the narrow ways leading from the police office out into the main street he felt that he was altogether debarred from making any further attack upon his protector. Ayala’s Angel by Anthony Trollope

George Gissing He stammered out his apologies and excuses, with the effect of making Mrs. Tootle furious. The Unclassed by George Gissing [1883]

There had been a brief clearing of the weather, and she proposed our making a promenade together. Uncle Silas by J. Sheridan Le Fanu

Maria Edgeworth Mackenzie gave up all hopes of recovering it; and in proportion as these hopes diminished, his old desire of making the poor washerwoman answerable for his loss increased. Forester by Maria Edgeworth

Anthony Trollope And he has begun by making me a decent allowance again as his son. Mr. Scarborough's Family by Anthony Trollope [1883]

We now saw that the rebels were making ready to attack. The Daughter of the Commandant by Aleksandr Pushkin

Radclyffe Hall She was always thrusting her dolls upon Stephen, making her undress them and put them to bed. The Well of Loneliness by Radclyffe Hall

Charles Dickens But we believe you will assist us in making some advance towards discovery, by examining the receipt (forged, of course) which has no doubt purported to come to you from our house. No Thoroughfare by Charles Dickens [1867]

Andrew Lang Full of this idea she walked up the marble staircase, and entered the little room where her sister-in-law sat, making clothes for her children. The Lilac Fairy Book by Andrew Lang

He came as near as his sort can to making a gesture of horror. Lord Jim by Joseph Conrad [1900]

In the first place, as I have said, I was busy making myself as comfortable as I could. Homage to Catalonia by George Orwell [1938]

The quality and variety of the stories told in them are both very considerable, even without making allowance for what has been called the stock character of mediæval composition. The English Novel by George Saintsbury [1913]

H. G. Wells Only by making it clear I would distract him until he told me what I wanted to know could I get him to turn from his absorbed contemplation of that phantom dance between the sea rim and the shine. In the Days of the Comet by H. G. Wells [1906]

My experiences in London had taught me caution, and I was anxious not to compromise my position at the outset by making an unpopular friend. The Ghost Ship by Richard Middleton

George Gissing I was afraid of making you angry. The Odd Women by George Gissing [1892]

Margaret Oliphant He brought her some wine first of all and a footstool, and threw himself into the easy task of making her comfortable. The Wizard's Son by Margaret Oliphant [1882]

Margaret Oliphant When a young man has nothing to do he must be making up to somebody. The Wizard's Son by Margaret Oliphant [1882]

Ralph Waldo Emerson Therefore I do what I have done; I hold what I have got; and so I resist Night and Chaos.’ ‘O Saturn,’ replied Uranus, ‘thou canst not hold thine own, but by making more. The Conservative by Ralph Waldo Emerson [1841]

Wilkie Collins He found Emily employed as he had left her, in making a crown of roses, to be worn by Cecilia in the evening. I Say No by Wilkie Collins [1884]

Arthur Conan Doyle When an actor I had, of course, learned all the secrets of making up, and had been famous in the green-room for my skill. The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes by Arthur Conan Doyle [1892]

E. F. Benson She strolled across to the fire, and held out her hands to the blaze, which shone through her fingers, making them look as if they were redly luminous in themselves and lit from within. The House of Defence by E. F. Benson [1906]

E. F. Benson There would be no loss of dignity in making a proposal that her enemy, she felt sure, would accept: it merely showed a Christian spirit, and set an example to Elizabeth, to make the first move. Miss Mapp by E. F. Benson [1922]

H. Rider Haggard I tried to give him a hint, in as delicate a way as I could, but he flew into a huff and would not listen to me, so I was determined to let ill along, for fear of making it worse. Allan Quatermain by H. Rider Haggard

Robert Green Ingersoll And He gave him a formula for making ointment, and He said if anybody made ointment like that he should be killed. Lectures by Robert Green Ingersoll

The ants gain access by making a hole from the outside, and then burrow through the partitions, thus getting the run of the whole stem. The Naturalist in Nicaragua by Thomas Belt [1874]

Wilkie Collins After making this arrangement, I descended to the parlour, and took the necessary business measures for using the cook as a check upon her mistress. My Miscellanies by Wilkie Collins [1863]

Arnold Bennett Shells were falling in the southern quarters of Paris, doing perhaps not a great deal of damage, but still plunging occasionally into the midst of some domestic interior and making a sad mess of it. The Old Wives’ Tale by Arnold Bennett [1908]

Anthony Trollope To whom am I to consign ’em in Dublin? While I am making new arrangements of that kind their time will have gone by. The Landleaguers by Anthony Trollope [1883]

D. H. Lawrence He had the faculty of making order out of confusion. Women in Love by D. H. Lawrence

John Galsworthy And with money she was admirablemaking it go further and buy more than most people. Swan Song by John Galsworthy

Wilkie Collins The child saved me the trouble of making any remonstrance. The Two Destinies by Wilkie Collins [1876]

He was so slow in making any reply that Edgerton spoke again. The Man of Death by Arthur Gask [1945]

Jules Verne The superior cone, a mass of rock a thousand feet in height, and weighing thousands of millions of pounds, had been thrown down upon the island, making it tremble to its foundation. The Mysterious Island by Jules Verne [1874]

Strangers flocked into the capital from every part, bent not only upon making money, but on spending it. Memoirs of Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds by Charles Mackay [1852]

The smallest slur upon his own unit, or any implied praise of a rival organization, fills him with uneasiness which he can relieve only by making some sharp retort. Notes on Nationalism by George Orwell [1945]

Goldwin Smith Cowper brought such poetic gifts to his work that his failure might have deterred others from making the same hopeless attempt. Cowper by Goldwin Smith [1880]

Victor Hugo Weary, at length, and fancying that bed and sleep were one, he laid his head upon the pillow without undressing, making darkness the concession of closing his eyes. The Man Who Laughs by Victor Hugo [1869]

Mary Webb Abel would sit, these next nights, making a small coffin that would leave him plenty of beehive wood. Gone to Earth by Mary Webb [1917]

Wilkie Collins In making his proposal, he produced references to persons of high social position in Holland, who could answer for him, so far as the questions of character and position were concerned. The Two Destinies by Wilkie Collins [1876]

Maria Edgeworth It is in vain to talk, to think of making home, or any place, or any thing, or any person, agreeable to me now. Belinda. by Maria Edgeworth

George Gissing Then why should I be at unnecessary expense in making the places better? As soon as I can get no tenants I’ll do so; not till then. The Unclassed by George Gissing [1883]

Henry James Peter had gathered at first that Lady Agnes wouldn’t trust herself to speak directly of her trouble, and he had obeyed what he supposed the best discretion in making no allusion to it. The Tragic Muse by Henry James [1890]

He had often thought of making the inquiry when he was away from Mary, but had always forgotten the thing when he was with her. Phantom Fortune by Mary Elizabeth Braddon [1883]

Sinclair Lewis But say, speaking of your dad, how’s to skip down to your house? There’s Putnam making unfriendly noises upstairs again. The Prodigal Parents by Sinclair Lewis

A heavy mist lay very low on the water, making a sort of illusive grey light that showed nothing. Lord Jim by Joseph Conrad [1900]

Thomas Love Peacock It resulted, from this system of conduct, that all that passed between Scythrop and Marionetta, consisted in making and unmaking love. Nightmare Abbey by Thomas Love Peacock

Elizabeth Gaskell And Bess will have to gie up her pride i’ cheese, and tak’ to making cream-butter. The Crooked Branch by Elizabeth Gaskell [1859]

Elizabeth Gaskell Oh, the leaking of water through one small hole!’ And then she plunged into the tete-a-tete of the other two, making the conversation general. Wives and Daughters by Elizabeth Gaskell [1865]

It is rather a slow shifting in the philosophic perspective, making things appear as from a new centre of interest or point of sight. Essays in Radical Empiricism by William James

For my part, I think the Bishop is to blame for making so much of her. Red Pottage by Mary Cholmondeley [1899]

H. G. Wells I helped him bandage his ankle, and we set out, I his crutch, the two of us making up a sort of limping quadruped, along the winding lane toward the cliffs and the sea. In the Days of the Comet by H. G. Wells [1906]

Frances Hodgson Burnett They were always talking and laughing and making noises. The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett [1911]

Anthony Trollope In making up his mind on which subject he was, perhaps, a little influenced by the opinions and narratives of Mr. Puddleham, the Methodist minister in the village. The Vicar of Bullhampton by Anthony Trollope [1870]

Elizabeth Gaskell She advanced to meet him, making a sign towards her sleeping ladyship. Wives and Daughters by Elizabeth Gaskell [1865]

Sinclair Lewis Doremus admitted that the nice making of a chicken pie was a thing of consequence, but the blur of voices irritated him. It Can’t Happen Here by Sinclair Lewis

Charles Dickens The very smell of the animal’s paintespecially when I brought it out, by making him warm — I am ready to swear to. The Haunted House by Charles Dickens [1859]

Every day increased their dislike to her as she grew daily more beloved by others, and they let no opportunity escape of making her feel the effects of their little malice. A Description of Millenium Hall and the Country Adjacent by Sarah Sco

Kate Chopin The crossing was an affair of extreme difficulty, and which Nathan was reluctant to undertake until he should have gathered a “load” that would justify him in making it. At Fault by Kate Chopin

G. K. Chesterton A modern novelist generally endeavours to make his story interesting, by making his hero odd. Appreciations and Criticisms of the Works of Charles Dickens by G. K. Chesterton [1911]

George Eliot Dear heart, dear heart I shall I tell him you’re too bad to see him?’ ‘Show him up,’ said Mr Lyon, making an effort to rally. Felix Holt the Radical by George Eliot [1866]

The upper part of this was now dry, and Rashleigh resolved on making it his lair for the night that was now fast approaching. Ralph Rashleigh by James Tucker

H. G. Wells I am building up a World Civil Service. I am making my Code. My Revolution has come to stay. The Holy Terror by H. G. Wells [1939]

It is a precarious way of making a living. Brat Farrar by Josephine Tey

Bram Stoker See you now, friend John? I have sown my corn, and Nature has her work to do in making it sprout, if he sprout at all, there’s some promise, and I wait till the ear begins to swell. Dracula by Bram Stoker [1897]

Olaf Stapledon Only the steady though slow rise in average and superior intelligence prevented stagnation by making it possible to dig more thoroughly into the familiar soil. Darkness and the Light by Olaf Stapledon

He hated to see human nature, in which he profoundly believed, making a discreditable exhibition of itself. Castle Gay by John Buchan [1930]

Said it was no good having trouble that we could avoid even if we had the pleasure of seeing the Watchman making a fool of itself. To Love and Be Wise by Josephine Tey [1950]

Rudyard Kipling The windmill arms and the angry eyes fall, for the Sahib is making the report of the death. The Giridih Coal-Fields by Rudyard Kipling [1891]

Charles Kingsley He takes her hand, speaks to her in a low voice, and sits down by her, Claude making room for him; and the two engage earnestly in conversation. Two Years Ago by Charles Kingsley

This habit of making obvious costliness a canon of serviceability of course acts to enhance the aggregate cost of articles of consumption. The Theory of the Leisure Class by Thorstein Veblen

Washington Irving The life of a mendicant student in Spain is not the most miserable in the world; especially if he has any talent at making himself agreeable. The Alhambra by Washington Irving

These we bent on very carefully, with strong robands and seizings, and, making tackles fast to the clews, bowsed them down to the water-ways. Two Years Before the Mast by Richard Henry Dana [1840]

Arthur Morrison Give and take was the order of the round, and they fought all over the ring, Patsy Beard making for close quarters, and Neddy keeping off, and stopping him with the left. Tales of Mean Streets by Arthur Morrison

G. K. Chesterton I was not making up fairy-tales to shield my long-lost brother from Australia, or any of that business in the novels. Four Faultless Felons by G. K. Chesterton [1930]

Baldwin Spencer The making of the heads had taken a long time, so that they had now been away two days, and, after discussing the matter, they decided to return to camp. Native tribes of the Northern Territory of Australia by Baldwin Spencer

John Galsworthy I’ve had it ever since I was seven, and I wouldn’t change for anything, until you’re making me ‘brooches and toys for my delight Of birds’ song at morning and starshine at night. Flowering Wilderness by John Galsworthy

Frances Hodgson Burnett Their God is an understudy of their Kaiser.” “You are not saying that as part of the trick of making a jest of things?” “I wish to God I were. The Head of the House of Coombe by Frances Hodgson Burnett [1922]

Jack London It was all she had on —” “The hussy!” breathed Mrs. Jones. But Mr. Jones went on, making believe that he was unaware of the interruption. The Red One by Jack London [1918]

I should not at all wonder if my ward were to insist upon making herself miserable for life because Launcelot Darrell has a Grecian nose. Eleanor's Victory by Mary Elizabeth Braddon [1863]

Wilkie Collins My idea is that Mrs. Eyrecourt has not given up her design of making Romayne acquainted with the birth of his son. The Black Robe by Wilkie Collins [1881]

Guy de Maupassant He knew nobody in the town, since he had no time to devote to making acquaintances. The Question of Latin (La Question du latin) by Guy de Maupassant [1886]

D. H. Lawrence The roof came down low, making a long shade over the wooden verandahs. Kangaroo by D. H. Lawrence

Wilkie Collins She is making a living as a Medical Rubber (or Masseuse), and is in professional attendance on Mr. Dunboyne the elder. The Legacy of Cain by Wilkie Collins [1889]

Edgar Allan Poe She is a year nearer unto Death; for I did not fail to see that, as she came into the shade, her shadow fell from her, and was swallowed up in the dark water, making its blackness more black. Tales of Natural Beauty by Edgar Allan Poe

W. H. Hudson When Bruno was a boy of fourteen I went one day to help him in making a sheepfold, and when our work was finished in the afternoon we went to the house to sip maté. El Ombú by W. H. Hudson [1902]

Henry James Still, I should like you to be conscious of some better reason for making yourself acceptable to Jean than that another young woman, however brilliant, recommends it. The Other House by Henry James [1896]

George Eliot Meunier and I sat up together in the library, he making frequent visits to the sick-room, and returning with the information that the case was taking precisely the course he expected. The Lifted Veil by George Eliot [1859]

Anthony Trollope It will necessitate my withdrawal from Rome.” “Oh, no, Mrs. Talboys; that will be making too much of him. Tales of all countries by Anthony Trollope

Robert Green Ingersoll Everything was done to make the visit of the ghost as unpleasant as possible, and they generally succeeded in making things so disagreeable that if the ghost did not leave, the patient did. The Ghosts and other lectures by Robert Green Ingersoll

Anatole France And from time to time he gazed, with sighs, at the portrait of the Duc d’Orleans. I said to him: ‘Monsieur Garain, you are making a mistake. The Red Lily by Anatole France [1894]

George Gissing Mr. Gresham was in his studio, making believe to paint, for his hand refused to work as usual when his thoughts were straying he knew not where. Workers in the Dawn by George Gissing [1880]

George Gissing There was no question of making arrests; it was the night of Bank-holiday, and the capacity of police-cells is limited. The Nether World by George Gissing [1888]

Washington Irving As I threaded my way through this teeming region with Mateo at my heels, I passed occasionally some rustic party, seated on the ground, making a merry though frugal repast. The Alhambra by Washington Irving

The making of Aldwych and Kingsway. The spread of service flats. London in My Time by Thomas Burke

Wilkie Collins He never attempted to sell it — not being in need of money, and not (to give him his due again) making money an object. The Moonstone by Wilkie Collins [1868]

William Dampier It is very pleasant in taste, cooling, and refreshing; but if a man eats 15 or 20 of them they will colour his water, making it look like blood. A New Voyage Round the World by William Dampier [1697]

Wilkie Collins But in making her request to me, she stated that the object of the desired interview was to speak to you privately on the subject of your sister. No Name by Wilkie Collins [1862]

John Morley He seems to have usually passed the whole day at his desk, or in making physical experiments in his chamber. Voltaire by John Morley

H. G. Wells And while this room was coming into anticipatory being in her mind, she was making the tea very deftly and listening to Trafford’s every word. Marriage by H. G. Wells [1912]

The sun was making our shadows long, and as I stood beyond him it seemed for a moment that his shadow was double. The Watcher by the Threshold by John Buchan [1900]

Arnold Benne As for reason (which makes conduct, and is not unconnected with the making of principles), it plays a far smaller part in our lives than we fancy. How to Live on Twenty-Four Hours a Day by Arnold Benne

Wilkie Collins Without making any remarks, the old man pointed significantly down the stairs. I Say No by Wilkie Collins [1884]

Altogether, Kitty fully repaid the good action of Mr Wopples by making his tour a wonderful success, and the family returned to Melbourne in high glee with full pockets. Madame Midas by Fergus Hume

Anthony Trollope It was for him to begin the day’s sport by making a speech, not so much in defence of his client as in accusation of the prosecutors. The Three Clerks by Anthony Trollope

H. G. Wells I never dreamed of making dams, opening ship canals, irrigating deserts or flying. An Experiment in Autobiography by H. G. Wells

What purpose is served by saying that men like Maxton are in Fascist pay? Only the purpose of making serious discussion impossible. Homage to Catalonia by George Orwell [1938]

Charles Dickens There she sits in his company like a stone, instead of making herself agreeable and getting it easily. Hard Times by Charles Dickens [1854]

Guy de Maupassant The neighbor came, making examinations and discussing the matter in their turn, while the two women explained to each newcomer what they had observed and their opinion. The Watch Dog (Pierrot) by Guy de Maupassant [1882]

E. F. Benson Suppose they all go on making allusions to duelling and early trains and that? I shan’t be able to keep my mind on the cards for fear of it. Miss Mapp by E. F. Benson [1922]

He grinned to himself that perhaps he might come across Larose and the young Mrs. Hilary making a bit of love in the woods. His Prey was Man by Arthur Gask [1942]

Anthony Trollope It was a happy idea that of making them all around conceive that Neefit had come after his money. Ralph the Heir by Anthony Trollope [1871]

Sir Walter Scott I promise you, Mike Lambourne has been making very particular inquiries at my hostler when and which way you ride. Kenilworth by Sir Walter Scott [1821]

Edith Wharton She insists on making it a test case. The Descent of Man and other stories by Edith Wharton [1903]

Andrew Lang And so there was such a jam-making as had never been seen before, and if you like to go and help in it, you might perhaps get a little, for they must surely be making jam still to this very day. The Lilac Fairy Book by Andrew Lang

He only hoped that he could imitate him in making a good end. Mr. Standfast by John Buchan [1919]

Andrew Lang One day, when Koane had slept later than usual, his father and mother went to their work before him, and there was only Thakane to be seen busy making the bread for supper. The Brown Fairy Book by Andrew Lang

Somebody must be making a good thing out of those caravans! But dearly their continued existence is due to the housing shortage and not directly to poverty. The Road to Wigan Pier by George Orwell [1937]

Well, I look then you’ll be making for the Springs?” “Folks say as all the world is making for the Springs, and I except a good sight of them is. Domestic Manners of the Americans by Fanny Trollope

G. K. Chesterton We would remake an old law, but in this we cannot wholly escape the duty of making a new one. The Return of Don Quixote by G. K. Chesterton [1927]

Here we were building shops which the floods inundated in the spring, soaking through the floors, making the outer doors hang crooked. In the World by Maksim Gorky

George Eliot Did he say he’d be coming to see us soon? But come in, come in,” he added, making way for them; “I hadn’t need keep y’ out any longer. Adam Bede by George Eliot [1859]

Jules Verne One would almost fancy he had the power of making himself invisible, this Proteus of a mechanic!” “It seems likely,” said I, “that he will never be seen until he wishes to be. The Master of the World by Jules Verne [1904]

Henry James Deep and beautiful on this her smile came back, and with the effect of making him hear what he had said just as she had heard it. The Ambassadors by Henry James [1903]

Henry Fielding I will say no more, but I hope you know I do not fear making any man angry. Amelia by Henry Fielding

Henry James I told him that if he would n’t come with me I would come alone, and he said I might do as I chose — that he was not in a humor for making visits. Confidence by Henry James [1879]

Elizabeth Gaskell He shut his eyes, and chose to believe that she was now desirous of making up for her little burst of temper on his previous visit. Wives and Daughters by Elizabeth Gaskell [1865]

M. P. Shiel As to making over his inheritance to her, I treated that with derision, telling him that the world is a practical place, not cloud-land. The Lost Viol by M. P. Shiel [1905]

The disease was making very quick progress indeed; it was what is called “rapid decline. The Ebony Box by Ellen Wood [1883]

Anthony Trollope It is easy to love one’s enemy when one is making fine speeches; but so difficult to do so in the actual everyday work of life. Framley Parsonage by Anthony Trollope