Phrases with "paused"

A passing comrade paused beside him long enough to fire, appraised the poor devil’s disability with a look and moved sullenly on, inserting a cartridge in his weapon. Tales of Soldiers and Civilians by Ambrose Bierce

Anthony Trollope You have to find plots, haven’t you?” Mr Bouncer paused a moment. Phineas Redux by Anthony Trollope

Robert Louis Stevenson A few withered tracks of sunset, amber and glow-worm green, still lingered in the western sky; and she paused once again to watch them fading. Prince Otto by Robert Louis Stevenson

Anthony Trollope He had, however, paused a minute or two at the open gate when he was rebuked by Peter. “Shure yer honour is going up to the house to get the constables to scour the counthry. The Landleaguers by Anthony Trollope [1883]

He paused a moment outside the door of this shed. John Marchmont’s Legacy by Mary Elizabeth Braddon [1862]

Robert Louis Stevenson He has just paused to render himself account of some difficulty, to disentangle some complication of line or compare neighbouring values. Virginibus Puerisque by Robert Louis Stevenson

Edith Wharton In the hall he paused a minute to say that if it suited her they would take the three o’clock train back to North Dormer; then he took his hat and coat from the rack and went out. Summer by Edith Wharton [1917]

George Gissing And then he paused a little, elevating and sinking his bushy eyebrows. Thyrza by George Gissing [1887]

In the very hour when my mind could devise no clue to the goal of vengeance, have ye sent this fair fool for my guide?’ He paused in deep thought. The Last Days of Pompeii by Edward Bulwer-Lytton [1834]

Virginia Woolf He paused outside on the landing trying to recover his self-control and to decide what course he might with most dignity pursue. Night and Day by Virginia Woolf [1919]

Abraham Merri He paused at the edge of the coppice. The Woman of the Wood by Abraham Merri

Andrew Lang The trees were so thick and the wood so dark, that he paused for a moment and listened, straining his ears to catch some sound to break a silence which almost frightened him. The Crimson Fairy Book by Andrew Lang

Julian Hawthorne The ascent was steep, and at the first turning in the path my beautiful companion paused for breath. Mrs. Gainsborough’s Diamonds by Julian Hawthorne

Wilkie Collins Instead of at once complying with her wishes, he pausedhesitated — and made a strange request. I Say No by Wilkie Collins [1884]

G. K. Chesterton Rupert paused at the corner of Tanner’s Court, with a quiver of delight at danger, and gripped Basil’s revolver in his great-coat pocket. The Club of Queer Trades by G. K. Chesterton [1905]

At the head of the stairway he paused and looked curiously about him. The Four Million by O. Henry [1906]

Well, I asked was there anything more, and he paused a bit, and says he, no, not at present. The Wyvern Mystery by J. Sheridan Le Fanu

Madge stepped into the cab, and Calton paused a moment to tell the cabman to drive to the railway station Suddenly she stopped him. The Mystery of a Hansom Cab by Fergus Hume

Margaret Oliphant He paused on the edge of the road as he saw the carriage coming. Salem Chapel by Margaret Oliphant [1862]

Zona Gale This,” the prince paused in emotion, “this is the worst that could befall your father. Romance Island by Zona Gale [1906]

William Henry Hudson I hurried on after my guide without speaking, but when I got to the middle of the room I paused involuntarily once more, so profoundly did one of the statues impress me. A Crystal Age by William Henry Hudson

Edith Wharton Ethan paused also, affecting to fumble for the peg on which he hung his coat and cap. Ethan Frome by Edith Wharton [1911]

Edith Wharton The little dog did not start, or growl, or take his eyes from me — he simply slipped back about a yard, and then paused and continued to look at me. Kerfol by Edith Wharton [1916]

Anthony Trollope Then he paused and blew the wrath out of his nostrils. Marion Fay by Anthony Trollope [1882]

Anthony Trollope Crosbie paused a moment, during which his colour became very red. The Small House at Allington by Anthony Trollope

Anthony Trollope The elderly man was Thomas Crinkett. As he passed he was quite sure that the man was Thomas Crinkett. When he had gone on a dozen yards, he paused for a moment to consider what he would do. John Caldigate by Anthony Trollope

Rafael Sabatini Midway between two of the lanterns slung across the narrow street and shedding a feeble yellow light he paused again. The Plague of Ghosts by Rafael Sabatini

Henry Handel Richardson Outside her room, he paused to light the candle that was standing on the table, but Louise opened the door and went in. Maurice Guest by Henry Handel Richardson

H. G. Wells On the landing there had been a rearrangement of the furniture, and he paused to survey it. Marriage by H. G. Wells [1912]

Edith Wharton What have you got to say? Do you suppose a Bible Class ever hurt anybody?” Millner paused a moment, feeling all through his nervous system the fateful tremor of the balance. Tales of Men and Ghosts by Edith Wharton [1910]

Henry David Thoreau When I paused to lean on my hoe, these sounds and sights I heard and saw anywhere in the row, a part of the inexhaustible entertainment which the country offers. Walden by Henry David Thoreau

Wilkie Collins She paused bewildered, and put her hands over her eyes. Poor Miss Finch by Wilkie Collins [1872]

Virginia Woolf He paused on the doorstep and looked out into the street. The Years by Virginia Woolf [1937]

Wilkie Collins I paused at the same moment, feeling that I could venture no further without the risk of offending him. The Law and the Lady by Wilkie Collins [1875]

He paused for a moment, and then went on with his lunch. Brat Farrar by Josephine Tey

Edgar Allan Poe I paused for breath; and, in the meantime, an accident occurred of too momentous a nature in a moral, and also in a metaphysical point of view, to be passed over without notice. Humorous Tales by Edgar Allan Poe

Harper paused at the door and laid a hand upon his companion’s arm. Tales of Soldiers and Civilians by Ambrose Bierce

Walter Scott The stranger, however, paused opposite to her cottage, and dismounting from his pony, led it down the steep and broken path which conducted to her door. Chronicles of the Canongate by Walter Scott [1827]

But on the practical side, the bread-and-butter side? For some days Theron paused with a shudder when he reached this question. The Damnation of Theron Ware by Harold Frederic [1896]

H. G. Wells It was cooking!” Sarnac paused — his brows knit. The Dream by H. G. Wells [1924]

George Gissing He paused awhile, then began his expostulation, at first treating the affair as too absurd for grave argument. Born in Exile by George Gissing [1891]

Joseph Furphy Ain’t he, Mosey?” He paused and laughed heartily. Such is Life by Joseph Furphy

O, they were all like’— and Bill paused for a simile —‘like lords! The superintendent sacked them on the spot. The Wrong Box by Robert Louis Stevenson and Lloyd Osbourne

You needn’t wait, Binns. Sugar, Inspector?” “I want to know where you took Rimnik.” Champneis paused with the sugar poised. A Shilling for Candles by Josephine Tey [1936]

I happened to see him turn into the street, for I had just received a shop dial from our neighbour, the grocer, and had accompanied him to the door, where he paused for a final message. Mr Polton Explains by R. Austin Freeman [1940]

Jacques Futrelle But since you have received one under circumstances which seem to be identical, now——” He paused helplessly. The Diamond Master by Jacques Futrelle [1909]

Marie Corelli The women are — ruined!” He paused a moment. The Master-Christian by Marie Corelli [1900]

I shall be here all day, unless Betty sends for Me.” After this conversation, Richard was about to leave the flat, when he paused and went back. All Hallows’ Eve by Charles Williams [1945]

She paused a moment by the gaping lift, and then walked slowly to the head of the iron outer staircase. Moth and Rust by Mary Cholmondeley [1912]

Caithness went quietly across the room towards the Zulu, Sir Bernard paused by the door, listening for footsteps, and watching what went on. Shadows of Ecstasy by Charles Williams

Algernon Blackwood They paused in their wild descent. Julius LeVallon by Algernon Blackwood [1916]

W. W. Jacobs The man came from the window, made as though to pass, and then paused irresolute before the pawn-broker. The Brown Man’s Servant by W. W. Jacobs

Andrew Lang That, sire, I can now tell you,’ and the young man paused and looked at the king, who coloured deeply. The Lilac Fairy Book by Andrew Lang

Thomas Wolfe He had a cropped moustache and artificial teeth, which were revealed whenever he paused to lick his thin lips lecherously and to stutter out: “What? What?”— as he began to do almost at once. You Can’t Go Home Again by Thomas Wolfe [1940]

Edith Wharton He turned the door-handle, paused again, and stooped to take out the letter. The Custom of the Country by Edith Wharton [1913]

Ann Radcliffe They paused awhile in silence to give breath to expectation, and to listen if any thing was stirring. The Castles of Athlin and Dunbayne by Ann Radcliffe [1789]

H. G. Wells I paused at the foot of the stairs, expecting her to appear and come down. In the Days of the Comet by H. G. Wells [1906]

George Eliot Seth paused a moment and looked up, with a slight blush, at his mother’s face. Adam Bede by George Eliot [1859]

She paused at the door, smiling, and listened to Yegor talk with the physician in a hoarse but lively voice. Mother by Maksim Gorky

Anne Bronte I paused to admire its lovely blossoms. Agnes Grey by Anne Bronte [1847]

Walter Scott With a light step and laughing brow the young Lady of Lee was approaching, the fountain usually so solitary, when she paused on beholding some one seated beside it. Woodstock by Walter Scott [1855]

Henry James The Princess came nearer, gravely and in silence, but fairly paused again, to give her time for whatever she would. The Golden Bowl by Henry James [1904]

Wilkie Collins Mirabel supposed that she had paused to control her agitation. I Say No by Wilkie Collins [1884]

Walter Scott Upon arriving at the pulpit, he paused a moment to take breath, then began to ascend the steps by two at a time. Woodstock by Walter Scott [1855]

As the Great Mayor paused in the Presence, the minor clergy, the civic authorities, the choir and populace closed in and encompassed the spot. Negligible Tales by Ambrose Bierce

E. Phillips Oppenheim When at last he made his departure, he paused as he passed Machinka, who was preparing with a low bow to usher him out. The Spymaster by E. Phillips Oppenheim [1938]

Arthur Thomas Quiller-Couch You had best follow me —” he took a step and paused again: “No, there will not be time. Margery of Lawhibbet by Arthur Thomas Quiller-Couch

But when they were now come to the stair foot, Corund paused a minute to try the buckles of his harness. The Worm Ouroboros by E. R. Eddison [1922]

Marie Corelli The Cardinal paused a moment, his keen penetrating eyes dwelling kindly on the noble young face beside him. The Master-Christian by Marie Corelli [1900]

There was one head that appeared very much oftener than others, and Clarissa felt herself blushing a deeper red every time Mr. Granger paused to contemplate this particular likeness. The Lovels of Arden by Mary Elizabeth Braddon [1871]

Thomas Love Peacock He paused a moment by the Roman camp to listen to the nightingale; repeated to himself a passage of Sophocles; proceeded through the park gate, and entered the narrow lane that led to the village. Crotchet Castle by Thomas Love Peacock

Charles Dickens At length the widow — for she it was — reached her own door, and, panting for breath, paused to take the key from her basket. Barnaby Rudge by Charles Dickens [1841]

Edith Wharton He as much as told me so, and somehow” — Evelina paused and bridled — “I kinder thought that maybe his saying he’d call round about the clock was on’y just an excuse. Bunner Sisters by Edith Wharton [1916]

E. Phillips Oppenheim It was obvious that he had only paused for breath. The Great Impersonation by E. Phillips Oppenheim [1920]

Edith Wharton She paused a second longer and then crossed the threshold of the study. The Reef by Edith Wharton [1912]

H. G. Wells He paused momentarily, and broke into vague exhortations, and then a rush of speech came upon him. When the Sleeper Wakes by H. G. Wells [1899]

At night, when Guy had taken him to his room, he paused and said —‘You are sure that you have forgiven me?’ ‘What! You have not forgotten that yet?’ said Charles. ‘Of course not. The Heir of Redclyffe by Charlotte M. Yonge [1853]

George Meredith He paused perforce to inquire, giving them space for the breeding of their multitudes. Lord Ormont and his Aminta by George Meredith [1894]

E. Phillips Oppenheim At last he paused to count the chimes from St. Thomas’s Church. Ten o’clock. Harvey Garrard's Crime by E. Phillips Oppenheim [1926]

Edgar Rice Burroughs It happened thus: I had been following a ravine downward out of a chain of lofty hills and had paused at its mouth to view the lovely little valley that lay before me. Pellucidar by Edgar Rice Burroughs [1923]

When we paused in front of our old friend, and observed these signs of poverty, which are not to be mistaken, we thought as we turned away, that the house had attained its lowest pitch of degradation. Sketches by Boz by Charles Dickens [1836]

Nathaniel Hawthorne By and by, he paused all at once; so suddenly, indeed, that my own cachinnation lasted a moment longer. The Blithedale Romance by Nathaniel Hawthorne [1852]

H. G. Wells This American —” She paused to arrange her facts. Babes In The Darkling Woods by H. G. Wells [1940]

And then one dimly discerns that, while she paused and struggled, a new and a sinister element of uncertainty was beginning to join the others to increase the fluctuation of her mind. Elizabeth and Essex by Lytton Strachey [1928]

H. Rider Haggard Then she half rose, paused irresolutely, and, as though struggling against something foolish, sat determinedly down again. Dawn by H. Rider Haggard

Wilkie Collins A Miss —” He paused to consult his memory, and this time (thanks perhaps to his night’s rest) his memory answered the appeal. The Legacy of Cain by Wilkie Collins [1889]

Theodore Dreiser Does it strike you that an organization like ours would be likely to betray any one’s confidence?” He paused and looked at Butler for confirmation of what he had just said. The Financier by Theodore Dreiser

Arthur Conan Doyle He paused for a moment, and then, raising his voice, repeated slowly the words: “Which were extinct before the coming of man. The Lost World by Arthur Conan Doyle [1912]

Thomas Wolfe On one page the man paused and frowned, scrutinising carefully a stamp showing reentrance into Germany from Kufstein, on the Austrian border; then he consulted again the papers George had handed him. You Can’t Go Home Again by Thomas Wolfe [1940]

Charles Dickens He paused for some time before he asked, ‘To whom?’ Clemency narrowly escaped oversetting the tea-board, in her emotion at this question. The Battle of Life by Charles Dickens [1846]

Anthony Trollope Having paused to think of this, he crept along under the wall, close to the house, towards the passage by which he could reach them. The Vicar of Bullhampton by Anthony Trollope [1870]

Arthur Conan Doyle The tall man paused with his foot upon the step. Tales of Terror and Mystery by Arthur Conan Doyle [1923]

Arthur Machen He paused a moment at the upper corner, and turned round to look across the river at the happy country showing its morning magic and delight. Holy Terrors by Arthur Machen

Virginia Woolf Like a nun withdrawing, or a child exploring a tower, she went upstairs, paused at the window, came to the bathroom. Mrs. Dalloway by Virginia Woolf [1925]

Colin paused outside to light a cigar, with difficulty shielding the match from the gale. Citadel of Fear by Francis Stevens

Ivan Turgenev The laughter never paused for an instant. First Love by Ivan Turgenev

Sir Walter Scott He paused for the night at a small hostelry lying out of the ordinary route, where, however, he obtained from a wandering minstrel news of the event of the tourney. Ivanhoe by Sir Walter Scott [1820]

Arthur Conan Doyle But he paused in the passage outside the door, and his hand was shaking, so that the light flickered up and down the high, bare walls. The Sealed Room by Arthur Conan Doyle [1898]

Anthony Trollope Oh, father, is it true, think you?” He paused a while before he answered, examining himself what it might be best that he should say as to her welfare. Marion Fay by Anthony Trollope [1882]

George Gissing In Rome—’ Marcian paused significantly, and the Senator took up his words. Veranilda by George Gissing [1903]

Edith Wharton Halo paused in the glass door leading into the hall. Hudson River Bracketed by Edith Wharton [1929]

E. Phillips Oppenheim Mr. Hutchinson paused and was introduced to Miss Burton. The two men then took their places at the adjoining table. The Amazing Partnership by E. Phillips Oppenheim [1914]

Marjorie Bowen At the newel post she paused and looked over her shoulder. The Rake’s Progress by Marjorie Bowen [1912]

I paused to study the sweet face. The Amethyst Box by Anna Katharine Green

Not very orthodox perhaps, but I suppose orthodoxy wasn’t the first requisite at the Court of Leo.” He paused and turned the pages. The Place of the Lion by Charles Williams [1931]

Old Mr. Gollidge paused in the story that he was telling and looked at her with mild reproach. Mr Polton Explains by R. Austin Freeman [1940]

Arthur Conan Doyle I paused for a moment, uncertain what I should do. The Exploits of Brigadier Gerard by Arthur Conan Doyle [1896]

Wilkie Collins Once more the footsteps approached — paused a moment — then seemed to retire as before — then returned slowly. Basil by Wilkie Collins [1852]

Virginia Woolf She paused on the steps and adjusted her bonnet. The Years by Virginia Woolf [1937]

Edith Wharton And when she paused she understood in a flash the extent of her miscalculation. Hudson River Bracketed by Edith Wharton [1929]

E. Phillips Oppenheim He paused at the open entrance to the lounge and they heard him breathing fast, as though he had been running. The Strange Boarders of Palace Crescent by E. Phillips Oppenheim [1934]

He paused here to take a drink of water, and of all there in the court only the reporters, who were busy with their pencils, had not got their eyes intently fixed upon his face. Gentlemen of Crime by Arthur Gask [1932]

Benjamin Disraeli The swells now and then paused in their conversation and glanced at the scene of disturbance. Lothair by Benjamin Disraeli [1870]

All paused to follow us with black persistent eyes, as we passed by; only the men went on working unmoved. Two Stories by Ella D'Arcy [1896]

Edith Wharton But, after all, you were among old friends or their children: the Gileses and Fresbies — and little Charlotte Wynn.” He paused a moment before the last name, and scrutinized her hesitatingly. Autres Temps . . . by Edith Wharton [1916]

It was all frightfully obscure and dark! In the act of reconstructing her experience she paused frequently. The Haunted Woman by David Lindsay [1922]

E. Phillips Oppenheim At the door of the hotel he paused for a moment, and then, instead of joining the stream of promenaders, he entered and slowly ascended the broad marble staircase toward his room. To Win the Love He Sought by E. Phillips Oppenheim [1895]

Frances Hodgson Burnett At last it paused at a delicately coloured pamphlet. Robin by Frances Hodgson Burnett [1922]

Jane Austen The sight of you, Edward, is the only comfort it has afforded; and thank Heaven! you are what you always were!” She paused — no one spoke. Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen [1811]

My honest friend, Dan Donovan, paused here; I could perceive that he was praying, for his lips were busy, and I concluded that it was for the repose of that departed soul. The White Cat of Drumgunniol by J. Sheridan Le Fanu

Anthony Trollope Then Gregory paused in his questions, and Clarissa expressed a hope that there might be no more hunting in the world. Ralph the Heir by Anthony Trollope [1871]

Then he paused and muttered ’Dooltzhibella,‘ scratching his head, ‘that was the name. The Riddle of the Sands by Erskine Childers [1903]

Walter Scott Thus two great bodies of troops, Grecian and European, paused at some distance from each other on the banks of the Bosphorus canal, differing in language, arms, and appearance. Count Robert of Paris by Walter Scott [1832]

E. Phillips Oppenheim He paused to listen but all that he could hear was the soft sobbing of stringed instruments in the distance and a murmur of many voices, apparently from the reception rooms of the palazzo. The Spy Paramount by E. Phillips Oppenheim [1934]

She paused on the stair, and the thought struck her heart: ‘This man is my enemy. Judith Paris by Hugh Walpole [1931]

There was no struggle or desperation in her movement or consciousness now as, so summoned, she went forward and paused in front of him, holding out her joined hands below his. Many Dimensions by Charles Williams [1931]

Elizabeth Gaskell Captain Holdernesse paused a moment, and then said: ‘Is this house Ralph Hickson’s?’ ‘It is,’ said the young man, in a slow, deep voice. Lois the Witch by Elizabeth Gaskell [1859]

Lester’s attention turned to it, and the dwarf, folding her arms, paused conformably and leaned on the parapet. All Hallows’ Eve by Charles Williams [1945]

Arthur Conan Doyle I paused but for an instant to touch the cold hand. The Exploits of Brigadier Gerard by Arthur Conan Doyle [1896]

The voice from the telescreen paused and added in a different and much graver tone: ‘You are warned to stand by for an important announcement at fifteen-thirty. Nineteen Eighty-four by George Orwell

At the bottom of the steps I paused — I had to; something made me. The Crime and the Criminal by Richard Marsh [1897]

Anne Bronte The instant he began I sent our son out of the room; and when he paused to breathe, I calmly assured him that he was entirely mistaken; I had never once attempted to prejudice his child against him. The Tenant of Wildfell Hall by Anne Bronte [1848]

Steele Rudd He paused just a moment to grip the axe with both hands. On Our Selection by Steele Rudd

Virginia Woolf Here he paused for a second, and collected himself before he opened the door. The Voyage Out by Virginia Woolf [1915]

Henry James He has been to me a — a —!” And here he paused to select a word which should vividly enough express what, for good or for ill, his kinsman represented. A Passionate Pilgrim by Henry James [1871]

Edith Wharton There he paused a full minute, his hands in his pockets, staring out at the perpetual interweaving of motors in the luminous setting of the square. The Custom of the Country by Edith Wharton [1913]

Andrew Lang At last she paused in a room which looked almost like a kitchen, it was so full of pots and pans, but the tables were of mahogany and the sofas and chairs covered with the richest stuffs. The Violet Fairy Book by Andrew Lang

Wilkie Collins Lady Janet paused for his reply, with the air of a women who was prepared to wait (if necessary) for the rest of the afternoon. The New Magdalen by Wilkie Collins [1873]

Abraham Merri For an instant the Thing paused — and in that instant the human soul of the girl rushed back. The Metal Monster by Abraham Merri

The sun was slowly setting as he paused beside a lonely part of the Sarnus, ere yet it wound amidst the evidences of luxury and power. The Last Days of Pompeii by Edward Bulwer-Lytton [1834]

Henry James Before his poor wife — ” General Fancourt paused a moment, smiling a little less. The Lesson of the Master by Henry James [1888]

Sarah Purfoy paused in the doorway to listen, but she could make nothing of the low, uneasy murmuring. For the term of his natural life by Marcus Clarke [1874]

Joseph Furphy I paused to make one more solicitation. Such is Life by Joseph Furphy

H. Rider Haggard A few steps brought him to that rock on which he had discovered the head of the reptile, and he paused to examine it. The People of the Mist by H. Rider Haggard

G. K. Chesterton And suppose you looked again, and saw it was Lord Kitchener. What would you think?” He paused a moment, and went on: “You could not adopt the ordinary explanation. The Club of Queer Trades by G. K. Chesterton [1905]

Nathaniel Hawthorne Finally, he paused before an oaken door, on which was pinned a card, bearing the name of Miriam Schaefer, artist in oils. The Marble Faun by Nathaniel Hawthorne [1860]

Henry James But he’s a very nice man all the same; it’s very pleasant to see him surrounded by his —” And Mrs. Headway paused a moment, her appreciation ranging: “Surrounded by all his old heirlooms. The Siege of London by Henry James [1883]

Edgar Allan Poe Down came the storm and smote amain The vessel in its strength; She shuddered and paused like a frighted steed Then leaped her cable’s length. Criticism by Edgar Allan Poe

Henry James Here she again paused an instant, after which she opened the door and went in. Portrait of a Lady by Henry James [1881]

H. G. Wells He paused at that, and stood regarding me. Twelve Stories and a Dream by H. G. Wells [1903]

Marjorie Bowen As he neared the water he paused to break from its stem a pale rose that fell across his path—a flower-like faint flame that seemed as if it had been created suddenly out of the darkness. The Rake’s Progress by Marjorie Bowen [1912]

Thomas Hardy With a look of relief and regret combined, denoting that ease came to the heart and disappointment to the brain, Elfride paused for several minutes, as if undecided how to act. A Pair of Blue Eyes by Thomas Hardy [1899]

Virginia Woolf Lady Otway looked at her and paused for a moment. Night and Day by Virginia Woolf [1919]

They paused at a lighted corner while their destination was settled. Rogue Herries by Hugh Walpole [1930]

Sir Walter Scott It must be owned, that if an interest displayed in his success could have bribed the Disinherited Knight, the part of the lists before which he paused had merited his predilection. Ivanhoe by Sir Walter Scott [1820]

Anthony Trollope Arthur paused a moment with them, as they passed on from the Duchess, thinking that he would say something in a friendly tone. The Prime Minister by Anthony Trollope

Algernon Blackwood He paused a moment and mopped his forehead. John Silence by Algernon Blackwood

E. Phillips Oppenheim She paused in the act of mixing another cocktail and looked around at him with an expression of hopeless bewilderment. The Ostrekoff Jewels by E. Phillips Oppenheim [1932]

E. F. Benson Listen to the voice of them, shouting their praise to the Lord. By Jove! He is being good to you, isn’t He?” Again he paused a moment. The House of Defence by E. F. Benson [1906]

Henry James A single word, she felt, might close it, and with the question that came to her lips as Mrs. Gereth paused she seemed to herself to ask, in cold dread, for her doom. The Spoils of Poynton by Henry James [1897]

Arthur Conan Doyle I say there shall be no mercy for such,’ here he paused and surveyed his force with a set face and his eyelids drawn low over his glinting, shifting eyes. Micah Clarke by Arthur Conan Doyle

John Galsworthy He paused and smiled at her with a sort of winey sweetness. Maid in Waiting by John Galsworthy

Edith Wharton She paused again, reaching out toward her audience. Hudson River Bracketed by Edith Wharton [1929]

Thomas Hardy The road passed between green fields, and coming to a stile Sue paused there, to finish the page she was reading, and then looked back at the towers and domes and pinnacles new and old. Jude the Obscure by Thomas Hardy

Bruno looked up, as all the others did, seeing how the chariots paused and the faces were upturned, and the wands were lowered under this one casement. Signa by Ouida

For a flash all the faces were lit with a white radiance, the dancers paused in the Meadow, the trees on the Island were fiery and then the darker for their flame. Judith Paris by Hugh Walpole [1931]

E. Phillips Oppenheim Once, twice she looked nervously behind her, then she paused before the door of his cabin, hesitated for a moment, and finally passed over the threshold. Mysterious Mr. Sabin by E. Phillips Oppenheim [1898]

He looked sourly over his glass at his colleagues and contemporaries, laughing and talking over the coarse white cloths, and they, unused to a glower on his brow, paused in their traffic to tease him. A Shilling for Candles by Josephine Tey [1936]

Mr. Carlyle paused ere he spoke, and a red flush dyed his face. East Lynne by Ellen Wood [1861]

Thomas Hardy Her sorrow was that she could not accompany her one old friend on foot a little way, and talk more freely than she could do while he paused before the house. Life’s Little Ironies by Thomas Hardy

Andrew Lang But, instead of sinking to the bottom, he paused a second to steady himself, then gave a second spring which landed him on the further shore. The Orange Fairy Book by Andrew Lang

On the first landing she paused and turned. A Daughter of To-Day by Sara Jeannette Duncan [1894]

Look at a young lady in a drawing-room: don’t she set herself off when she is expecting the beaux to call?” Mrs. Dyke paused for want of breath. Roger Bevere by Ellen Wood [1884]

Henry James But we can’t beat —” And Sholto paused a moment. The Princess Casamassima by Henry James [1886]

Henry James He paused a moment in the corridor, after he had gone a few steps, expecting to hear the resonance of M. de Bellegarde’s displeasure; but he detected only a perfect stillness. The American by Henry James [1877]

The sound stopped him; he paused startled and half ashamed; and not another note could be got from him. Signa by Ouida

Anthony Trollope But he paused for a moment to look for a less triumphant word; and then paused again, and left his sentence incomplete, when he saw the expression of his father’s face. Castle Richmond by Anthony Trollope

Anthony Trollope Even he had been a little confused as he opened the door — even he, as he paused to close it behind him, had to think how he would address her, and perhaps had thought in vain. The Prime Minister by Anthony Trollope

E. Phillips Oppenheim Her own fingers, which had crept out towards the switch, paused as though paralysed. The Glenlitten Murder by E. Phillips Oppenheim [1929]

The marriage was solemnized with much pomp, and a few days after there was a feast in that very wainscotted chamber which you paused to remark was so gloomy. Melmoth the Wanderer by Charles Maturin [1820]

Anthony Trollope But, Herbert —” Herbert looked up at her and paused for her to go on. Tales of all countries by Anthony Trollope

Edgar Allan Poe At a piano, singing an aria from Bellini, sat a young and very beautiful woman, who, at my entrance, paused in her song, and received me with graceful courtesy. Tales of Illusion by Edgar Allan Poe

Arnold Bennett Her first impulse was to throw them in his face; but she paused and then flung them into a corner of the room. The Old Wives’ Tale by Arnold Bennett [1908]

He paused upon the threshold of that chamber in which he had left Lucy — Lady Audley, otherwise Helen Talboys, the wife of his lost friend. Lady Audley’s Secret by Mary Elizabeth Braddon [1862]

George Gissing It was quickly done, though Sibyl paused to reflect after the first word or two. The Whirlpool by George Gissing [1896]

Not knowing what this new movement might mean, Mr. Gryce paused where he was and waited for the man to advance. The Circular Study by Anna Katharine Green

You are aware that that is the rule?” “No, I did not know it,” said Aramis. Madame de Chevreuse paused to look at Aramis, but it was perfectly dark. Louise de la Valliere by Alexandre Dumas [1848-1850]

Henry James A part of his waiting indeed consisted of a fidgety walk up Bond Street, during which he looked at his watch three or four times while he paused at shop windows for fear of being a little early. The Tragic Muse by Henry James [1890]

Algernon Blackwood Dr. Fillery paused a moment, sniffed with surprise and sharp enjoyment, listened intently, then switched the light off and went out, closing the door behind him. The Bright Messenger by Algernon Blackwood [1922]

Jack London I shook my head and paused in the act of dislodging the shavings which had drifted down my neck. The Sea-Wolf by Jack London [1904]

The King, who suspected that he was to meet some opposition to his will, paused and looked at his mother closely. Marguerite de Valois by Alexandre Dumas

I can only hate!” He paused as if astonished at himself, and then continued, with a low laugh. For the term of his natural life by Marcus Clarke [1874]

He paused a minute or two, and then said — “I think I have it, but I do not like to say; I may pain you, sir. A Strange Story by Edward Bulwer-Lytton [1862]

They paused for a moment at the front door, seemed to set something down, and then retreated quickly. A Night on the Borders of the Black Forest by Amelia B. Edwards

Theodore Dreiser Lillian, second, who was on the other side of the big library table from her father, paused to survey him and her brother with interest. The Financier by Theodore Dreiser

H. G. Wells Is there any sort of company?” He paused meaningly. When the Sleeper Wakes by H. G. Wells [1899]

D. H. Lawrence Only dark eyes —” She paused and mused. The Lost Girl by D. H. Lawrence

H. G. Wells Have I just been meanwhiling away my life?” He paused and seemed faintly dissatisfied with what he had said. Meanwhile by H. G. Wells [1927]

Walter Scott She paused for a second at the door of one of those miserable tenements, again cast her eye up the lane towards Roland, then lifted the latch, opened the door, and disappeared from his view. The Abbot by Walter Scott [1820]

Wilkie Collins He paused before he took the turning out of the square; the recollections of weeks, months, years past, all whirling through his memory in a few moments of time. Hide and Seek by Wilkie Collins [1854]