Phrases with "reminded"

So Philip the Good reined in his horse and gave Martin almost a tete-a-tete, and Martin reminded him of a certain battlefield where he had received an arrow intended for his sovereign. The Cloister and the Hearth by Charles Reade

William Makepeace Thackeray Some of the houses reminded one of the south. The Irish Sketch Book by William Makepeace Thackeray [1843]

I loved, also, the songs of the Elizabethans, for they reminded me of the girl who had sung to me in the June night. Mr. Standfast by John Buchan [1919]

Wilkie Collins He had unconsciously replied in terms that reminded her of the hard necessity which still remained unfulfilled — the necessity of telling him the story of the past. No Name by Wilkie Collins [1862]

H. G. Wells He was suddenly reminded of the champagne. The Autocracy of Mr. Parham by H. G. Wells [1930]

Guy de Maupassan She reminded me of the pretty little toys which say ‘papa’ and ‘mamma’ when you pull a string. Discovery by Guy de Maupassan

It reminded me, as nothing else ever did, that I was a contemporary of her father’s. An impossible ideal by Sara Jeannette Duncan [1903]

When my mother fluctuated, he reminded her of her vow, with which she had rashly intrusted him. Melmoth the Wanderer by Charles Maturin [1820]

Elizabeth Gaskell And somehow those lines always reminded me of Phillis; yet they were not true of her either. Cousin Phillis by Elizabeth Gaskell [1864]

I think the young man had a narrow escape — she’d always have reminded him about that unfortunate oversight. The Mystery of a Hansom Cab by Fergus Hume

Henry Fielding I reminded her how much more bitter a farewel would be on a death-bed, when we never could meet, in this world at least, again. Amelia by Henry Fielding

Benjamin Disraeli Noticing an effect of scenery which pleased him, reminded him of Styria, and so on, he suddenly said: “You should travel. Lothair by Benjamin Disraeli [1870]

H.P. Lovecraft It reminded me, though, of another thing about the region which disturbed me — the total absence of animal life. The Whisperer in Darkness by H.P. Lovecraft [1930]

Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu Where was it?” “The lady in black, you know, in Wales,” reminded Miss Oldys. “Oh! to be sure,” said Sedley, laughing. The Tenants of Malory by Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu [1867]

The steady radiance of the lamp in West’s own room reminded him presently of his unfinished book. In Normandy by Ella D'Arcy [1904]

Wilkie Collins She took it once more in her hand, with a strange confusion of feeling — with a vague doubt even yet, whether the sight of it reminded her of a terrible reality or a terrible dream. No Name by Wilkie Collins [1862]

Jules Verne One day in this month of March, Pencroft, talking to the engineer, reminded Cyrus Harding of a promise which the latter had not as yet had time to fulfil. The Mysterious Island by Jules Verne [1874]

Edith Wharton It was your own idea, you know; you proposed it,” he reminded her, as she remained silent. The Children by Edith Wharton [1928]

Henry Handel Richardson His life there reminded him of a gaudy drop-scene, let down before an empty stage; a painted sham, with darkness and vacuity behind. Australia Felix by Henry Handel Richardson

Arnold Bennett He could detect the odour of her kid gloves; it was a peculiar odour that never escaped him, and it reminded him inevitably of his mother’s funeral. Clayhanger by Arnold Bennett [1910]

H. G. Wells It reminded him of Arabic; and frequent sketches, outline maps and diagrams were interpolated. Men Like Gods by H. G. Wells [1923]

Henry James She reminded me that she was paying no calls, and she hoped I wouldn’t stand on ceremony, but come in very soon again, she had enjoyed my visit so much. The Path Of Duty by Henry James [1884]

George Gissing But he reminded himself that herein lay another safeguard against the happiness of Basil, and so was able to disregard the fear. Veranilda by George Gissing [1903]

It was impossible to look at his face without being reminded of a chubby street-door knocker, half-lion half-monkey; and the comparison might be extended to his whole character and conversation. Sketches by Boz by Charles Dickens [1836]

E. Phillips Oppenheim I was here a month or so ago, Colonel,” he reminded him. The Spy Paramount by E. Phillips Oppenheim [1934]

Arthur Machen In some way the gusts of wind and the beating rain of the night reminded him of an old house that had often attracted him with a strange indefinable curiosity. The Hill of Dreams by Arthur Machen [1907]

He reminded me, however, of Catherine’s statement that “the wicked woman” of her vision resembled the effigy on the monument there. A Stable for Nightmares by J. Sheridan Le Fanu

Henry James And we had to laugh,” he reminded her —“it struck us as so idiotic. The Reverberator by Henry James [1888]

Charles Dickens Taking note of the wasted air which clouded the naturally handsome features, and having the expression of prisoners’ faces fresh in his mind, he was strongly reminded of that expression. A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens [1859]

D. H. Lawrence He noticed a child’s blue coat with brass buttons on the peg, and it reminded him of Emilie walking holding the hand of the youngest child, whilst he watched, sitting under the lime tree. The Prussian Officer and other stories by D. H. Lawrence

Anthony Trollope In answer to this she reminded him that Llwddythlw had asked for no fortune. Marion Fay by Anthony Trollope [1882]

To Peter the message was like a breeze to dispel the fog of his discontents, since it reminded him of the high road on which his feet were set. The Blanket of the Dark by John Buchan [1931]

They reminded me exactly of my friend. The Lonely House by Arthur Gask [1929]

Maria Edgeworth Mrs. Collingwood reminded her of her promise to write. Helen by Maria Edgeworth

Leslie Stephen Such persons may be reminded for their comfort that at this period patriot had a technical meaning. Samuel Johnson by Leslie Stephen [1878]

I reminded myself of that over and over again. The Crime and the Criminal by Richard Marsh [1897]

Walter Scott Lastly, I reminded him, in firm though measured terms, that the restraint which I sustained was an illegal one, and highly punishable by the laws which protect the liberties of the subject. Redgauntlet by Walter Scott [1824]

Henry James Lyon reminded his friends more than once of their promise that Amy should sit to him, and it was only a question of his leisure. The Liar by Henry James [1888]

Bram Stoker All the morbid reticence seems to have passed from her, and she has just reminded me, as if I needed any reminding, of that night, and that it was here, on this very seat, I found her asleep. Dracula by Bram Stoker [1897]

Arthur Conan Doyle He was fresh-faced and pleasant-looking, with the most debonair bearing in the world and the most gallant way of carrying himself — a way which reminded me somewhat of my own. The Exploits of Brigadier Gerard by Arthur Conan Doyle [1896]

It is hidden there so that Lucy may never see it and be reminded of those days. The Red Paste Murders by Arthur Gask [1924]

George Gissing One day she reminded me of Heine — how we had talked of that “conversion” on the mattress-grave, and had pitied the noble intellect subdued by disease. Born in Exile by George Gissing [1891]

Edith Wharton She reminded him of a salesman retailing goods, and repeating automatically what was on their labels. Hudson River Bracketed by Edith Wharton [1929]

Anthony Trollope It was of that he thought when he reminded himself of all that he had done for her, and told himself angrily that she should not have tormented him. Marion Fay by Anthony Trollope [1882]

Rudyard Kipling Sooner or later, but generally sooner, his goings-on are known, and he is reminded that ‘Britons never shall be slaves’— to things that destroy good work as well as souls. Among the Railway Folk by Rudyard Kipling [1891]

Theodore Dreiser She could not help smiling as he told her of some popular actress of whom she reminded him. Sister Carrie by Theodore Dreiser

It reminded me of a marriage feast previous to the departure of the bride, who is about to be separated from her family for the first time. Life in Mexico by Frances Calderon de la Barca [1843]

Algernon Blackwood It reminded me of a frightened animal. Julius LeVallon by Algernon Blackwood [1916]

Arnold Bennett She had had to be reminded of considerations which ought ever to have been present in her brain. These Twain by Arnold Bennett [1916]

Frances Hodgson Burnett She wasn’t as pretty as Miss Lawless, of course, but she had big brown eyes and it was the way they looked that reminded me. Robin by Frances Hodgson Burnett [1922]

Virginia Woolf Also there were funerals to which men, thus suddenly reminded of the passing of their own bodies, lifted their hats. A room of one’s own by Virginia Woolf [1929]

I mean, every time he opens his mouth his audience is reminded of the possibility of being ruled from Glasgow: a fate worse than death. The Singing Sands by Josephine Tey [1952]

Augustine Birrell It is impossible not to be reminded of schoolboys at the inevitable end of “a barring out. Andrew Marvell by Augustine Birrell [1905]

Gertrude Stein No indeed and beside she reminded Fernande that Guillaume and Rousseau would be along any minute and it was necessary that every one should be decorously seated before that event. The Autobiography of Alice B. Toklas by Gertrude Stein [1933]

That reminded him that something must be done to make the wall climbable for her return, so he went down to McGuffog, and the two squeezed through the barricaded door to the verandah. Huntingtower by John Buchan [1922]

D. H. Lawrence And the things she said reminded Alvina so often of Miss Frost. James fluttered into conversation with his daughter the next evening, after Miss Pinnegar had retired. The Lost Girl by D. H. Lawrence

You reminded me for a moment of a pirate king of whom I used to read in my boyish days, whose habit it was to carry an arsenal about with him wherever he might go. The Crime and the Criminal by Richard Marsh [1897]

He did not answer, and the only emotion he evinced during the interview was when I reminded him that we had met before. For the term of his natural life by Marcus Clarke [1874]

Elizabeth Gaskell Emily has just reminded me to thank you for it: it looks very nice. The Life of Charlotte Bronte by Elizabeth Gaskell [1857]

Wilkie Collins They reminded Francine, by some mental process which she was at a loss to trace, of Sappho the slave, and of her life at St. Domingo. She struck a light, and unlocked her writing desk. I Say No by Wilkie Collins [1884]

Nathaniel Hawthorne When the rulers feel themselves irresponsible, it were well that they should be reminded of the awful weight of a people’s curse. Twice-Told Tales by Nathaniel Hawthorne [1842]

Jack London It reminded me of the great hoot-owl, listening, after its booming cry, for the stir of its frightened prey. The Sea-Wolf by Jack London [1904]

She was a charming woman, and quite as intelligent as she had any need to be, but somehow she always reminded me of an English cook’s idea of a Madras curry. Beasts and Super-Beasts by Saki

Edith Wharton Night came, and Aline reminded her that she had asked to have her dinner brought up on a tray. The Mother’s Recompense by Edith Wharton [1925]

This sad, ugly dance reminded me of the soldiers, the laundresses, and the cooks, and their vile behavior. In the World by Maksim Gorky

Charles Dickens That part of the subject (I reminded her) involved matters which could form no part of my explanation, for they were the weighty secrets of another. Great Expectations by Charles Dickens [1860]

Arthur Conan Doyle My mother had said once that they reminded her of the legs of a woodlouse, and I saw at the first glance what she meant. The Club-Footed Grocer by Arthur Conan Doyle [1898]

George Meredith The poor fellow’s quick breathing and blinking reminded her of cruelty in a retrospect. Diana of the Crossways by George Meredith [1885]

Olaf Stapledon She reminded him of a marmoset. Last Men in London by Olaf Stapledon

George Gissing Everything, his father reminded him, must have a beginning; let him work well and his progress would be rapid. Humplebee by George Gissing

He reminded me, somehow, of the comic man in the burlesque. The Crime and the Criminal by Richard Marsh [1897]

Anthony Trollope And he could elicit no sympathy from her when he reminded her that the nearest meet of hounds was twenty miles and more from Scarrowby. “You can think of other things for a while,” she said. Sir Harry Hotspur of Humblethwaite by Anthony Trollope [1871]

Edith Wharton He reminded her of the gentleman who had “explained” the pictures at Nettleton, and the weight of her ignorance settled down on her again like a pall. Summer by Edith Wharton [1917]

Arthur Machen I told him of my success, and after mentioning the loss of the tablet and the fact that I had a copy of the inscription, I reminded him once more of my promise, and asked him either to write or call. The Red Hand by Arthur Machen

H. G. Wells Afterwards he was to discover that there were no displayed mirrors in Utopia; Utopians, he was to learn, thought it indecent to be reminded of themselves in that way. Men Like Gods by H. G. Wells [1923]

G. K. Chesterton It would not have been true to say that the familiar railings reminded him of spears; it would have been far truer to say that the familiar spears occasionally reminded him of railings. The Napoleon of Notting Hill by G. K. Chesterton

John Galsworthy Her face had a square grim look that reminded him of her old Aunt Ann. Underneath all her fashionableness she’d borne a lot — she had, when you came to think of it. Swan Song by John Galsworthy

In fact, I hated to see it; for it reminded me of the natural barrier between Animula and myself. The Diamond Lens by Fitz James O’Brien

E. F. Benson So Lucia reminded Elizabeth that not very long ago she had called at the back door of Mallards and had taken it away herself. Mapp and Lucia by E. F. Benson [1931]

Rudyard Kipling She reminded Jem of foremen and fore-women in the Works, who had given trouble on the same lines. Limits and Renewals by Rudyard Kipling [1932]

D. H. Lawrence It reminded her of the thin, fine fur of his hair. The Rainbow by D. H. Lawrence

Ann Radcliffe Vivaldi, however, repeated the inquiry, which the official appeared unable to answer, and a reproof from the tribunal reminded him that he must not ask questions there. The Italian by Ann Radcliffe [1796]

E. Phillips Oppenheim A furious kick from the Professor, under the table, reminded him that he was on dangerous grounds, and he desisted, rubbing his leg and growling. To Win the Love He Sought by E. Phillips Oppenheim [1895]

Virginia Woolf One is reminded of the private life of another man whose power of conviction was even greater than Shelley’s, and more destructive of normal human happiness. The Death of the Moth and other essays by Virginia Woolf [1942]

Henry James When he had first come to Rome she believed the link that united them to be completely snapped; but little by little she had been reminded that it had yet a palpable existence. Portrait of a Lady by Henry James [1881]

Jack London The cobbler told them the man’s desperate plight, old, broken, dying, without help or money, reminded them that he had worked for them thirty years, and asked them to do something for him. The People of the Abyss by Jack London [1903]

Wilkie Collins When I gave the newspaper back to Alfred he was too much agitated to speak, but he reminded me by a sign that he was anxiously waiting to hear what I had to say. The Queen of Hearts by Wilkie Collins [1859]

Elizabeth Gaskell But there was pain too; for, as she untied the cords, and took out the volumes one by one, she could scarcely fail to be reminded of those who once, on similar occasions, looked on so eagerly. The Life of Charlotte Bronte by Elizabeth Gaskell [1857]

H. G. Wells He reminded people of Du Maurier’s Svengali and, in the nautical trimness of his costume, of Cutliffe Hyne’s Captain Kettle. He spoke English strangely. An Experiment in Autobiography by H. G. Wells

Charles Dickens It is not, that the inconsiderate and forgetful may be reminded of his wrongs and sufferings in the days of the Regency, and of the national disgrace of his imprisonment. Contributions to All the Year Round by Charles Dickens [1859]

Elizabeth Gaskell I see he does not like to be reminded of that, even by seeing me. A Dark Night’s Work by Elizabeth Gaskell [1864]

Nathaniel Hawthorne This shy but loving breeze reminded him strangely of what Hilda’s deportment had sometimes been towards himself. The Marble Faun by Nathaniel Hawthorne [1860]

Yet there was one pious enthusiast whom I could not silence; and be not offended if I say that her fervent discourse about spiritual things reminded me of your own teaching. The Infidel by Mary Elizabeth Braddon [1900]

It reminded me of the innumerable lives of holy men, scraps of history told by the valuers, but it made no very deep impression on me. In the World by Maksim Gorky

I told Tod; also, what he had said about the fellow he suspected at school; but Tod only curled his lip, and quietly reminded me that I should never be anything but a muff. Sanker’s Visit by Ellen Wood [1868]

Wilkie Collins And now, of all the people in the world, it was Monsieur De Beaulieu’s daughter who reminded her that she had never thought of changing her pockets only the day after the old man’s dreadful death. The Poisoned Meal by Wilkie Collins [1858]

Sir Walter Scott He reminded Montrose that the Knight of Ardenvohr was neither a bigot in politics nor religion. A Legend of Montrose by Sir Walter Scott [1819]

Oscar Wilde When the waiter brought us our coffee and cigarettes I reminded Gerald of his promise. The Sphinx Without a Secret by Oscar Wilde

He was a connoisseur in pictures, and no mean judge of them, and those brilliant hazel eyes of Clarissa’s reminded him of a portrait by Velasquez, of which he was particularly proud. The Lovels of Arden by Mary Elizabeth Braddon [1871]

Henry Handel Richardson But Maurice had not stood again for more than a quarter of an hour, when a feeling of nausea seized him, and this reminded him that he had practically eaten nothing since the morning. Maurice Guest by Henry Handel Richardson

Wilkie Collins What was I saying? what was I saying?’ I reminded the poor creature, as kindly and delicately as I could. The Woman in White by Wilkie Collins [1860]

Irene reminded him that he was the only person without a dress-coat at a corps reunion dinner which he had taken her to some years before, and she remembered feeling awfully about it at the time. The Rise of Silas Lapham by William Dean Howells

T. E. Lawrence Last of all I reminded Clayton, relevantly, that the Sirdar had telegraphed to London for certain regular officers competent to direct the Arab war. Seven Pillars of Wisdom by T. E. Lawrence [1926]

Thomas Love Peacock The young lady reminded him of it from day to day, till she also forgot it. Nightmare Abbey by Thomas Love Peacock

H. G. Wells And in this reach, too, one first meets the seagulls and is reminded of the sea. Tono Bungay by H. G. Wells [1909]

He was suddenly reminded that to Marta, as to Sergeant Williams, faces were a professional matter. The Daughter of Time by Josephine Tey

Virginia Woolf Their silence, he said, reminded him of the silence in the lion-house when each beast holds a lump of raw meat in its paws. The Voyage Out by Virginia Woolf [1915]

George Meredith He heard the wild scudding voice imperfectly: it reminded him of a string of winter geese changeing waters. Beauchamp's Career by George Meredith [1875]

Wilkie Collins I reminded him quietly, by my manner more than by my words, of the respect which he owed to me. The Law and the Lady by Wilkie Collins [1875]

Robert Louis Stevenson It reminded him, he said, of Otto’s father. Prince Otto by Robert Louis Stevenson

Marjorie Bowen She had been reminded of the inn at Paddington, the back parlour and the large, bleak, cold bedroom where Robert Morrison lay drunk. Forget-me-not by Marjorie Bowen [1932]

D.H. Lawrence The chill wetness of his little white garden-gate reminded him, and a frown came on his face. The Trespasser by D.H. Lawrence

Charles Dickens A well-timed action, as it happened; for finding the letter in one of them, and being by that means reminded of his charge, he fell, mechanically, into his usual trot, and trotted off. The Chimes by Charles Dickens [1844]

Walter Scott Every object around me; as I passed them in succession, reminded me of old days, and at the same time formed the strongest contrast with them possible. Chronicles of the Canongate by Walter Scott [1827]

I have seen his portraits, and they reminded me of our own Prince Charles Edward. He is very fair, for his mother was a Scandinavian Princess.” “I see. Castle Gay by John Buchan [1930]

He reminded the world how often men affect high animal spirits at the very moment of meditating suicide. Uncle Silas by J. Sheridan Le Fanu

Robert Louis Stevenson He was perpetually reminded of the change that had befallen him. Familiar Studies of Men and Books by Robert Louis Stevenson

H. G. Wells It reminded me, more than anything else, of the Potteries at night. The War of the Worlds by H. G. Wells [1898]

Robert Louis Stevenson You are at first faintly reminded of some of the vagaries of the morbid religious diarist; but at a moment’s thought the resemblance disappears. Familiar Studies of Men and Books by Robert Louis Stevenson

Nellie Bly Colombo reminded me of Newport, R. I. Possibly-in my eyes, at least–Colombo is more beautiful. Around the World in Seventy-Two Days by Nellie Bly [1890]

Edith Wharton Her quick movements and perpetual sidelong observance of her friend reminded Vance of a very intelligent little dog watching, without interfering with, the advance of a determined blind man. The Gods Arrive by Edith Wharton [1932]

Walter Scott All was safe; and the very operation reminded him of the duties which lay before him. Peveril of the Peak by Walter Scott [1822]

Rudyard Kipling He reminded me that I had him under my hands at Sampoux in ‘Eighteen, when he went to bits. Debits and Credits by Rudyard Kipling [1926]

Charles Dickens We had made some progress in the dinner, when I reminded Herbert of his promise to tell me about Miss Havisham. “True,” he replied. Great Expectations by Charles Dickens [1860]

He reminded himself that he was being unreasonable. The Singing Sands by Josephine Tey [1952]

Charles Dickens I reminded him of the false hopes into which I had lapsed, the length of time they had lasted, and the discovery I had made: and I hinted at the danger that weighed upon my spirits. Great Expectations by Charles Dickens [1860]

H. G. Wells No one ever reminded him of these occasions, but they went on with the planning under Bodisham’s direction as though he had not intervened. The Holy Terror by H. G. Wells [1939]

George Gissing On the contrary, I did my best to keep him reminded of how young he was, and how inexperienced. Sleeping Fires by George Gissing [1896]

Olaf Stapledon And I reminded myself that we should very soon vanish like the flurry that a breeze has made on still water. Star Maker by Olaf Stapledon

George Gissing It was not till Mrs. Frothingham had left them after a fortnight’s visit that he reminded Alma of her promise to go with him to Gunnersbury. ‘Did I promise?’ she said. The Whirlpool by George Gissing [1896]

George Meredith He reminded himself that Renee, unlike her countrywomen, had no gift for writing letters. Beauchamp's Career by George Meredith [1875]

Henry Handel Richardson Its stiff formality reminded Mary, the homemaker, of the specimen rooms set out in a great furniture warehouse; rooms in which no living creature has yet left a trace. The Way Home by Henry Handel Richardson

E. Phillips Oppenheim She must be reminded of certain things, very delicately but firmly. The Ostrekoff Jewels by E. Phillips Oppenheim [1932]

She reminded one of nothing so much as of that to which Valera had likened her—a panther—a creature of strength and grace and beauty and softness, until it is offended. Her Father’s Name by Florence Marryat [1878]

Anthony Trollope Cousin George, also smiling, reminded his friend of the two thousand pounds paid to him only a few months since. Sir Harry Hotspur of Humblethwaite by Anthony Trollope [1871]

Kate Chopin She reminded him of some beautiful, sleek animal waking up in the sun. The Awakening by Kate Chopin

E. Phillips Oppenheim They reminded me—” He paused. The Man Without Nerves by E. Phillips Oppenheim [1934]

Ford Madox Ford The thought of that extreme of his line reminded him. A Man Could Stand Up by Ford Madox Ford [1926]

I could not fail to be reminded of my own experience at the Occidental telephone. The Wrecker by Robert Louis Stevenson and Lloyd Osbourne

One is reminded by it of the William Tell episode between Goethe and Schiller, though it was in this case only the theme and nothing of material that was transferred. A Study of Hawthorne by G. P. Lathrop [1876]

George Gissing It was at the Wigrams’; you played the violin wonderfully!’ Alma did not much care to be reminded of this. The Whirlpool by George Gissing [1896]

Ann Radcliffe The Inquisitor reminded him, by a look, not to be mistaken, that he was absolute here; but Vivaldi still hesitated. The Italian by Ann Radcliffe [1796]

Mark Twain A new bronze statue is here — a statue of St. Helena. It reminded us of poor Maximilian, so lately shot. The Innocents Abroad by Mark Twain

This reminded us of a word of Renée’s, a very curious word: “I don’t like it, she is looking at me still,”—and Cecile undertook to question her. Two Stories by Ella D'Arcy [1896]

Anatole France The fresh morning wind blowing between my naked legs reminded me that I wore a shirt only. At the Sign of the Reine Pédauque by Anatole France

Thomas Hardy Perhaps it was that in each case the eye was mostly resting on stone — that the quarries of ruins in the Eternal City reminded him of the quarries of maiden rock at home. The Well-Beloved by Thomas Hardy [1897]

Old gentlemen with bad memories said it reminded them of Disraeli. It was Eleanor’s friend, Gertrude Ilpton, who drew her attention to Arlington’s newest outbreak. The Chronicles of Clovis by Saki

No,” he reminded himself, “she must also see that I see her. The Charterhouse of Parma by Stendhal

Rudyard Kipling He reminded me somehow of a nervous huntsman breaking up a fox in the face of rabid hounds. A Diversity of Creatures by Rudyard Kipling [1917]

Arnold Bennett But it reminded him of her lips. Clayhanger by Arnold Bennett [1910]

Miles Franklin The chief burden of that, for the women, was unrestricted child-bearing, and I was now a woman, as Ma reminded me, a fact which made me rebellious. My Career Goes Bung by Miles Franklin [1946]

Virginia Woolf It reminded her of one of the great desolate mountains in Greece or in Spain, which looked as if nobody had ever set foot there since the beginning of time. The Years by Virginia Woolf [1937]

Anne Bronte He had a son and a nominal daughter, it is true, but they too painfully reminded him of their mother, and the unfortunate little Annabella was a source of perpetual bitterness to his soul. The Tenant of Wildfell Hall by Anne Bronte [1848]

D. H. Lawrence Sapphires reminded me of your eyes — and isn’t it ‘Blue that kept the faith’? I remember something about it. The White Peacock by D. H. Lawrence

James Payn He reminded me that one member of the family had already made a disreputable marriage”—— “That was an ungenerous speech, and very unlike my Richard,” interposed my Lady with emphasis. Mirk Abbey by James Payn [1866]

Mark Twain He reminded them of the imposing secret, and raised a ray of cheer. The Adventures of Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain [1876]

That reminded me that I had forgotten to speak to Lupin about the letter I received from Mr. Mutlar, senr. The Diary of a Nobody by George and Weedon Grossmith

Edgar Allan Poe Yet we laughed and were merry in our proper way — which was hysterical; and sang the songs of Anacreon — which are madness; and drank deeplyalthough the purple wine reminded us of blood. Romances of Death by Edgar Allan Poe

H. G. Wells One is reminded first of this and then of that. Tono Bungay by H. G. Wells [1909]

F. Scott Fitzgerald He said I depressed him — I reminded him he was getting on. The Pat Hobby Stories by F. Scott Fitzgerald [1941]

Henry James I reminded her that in the scene I was doing she had to look over someone’s head. The Real Thing by Henry James [1892]

Sigmund Freud Source: During the day my wife has reminded me that I still owe her 20 florins of her weekly allowance. The Interpretation of Dreams by Sigmund Freud [1911]

H. G. Wells The beautiful white limbed figures that supported the galleries reminded him once more of the restored magnificence of sculpture; they seemed to writhe in engaging attitudes, their faces laughed. When the Sleeper Wakes by H. G. Wells [1899]

H.G. Wells It reminded him of the flaring tongues that palpitate and change above a newly lit fire. The Wonderful Visit by H.G. Wells [1895]

She has often reminded me of what you see in the biographies of distinguished people about their youth. A Daughter of To-Day by Sara Jeannette Duncan [1894]

James Anthony Froude As he leaves them they are reminded of one Temporary, ‘once a forward man in religion. Bunyan by James Anthony Froude [1880]

H. G. Wells There was a crackling sound — the first sound I heard — it reminded one of the Aurora Borealis, and I supposed it was an interchange of rifle shots. The World Set Free by H. G. Wells [1914]

George Gissing The slight bluntness in his manner reminded her of the moral force which she had known only as something to be resisted; it was now one of the influences that drew her to him. The Nether World by George Gissing [1888]

H. G. Wells He reminded me of William Ernest Henley. He has the same big torso linked to almost useless legs, and he lacked even Henley’s practised nimbleness with stick and crutch. An Experiment in Autobiography by H. G. Wells

Wilkie Collins He reminded the superintendent of the late Mr. Wagner’s peculiar opinions on the treatment of the insane, and of the interest which he had taken in this particular case. Jezebel’s Daughter by Wilkie Collins [1880]

The commonplace sound reminded him of his social duties. Aurora Floyd by Mary Elizabeth Braddon [1863]

Edith Wharton It was, as Westall had just reminded her, on this understanding that they had married. The Descent of Man and other stories by Edith Wharton [1903]

Henry James She reminded Newman of his friend, Mademoiselle Nioche; this was what that much-obstructed young lady would have liked to be. The American by Henry James [1877]

A waiter, coming forward into the lamp-lit inn-passage, reminded me, in broken English, that my money was foreign money, not current here. Villette by Charlotte Brontë [1853]

Anthony Trollope When this invitation was given there was no engagement between her and Lord Fawn. Since that date, within the last day or two, she had reminded him of it. The Eustace Diamonds by Anthony Trollope

Guy de Maupassant His ferocious, mirthful smile reminded the priest once more of the woman who had wrought his undoing. The Olive Grove (Le Champ d'Oliviers) by Guy de Maupassant [1890]

Henry James The other day he took hold of my frock (that green one you thought so nice at Homburg) and told me that it reminded him of the texture of the Devonshire turf. A Bundle of Letters by Henry James [1879]

Rudyard Kipling It reminded one of the stealthy encircling, before the rush in at the quarry, of wolves round musk-oxen in the North. The prisoners saw, and drew together more closely. A Diversity of Creatures by Rudyard Kipling [1917]

Robert Louis Stevenson Give him the wages of going on and being an Englishman, that is all he asks; and in the meantime, while you continue to associate, he would rather not be reminded of your baser origin. Memories and Portraits by Robert Louis Stevenson

Olaf Stapledon I reminded myself that even if this was to be my fate, it was no great matter. Star Maker by Olaf Stapledon

Olaf Stapledon It reminded me of an occasion in my boyhood when my father and I had been completely lost in mist on the hills, and were expecting to spend the night out, drenched and in a cutting wind. A Man Divided by Olaf Stapledon

Arnold Benne For example (since I have just mentioned the most popular piece of high-class music in England to-day), I am reminded that the Promenade Concerts begin in August. You go to them. How to Live on Twenty-Four Hours a Day by Arnold Benne

He reminded himself that no more for him was the foolish dream of worldly glory. The Blanket of the Dark by John Buchan [1931]

Wilkie Collins His voice — this is high praise — reminded me of papa’s voice. The Legacy of Cain by Wilkie Collins [1889]

G. K. Chesterton He treasured up trivial and yet insane details that had once reminded him of the awful subconscious reality. Manalive by G. K. Chesterton [1912]

Jack London It reminded me of the problem of lifting oneself by one’s boot-straps. The Sea-Wolf by Jack London [1904]

Anthony Trollope When Patience reminded him, with tears in her eyes, that he could not as yet put on his own coat, he reminded her that Stemm was the most careful of men. Ralph the Heir by Anthony Trollope [1871]

Edgar Wallace You have found no data, no photographs?” The word “photograph” reminded Tim. “Yes, there is a book full of big enlargements, but mostly of a solar eclipse,” he said. Planetoid 127 by Edgar Wallace [1927]

Rudyard Kipling Those who have hair between their toes do not care to be reminded of it. The Second Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling [1895]

Wilkie Collins This change in my life is, perhaps, not worth mentioning, but I am reminded of my two little children when I speak of my mistress in her present position. The Queen of Hearts by Wilkie Collins [1859]

Once he reminded her in a whisper that she was unarmed and that it might be as well for her to go and get her pistol. The Slayer of Souls by Robert W. Chambers [1920]

D. H. Lawrence It reminded him so much of the mouth and eyes of one who sings beside a Botticelli Madonna, so spiritual. Sons and Lovers by D. H. Lawrence

Maria Edgeworth And now the mildness of her piety, and the whole tone and manner of her speaking and thinking, reminded Helen of that good dear uncle by whom she had been educated. Helen by Maria Edgeworth

Guy de Maupassan They stir remembrances that were so delightful and that are now past forever, and one is reminded of persons whom one had forgotten and recalls once more. The History of a Heart by Guy de Maupassan

Rudyard Kipling In England they missed the alien tongues of Continental streets that reminded them of their own polyglot cities. Actions and Reactions by Rudyard Kipling [1909]

H. G. Wells It reminded Mr. Parham of the examination of a casualty. The Autocracy of Mr. Parham by H. G. Wells [1930]

H. G. Wells There were times when he reminded me of a big bumble bee puzzled by a pane of glass. An Experiment in Autobiography by H. G. Wells

He reminded me of a dog I used to have in Rhodesia, and of the time when I took him hunting with me in the Pali hills. The Thirty-Nine Steps by John Buchan [1915]

Elizabeth Gaskell It reminded me of our old game of having each so many nouns to introduce into a sentence. North and South by Elizabeth Gaskell [1854]

These things happened — a small and unpleasant, if invisible, deity who lived in a corner of his top shelves had reminded him — these things happened, and even now perhaps . War in Heaven by Charles Williams [1930]