Phrases with "second"

William Hope Hodgson The second time, my shot was answered by a short squeal of pain. The House on the Borderland by William Hope Hodgson

E. Phillips Oppenheim Eleanor, who had lost her second game, turned her back upon her partner and sat down in the recess close to where Hood was standing. A Sleeping Memory by E. Phillips Oppenheim [1902]

H. G. Wells This is indeed something of a second birth. Mankind in the Making by H. G. Wells [1903]

Anthony Trollope His first conscience told him that he owed a primary duty to his parish, a second duty to his school, and a third to his wife and daughter. Dr. Wortle’s school by Anthony Trollope

G. K. Chesterton Might I arst where you come from, sir?” A second after he spoke MacIan heard a heavy voice on the other side of the wall, saying: “I suppose I’d better get over and look for them. The Ball and the Cross by G. K. Chesterton [1909]

But perhaps the second officer has explained to them by this time this and a few other little facts. Notes on Life and Letters by Joseph Conrad [1921]

This was the second death that cannot die, and it ran actively through that world of immortalities on a hungry mission of death. War in Heaven by Charles Williams [1930]

The grave butler laid his warning hand for a second time upon his master’s shoulder. Aurora Floyd by Mary Elizabeth Braddon [1863]

D. H. Lawrence There was a second of agonised terror in her heart: he was a beast thing. The Rainbow by D. H. Lawrence

Sir Richard Burton And she took up the wine flagon and poured out the first cup and drank it off, and likewise a second and a third. The Arabian Nights' Entertainments by Sir Richard Burton

H. Rider Haggard The second extra was just beginning, and she stood as though she were expecting him to ask her to dance it. Dawn by H. Rider Haggard

Jules Verne C’était le second de la Karysta qui, en rentrant à bord vers dix heures du matin, avait rapporté la nouvelle de la mort d’Elizundo — nouvelle qui faisait grand bruit par la ville. L’Archipel en Feu by Jules Verne [1884]

Watkin Tench It was a second time immersed, and continued in a glass of rum for a day and a night, at the expiration of which period it still showed symptoms of life. A Complete Account of the Settlement at Port Jackson by Watkin Tench

A second shot was heard, and still nothing visible, not even a shadow. The Miller’s Daughter by Émile Zola

Robert Louis Stevenson Preparations having been made last month for the erection of a second forge upon the beacon, the smiths commenced their operations both upon the lower and higher platforms. Records of a Family of Engineers by Robert Louis Stevenson

Edith Wharton On second thoughts, it really did not need Judith’s bald hint as to the allowance her grandmother received from Cliffe Wheater to account for the poor lady’s attitude. The Children by Edith Wharton [1928]

Mr. Dangerfield had not his key with him; and he beat an unnecessarily loud and long tattoo upon his door, and before it could possibly have been answered, he thundered a second through the passages. The House by the Church-Yard by J. Sheridan Le Fanu

Sir Walter Scott It was the second of February, 1645-6. A Legend of Montrose by Sir Walter Scott [1819]

The second vice-president’s large figure suggested strength rather than overindulgence. Serapion by Francis Stevens

Rudyard Kipling When he is properly intoxicated, withdraw it and present to him the second half in the original. Souvenirs of France by Rudyard Kipling

Wilkie Collins The second trial decided her doubts, and she took him in triumph down stairs. Hide and Seek by Wilkie Collins [1854]

Larose’s heart fell as he noted how painfully the Canon stumbled over the reading of the First Lesson and how in his absent-mindedness, apparently, he altogether omitted to read the second one. The House on the Fens by Arthur Gask [1940]

Le petit, tombé sur les genoux, venait de se porter un second coup, qui l’avait jeté tout de son long sur le tapis. Nana by Emile Zola [1880]

Henry Handel Richardson Then, yielding to a second thought, he stepped forward and saluted the Commissioner. “A young hot-head, sir! He means no harm. Australia Felix by Henry Handel Richardson

In the same second of time I saw heads appear above the terrace’s edge, and heard Geordie Hamilton’s challenge. The Island of Sheep by John Buchan [1936]

Henry James When, a few steps up the street, under a lamp, he had put her into her four-wheeler and she had asked him if the man had called for him no second conveyance, he replied before the door was closed. The Ambassadors by Henry James [1903]

William Makepeace Thackeray I have, nevertheless, registered your name, and in case a second series should be put forth, I shall have the honor of immediately giving you notice. The Paris Sketch Book by William Makepeace Thackeray [1840]

I asked the little vivandiere to tell you this, but, on second thoughts it seemed best to see you myself once more, as I had promised. Under Two Flags by Ouida [1867]

The second part covered fifty-five miles, besides the ascent of the mountain to a height of about five thousand feet: the mapper also increased this figure to 59 2/3. The Land of Midian by Richard F. Burton [1879]

Willa Cather Kitty began her second number, a group of romantic German songs which were altogether more her affair than her first number. Youth and the Bright Medusa by Willa Cather [1920]

Edgar Allan Poe At the spot thus attained a second peg was driven, and about this, as a centre, a rude circle, about four feet in diameter, described. The Gold-Bug by Edgar Allan Poe

Theodore Dreiser It would be useless to repeat how a second panic following upon a tremendous failure — that of Jay Cooke & Co. — had placed a second fortune in his hands. The Titan by Theodore Dreiser

Gaston Leroux For a moment, he seemed to hesitate and looked at Raoul; then he turned his eyes upward, toward the second cellar, which sent down the faint glimmer of a lantern, through a cranny between two boards. The Phantom of the Opera by Gaston Leroux [1910]

Fanny Fern The second girl (a supernumerary of the bridal week) had long since been dismissed; and the doctor and his wife spent their evenings with the cook, to save the expense of burning an extra lamp. Ruth Hall by Fanny Fern [1854]

Charles Kingsley A second look told him that it was none other than John Briggs. But how altered! He had grown up into a very handsome man — tall and delicate-featured, with long black curls, and a black moustache. Two Years Ago by Charles Kingsley

Arthur Conan Doyle It is Snaith’s “Broke of Covenden,” and it scarce attained a second edition. Through the Magic Door by Arthur Conan Doyle [1907]

Sinclair Lewis For a second she loathed her laughter; mourned for the day when on her hill by the Mississippi she had walked the battlements with queens. Main Street by Sinclair Lewis

Jonathan Swif Lord Wharton’s second wife, Lucy, daughter of Lord Lisburn. She died in 1716, a few months after her husband. The Journal to Stella by Jonathan Swif

A second man moved up and laid his fingers upon his pulse. The Vengeance of Larose by Arthur Gask [1939]

It was a second flight of uncarpeted stairs, leading upwards out of the hall, by the side of the ancient fireplace. The Haunted Woman by David Lindsay [1922]

Wilkie Collins She descended the stairs, from the third floor to the second, from the second to the first, without trusting herself to pause again within easy reach of her own room. No Name by Wilkie Collins [1862]

Anthony Trollope Instead of this a third of the number is elected every second year. North America by Anthony Trollope

Charles Dickens The second storm of wind and snow had so wildly swept over it since, that their tracks were gone. No Thoroughfare by Charles Dickens [1867]

Elizabeth Gaskell She looked up and saw a man, who was apparently long past middle life, and of the stature of a dwarf; a second glance accounted for the low height of the speaker, for then she saw he was deformed. Ruth by Elizabeth Gaskell [1853]

In all his letters he implored, with an ever increasing frenzy, a second interview at Milan; it was granted him. The Charterhouse of Parma by Stendhal

Arthur Conan Doyle Some might say one thing and some another, just as one bowman loves the yew, and a second will not shoot save with the ash. The White Company by Arthur Conan Doyle [1891]

E. T. A. Hoffmann Quick as lightning he turned round, drew his sword, and attacked the fellow, who with his stiletto upraised was just preparing to aim a second blow. Signor Formica by E. T. A. Hoffmann [1820]

Her grandmother never went to chapel a second time, and Freddy made no objection to passing round by the letter-box on the way home. An Engagement by Ella D'Arcy [1896]

Another gentleman reports a case last December, a second case five weeks, and another three weeks since. Medical Essays by Oliver Wendell Holmes

And when a second baby came to replace the first, it brought them no good, for it did not live a week. Ketira the Gypsy by Ellen Wood [1876]

Thomas Hughes The second act of Tom’s life may now be said to have begun. Tom Brown’s School Days by Thomas Hughes

Arthur Conan Doyle This second line consists, as you see, of novelists of the eighteenth century, or those of them whom I regard as essential. Through the Magic Door by Arthur Conan Doyle [1907]

G. K. Chesterton But the first man pronounced the word as a young man might say it about a woman, and the second as an old man might say it about the weather, not without sincerity, but certainly without fervor. The Man Who Knew Too Much by G. K. Chesterton

H. G. Wells But I did not stay to look, I promise you: I retreated again, and when my second match had ended, I struck my third. The Time Machine by H. G. Wells [1896]

I don’t mind confessing that my first feeling was one of complete surprise; my second of absolute terror; and I would defy you, my reader, to have felt otherwise than I did under the circumstances. The Race of Life by Guy Boothby [1906]

Rudyard Kipling The second time he set out in search, and ended by bruising his nose against a box that certainly spoke with a human tongue, but in no sort of human accent. Kim by Rudyard Kipling [1901]

Anthony Trollope I did long most anxiously for office, having made up my mind a second time to look to it as a profession. Phineas Redux by Anthony Trollope

Arthur Conan Doyle It belongs to Whittingdale, my second officer. Our Midnight Visitor by Arthur Conan Doyle

Yes, there had been a time! “And mind,” he went on, laying down suddenly a half-consumed piece of bread and butter and raising his voice, “poor Mathews was the second man the longest on board. Chance by Joseph Conrad [1913]

H. Rider Haggard Eric, too, stopped his charge and laughed aloud; then walked back to where Asmund stood, unarmed, to second him in the holmgang. Eric Brighteyes by H. Rider Haggard

John Lewis Burckhard The best bread is of the finest qua­lity; but a second and third sort is made for the Bedouins who are fed by the convent. Travels in Syria and the Holy Land by John Lewis Burckhard

My second reflection was that I knew what that audience was. The Island of Sheep by John Buchan [1936]

Sixty feet away, rose a second building containing kitchens, stables, and servants’ rooms. Balzac by Frederick Lawton

Former and Latter. Indicating the first and the second of things previously named, these words are unobjectionable if not too far removed from the names that they stand for. Write it Right by Ambrose Bierce [1909]

Guy de Maupassan It appeared to me in a second to be as large as the heavens and as hollow as space. The Model (Femme d'artiste) by Guy de Maupassan

So the motorboat came ashore a second time?” “That night, you mean? Yes. Harmer drove us over to his friend’s place. A Shilling for Candles by Josephine Tey [1936]

Jane Austen Mr Elliot was in Bath. He had called in Camden Place; had called a second time, a third; had been pointedly attentive. Persuasion by Jane Austen [1818]

Elizabeth Von Arnim That second evening was worse a great deal than the first. The Solitary Summer by Elizabeth Von Arnim [1899]

The man could only swim feebly, and every second he dipped under the rough tide. The Blanket of the Dark by John Buchan [1931]

Henry James I arrived too late for the first act of “Lohengrin,” but the second was just beginning, and I gave myself up to it with no more than a glance at the house. Glasses by Henry James [1896]

Someone started him, and in a second he was flying at everyone he met. The Red Paste Murders by Arthur Gask [1924]

Jules Verne Il paraissait, d’ailleurs, faire certaines objections auxquelles le second répondait par des assurances formelles. Vingt Mille Lieues sous les Mers by Jules Verne [1869-70]

Rudyard Kipling The second occasion was when I came through Alsace, for too short a time, in April of this present year, and saw the first crops pushing through in the superbly cultivated fields. A Book of Words by Rudyard Kipling [1928]

Sinclair Lewis Doubtless Bates’ life was making him selfish, but that evening while he was being incredibly bored at a musical comedy he did think of her, and for a second hoped that her eyes were rested. Selected Short Stories by Sinclair Lewis

Wilkie Collins We ascended a second flight of stairs, and a third. The Two Destinies by Wilkie Collins [1876]

However warm the day is, however much you have enjoyed your first bathe, you are always sorry for it if you go in a second time. Keep the Aspidistra Flying by George Orwell

Jules Verne Now I can understand how, after thirteen minutes only, we met the second satellite, which gravitates round the earth at more than 2,000 leagues’ distance. Round the Moon by Jules Verne [1873]

Wilkie Collins As the clock struck eight she drew out the second card. The Queen of Hearts by Wilkie Collins [1859]

Arnold Bennett For a second the two gazed at each other astounded. Hilda Lessways by Arnold Bennett [1911]

Removing the first bowl, in which the fire had now died out, he replaced it with the second one and then proceeded to wind up the separate spring. Mr Polton Explains by R. Austin Freeman [1940]

Gertrude Stein He also showed her a great many Beardsley drawings and they talked about Paris. The second Sunday he asked her to come again to the Bodley Head. This was a long interview. The Autobiography of Alice B. Toklas by Gertrude Stein [1933]

Henry James My second cousin — that young lady I told you about — she got in with a crowd like that, and they booked her right up in three months. A Bundle of Letters by Henry James [1879]

The second calumny which Hawthorne refers to was decidedly second-rate, and closely resembles a servant’s intrigue. The Life and Genius of Nathaniel Hawthorne by Frank Preston Stearns [1906]

H. G. Wells I felt pretty sure now that my second hypothesis was all wrong. The Time Machine by H. G. Wells [1896]

He snatched out a pistol and without the hesitation of a fraction of a second fired point blank at Larose’s heart. The Lonely House by Arthur Gask [1929]

The author pasted his swollen collection of newspaper-cuttings into an album, and carefully revised his novel in case a second edition should be called for. The Ghost Ship by Richard Middleton

He was ascending jubilantly towards the sky: the same second he was lying on the ground. A Second Coming by Richard Marsh [1900]

E. Phillips Oppenheim It’s all drama with them —life at second hand. The Glenlitten Murder by E. Phillips Oppenheim [1929]

Henry Kingsley The second attempt was more fortunate. Ravenshoe by Henry Kingsley [1861]

E. F. Benson A second appeal produced no sign of softening, and he resigned himself to celibacy. Charlotte Bronte by E. F. Benson [1932]

Helen Zimmern I am ashamed to see that I have come so far in a second sheet, and in spite of all the wonderings at what can Maria be about? Sense in my next. Maria Edgeworth by Helen Zimmern

Anthony Trollope Then came his second letter to her, dated on the day on which poor Walker had nearly been crushed to death. Marion Fay by Anthony Trollope [1882]

Then they saw that the roof was coming down again and had to run to save themselves; the ‘dataller’ was buried a second time. The Road to Wigan Pier by George Orwell [1937]

Baldwin Spencer The second is the wider relation in regard to particular men at the time of marriage. The Native Tribes of Central Australia by Baldwin Spencer

Arthur Machen The second time that ever I was there, Mr. Dryden was speaking of his own things, as he frequently did, especially of such as had been lately published. Dreads and Drolls by Arthur Machen

G. K. Chesterton The only difference between the Browningite and the anti-Browningite, is that the second says he was not a poet but a mere philosopher, and the first says he was a philosopher and not a mere poet. Robert Browning by G. K. Chesterton [1903]

Anatole France But I have read much less than the second vicar of the Bishop of Séez, for, as he had the look and the mind of an ass, he was able to read two pages at the same time, one with each eye. At the Sign of the Reine Pédauque by Anatole France

Take one-half pound of curds, add one egg, and the yolk of a second egg, two tablespoons of granulated sugar, a few drops of extract of vanilla. Simple Italian Cookery by Antonia Isola

Abraham Merri I scaled one ladder and fastened a condenser over the boss; descended; sent Larry up to watch it, and, ascending the second ladder, rapidly fixed the other in its place. The Moon Pool by Abraham Merri

Wilkie Collins Panting for breath, she flew across the forsaken north hall, without stopping for one second to push the door to behind her. The Dead Secret by Wilkie Collins [1857]

George Gissing In any case that sequence of second prizes must have filled him with chagrin, but to be beaten thus repeatedly by such a fellow as Bruno Chilvers was humiliation intolerable. Born in Exile by George Gissing [1891]

But Mr. Gladstone was not to be caught napping a second time. Eminent Victorians by Lytton Strachey

Jack London By that fraction of a second too late Fortini attempted to deflect my blade and impale me on his. The Star Rover by Jack London [1915]

But she cast no second look at the cornice, which showed Jennings that she did not suspect his ruse. The Secret Passage by Fergus Hume

A second time a halt was nearly the end of me. Prester John by John Buchan

On opening the sheet to read the second page, she saw fall at her feet a little miraculous image of the Madonna, folded in a printed leaf from an old book. The Charterhouse of Parma by Stendhal

D.H. Lawrence The second thing was to call to mind the aspect of that bay in the Isle of Wight. ‘What would it just be like now?’ said he to himself. The Trespasser by D.H. Lawrence

Baldwin Spencer In this, at full length, one of the men lay while a second knelt down over his legs and the third knelt at the head end. The Native Tribes of Central Australia by Baldwin Spencer

Willa Cather During the intermission before the second half of the concert, I questioned my aunt and found that the “Prize Song” was not new to her. The Troll Garden by Willa Cather [1905]

The second shot went wide; but the third shattered the hand of an elderly ruffian with a cruel club. No-Man’s-Land by John Buchan [1899]

The second is the man who begins with an “eye-opener” of “brandy-pawnee,” and who keeps up excitement by the same means through the day. Two Trips to Gorilla Land and the Cataracts of the Congo by Richard F. Burton [1876]

Wilkie Collins I made a second attempt to appeal to the plain, undeniably plain, evidence of the pulse. The Moonstone by Wilkie Collins [1868]

I rose to my knees and flung my second bomb. Homage to Catalonia by George Orwell [1938]

Louisa May Alcott Hannah had left a pan of bread to rise, Meg had worked it up early, set it on the hearth for a second rising, and forgotten it. Little Women by Louisa May Alcott [1868]

He was at this time composing very leisurely a second series of “Fables,” which were ready for the press at the time of his death, but did not appear until 1738. The Life and Letters of John Gay by Lewis Melville

Virginia Woolf To see Ralph appear unexpectedly in her room threw Mary for a second off her balance. Night and Day by Virginia Woolf [1919]

Wilkie Collins When she hears of the coronet on the handkerchief she points to the signature of “Louisa Winwood,” and says to the rector, “I know who it is! Lord Winwood’s second wife. Miss or Mrs? by Wilkie Collins [1871]

His second wife was Miss Vulliamy, who died 1885. A Short Biographical Dictionary of English Literature by John W. Cousin [1910]

H. G. Wells Every moment more of these seed coats ruptured, and even as they did so the swelling pioneers overflowed their rent-distended seed-cases, and passed into the second stage of growth. First Men in the Moon by H. G. Wells [1901]

Abraham Merri I gave him a second injection. The Moon Pool by Abraham Merri

Virginia Woolf The second fight was at Edinburgh in 1869. Three Guineas by Virginia Woolf [1938]

William Makepeace Thackeray The first and second summons met no response. A Legend of the Rhine by William Makepeace Thackeray [1845]

Wilkie Collins He may do better this second time. No Name by Wilkie Collins [1862]

James Payn If I won it, I resolutely resolved never to touch a card again—never to run the risk of experiencing a second time the mental agony I was then undergoing. Mirk Abbey by James Payn [1866]

Robert Louis Stevenson This second sight of her surprised him. The Story of a Lie by Robert Louis Stevenson

D. H. Lawrence The second had dark blue eyes and a fair skin: it was more a Brangwen, people said. The Rainbow by D. H. Lawrence

But Raffles was the last person to betray his sense of an advantage a second too soon: he merely gave me another wink. Mr. Justice Raffles by E. W. Hornung [1909]

Jules Verne Celles qui ne s’échappent pas des cribles percés de cent à huit cents trous sont de second ordre. Vingt Mille Lieues sous les Mers by Jules Verne [1869-70]

The first sentinel then summoned a second sentinel, stationed within an inner lodge, who showed his face at the grating, and inspected the new arrival most attentively. Ten Years Later by Alexandre Dumas [1848-1850]

Wilkie Collins On second thoughts, I was afraid to do it. The Legacy of Cain by Wilkie Collins [1889]

Marjorie Bowen A fresh gust of air rushed in and stirred for a second the stale, smoke-laden atmosphere; then the door was closed again, and idle, heavy silence was unbroken. The Rake’s Progress by Marjorie Bowen [1912]

Wilkie Collins My young lady is Miss Mira Ringmore, daughter of an Englishman established in business in the United States. Her father had recently married for the second time. The First Officer’s Confession by Wilkie Collins [1887]

They were fresh-faced, upstanding boys, and for a second she had an idea of flinging open the door and appealing to them to save her. Mr. Standfast by John Buchan [1919]

Sir Walter Scott He was about to give a very rough answer, and to second his word by action, when a closer view of his antagonist changed his purpose. The Fortunes of Nigel by Sir Walter Scott [1822]

Walter Scott The witness, after this second visitation, called the assistance of Farquharson, and buried the body. Letters on Demonology and Witchcraft by Walter Scott [1831]

Wilkie Collins It had struck him that there might be a second drawer which Emily had overlooked. I Say No by Wilkie Collins [1884]

George Gissing It came the second day after you left London.” “I will have it, please. Isabel Clarendon by George Gissing [1886]

A second Silvius after these appears; Silvius Aeneas, for thy name he bears; For arms and justice equally renown’d, Who, late restor’d, in Alba shall be crown’d. The Aeneid by translated by John Dryden

She was always in black, for no sooner was the year and a half mourning up for one great-uncle or first or second cousin than another died. Lark Rise to Candleford by Flora Thompson [1945]

Anatole France Au second tour de scrutin, Laprat-Teulet tomba à soixante voix. Monsieur Bergeret à Paris by Anatole France

E. F. Benson Then came a second piece of bad luck. Queen Lucia by E. F. Benson [1920]

By the time he was ready for the University he wanted above all things to run the mile a second faster than any one else, and had vague hopes of exploring wild countries. Basilissa by John Buchan [1914]

Walter Scott The second property, with which the first is sometimes found strangely united, was a disposition to low pleasures and obscure debauchery. Quentin Durward by Walter Scott [1823]

H. Rider Haggard In a second he was lifted up, and eager hands were pouring water on his face. King Solomon’s Mines by H. Rider Haggard

Augustine Birrell To-day the House hath bin upon the second observation, and after a debate till foure a’clock, have voted him guilty also of misdemeanor in that particular. Andrew Marvell by Augustine Birrell [1905]

Rudyard Kipling There was no second shot, but a great silence in which I rose slowly to my knees. From Sea to Sea by Rudyard Kipling [1899]

Robert Louis Stevenson Round on the western side of Mount Saint Helena, there was at the same date, a second large encampment, its name, if it ever had one, lost for me. The Silverado Squatters by Robert Louis Stevenson

Dès le second vers, on se regardait dans la salle. Nana by Emile Zola [1880]

H. G. Wells But suppose they found the second set of tools he had hidden in a tree! He had hidden the things well, of course, but they MIGHT find them. The War in the Air by H. G. Wells [1908]

My onset was so sudden and unexpected that he reeled back to the wall, and did not recover his equilibrium in time to prevent my dealing a second blow, which I did with my whole force. The Purcell Papers by J. Sheridan Le Fanu

Wilkie Collins But it was certainly a remarkable circumstance that no second letter reached me from Marian, and that no warning signs appeared of her arrival. The Woman in White by Wilkie Collins [1860]

The second snag was, of course, as I have already mentioned, that the man who had sold me the bicycle had died suddenly, and they couldn’t have been more at a dead end there. The Beachy Head Murder by Arthur Gask [1941]

And now this second nightmare was at an end, too. The Understudy by Mary Cholmondeley

Sinclair Lewis By bribing the chambermaid to call Ginger, Terry was able to meet him for a second at the elevator. Let’s Play King by Sinclair Lewis

E. Phillips Oppenheim Hincks had already reached the second step when a gentle touch on the arm and an almost whispered voice caused him to hesitate. The Spymaster by E. Phillips Oppenheim [1938]

But I had read too much about Larose and heard too much about his methods, too, to feel for one single second safe and secure. The Shadow of Larose by Arthur Gask [1930]

H. G. Wells The Americans had lost a second ship, name unknown; the Hermann had been damaged in covering the Barbarossa. . The War in the Air by H. G. Wells [1908]

Neither he nor the second mate could get a wink of sleep in their watches below for the noise. The Shadow Line by Joseph Conrad [1917]

The second man was standing erect before the other, a few feet away from him. A Voyage to Arcturus by David Lindsay [1920]

M. P. Shiel The second earl, under the sixth Edward, suddenly threw up a civil post, hastened to the army, and fell at the age of forty at the battle of Pinkie in 1547. Prince Zaleski by M. P. Shiel [1895]

To the vicar, who had been twice married, his first wife had borne three children, and his second ten. Coleridge by H. D. Traill [1884]

Anthony Trollope He would put no second letter from this woman in his wife’s way. Is He Popenjoy? by Anthony Trollope [1878]

Then down a second flight to the first landing. The Franchise Affair by Josephine Tey

We were waiting for the second syllable to form the wind. Demi-Gods by James Stephens

William Makepeace Thackeray There are men and fathers too in the much-maligned Orient. Then comes the second act of the tragedy. Notes of a Journey From Cornhill to Grand Cairo by William Makepeace Thackeray

H. G. Wells Behind it a second air-fleet was already swelling at its gasometers when England and France and Spain and Italy showed their hands. The War in the Air by H. G. Wells [1908]

Ten minutes passed thus, a century of agony, dragging by second after second, each supplying all that the imagination could invent in the way of maddening terror, a world of visions. Marguerite de Valois by Alexandre Dumas

For a second only the light of the solitary candle shone upon the pale, scowling features of Mary Matchwell, and she quenched its wick against the wall. The House by the Church-Yard by J. Sheridan Le Fanu

The first was bitter and petrifying to feel, but the second was gay, enervating, and horrible. A Voyage to Arcturus by David Lindsay [1920]

Edgar Wallace For a second he held on desperately, his feet swinging in the air, and then, with an effort, he threw his leg over the edge of the hood and dropped breathlessly on to the seat behind the driver. Planetoid 127 by Edgar Wallace [1927]

The polite pupil was scarcely gone, when, unceremoniously, without tap, in burst a second intruder. Villette by Charlotte Brontë [1853]

Here, to our surprise, the country began to slope downwards again into a second valley. Dr Nikola Returns by Guy Boothby [1896]

Henry Handel Richardson At which young Patty, who in her efforts to come in second had rather scamped the prescribed “folding” of her clothes, suffered a pang of conscience, and turned back to refold them. Growing Pains by Henry Handel Richardson

Mr. Gladstone replied to this letter in a second pamphlet. Eminent Victorians by Lytton Strachey

Robert Louis Stevenson All at once, I found there was a second skull, with a bullet-hole I could have stuck my two thumbs in — say anybody else’s one thumb. Vailima Letters by Robert Louis Stevenson

Jules Verne The second level was separated by a perpendicular granite cliff, terminated at the top by an unequal edge at a height of at least 300 feet. The Mysterious Island by Jules Verne [1874]

The gist of them was that thus far we had remarkably little to show for what Raffles would call “our second innings. The Black Mask by E. W. Hornung [1901]

William Henry Hudson And perhaps, if I ever should succeed in getting back, it would only be to encounter a second Roger Tichborne case, or to be confronted with the statute of limitations. A Crystal Age by William Henry Hudson

Rafael Sabatini It was striking one as they clattered for the second time over the cobbled streets of Godalming. ‘I— I am very hungry’ says miss pathetically. The Plague of Ghosts by Rafael Sabatini

George Elio The thunder resounded through Orchard Street, and, after a single minute, there was a second clap louder than the first. Janet’s Repentance by George Elio

The second one we had dug, though well shaded, was quite dry, and the native hole contained only sufficient for about half the horses. Australia Twice Traversed by Ernest Giles

William Makepeace Thackeray When the Prince’s conversation was thus interrupted a second time, his Royal patience and clemency were at an end. Notes of a Journey From Cornhill to Grand Cairo by William Makepeace Thackeray

Jack London The boy, Lish Dickery, was the second to go. The Star Rover by Jack London [1915]

Alphonse Daudet There is such a wide gap between a lion and poor Jack! His second feeling was one of pity. Tartarin of Tarascon by Alphonse Daudet [1872]

A second large order of equivocating appearances will arise,—not as to magnitude, but as to motion. The System of the Heavens as Revealed by Lord Rosse’s Telescope by Thomas De Quincey [1846]

T. E. Lawrence Ali cleared his throat, and we returned to our carpets while the second and third relays round the pans were satisfied. Seven Pillars of Wisdom by T. E. Lawrence [1926]

Thomas Hardy In this Clare carefully laid Tess. Having kissed her lips a second time he breathed deeply, as if a greatly desired end were attained. Tess of the d’Urbervilles by Thomas Hardy

Ralph Waldo Emerson The second alludes to the name of the cave, which is “Cave of Music;” the first to the circumstance of its being visited by the promiscuous company of the steamboat. English Traits by Ralph Waldo Emerson [1856]

I had been disappointed a second time in re gorilla, and nothing now remained but a retreat, which time rendered necessary. Two Trips to Gorilla Land and the Cataracts of the Congo by Richard F. Burton [1876]

George Meredith Let them be in danger of their lives the first or second day. The Egoist by George Meredith [1879]

Wilkie Collins A second door in the bed-chamber led to a bath-room. Jezebel’s Daughter by Wilkie Collins [1880]

The second traveler got into his saddle, in the courtyard, with his lackey. The Vicomte de Bragelonne by Alexandre Dumas [1848-1850]

H. Rider Haggard She took it, and then in a second the letter turned to a great snake, with George’s head, that threw its coils around her and struck at her with its fangs. Dawn by H. Rider Haggard

The chief mate is always on deck, but takes no active part, all the duty coming upon the second mate, who has to roll up his trousers and paddle about decks barefooted, like the rest of the crew. Two Years Before the Mast by Richard Henry Dana [1840]

Willa Cather As her cab slid away, Ottenburg shoved Archie into a second taxi that waited by the curb. The Song of the Lark by Willa Cather [1915]

He stared for a second uncomprehendingly, till the passion in his face turned to alarm. The Three Hostages by John Buchan [1924]

Marcel Prous Ce second coup porté à Swann était plus atroce encore que le premier. Du côté de chez Swann by Marcel Prous

Now was the horn blown for the second bout, and they stepped into the wrastling ground. The Worm Ouroboros by E. R. Eddison [1922]

As Mr. Seton walked over the bridge, not a second before he saw Tom, he heard the noise and saw people making for the spot. The Story of Dorothy Grape by Ellen Wood [1881]

F. Scott Fitzgerald They saw each other’s eyes, and both took a short, faintly accelerated breath, and then they went on into the second garden. All the Sad Young Men by F. Scott Fitzgerald [1926]