Phrases with "temporary"

Anthony Trollope In England a delay of three hours would in itself produce a great amount of grumbling, or at least many signs of discomfort and temporary unhappiness. North America by Anthony Trollope

Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu From the harrassing distractions, also, which in London had of late beset him, almost without intermission, he might find in the seclusion of Arden a temporary calm. Checkmate by Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu [1871]

The reconciliation thus effected among the parties answered the temporary purpose of enabling them to go forward in concert in the expedition. The History of the Conquest of Peru by William Hickling Presco

Robert Louis Stevenson He had chosen to be Don Juan, he had grasped at temporary pleasures, and substantial happiness and solid industry had passed him by. Familiar Studies of Men and Books by Robert Louis Stevenson

The Seine was flowing by, an oily sheet carrying bottle corks, vegetable peelings, and other refuse that sometimes collected in temporary whirlpools moving along with the turbulent water. L’Assommoir by Émile Zola

Wilkie Collins What do you propose?” “I propose,” replied the captain, “the temporary removal of Mrs. Wragge. Speaking purely in a pecuniary point of view, I can’t afford a total separation from her. No Name by Wilkie Collins [1862]

Henry James She confessed as much to Olive Chancellor, with a smile which asked that a temporary lapse of promptness might not be too harshly judged. The Bostonians by Henry James [1886]

Rudyard Kipling That decided me to call him “Garin of the Bloody Breast,” who was a great person in his time, or “Garm” for short; so, leaning forward, I told him what his temporary name would be. Actions and Reactions by Rudyard Kipling [1909]

Rudyard Kipling In every age some men gain temporary favour because they happen to have met a temporary need of their age. A Book of Words by Rudyard Kipling [1928]

Theodore Dreiser The fact that he had in a measure mollified Carrie was a source of satisfaction to Hurstwood, but it furnished only the most temporary relief. Sister Carrie by Theodore Dreiser

Mr. Jiffin, throwing off as best he could the temporary disappointment, was in an ecstasy of admiration, for he set it all down to Afy’s retiring modesty on the approach of the nuptial day. East Lynne by Ellen Wood [1861]

Ann Radcliffe But this reproof of Julia touched him where he was most conscious of defect; and the temporary triumph which he imagined it afforded her, kindled his resentment into flame. A Sicilian Romance by Ann Radcliffe [1790]

Anthony Trollope The man, having a lame horse, had come very slowly, fidgeting Mr. Grey into additional temporary discomfort. Mr. Scarborough's Family by Anthony Trollope [1883]

T. E. Lawrence Railhead of the forest railway, with its temporary sheds, was commanded from low ridges by the Arab gun-fire, and no better than a trap. Seven Pillars of Wisdom by T. E. Lawrence [1926]

Willa Cather His temporary release from consciousness seemed to have been beneficial. The Professor’s House by Willa Cather [1925]

There are but two kinds of temporary insanity, and each has but a single symptom. The Fiend’s Delight by Ambrose Bierce [1873]

T. E. Lawrence They said that Feisal had moved to Uheida. We crossed the little flooded stream, by a temporary hospital where Maulud lay. Seven Pillars of Wisdom by T. E. Lawrence [1926]

But a temporary ailment long since cured and a sympathetic doctor had enabled her to circumvent Maria, and to establish herself for good on her sofa, with the soft-hearted Catherine in attendance. Notwithstanding by Mary Cholmondeley [1913]

Anthony Trollope Mrs. Demijohn herself never went to church, having some years since had a temporary attack of sciatica, which had provided her with a perpetual excuse for not leaving the house on a Sunday morning. Marion Fay by Anthony Trollope [1882]

The moon came out full and strong in temporary victory, and made black shadows behind the idle millwheel and open mill-race, and black shadows, black as death, under the bridge itself. Sir Charles Danvers by Mary Cholmondeley [1889]

Jane Austen To youth and natural cheerfulness like Emma’s, though under temporary gloom at night, the return of day will hardly fail to bring return of spirits. Emma by Jane Austen [1816]

This was not as a temporary measure — there were cases of people being kept four and five months almost without sight of daylight. Homage to Catalonia by George Orwell [1938]

Edith Wharton Of course this is just a temporary lull in the letters. Tales of Men and Ghosts by Edith Wharton [1910]

Olaf Stapledon If this were indeed so, as many professed to believe, then all human loves must, in spite of temporary frustration, be secure of eternal fulfilment. Last Men in London by Olaf Stapledon

H. G. Wells They all found me a very amusing temporary younger brother. An Experiment in Autobiography by H. G. Wells

Robert Louis Stevenson The six principal beams of the beacon were thus secured, at least in a temporary manner, in the course of two tides, or in the short space of about eleven hours and a half. Records of a Family of Engineers by Robert Louis Stevenson

Leon Trotsky Lenin’s illness and the expectation of his return to the leadership made the temporary situation indefinite, and it lasted, with an interval, for over two years. My Life by Leon Trotsky

Sir Walter Scott Let your part in this great and perilous drama rest upon conviction, and not on a hurried and probably a temporary feeling. Waverley by Sir Walter Scott [1829]

Gaston Leroux The toilette table was a simple table standing on four legs; there was nothing about it by which it could possibly be changed into a temporary hiding-place. Mystery of the Yellow Room by Gaston Leroux [1907]

William Godwin The temporary separation attendant on my little journey, had its effect on the mind of both parties. Memoirs of the Author of a Vindication of the Rights of Woman by William Godwin [1798]

I had by this time decided upon taking her on to Bodmin, and finding her a temporary home in my steward’s family. Wyllard's Weird by Mary Elizabeth Braddon [1885]

E. Phillips Oppenheim His sense of obligation to the man who had become his temporary host was swept away in the flood of his desire. The Amazing Judgment by E. Phillips Oppenheim [1897]

John Stuart Mill So long as they are co-operating, their ends are identified with those of others; there is at least a temporary feeling that the interests of others are their own interests. Utilitarianism by John Stuart Mill

A temporary reduction of interest to three per cent. The Land of Midian by Richard F. Burton [1879]

Andrew Lang But in Jeanne’s case I have found no hint of temporary unconsciousness or ‘dissociation. The Valet’s Tragedy by Andrew Lang

George Meredith If he had eased his heart in stressing the first syllable, it was only temporary relief. The Egoist by George Meredith [1879]

Thomas Hobbes Prophecy is not an art, nor, when it is taken for prediction, a constant vocation, but an extraordinary and temporary employment from God, most often of good men, but sometimes also of the wicked. Leviathan by Thomas Hobbes

An English tenner, though; that’s odd!” he added carelessly, and then slipped the cash loose into his pocket, with the air of a man for whom money is at best a temporary possession. The Lovels of Arden by Mary Elizabeth Braddon [1871]

George Gissing Desiring to dwell in the familiar temporary abode, his structure of incongruities and facile reconcilements, he found it no longer weather-proof. Born in Exile by George Gissing [1891]

However, there is a much more serious difficulty than the local and temporary objections which I discussed in the last chapter. The Road to Wigan Pier by George Orwell [1937]

This was repeated again and again-a meeting of armed neutrality, a temporary truce. The Passing of the Aborigines by Daisy Bates [1938]

Frances Hodgson Burnett Dowie did not know that its loveliness had been poor George’s temporary undoing; she only thought of it as a sign of the wonderful change. Robin by Frances Hodgson Burnett [1922]

E. Phillips Oppenheim The luxury of a room to herself was only a temporary one. A Sleeping Memory by E. Phillips Oppenheim [1902]

Since that little cloud was dispelled, all the temporary waste and wanness have vanished. Shirley by Charlotte Bronte [1849]

H. G. Wells He had a temporary entanglement with a chair, but at length he got to her. Babes In The Darkling Woods by H. G. Wells [1940]

Sinclair Lewis He dined at the new Yale Club, and sat out on the roof after dinner with a couple of temporary widowers and Bunk Selby’s kid brother, who had graduated in the spring. Selected Short Stories by Sinclair Lewis

Thomas Paine It was so loudly vociferated, that it echoed through the avenues of the house, and produced a temporary confusion. The Rights of Man by Thomas Paine [1791]

Walter Scott The storm, which had been soothed to temporary rest in Scotland, burst forth in England with treble violence. The Minstrelsy of the Scottish Border by Walter Scott [1802-1803]

Isabella Bird Toronto is not the fungus growth, staring and wooden, of a temporary necessity; it is the result of persevering industry, well-applied capital, and healthy and progressive commercial prosperity. The Englishwoman in America by Isabella Bird [1856]

It is not the first time you have received a temporary guest on my recommendation. A Stable for Nightmares by J. Sheridan Le Fanu

Theodore Dreiser He realized that his general moral or unmoral attitude was perhaps working them a temporary injustice. The Financier by Theodore Dreiser

Wilkie Collins Mercy’s first sensation was a sensation of relief — soon lost in a feeling of shame at the weakness which could welcome any temporary relief in such a position as hers. The New Magdalen by Wilkie Collins [1873]

Certain individualities grow into fame through their vices and their virtues, or simply by their actions, which may have a temporary importance; and then they become forgotten. A Set of Six by Joseph Conrad [1908]

There was a temporary feeling about everything. Coming up for Air by George Orwell

Ann Radcliffe But notwithstanding all her efforts, the idea of Hippolitus would at intervals return upon her memory with a force that at once subdued her fortitude, and sunk her in a temporary despair. A Sicilian Romance by Ann Radcliffe [1790]

H. G. Wells After all, from the mechanical point of view, it had been a most insignificant incident — the mere temporary deflection of a current. The Stolen Bacillus and other incidents by H. G. Wells [1895]

Jacques Futrelle Mr. Latham came to his feet with a sudden realization of his responsibilities as a temporary host, and introductions followed. The Diamond Master by Jacques Futrelle [1909]

H. G. Wells For it was at Tunbridge Wells he reappeared after a temporary obscurity, so soon as he fully realised how transitory, how quite exceptional and unmeaning that fury of rioting was. The Food of the Gods and how it came to Earth by H. G. Wells [1904]

Walter Scott This necessity occasioned a temporary separation betwixt the two friends, who went to bargain, each as he could, for the separate accommodation of his herd. Chronicles of the Canongate by Walter Scott [1827]

Olaf Stapledon The governments did, indeed, gain a temporary success by sending out dervishes who had been specially prepared for the inevitable ordeal by having an arm permanently anaesthetized. Darkness and the Light by Olaf Stapledon

Ann Radcliffe The importance of the present question, operating upon her mind, already harassed by distress, had produced a temporary suspension of reason. A Sicilian Romance by Ann Radcliffe [1790]

Anthony Trollope The Lord Fawns and the Frank Greystocks of the world would be less likely to covet Lizzie, should she by any little indiscretion have placed herself under a temporary cloud. The Eustace Diamonds by Anthony Trollope

It is an immense help in any little temporary impersonation. The Black Mask by E. W. Hornung [1901]

Edgar Allan Poe The mind struggles to establish a connection — a sequence of cause and effect — and, being unable to do so, suffers a species of temporary paralysis. The Gold-Bug by Edgar Allan Poe

H. G. Wells And she had appreciated the little lady so highly and openly, she had so instantly caught and reproduced her tone, that her success, though only temporary in its completeness, was immediate. The Research Magnificent by H. G. Wells [1915]

Wilkie Collins But between the awful blank of total privation of vision, and the temporary blank of vision merely veiled, there lies the widest difference. Basil by Wilkie Collins [1852]

Walter Scott They bear to the former the analogy, as we may say, which a sudden and temporary fever-fit has to a serious feverish illness. Letters on Demonology and Witchcraft by Walter Scott [1831]

George Meredith He knew that action was but a temporary remedy. Beauchamp's Career by George Meredith [1875]

We turned to the forbidden door, set in a temporary partition dividing the hall and locked on the outside. Ten Days That Shook the World by John Reed

Edward Jenner But it should be observed that before it scabbed the efflorescence which had suffered a temporary suspension advanced in the usual manner. On Vaccination Against Smallpox by Edward Jenner

George Gissing In any case he would have found the temporary harbour of refuge which stress of weather had made necessary. The Nether World by George Gissing [1888]

H. G. Wells They did not realise that this age of relative good fortune was an age of immense but temporary opportunity for their kind. The War in the Air by H. G. Wells [1908]

Edward Jenner Some there are who suppose the security from the smallpox obtained through the cow-pox will be of a temporary nature only. On Vaccination Against Smallpox by Edward Jenner

John Hill Burton The petty insincerities evolved in the course of casual disputes, for the purpose generally of obtaining a temporary intellectual victory, were occasionally the subject of Bentham’s reprehension. Introduction to the Study of the Works of Jeremy Bentham by John Hill Burton

Wilkie Collins The smaller of the two temporary rooms thus made lay nearest the stairs leading on deck, and was left free to the public. The Fatal Cradle by Wilkie Collins [1861]

Any ship, for instance, bound on a trip to Palawan or somewhere that way would have Captain Giles on board, either in temporary command or “to assist the master. The Shadow Line by Joseph Conrad [1917]

Wilkie Collins I could not get even a temporary freedom of selection, except by fighting for it resolutely at odds and ends of time. My Miscellanies by Wilkie Collins [1863]

On board any English ship some of the smartest and handiest seamen would have been converted into temporary attendants — here no one seemed to think of a proceeding so far out of the usual way. The Land of Midian by Richard F. Burton [1879]

Arthur Machen But in the meantime, as a temporary measure, I hold what I call the doctrine of the jig-saw puzzle. The Great Return by Arthur Machen

Walter Scott An act of gross desertion may, in any case, be palliated under the plea of intoxication; the murder of an officer may be as easily coloured over with that of temporary insanity. Chronicles of the Canongate by Walter Scott [1827]

Most men, had they known all, would have wondered with good Doctor Walsingham, why, of all places in the world, he should have chosen the little town where he now stood for even a temporary residence. The House by the Church-Yard by J. Sheridan Le Fanu

Arthur Machen The other was a temporary scaffold sometimes erected in the Oxford road, by the park railings. Dreads and Drolls by Arthur Machen

She is now comfortably established in a temporary home, with her mother and Diana Paget; and in all probability some months must elapse before she and I can begin our new life together. Charlotte’s Inheritance by Mary Elizabeth Braddon [1868]

Algernon Blackwood It was merely a temporary interruption. John Silence by Algernon Blackwood

I am sure she would not have consented to even a temporary separation. Romance by Joseph Conrad and Ford Madox Ford [1903]

Nathaniel Hawthorne But it was one of those junctures which test the difference between the man of principle and the mere politician — the man of moral courage and him who yields to temporary expediency. Life of Franklin Pierce by Nathaniel Hawthorne [1852]

Gustave Flauber She visited the neighbours to beg for candlesticks and mats so as to adorn the temporary altars in the street. A Simple Soul by Gustave Flauber

Arthur Morrison It was thought that he spent his days over the water, as would be the way of one feeling the need of temporary caution. The Hole in the Wall by Arthur Morrison

Anthony Trollope Two little drawbacks to the general happiness did take place, but they were of a temporary nature, and apparent rather than real. Barchester Towers by Anthony Trollope

Elizabeth Gaskell He had no idea how much more than mere temporary annoyance would arise out of the investigation. A Dark Night’s Work by Elizabeth Gaskell [1864]

Then he had been in the South African War and afterwards a temporary magistrate up Lydenburg way. The Three Hostages by John Buchan [1924]

Robert Louis Stevenson The lowest apartment at the head of the staircase was occupied with water, fuel, and provisions, put up in a temporary way until the house could be furnished with proper utensils. Records of a Family of Engineers by Robert Louis Stevenson

H. G. Wells But with sane marriage and birth laws there is no reason to suppose such calls upon the resources and initiative of the world more than temporary and exceptional occasions. A Modern Utopia by H. G. Wells [1905]

James Hogg Each close vomited out its levies, and these better armed with missiles than when they sought it for a temporary retreat. The Private Memoirs and Confessions of a Justified Sinner by James Hogg [1824]

Anthony Trollope It could be but a temporary measure. The Eustace Diamonds by Anthony Trollope

Saturated by vivid white light, my bemused sight swayed under temporary aberration. My Tropic Isle by E. J. Banfield

THE RAINY NIGHT had ushered in a cold, misty morning—half-frost, half-drizzle—and temporary brooks crossed our path, gurgling from the uplands. Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte [1847]

His arms experienced a temporary check before the island of Puna, whose bold warriors maintained the cause of his brother. The History of the Conquest of Peru by William Hickling Presco

H. G. Wells Changes in the number of half-breeds and in the proportion of white and coloured are changes of a temporary nature that may become controllable and rectifiable in a few generations. What are we to do with our lives? by H. G. Wells [1928]

Olaf Stapledon But the scruples which held Victor back from marrying Maggie, prevented him also from having a temporary union with her. A Man Divided by Olaf Stapledon

Edgar Rice Burroughs Could I but reach that little bit of polished steel I might yet effect at least a temporary escape. At the Earth’s Core by Edgar Rice Burroughs [1914]

Emigration also comes in aid as a temporary check, but, with the extremely poor classes, not to any great extent. The Descent of Man by Charles Darwin

Algernon Blackwood Father Collins, too, he suspected he recalled his behaviour and strange language had known also a temporary extension of faculty outside the normal field. The Bright Messenger by Algernon Blackwood [1922]

It was only a temporary measure, pending the arrival of British divisions from the north. Mr. Standfast by John Buchan [1919]

Samuel Johnson Such capricious and temporary waters cannot be expected to produce many fish. A Journey to the Western Isles of Scotland by Samuel Johnson

H. G. Wells After an ear has been pinched or a hand has been run through a man’s hair, or a pretty bare shoulder kissed, all sorts of broader interests lapse into a temporary oblivion. Marriage by H. G. Wells [1912]

H. G. Wells All you had to do with him was to slap him into uniform, give him temporary rank for the duration, and he got so fierce and patriotic he’d kill his mother to please you. The Autocracy of Mr. Parham by H. G. Wells [1930]

William Godwin When Mary had arrived at about the middle of her work, she was seized with a temporary fit of torpor and indolence, and began to repent of her undertaking. Memoirs of the Author of a Vindication of the Rights of Woman by William Godwin [1798]

Walter Scott The disguised Monarch, apprised that day to be prepared on short notice to quit his temporary asylum, felt his own share of the gloom which involved the little society. Woodstock by Walter Scott [1855]

His mistakes are fatal; those of the Law are only temporary and retrievable. Max Carrados by Ernest Bramah [1914]

Olaf Stapledon But even if the species does not destroy itself, a temporary disaster seems probable. Saints and Revolutionaries by Olaf Stapledon

A temporary long-lost feeling of shyness had seized upon him as he saw Ruth coming out, tall and pale and graceful, from the shadow of the church porch into the blaze of the mid-day sunshine. Sir Charles Danvers by Mary Cholmondeley [1889]

E. Phillips Oppenheim It was the first time he had felt any such revulsion, and he knew very well that it was only a temporary one. The Long Arm of Mannister by E. Phillips Oppenheim [1909]

Edgar Allan Poe They are only temporary pauses in the incomprehensible mechanism. Tales of Illusion by Edgar Allan Poe

Arthur Conan Doyle Surely there she would find some charitable people who would communicate with her friends and give her a temporary shelter. The Firm of Girdlestone by Arthur Conan Doyle [1890]

Thomas Paine They have no idea of a people submitting even to temporary inconvenience from an attachment to rights and privileges. The American Crisis by Thomas Paine

George Meredith To judge by the instantaneous composure of her whole appearance, he did produce a temporary abatement of her malady. The Adventures of Harry Richmond by George Meredith [1871]

Theodore Dreiser By this time Cowperwood had managed through infinite tact and a stoic disregard of his own aches and pains to re-establish at least a temporary working arrangement with the Carter household. The Titan by Theodore Dreiser

Thomas Hardy They were the only two children of Lord and Lady Luxellian, and, as it proved, had been left at home during their parents’ temporary absence, in the custody of nurse and governess. A Pair of Blue Eyes by Thomas Hardy [1899]

He had kinsmen to whom he could look for, at any rate, temporary assistance, and his mother was a wealthy widow. Sterne by H. D. Traill [1882]

Henry James There had been occasions in his past when the sound of it had reduced him to temporary confusion, and the present, for some reason, suddenly became such another. The Ambassadors by Henry James [1903]

If they had encountered such opposition from the petty republic of Tlascala, what might they not expect from the great Mexican empire? There was now a temporary suspension of hostilities. The History of the Conquest of Mexico by William Hickling Prescott [1843]

Olaf Stapledon A much larger number, but still only a minority, suffered from temporary mild attacks of the disease. Darkness and the Light by Olaf Stapledon

I was born in Warsaw, where my parents at the time had a temporary home. The Red Rat’s Daughter by Guy Boothby [1899]

Isabella Bird The writer of such a volume must neither be a tourist nor a temporary resident. The Englishwoman in America by Isabella Bird [1856]

Nathaniel Hawthorne It is the knell of a temporary death. Twice-Told Tales by Nathaniel Hawthorne [1842]

Anthony Trollope By the will money was left to her — more than would be needed for any possible temporary emergency. The Eustace Diamonds by Anthony Trollope

Jack London These are frequently attended by obscuration of vision or temporary blindness. The People of the Abyss by Jack London [1903]

The Mask by a process of evolution would have become the Opera. But it often happens that when a taste or fashion is at the point of death, it undergoes a forced and temporary revival. Milton by Mark Pattison [1879]

George Meredith And she had come unanticipatingly, without design, except perhaps to get a superior being to direct and restrain a gambler’s hand perhaps for the fee of a temporary pressure. One of our Conquerors by George Meredith [1891]

Wilkie Collins What are we to conclude from that? Am I the object of a supernatural warning of misfortune to come? Or am I the object of a temporary derangement of the functions of the liver? There is the question. Man and Wife by Wilkie Collins [1870]

The memory of man knows not the first settlement of this amicable community, which remained until during temporary absence the blacks were suborned to climb the tree to secure the eggs of the eagle. My Tropic Isle by E. J. Banfield

Kinsfolk and old friends were coming from far and wide to assist at the ceremony, for whom temporary rooms were to be arranged in all manner of places. Vixen by Mary Elizabeth Braddon [1879]

Algernon Blackwood Egypt herself had pitched a temporary camp in him, and then moved on. Sand by Algernon Blackwood [1912]

They’ll think then it was only a temporary failure of the light. The Grave-digger of Monks Arden by Arthur Gask [1938]

Two days afterwards (July 29, 1863) I bade a temporary “adios” to the enemy. Two Trips to Gorilla Land and the Cataracts of the Congo by Richard F. Burton [1876]

Robert Louis Stevenson The balcony was only as yet fitted with a temporary rail, consisting of a few iron stanchions, connected with ropes; and in this state it was necessary to leave it during the winter. Records of a Family of Engineers by Robert Louis Stevenson

George Meredith It is of course less than magnanimity; they are not proposed to you for your worship; they are little Gods, temporary as that great wave, their parent human mass of the hour. Diana of the Crossways by George Meredith [1885]

When the chief asked if I purposed to enter a plea of temporary insanity I replied that I would reserve my defense for the present; and in fact I never did disclose it until now. The Mirage by Ambrose Bierce

Walter Scott This hesitation had occasioned some temporary coldness between the General and the Everards, father and son. Woodstock by Walter Scott [1855]

Sir Walter Scott The kidnapping the child was a crime much more consistent with their habits than with those of smugglers, and his temporary guardian might have fallen in an attempt to protect him. Guy Mannering by Sir Walter Scott [1815]

H. G. Wells Now it would be some fresh insect won its way to a temporary fatal new development, now some fresh outbreak from the sewers of rats and such-like vermin. The Food of the Gods and how it came to Earth by H. G. Wells [1904]

A loop of thin thread only one-sixteenth of a grain in weight caused a temporary flexure. The Movements and Habits of Climbing Plants by Charles Darwin

Wilkie Collins The entertainments of the festive season of the year, so far as I am personally concerned, have at last subsided into a temporary lull. My Miscellanies by Wilkie Collins [1863]

Henry James Taking temporary leave of him, she mentioned the visitors at home whom she must not forget. The Other House by Henry James [1896]

Bronislaw Malinowski Amongst the Murring234 “the only occurrence of licence is when a visitor from a distance is provided with a temporary wife by the hosts. The Family among the Australian Aborigines by Bronislaw Malinowski [1913]

Thomas Hardy It was an unwitting compliment to her taste and discernment in singling him out for her own, despite its temporary inexpediency. Two on a Tower by Thomas Hardy [1895]

Charles Stur I now halted the party until the moon should rise, and we threw ourselves on the ground to take a temporary repose, the evening being cool and agreeable. Narrative of an expedition into Central Australia by Charles Stur

Edith Wharton The fact of Nick’s temporary inaccessibility — since she was now convinced that he was really at the Hickses’ — turned her distress to a mocking irritation. The Glimpses of the Moon by Edith Wharton [1922]

A cup of tea or even an aspirin is much better as a temporary stimulant than a crust of brown bread. The Road to Wigan Pier by George Orwell [1937]

Several dingy portraits, banished from time to time from other statelier rooms, found a temporary abode in this quiet spot, where they had come finally to settle and drop out of remembrance. The Haunted Baronet by J. Sheridan Le Fanu [1871]

I did not, like him, attempt a critical knowledge of their dialects, for I did not contemplate making any other use of them than temporary amusement. Frankenstein by Mary Shelley [1831]

G. K. Chesterton The temporary decline of theology had involved the neglect of philosophy and all fine thinking; and Bernard Shaw had to find shaky justifications in Schopenhauer for the sons of God shouting for joy. George Bernard Shaw by G. K. Chesterton [1909]

James Hogg These were but temporary and sinful fears, but they added greatly to my unhappiness. The Private Memoirs and Confessions of a Justified Sinner by James Hogg [1824]

D. H. Lawrence This building might have been a temporary chapel, as you came at it from the back. Kangaroo by D. H. Lawrence

George Gissing Such envelopes generally came from the parents of children who had been in the Home, and frequently—dirtiness announced such cases—made appeal for temporary assistance. Thyrza by George Gissing [1887]

Jules Verne Uncomfortable as was their temporary abode, Servadac and his attendant made no complaints; neither of them was dainty in the matter either of board or lodging. Off on a Comet by Jules Verne [1877]

Edgar Allan Poe At the request of Usher, I personally aided him in the arrangements for the temporary entombment. Romances of Death by Edgar Allan Poe

Arnold Bennett Then, in her fashion, she scribbled a bold-charactered note to Mrs. Cannon, giving a temporary address, and this also she put in the handbag. These Twain by Arnold Bennett [1916]

Oscar Wilde One night at C-’s, the above dramatic partners were the temporary subject of chat. Intentions by Oscar Wilde [1891]

Rudyard Kipling Which proves that the inspiration in the book was purely temporary and unconnected with himself. Plain Tales from the Hills by Rudyard Kipling [1888]

The Indians have cleared about an acre of ground on it and erected a temporary shed. Wanderings in South America by Charles Waterton [1825]

Thomas Hardy Mrs Brooks had not been able to catch any word of farewell, temporary or otherwise, between her tenants at the door above. Tess of the d’Urbervilles by Thomas Hardy

His works, which were planned on an imposing scale, attracted some temporary attention and applause, but are now forgotten. A Short Biographical Dictionary of English Literature by John W. Cousin [1910]

Anthony Trollope I’ll tell you what, now — do you hand over your watch to me, just as a temporary loan — you can’t want it here, you know; and I’ll come down and bail you out tomorrow. The Three Clerks by Anthony Trollope

They made every arrangement for rendering their temporary exile as agreeable as possible. Memoirs of Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds by Charles Mackay [1852]

It would be nice to feel myself a temporary member of the Staff, instead of a mere guest. Miss Pym Disposes by Josephine Tey

Washington Irving The temporary absence of worldly scenes and employments produces a state of mind peculiarly fitted to receive new and vivid impressions. The Sketch Book of Geoffrey Crayon by Washington Irving

His regiment is stationed at Aldershot, but for the time being he’s doing some temporary work at the War Office in Town and manages to get plenty of leave. The Vaults of Blackarden Castle by Arthur Gask [1950]

Jack London Let me describe, it, so that you will understand the method by which I achieved death in life, became a temporary master of time and space, and vaulted the prison walls to rove among the stars. The Star Rover by Jack London [1915]

This temporary escape the friends owed to Denys’s good sense and observation. The Cloister and the Hearth by Charles Reade

Samuel Johnson Soon afterwards we came to the General’s Hut, so called because it was the temporary abode of Wade, while he superintended the works upon the road. A Journey to the Western Isles of Scotland by Samuel Johnson

Charles Dickens The oven, or stove, cold as yet, looked as high as an ordinary house, and was full of men and women on temporary footholds, briskly passing up and stowing away the dishes. The Uncommercial Traveller by Charles Dickens [1860]

Edith Wharton But even then it never occurred to him to reflect that his apprehensions were superfluous, since their tie was avowedly a temporary one. The Glimpses of the Moon by Edith Wharton [1922]

Theodore Dreiser They feel that you’d better announce a temporary suspension, anyhow; and if they want to let you resume later they can do so. The Financier by Theodore Dreiser

Arthur Conan Doyle They might imagine that we are suffering from some temporary depression of trade, but no one could possibly know the sad truth. The Firm of Girdlestone by Arthur Conan Doyle [1890]

Richard Burton These Maghrabis travel in hordes under a leader who obtains the temporary title of “Maula,” — the master. Personal Narrative of a Pilgrimage to Al-Madinah and Meccah by Richard Burton

H. G. Wells These perplexities of the situation between man and woman and the trouble with the obstinacy of egotism, these are temporary troubles, the issue of our own times. The World Set Free by H. G. Wells [1914]

H. G. Wells If you say that a new building is ramshackle or flimsy they assure you that it is merely a temporary structure. An Experiment in Autobiography by H. G. Wells

Charles Dickens He considered the chambers and his own lodging as temporary residences, and advised me to look out at once for a “fashionable crib” near Hyde Park, in which he could have “a shake-down. Great Expectations by Charles Dickens [1860]

Joseph Furphy I began to suspect a temporary delirium. Such is Life by Joseph Furphy

James Hogg This raised the indignation against the young laird and his associates a thousand-fold, which actually roused the party to temporary madness. The Private Memoirs and Confessions of a Justified Sinner by James Hogg [1824]

George Eliot After the utterance of that blessing, Savonarola himself fell on his knees and hid his face in temporary exhaustion. Romola by George Eliot [1862-3]

Leon Trotsky The workers were simply breaking away from orthodoxy, and baptism became a temporary phase for them in their progress to ward revolution. My Life by Leon Trotsky

Arthur Conan Doyle It has been done in the most delicate way, purporting to be a temporary measure to relieve me from the effects of overwork, and to give me the opportunity of recovering my health. The Parasite by Arthur Conan Doyle [1894]

Isabella Bird He came to me in the dark secretly, and asked me to bring them up here, where they might find a temporary asylum. Journeys in Persia and Kurdistan by Isabella Bird [1891]

Some kind of temporary compromise had been arrived at there, the exchange was working uninterruptedly and there was no firing from the building. Homage to Catalonia by George Orwell [1938]

Occasion had been taken by the Commons, when it was proposed, in the session of 1694-95, to renew certain temporary statutes, to strike out this particular statute from the list. Locke by Thomas Fowler [1880]

Henry James This had made him shrink from knowing the worst about her; not the wish to get used to it in time, but what was more characteristic of him, the wish to interpose a temporary illusion. The Tragic Muse by Henry James [1890]

Anthony Trollope When therefore he left Matching, she understood that he was going to prepare a temporary home for her. The Duke’s Children by Anthony Trollope

H. G. Wells You may say that this is a temporary state of affairs, that the fall in population will presently relieve the situation, by getting rid of this surplus of the “not wanted”. The New World Order by H. G. Wells

Theodore Dreiser For purposes of temporary happiness he might take her from anywhere, leaving marriage, of course, out of the question. Jennie Gerhardt by Theodore Dreiser

Rudyard Kipling A man’s superior may die and leave him in temporary charge of a district half the size of France with ten million people in it. A Book of Words by Rudyard Kipling [1928]

He’s been engaging a temporary butler,”— his eyes gleamed —“and I’ll take on the job. The House on the Island by Arthur Gask [1931]

Wilkie Collins On two occasions he had been cupped, and had derived no more than a temporary benefit from the employment of that remedy. Jezebel’s Daughter by Wilkie Collins [1880]

The organized lying practiced by totalitarian states is not, as is sometimes claimed, a temporary expedient of the same nature as military deception. Collected Essays by George Orwell

John Locke Their parents have a sort of rule and jurisdiction over them, when they come into the world, and for some time after; but it is but a temporary one. Second Treatise of Civil Government by John Locke [1690]

George Meredith She reached Milan in a mood to bear the idea of temporary defeat. Vittoria by George Meredith [1867]

Thomas Hardy In a quarter of an hour the news that a gentleman who was a temporary visitor to the town had been stabbed in his bed, spread through every street and villa of the popular watering-place. Tess of the d’Urbervilles by Thomas Hardy

George Meredith For a vague encouragement, Dorothea said: ‘One week, and we are back home at Moorsedge!’—not so far from Cronidge, was implied, for the administering of some foolish temporary comfort. One of our Conquerors by George Meredith [1891]