Phrases with the verb "to bark"

Examples of verb "to bark" in the Pluperfect Tense

Bark (Pluperfect)

To be sure the Craw mystery had proved to be nonsense, and he had been barking loudly up the wrong tree.

He was troubled when he came back; for the dogs had barked and the folk run out from their houses; and he thought he had heard a clatter of arms and seen a red-coat come to one of the doors.

I had been barking up the wrong tree this time.

They expected every moment to hear Merrylegs give tongue, but the highly trained performing dog had not barked when the girl and the candle appeared together.

The Simpson incident had shown me that a dog was kept in the stables, and yet, though someone had been in and had fetched out a horse, he had not barked enough to arouse the two lads in the loft.

Another was of a queer mark in the ground very near Akeley’s house, which he said he had photographed the morning after a night on which the dogs had barked more violently than usual.

Examples of verb "to bark" in the Conditional Tense

Bark (Conditional)

As for the world, it would be barking at her heels.

And they could be sure that the faithful dog would not allow them to be surprised, but would bark at the least appearance of danger.

Now and then a dog would bark — now a revolver would go off.

Examples of verb "to bark" in the Imperfect Tense

Bark (Imperfect)

The dog was barking in the street.

Down below in the plain, a great way off, a dog was barking continuously.

A dog was barking far away, one of the dogs at Gage’s farm no doubt, beyond the coppice.

It did not bark nor approach him, it just bristled quietly and emitted a single sound like a short, deep cough.

And so it happened that one day she was flying over a dense forest, and below hounds were barking fiercely, because, not having wings themselves, she was out of their reach.

A dog was barking in the street.

Indeed, so familiar had he been of late, that even Juno did not bark at him, but contented herself with watching him with a close and vigilant eye.

All the time their own automatics were barking out.

The police were barking up a wrong tree and if Mr. Mortimer Fairfax indeed had an enemy, who was seeking to injure him, then it certainly was not the accused.

Examples of verb "to bark" in the Gerund Form

Bark (Gerund)

The poor fellow is barking for help; he is calling like a man in distress.

Everyone is barking commands or saluting or doing both.

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Verbs similar to bark


His companions were yelping in imitation of coyotes.


The paint was peeling off the rickety old carved galleries; the arabesques over the windows were chipped and worn; — the ancientness of the place rendered it doubly picturesque.


It did not voice the elemental instinct of the animal to snatch freedom for freedom’s sake, nor the feeling of wrong or vengeance capable of destroying everything and powerless to build up anything.


So when he said: ‘I beg your pardon, is this a private room?’ we did not growl and say: ‘Yes, it is,’ but Long said, or I did — no matter which: ‘Please come in.


What Price Hair-pins Now?” A heavy-necked man in a straw hat, who was chewing something, stopped the machine with a touch, and they all turned their eyes on Bert. And all their eyes were tired eyes.


The wind was howling past our cabin, and the rain threatened to burst in our rude window.


A funny little two-seated car was purring before the door, and I guessed this was also the telegraph office.


And then, when I was coming in, I met John and told him I had been pining for air to cure my headache, and so I had gone for a walk.


The thought saddened him; but it did not bite into him poisonously, as his virginity had done.