Phrases with the verb "to bottom"

Other verbs and sentences related to "bottom"

Verbs similar to bottom


The colour rose to his face and his heart beat audibly, but he did not lower his eyes, and for not doing so, seemed to himself infinitely bold.


She was determined, and had worsted him in a very important contest.


Ruford had taken the cattle down to the river, and when they had drunk their fill had tailed them slowly on to camp, where the two black boys were watching them.


His charitable kindness had been rearing a prime comfort for himself.


The next second Jaikie’s head had butted his antagonist in the wind, and, as he stumbled forward gasping, Jaikie twisted his right arm behind his back and held it in a cruel lock.


He had climbed the steep slope and penetrated the matted thicket and lay in the heat, alone on the soft short grass that grew within the fort.


He had not fathomed his mind, got at the prime motive of his being.


But I may, perhaps, give a few hints which will be of use to the younger members of this Society, and will point out to them how to get a new relish for the pursuit of field science.


I based no calculation on all Mrs. Harbottle had gone back to, just as I had based no calculation on her ten years’ companionship in arms when I kept her from the three o’clock train.


He made an exception for the great airman Lensch, who had downed him.


Boche sent his wife back to the concierge’s lodge until time to eat and had cornered Clemence in a corner trying to find out if she was ticklish.


If they sent him to the front, which was the worst they could do, he would escape, for I would have backed him to get through any mortal lines.


A few poles placed across the doorway partially closed it, but some of the smallest pigs got through, and were rooting and grunting amongst our baggage all night.


It was not the water which little by little had hollowed it.