Phrases with the verb "to countenance"

Examples of verb "to countenance" in the Perfect Tense

Countenance (Perfect)

He was surprised and afflicted, however, that the Spaniards should have countenanced his faithless vassals in their rebellion.

Examples of verb "to countenance" in the Future Tense

Countenance (Future)

I will not countenance the marriage which my daughter has arranged without my consent! Help me to break it off.

It is not I who will countenance this upstart foolery by my presence longer than I can help, Johnny Ludlow.” Mr. Brandon disappeared.

I shall investigate them, and if I find them true, certainly Colonel Mannering and I will not countenance this young man.

Examples of verb "to countenance" in the Conditional Tense

Countenance (Conditional)

I believe my father would countenance it, for it involves no real deceit.

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Verbs similar to countenance


It should, of course, be intimated that Serjeant Bluestone and myself are both of opinion that the money should be allowed for the purpose.


Yet if his poems, as a whole, will not warrant us in assigning him this grade, one such poem as the last upon which we have commented, is enough to assure us that he may attain it.


No one shall insult her in my presence, I will not permit it, sir; and I will suffer it least of all from you.


The Indians accepted his request, and came to the Gouernour to excuse themselues; and so all of them returned to their towne.


She tolerated him good-humouredly, as women so often tolerate ninnies and poseurs.


He did not face the question crudely, but like a civilised man and a philosopher; there were reasons why it should interest him just now.


General Fremont does allude to the accusations made against him regarding the building of the forts; but in doing so he seem to me rather to admit than to deny the acts as stated by the committee.


If the misbehaviour had been condoned by Lady Eustace, the less that he said about it, the better.


For one learns sooner, and more willingly remembers, that which a man derides, than that which he approves and venerates.


The crushing force of judge, gaolers, warders, and constables assembled to punish the four men, appeared cruel.


After reflecting a little, he decided to adopt the latter course.


Go; and support yourself by remembering that I have got that within me which will support me.


He had gone pale, and was frowning at the sheet of paper which trembled in his hand.


But I had paused with my mug in air, and was gazing at her with a suddenly arrested concern.


But nautical men, I suspect, would have demurred to that estimate.


She remembered how she had waited till he had gone, and that then, going to her own room, she had reproached herself with the cowardice of the falsehood.