Phrases with the verb "to court"

Examples of verb "to court" in the Conditional Tense

Court (Conditional)

Being a year older than Frances, he would have courted her long ago had she been so inclined.

His path of duty was clear, but he would not court antagonisms.

Most men in his position would have courted me for the sake of my money.

He would have courted any hazard which might have given him some chance of revenge.

Examples of verb "to court" in the Pluperfect Tense

Court (Pluperfect)

At Venice, whence he had come lately, all the women had courted him, hanging upon his words, adoring him as the keenest wit of his day.

Examples of verb "to court" in the Present Tense

Court (Present)

No wife of real spirit solicits the world for compassion: she who does not court popularity ensures respect.

He cannot be mistaken for any other, and his flaming vest and blue stockings show that he does not court concealment.

Examples of verb "to court" in the Future Tense

Court (Future)

I love these sweet, fiery pangs, but I will not court them.

Examples of verb "to court" in the Gerund Form

Court (Gerund)

It will happen — and most ominously I feel that you are courting a dreadful retaliation, and that you will bring on yourself a great misfortune; but it is quite vain, I know, speaking to you.

He is courting his young love, with the great brown eyes and gentle voice.

It’s been telled me by one as knows, and has seen, that you walk with this same Mary Barton, and are known to be courting her; and her as spoke to me about it, thinks as how Mary loves you.

In England Wallingham, wearing it like a medal, seemed to be courting political excommunication with it, except that Wallingham was so hard to effectively curse.

Only Bruno must not know that you know, because he is so afraid that red‐haired Roma whom he is courting should hear of it.

The young man who is courting Elsie is a son of Toumes the builder.

He is courting an heiress just escaped from the nursery.

Examples of verb "to court" in the Imperfect Tense

Court (Imperfect)

I did not ask you, nor I did not court you.

She had the glory of the racing cutter full sail on a whining breeze; and she did not court to win him, she flew.

People knew that they were courting and, when he sang about the lass that loves a sailor, she always felt pleasantly confused.

So the princes that were courting the eldest ladies wouldn’t give peace or ease to their lovers nor the king till they got consent to the marriage, and it was to take place this morning.

Some of the old women was knitting, and some of the young folks was courting on the sly.

They did not court distinction in the same way, but they celebrated his martyrdom.

So attentive was she to Elizabeth that the General had it kindly suggested to him, that some one was courting him through his daughter.

But if she were civil he would be civil: he did not court a quarrel.

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Verbs similar to court


As they find the fact, they will judge me.


I think I have already said, in another place, that Hewitt’s professional start as a private investigator dated from his connection with the famous will case of Bartley v.


Now, however, when it appeared that the same charm that had appealed to her had appealed to Cowperwood, she conceived an angry, animal opposition to it all.


That day, for the first time since he had been boarding with them, he had failed to appear as usual at the midday meal.