Phrases with the verb "to doctor"

Examples of verb "to doctor" in the Imperfect Tense

Doctor (Imperfect)

They were heard some two hundred yards off by a farmer and two of his shepherds, who were doctoring sheep in a fold in the next field.

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And Mrs. Marsett could applaud herself for sparing Ned’s money; she had mended her gloves, if they were in the fashion.


In the lane a man was repairing the palings.


She restored the box to its place, the key to its ring — then she opened the case and looked at the sapphire.


Arriving at that place it was forwarded to Marygreen in North Wessex, and thence to Aldbrickham by the only person who knew his present address — the widow who had nursed his aunt.


Only, still the sleeplessness, no rest, no shutting of the eyelid, but tossings till the morning, and not poppy nor mandragoras shall medicine me now, I think.


I would never whip a handsome horse or a handsome dog, and I would not care for a friend or a servant who is not pleasant to look at.


Several years ago a keeper at the Zoological Gardens showed me some deep and scarcely healed wounds on the nape of his own neck, inflicted on him, whilst kneeling on the floor, by a fierce baboon.


Each had entirely falsified the predictions silently and secretly made at the time of their marriage by the only two people who counted in their self-absorbed lives.


I think your pride and delicacy would shrink from that.