Phrases with the verb "to doctor"

Examples of verb "to doctor" in the Imperfect Tense

Doctor (Imperfect)

They were heard some two hundred yards off by a farmer and two of his shepherds, who were doctoring sheep in a fold in the next field.

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In the hut was a young girl who was mending a net.


You might have repaired those walls; you might have built on those old foundations.


But this feeling was shortly followed by another which restored him to himself — a fierce loathing, and a desire to kill, such as he had never experienced before.


She perceived that he was anticipating an outbreak of the anger she had nursed overnight, and baffled him so far by keeping dumb.


Only, still the sleeplessness, no rest, no shutting of the eyelid, but tossings till the morning, and not poppy nor mandragoras shall medicine me now, I think.


She did not care how revolting and indecent these nurses were — she put on a look as if she were in with it all, and it all passed off as easy as winking.


Scars covered it, healed teeth marks of the lash.


Even if she is no longer living, I don’t know into what vile hands my letter may not have fallen, or how it might be falsified for some wicked purpose.


On our road we revisited the Gorge of Tarns; the water there had shrunk very much.