Phrases with the verb "to down"

Examples of verb "to down" in the Pluperfect Tense

Down (Pluperfect)

He made an exception for the great airman Lensch, who had downed him.

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Look at this wretched man here! He would have killed the whole family — destroyed them one by one — had they consented to assist him in concealing the fact of his existence.


He walked past the shop many times without pausing; his eyes devoured the front of the building, and noted those windows in which there was a glimmer of light.


Would blue drips be right?” “Grey, Em, on that background.


They shall represent a couple of characters which have been refined and perfected in the virtues by years of diligent right training.


Locke must have landed in Holland in one of the autumn months of 1683, being then about fifty-one years of age.


He had not perfected himself into victory over mere Desire; a mean Hunger, in many sorts, was still the motive principle of him.


Her name was the Ariadne, as I discovered from the cap of one of the men who was polishing brasswork.


It gives life only to consume it.


You will not back out, eh?” “I don’t know what you mean by ‘backing out,’ “ said the marquise.


This giving way to unwarrantable feelings is lowering you — it is indeed.


We translate Sahagun’s account of the ‘midnight axe’:— When so any man heareth the sound of strokes in the night as if one were felling trees, he reckons it an evil boding.


Its possessor had dropped her bag and bundles to clutch at the tattered umbrella.


You see, the property is so unimproved, and bad — why, the house is tumbling down — it’s enough to kill your father, now he’s getting a little infirm.