Phrases with the verb "to elaborate"

Examples of verb "to elaborate" in the Pluperfect Tense

Elaborate (Pluperfect)

He had been elaborating dangers and defences, expecting the worst, rehearsing his best.

Examples of verb "to elaborate" in the Imperfect Tense

Elaborate (Imperfect)

She saw that Rhoda had begun to mistrust her, to think that she was elaborating falsehoods.

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Verbs similar to elaborate


And there is ye olde English inn where Balch used to play darts before he began to expound England, my England, to the Brazilian mind.


To hear the fellow, you would fancy that there was scarce any appointment made in which he had not a share.


Chaffery proceeded to expatiate on the transitory nature of passion and all glorious and acute experiences.


On Monday he brought up the most complicated box of water-colours that his shop contained, and presented it to George, who, astounded, dazed, bore it away to his bedroom without a single word.


Then from time to time the young man appeared at the Marsh, curiously attractive, well-dressed, reserved, having by nature a subtle, refined manner.


I brought the whole party to the spot, and we had immediately to set to work to enlarge the well.


In height he might have been below rather than above the medium size: although there were moments of intense passion when his frame actually expanded and belled the assertion.


Why had he not put them out for good? There were some men’s eyes that dilated in the darkness and shone like stars or like cats’ eyes.


One of them had been reading in “Rollin” and was detailing his information with a great deal of eloquence and fire.


I told the jury exactly that story which Nils’ letter had outlined for us both.


The author is concerned with the facts of the case, and has neither the desire nor the confidence to explain them.


That is all I remember about the furniture of the room; but what dwells in my memory is the appalling untidiness of the place.


My lord possessed that nature which is never truly happy unless it is devising further happiness and fresh joyful surprises for those he loves.


Just when we thought to elucidate a secret that has puzzled historians for a hundred years, there was a hole in the manuscript big enough to put your finger through.


But she had had no thrill of passion for him, and he had never delved deeply into her woman’s nature.


That evening he drank so copiously of clarified butter, and ate dates mashed with flour and other abominations to such an extent, that at night he prepared to give up the ghost.


What was now wanted was, that the rulers should be identified with the people; that their interest and will should be the interest and will of the nation.


On the pavement before the throne were grouped four soldiers, surrounding a crouching figure which must be described in a moment.


I think he had purposed on that day to indicate the origin of his endeavours, and the aim of his ambition.


He suggests that consciousness itself, for its own purpose, evolved the brain.


Hereon she was designing or illuminating, in characters of Church text, the single word A L L E L U J H “A sweet, saintly, Christian business, hers!” thought he.


It is not our business here to explore that extinct volcano.


Finally, I have placed before him the general theory of the place in creation of such creatures, as defined by the only system of thought which has found room for them.


I shall not expose you longer than ten minutes to their observation.


But before he had done floundering Frenside had taken the words out of his mouth and was formulating his problem for him, clearly, concisely.