Phrases with the verb "to elaborate"

Examples of verb "to elaborate" in the Pluperfect Tense

Elaborate (Pluperfect)

He had been elaborating dangers and defences, expecting the worst, rehearsing his best.

Examples of verb "to elaborate" in the Imperfect Tense

Elaborate (Imperfect)

She saw that Rhoda had begun to mistrust her, to think that she was elaborating falsehoods.

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Verbs similar to elaborate


His norice him expounded wisely His dreme, and bad him kepe him as he may Fro traisoun; but he was but seven yer old, And therfore litel tale hath he us told Of eny dreme, so holy was his hert.


Neat “shingle palaces,” with piazzas and pillars; nothing Spanish, and upon the whole, an air of cleanness and cheerfulness astonishing to me who have fancied Tampico an earthly purgatory.


But my present purpose is not to expatiate upon my walks.


Nor was it only in her mind that these complicated contrasts were apparent; they dominated her physical being too.


It is crazy wildness, with a surface appearance of accurate and refined logic.


For no one successfully investigates the nature of a thing in the thing itself; the inquiry must be enlarged so as to become more general.


He expanded his intellectual tolerance until it included the anarchism of Fifine at the Fair and the blasphemous theology of Caliban; but he remained himself an Englishman of the middle class.


In the bedchamber she was reminded of Lady Kilrush and her goodness, and began to dilate upon that theme.


One of them had been reading in “Rollin” and was detailing his information with a great deal of eloquence and fire.


Quaint Irene had carried out her awful threat, had tinged her cheeks with unnatural colour, and had outlined her mouth with a thin line of vermilion, giving it a coyly beckoning expression.


Everything had to be explained to her.


Arable land is too valuable in Nubia for either the living to dwell upon it or the dead to be buried in it.


My lord possessed that nature which is never truly happy unless it is devising further happiness and fresh joyful surprises for those he loves.


Otherwise, he would have placed the same before the Coroner, so as to elucidate the reason why the secretary had been done to death.


But she had had no thrill of passion for him, and he had never delved deeply into her woman’s nature.


The sound of it seemed to clarify his muddled thoughts; and as they ranged themselves in order, he began to understand.


What was now wanted was, that the rulers should be identified with the people; that their interest and will should be the interest and will of the nation.


An accident, to be described by-and-by, disabled me for a period, and the winged people could no longer be followed with secret steps to their haunts, and their actions watched through a leafy screen.


Henry indicated with his head a second pair, and a third.


The official books about Lenin evolved into similar mausoleums.


You, therefore, did not design the skull, and no one else was present to do it.


He therefore set himself next, to explore the country from the tops of all the steep hills in the neighbourhood.


It is therefore perhaps a rather remarkable fact that even the doctor looked at it with a vague surprise, the cause of which he was at the moment too fiercely flustered to define especially.


He affirmed that a gentleman was not necessarily an object of ridicule because he would not expose himself in the theatre with these women.


But before he had done floundering Frenside had taken the words out of his mouth and was formulating his problem for him, clearly, concisely.