Phrases with the verb "to environ"

Examples of verb "to environ" in the Pluperfect Tense

Environ (Pluperfect)

Mary O’Halloran was perfect Young–Australian. To describe her from after-knowledge — she was a very creature of the phenomena which had environed her own dawning intelligence.

Examples of verb "to environ" in the Present Tense

Environ (Present)

Si l’île de la Reine eût compté plusieurs siècles d’existence, des sources thermales auraient jailli de son sein, comme aux environs des volcans.

The day is passed in looking at the falls and in sauntering up and down the wooded and rocky environs of the Niagara; and the evening is often enlivened by the merry dance.

Aux environs de la route, dans la vallée, de délicieuses maisons fermières, entre les arbres, au bord de l’eau, montraient leurs pignons pointus garnis de treillis verts.

La forêt se composait alors d’arbres dont la plupart avaient été déjà reconnus aux environs du lac et du plateau de Grande-vue.

Il y a dans les environs une grande quantité de rats, plus petits que le rat ordinaire.

Des recherches aux environs de Tampoo ne produiraient aucun résultat .

He would not seem to run away; if, by any chance, that presence of his wife should again appear, he would not be without all he could accumulate from her environs with which to greet her.

Un billet était attaché à son cou, et Cyrus Smith lut ces mots, tracés de la grosse écriture de Nab: «Point de pirates aux environs de Granite–House. Je ne bougerai pas.

Mais je me suis laissé dire que l’on rencontrait des ours aux environs du plateau d’Orgall! — J’ai mon fusil, et vous avez votre pistolet pour vous défendre, docteur.

Laissez-nous prendre une île ou deux aux environs du Japon, et vous verrez quelles enjambées nous saurons faire autour du globe! » Le valet de pied avait apporté les pipes.

Examples of verb "to environ" in the Infinitive Form

Environ (Infinitive)

He desired to be splendidly generous, to environ her with all luxuries, to lift her clear above other women; he desired the means to be senselessly extravagant for her.

Examples of verb "to environ" in the Imperfect Tense

Environ (Imperfect)

And the true heart-throb of a woman’s affection was too powerful for the jugglery that had hitherto environed her.

It was an eminence which commanded an entire view of the lake, and of the stupendous mountains that environed it.

Julia accustomed herself to walk in the fine evenings under the shade of the high trees that environed the abbey.

But we are now returned to our inn, for it is near noon, and the veil of clouds, that earlier in the morning enveloped Orizava, has passed away, leaving its white summit environed by a flood of light.

The bruit flew fra Carrick to Galloway, and so suddenly assembled herd and hyre-man that pertained to the band of the Kennedies; and so within a few hours was the house of Denure environed again.

No man could possibly be environed by worse circumstances as to his own condition.

In vain I stretch these eyes, environed with darkness undistinguishing and void.

It is a small low island, environed with rocks clear round it, by report.

Homer, Strabo, Aristotle, Dionysius, Mela, Pliny, Pius, affirm the continent of Asia, Africa, and Europe, to be environed with the ocean.

It ought to be environed with dignity, authority, and consideration, and it ought to lead to glory.

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Verbs similar to environ


I felt my reason might be destroyed amid the horrors they were surrounding me with.


Unhappily, the fancied salute of her lips encircled him with the breathing Clara. She rushed up from vacancy like a wind summoned to wreck a stately vessel.


She felt the mortal anguish of the fated dove, above which the cruel kite is circling swiftly in the air, drawing nearer with every rapid round.


She was out of the room before the butler had rounded off his sentence.