Phrases with the verb "to event"

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Verbs similar to event


I think I have already said, in another place, that Hewitt’s professional start as a private investigator dated from his connection with the famous will case of Bartley v.


For several days the city had been in an uproar, crowds had paraded the streets, and had even clamoured at the palace gates.


However, I will not contest any decision of yours, for I think you are always right.


It was only for an instant, for the next he saw she had turned and was racing down the slope, jumping the little scrogs of hazel like a deer.


But why? She must have shown that she knew something.


The steamer was sweeping onwards, huge above the water; the dog of a boat was coursing straight across her track.


Osmond was apparently on the point of saying something that would match these words, but he changed his mind and rejoined simply: “Ah well, it’s proper you should go with her, very proper.