Phrases with the verb "to fasten"

Examples of verb "to fasten" in the Conditional Tense

Fasten (Conditional)

But for all that, I cannot live without my sweet Menie. I would wed her tomorrow, with all my soul, without thinking a minute on the clog which so early a marriage would fasten on our heels.

If they knew my story, they would forget all the provocation, and only remember the offense; they would fasten on my sin, and pass all my suffering by.

When he was safely there, his servants would have fastened the door, but he said NO! it was the house of God and not a fortress.

Often when one came out of the Kremlin, one’s eyes would fasten on the ikon, while one’s ears would catch the peal of the International from overhead.

Examples of verb "to fasten" in the Perfect Tense

Fasten (Perfect)

She has joined the two chains, and has fastened them to the hasp in the tin case.

Popular suspicion has fastened on this man, for no better reason than that he is tall, thin, and known to be rough and brutal.

Would that those stupid sailors could have fastened up that gap in the awning!’ ‘Oh! it is warm, indeed.

We tell you frankly that circumstances have fastened certain suspicions on you, but at the same time it lies wholly in your power to dispel these suspicions if they are not correct.

Gad’s life! I wonder how my levees get on, and whom all my suitors have fastened on to now.

My friend in his troubled condition might easily have fastened the envelope without noticing that he did so.

They talk of the optic nerves, and of spectral illusions, as if the organ of sight was the only point assailable by the influences that have fastened upon me — I know better.

Examples of verb "to fasten" in the Pluperfect Tense

Fasten (Pluperfect)

The pipes had been already fixed at one end of the stick, and to the other end the man had fastened two large yellow balls.

She bounded off at the sight of a man, but not before the prince, who had fastened on his bow without thinking, had let fly several arrows, which the fairy Tulip took care should do her no harm.

With a knife I was able to lift that strip and I found that two nails which had fastened it to the beam below had been freshly pulled out.

Chateauroy himself was bending his fine, dark head toward the patrician on whom her instinct had fastened her hatred.

Her feet hung down on either side of the horse, and I saw that the rough varlets in attendance had fastened cords to her ankles and secured the other ends to iron rings in the stone floor.

The wagon was riddled in several places, and few coverings would have held out against those sharp icicles, some of which had fastened themselves into the trunks of the trees.

Her hand had fastened on him; she smiled at him, and then with the passing of that smile before her recovered serenity her hand was released.

I could see that her mind was too much occupied to feel the dreary impressions from without which had fastened themselves already on mine.

But in their eyes the two old men were a kind of dreadful parasite who had fastened on them and were living on their charity.

But disease had fastened on him.

Examples of verb "to fasten" in the Gerund Form

Fasten (Gerund)

Miss Deveen’s medical man was called in, for brain-fever, escaped, appeared to be fastening on Janet in earnest now.

The two young ladies appeared to be fastening a garland of flowers round the child’s neck, while she was playfully offering a nosegay for Leo to smell at.

Examples of verb "to fasten" in the Imperfect Tense

Fasten (Imperfect)

You fastened on him some atrocious quarrel and.

He was descending, he now vaguely imagined, towards a companion who waited for him f’ar below, where the rope was fastened to the side of a cave@ in an unseen wall.

Not one thousandth part of an inch would those devilishly fastened cords give.

All worked well, but there came a time when he fastened the pine~knot insecurely.

Close to the corner of the chimney sat a middle-aged gleeman, clad in a faded garb of Norwich cloth, the tunic of which was so outgrown that it did not fasten at the neck and at the waist.

The whispers of the girl urged me, but the thing was not easy; the rope, fastened higher up, streamed away out of reach of my hand.

Every window and door was fastened and locked, and I returned baffled to the porch.

It was a canoe, and warn’t fastened with nothing but a rope.

How was I to get on? My steed was fastened to the carriage, whilst I crept into it.

Ludovine fastened one in his buttonhole and the other round his arm.

Examples of verb "to fasten" in the Infinitive Form

Fasten (Infinitive)

She had loved the sun, and the brilliant solitudes of sand and sun, long before these other things had come along to fasten themselves upon her and torment her.

However, he prevailed on Gerard to fasten it inside his bonnet.

I think my father’s motive,” she reflected later, “must have been a wish to fasten my affections on him.

If only we had had the sense to fasten a handkerchief to a stick to show where we had left the sphere! I subsided, fuming.

He took one end of the rope, began to fasten it to the end of the pole, and suddenly hesitated.

How they would ever have managed to fasten her ladyship upon the General, even if Helen had been out of the question, need not now be considered.

The whim took the doctor, to fasten on his brow the antlers of a stag.

With a slight manifestation of anger, Cherokee took up the pursuit again, running on the inside of the circle White Fang was making, and striving to fasten his deadly grip on White Fang’s throat.

But, now that the duke had escaped, the concierge had seen fit to fasten the gate with a double lock.

Athos took advantage of this moment to tell his two companions to fasten the door inside, and to make them a sign to come and listen with him.

Examples of verb "to fasten" in the Present Tense

Fasten (Present)

No doubt you mean well, but I will homologate no course which fastens evil on a man whose righteousness has been abundantly proven.

They often scruple to approach a corpse, saying that the ‘mawn’ will seize them and that it fastens upon them in the night when asleep.

She fastens up her mackintosh, shakes her dripping umbrella, and bids me “Good morning.

The sponge is got by means of a cross-stick, fitted with hooks, which being lowered down, fastens upon it, and tears it from the rocks.

A furious gale attacks him like a personal enemy, tries to grasp his limbs, fastens upon his mind, seeks to rout his very spirit out of him.

Deputy fastens the door and goes to bed again.

The crab then selects choice bits of weed from its old shell and fastens them to itself by the setae, which soon curl at the tips like the tendrils of a vine, and so hold them firmly.

No, I had not been mistaken! That was no lymphatic, nerveless temperament, on which consumption fastens as its lawful prey; here there was no hectic pulse, no hurried waste of the vital flame.

Susan, who feels scorn and fear at the sight of these preparations, fastens the top button of her coat, and unfastens it.

For it is equality, as the old woman in Euripides hath it, That fastens towns to towns, and friends to friends; (Euripides, “Phoenissae,” 536.

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Verbs similar to fasten


Suddenly his arms tightened and he almost crushed her.


The previous afternoon, it appeared, he had approached bookmaker after bookmaker, and had secured bets with them all.


As I am that one, I climb up; and while they are strapping the luggage on the roof, and heaping it into a kind of tray behind, have a good opportunity of looking at the driver.


When they had finished washing and had buckled on their harness again, Skallagrim, peering across the plain with his hawk’s eyes, saw men riding fast towards them.


From rope traces attached to his collar stretched a long line, taut, but dipping with his stride, the further part of it dripping pearly drops.


I see in my mind a herd of wild creatures swarming over the earth, and to each the herdsman has affixed some barbarous sound in his own dialect.


It would have tethered his attention for too long to the personal.


For the rest, the emotions of that memorable day had worn me out.


Our only chance is binding men together in one common interest; and if some are cowards and some are fools, they mun come along and join the great march, whose only strength is in numbers.


She knew exactly how Madame’s black eyes would shine, how her mouth would curl with a sneering, slightly triumphant smile, as she heard the news.


When I sought to restrain you by refusing you the money which you demanded, then, like a dutiful son, you threatened my life.


The next thing she knew was that the wind had flung her back against the wall of the house and was holding and stifling her there.


The drift of the boat had brought us so close that he could have grasped the gunwale had he been so minded.


The combines can never squeeze the small independent bookseller out of existence as they have squeezed the grocer and the milkman.


Why do you pour forth your entreaties to ears that are closely shut [against them]? The wintery ocean, with its briny tempests, does not lash rocks more deaf to the cries of the naked mariners.


She unfastened it with lazy fingers and glanced at him, expressionless.


But when he had spoken, and had clasped her to his heart, she had never dreamed of rebuking him.


Come, Lady Lucretia”— he turned to his fair friend, as he unbuckled his sword and flung it on the table —“it is my place to lead you to your chair.


A man in an apron spotted with dry blood was hoisting out a hard slab of meat.


If sadness and sorrow tend to loosen us from life, they make the place of rest more desirable.


Perhaps after all it was a good thing that Nan was so detached from material things.


The rain poured down his thick glasses, and he took them off and wiped them to see the protecting canvas unrolled from Gatsby’s grave.


Donkeys’ trappings in brilliant yellow, vermillion, and magenta hung from the walls, and head-stalls, gorgeously woven and embroidered, dangled from the roof.