Phrases with the verb "to further"

Examples of verb "to further" in the Conditional Tense

Further (Conditional)

The young man saw that if he demanded to see the Tsar, they would think him crazed and that would further complicate matters.

He would not further allude to the deeds of blood with which the prisoner at the bar stood charged.

Duke Edward and Duke Harry would have burned every monkish rookery in the land if it would have furthered one ell their march to the throne.

She became vivid in the light of the so limited vision of her that I already possessed — try positively as I would not further to extend it.

Examples of verb "to further" in the Perfect Tense

Further (Perfect)

So much so is this the case, that now for some time the Government has been furthering this deterioration.

Examples of verb "to further" in the Imperfect Tense

Further (Imperfect)

When the general was not furthering the gayety of his friends he was talking with his wife and daughter, who adored him and continually fondled him, and he seemed perfectly happy.

No wonder that the time went trippingly for the two who were concerned in such bewildering speculation as the prince had made possible and who were furthering acquaintanceship besides.

It was mortifying; but it did not further affect their prosperity, or take from them the means of livelihood; no luxuries need be given up, or any servants dispensed with.

Examples of verb "to further" in the Future Tense

Further (Future)

And you will further oblige me, if you approve of the abstract, by yourself filling in the blank space on your check with the needful amount in words and figures.

But I will not further withdraw the veil of our mysteries.

Now Texas possesses eleven towns within the prescribed conditions, which will further dispute the honor and create us new enemies, while Florida has only one.

I have to choose that which will further the work intrusted to me.

You must be aware, Mr Mastrovin, that you will not further your cause by threatening a British subject in his own house.

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Verbs similar to further


At this rate it must reach home ten minutes before him, and ten minutes would more than suffice for the fulfilment of Mr Eldred’s project.


The elder lady, who is advancing towards the cushions, is cast in a very different mould of womanhood.


He felt curiously encouraged and heartened by the beam in her eye rather than by her actual words.


And he had loved his son Mountjoy in spite of all his iniquities, and had fostered him till it was impossible to foster him any longer.


He had the entertainment of thinking that if he had for that moment stopped the clock it was to promote the next minute this still livelier motion.


As it was, she stood her ground, though the fiery flush, which made her face so noticeable, deepened till her cheeks and brow were scarlet.


Not such a great catch, I’m sure, that Dick Hare, even if he had gone on right,” continued Afy, somewhat after the example of the fox, looking at the unattainable grapes.


The specific odour of the shark seems to be intensified and to be made almost as clinging as that of musk, being far more expressive than the exhalation of a camp gorged with green turtle.


Martha, whose views of life had broadened and hardened, was anxious to get out also.


This life is only a time of trial — just to strengthen us and teach us to be patient, so that we’ll be ready for Heaven when the time comes.


In ‘cultured’ circles art-for-art’s-saking extended practically to a worship of the meaningless.


The young king, in adopting a tone of hauteur with him, did not forward his purpose.


The old man reinforced by an extra strong split — his seventeenth, an’ ‘e didn’t throw that down the ventilator — come up on the bridge an’ stood like a image.


The chance which had thrown her across the pathway of the very man she wished to meet, had only given rise to delusive hopes, and had resulted in utter defeat.


When his companion had disappeared the major proceeded to lay out all his notes upon the table, overlapping each other, but still so arranged that every separate one was visible.


In the west, the clouds were still glorious for a time; there were two shaped like great expanded wings, edged with refulgence.