Phrases with the verb "to gibe"

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Verbs similar to gibe


Yet, somehow, he did not jeer at all.


It was the walking there, the walking down the aisle, the sense of his being the fellow who had matched himself against those well-attired gentlemen, which entirely confused him.


And Master Lynch bade him have a care to flout and witwanton as the god self was angered for his hellprate and paganry.


But its magic had overflowed on us, and though we agreed to make the real trip another year, we never dared, lest it should turn out to be less perfect.


Before man inhabited India or Africa, some cause must have checked the continued increase of the existing elephant.


They corresponded frequently and his letters assured her of his felicity.


He was a much sharper lad than either Rawson or Pelly; he could have retorted again and again with crushing effect, but he held his tongue, for all such victories were detestable to him.


But he had not rebuked her, and his touch had been very gentle.


There had been a time when the natural laughter that attended on her natural intelligence had been hushed, when her brother had remarked that “Sybil seemed very mopy”.