Phrases with the verb "to gibe"

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He positively liked Pseldonimov’s mother, so that he actually restrained himself and did not jeer at her.


Then it occurred to us that I could wear Boris’s coat—it did not match my trousers, but the trousers were grey and might pass for flannel at a short distance.


Poar thing! I’d a soon be a gally slave, as lead the life she did! Every body in the house despised her; her ladyship insulted her; the very kitching gals scorned and flouted her.


Undoubtedly, master and man had agreed exactly what they should say.


At any moment I could have checked their miseries, could have restored happiness and peace.


The agitation of her face corresponded with this attitude; she was pale and red by turns; and her foot restless.


He was a much sharper lad than either Rawson or Pelly; he could have retorted again and again with crushing effect, but he held his tongue, for all such victories were detestable to him.


But a young man had now spoken to her, to Linda,—had spoken to her words that she did not dare to repeat to any one,—had spoken to her twice, thrice, and she had not rebuked him.


Georgy was too slow of perception to remark this; but Diana Paget had remarked it, and had attributed the change in the stockbroker’s manner to a blending of two anxieties.