Phrases with the verb "to heart"

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Verbs similar to heart


Even the thought of Katrine Yester did not nerve him; she belonged to a world separated by impassable gulfs from that black necromancy which he warred against.


He was trembling violently, and his heart was pumping as if he had been running hard.


My shaft was drawn back its full length — my eye had centered its sharp point upon the left breast of my adversary; and then he launched his hatchet and I released my arrow.


My blood was pulsing painfully.


Only when it is done will dear papa get back his courage.


However, since he was prepared for all eventualities, he did not mind so very much.


He had been a hard-working man, who had loved respectability and been careful of his wife and child.


The whistle of the express drew the young men to their feet, and the next moment two heavily-furred gentlemen had descended to the platform and were breasting the rigour of the night.