Phrases with the verb "to pause"

Examples of verb "to pause" in the Conditional Tense

Pause (Conditional)

As it grew before him, out of his consciousness, under his hand, he became more and more aware that he would prefer to postpone her seeing it, for reasons which he would not pause to define.

He would have paused to listen, but all his attention was needed to save the timber, and to prevent the boat from being swamped by the struggling mass at her stern.

From this they received a faint encouragement, because they could not believe that if these men were wicked they would pause to open umbrellas.

Those who were honoured with his personal friendship would pause to shake hands, and then you would see exemplified the genuine beau ideal Southern courtesy.

It was all very nice; but still she felt that there was danger around her, and sometimes she would pause a moment in her happiness, and almost tremble as she thought of things.

I observed that from time to time one or other of them would pause and glance furtively all about them, as though guarding keenly against a surprise.

And now when they climbed the long hill to the town of old Orotava on their way to the mountains, they would pause to examine certain flowers minutely, or to stare down the narrow, shadowy by-streets.

Intense restrained passion, anxiety of the most desperate kind, a wild will which would pause at nothing, all blended with and left room for this unfailing perception of any ludicrous possibility.

With this comfortable thought he climbed slowly up the broken tortuous path which led to the Black Hill, and every now and then would pause to rest, and admire the view.

He would not pause to eat, or hardly to talk.

Examples of verb "to pause" in the Pluperfect Tense

Pause (Pluperfect)

He had not paused under the prickly foliage more than two minutes when he thought he heard a scream from the other side of the ridge.

He was sitting now in his study, his large body leaning forward over the table, and his hands had paused in measuring the plan that lay in front of him.

The nightingales had paused and the trickle of the fountain behind the house grew suddenly insistent.

Another instant and I was hastening down the street in the direction taken by the two carriages, one of which had paused at the corner a few rods off.

It happened thus: I had been following a ravine downward out of a chain of lofty hills and had paused at its mouth to view the lovely little valley that lay before me.

She paused and looked at me, just as she had paused and looked at me the evening before.

The youth had paused at the corner of the square, by the side of the railing of the canal, and was praying, meanwhile, for these unknown dead.

Mirabel supposed that she had paused to control her agitation.

George was sure that he had spoken the literal truth and that he had not paused to eat for days.

When he had quite done, and was dead silent, and had paused sufficiently long to assure the earl that he was going to say nothing further just at present, the great man commenced his answer.

Examples of verb "to pause" in the Perfect Tense

Pause (Perfect)

And, perhaps, if I could have paused to analyze my own sensations, the very presence of this escort-creatures of flesh and blood-lessened the dread of my incomprehensible tempter.

I might have paused longer upon what I saw; I might have deliberated ere I drew inferences.

Besides, after we should have paused upon all these incidents, the reader would certainly no longer care to know those that remain in our narrative.

Examples of verb "to pause" in the Future Tense

Pause (Future)

I shall not pause to recount all the wars and social tumults of this age.

And they will pause just for an instant, and give a sigh to me, and think, “Poor girl!” believing they do great justice to my memory by this.

I will not pause to draw the many morals of this paradox; especially in relation to a common fallacy of pacifism.

However, we are more at leisure now, and will pause for an instant to give you some idea of these two prominent men, with one of whom our story will henceforth have very much to do.

I shall not pause in my exertions until that time; but, if plague revives with the coming year, all contest with her must cease, and our only occupation be the choice of a grave.

I will not pause to dispute by whose choice this has been; I will in turn merely remind your Highness that such a life does not afford much opportunity of gauging public opinion.

We will not pause here to enquire whether the manners of the twentieth century would have saved Nicholas, or rather Mrs. Nicholas, from receiving the feeling that she was married.

I have a little sheaf of Army Snobs in my portfolio, but shall pause in my attack upon the forces till next week.

Vain as the task may seem, I will not pause in my work of registering the events of our drama, as scene after scene they are unfolded before our eyes.

Examples of verb "to pause" in the Present Tense

Pause (Present)

He never runs down — that is to say, when he exterminates a score of reputations, more or less, he does not pause between one reputation and the next.

Examples of verb "to pause" in the Imperfect Tense

Pause (Imperfect)

Along our path the single torch showed a customary profusion of carvings, but we did not pause to examine any of these.

Mr. Vincent did not pause to think whether he ought to disturb the interview which, no doubt, was going on up-stairs.

I did not pause long on the path, but resolutely entered the open house door and closed it behind me.

She did not pause a moment but hurried across the lawn to join him.

We did not pause long, but shiveringly began to clear a passage down the steps.

It was composed of furs and tent cloth taken from Lake’s camp, and we did not pause to study the bizarre forms into which the fabrics had been slashed.

I did not pause to question her motive; but, seizing my stiletto, I rushed into the room, wish intent to strike it to the villain’s heart.

She did not pause to reflect that she had never even asked the gentleman’s name.

There was a change in the faces and tones of the people, armed and unarmed, who were pausing or hurrying along the streets.

What direction I took I did not pause to consider, so long as I put distance between me and that place.

Examples of verb "to pause" in the Gerund Form

Pause (Gerund)

Try and think again when you are pausing amidst your sacrifices at Gatherum, whether that be possible.

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Verbs similar to pause


The quadruped things — with their occasional recruits from the biped class — had been kept in stone pens, out of which they must have broken in their last delirium of hunger or rat-fear.


Here he was not hesitating or tremulously strung; he was patronising.


But it was not alone the eloquence of Baldwin or of Girald which had lulled into peace a spirit so restless and fierce.


Mr. Larkspur made occasional pencil-notes in his memorandum-book; but he did not interrupt the captain’s narration by a single remark.


Half an hour’s loafing, at any time during the day, would have timed his arrival so as not only to obviate the present danger, but to spare him the disquieting consciousness of narrow escape.


About half-way across there was a perilous gap in the ties which I feared for a moment would halt me; but in the end I risked a desperate jump which fortunately succeeded.


The crowd opened a road for the agitated horseman, who was the bearer of an order from the President of La Plata to suspend the execution until two prisoners could be examined.


Some country housekeepers would have stopped to spread a white cloth over the oilcloth, to change the thick cups and plates for their best china, and the wooden-handled knives for plated ones.


His long imprisonment in the Austrian dominions and final ransom are too well known to be dwelt upon.


He was not very optimistic, though, and expressed the belief that it was only the full moon season which was holding the creatures off.


Marguerite had not ceased to smile, but Madame de Nevers did not smile at all; she was still trembling at the unexpected appearance of the two gentlemen.


The tired man may have rested and become refreshed enough to go again after those rats.


Having once disposed the king’s mind in this artful way, Colbert had nothing of much importance to detain him.


Such was the letter addressed to the government of the United States. As to the person who had placed it in the mail-box of the police, no one had seen him.


But what would you? I installed myself here, and borrowed money to pay for the furniture.


Did he possess the magic bridle which would curb that fiery steed? He could not be certain.


She and Oliver were intensely attached to one another; she had not seen him for three years, and now they were going to meet again.


He did not know who were pounding after him, but they loathed him, they would knee him in the groin, smash his jaw, tear out his eyes.


What was that which had arrested and detained him — a prison? No. A chain? No. What then? Sticky slime! He had sunk into the slough of greatness.


If poor Long depended on her —— ” “Well, what?” She was really interested.