Phrases with the verb "to piece"

Examples of verb "to piece" in the Pluperfect Tense

Piece (Pluperfect)

But it appeared that Gregg, before his dismissal, had got hold of an old check-book which gave a hint of the story, and had pieced the rest together with the help of a clerk in Fleetwood’s office.

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Verbs similar to piece


But Morgan would be the last she would part with.


He was perfectly sure it was his brother’s boot, because he was a boot-repairer and had patched the boot the very day before his brother had left him.


When the magistrate sat down the crowd assembled cried: “Death! death!” With difficulty the presiding judge established silence.


Vixen went into Arion’s loose-box, where that animal was nibbling clover lazily, standing knee-deep in freshly-spread straw, his fine legs carefully bandaged.


And my children have picked up the habit from the others, though in their own case, luckily, it’s no longer necessary, now that their papa and mamma have come together again.


One of the boys would fiddle a while and then some one would spell him and he could get a dance.


He did not while she was at Dovercourt speak to her again directly about her father’s money — but he gave her to understand that he required from her very close economy.


But after we had started, and were threading a certain wood, I began to have doubts.


Gunch did not lump the speeches.


They had got hold of a little hand truck, and were piling it up with unclean-looking bundles and shabby furniture.


Others, women among them, had witnessed her apparent yielding to LeVallon’s violence and seen her carried in his arms; they had noted her obvious willingness, had heard her sympathetic cry.


Some one was loafing about outside the window, and the snow crunched under his tread.