Phrases with the verb "to piece"

Examples of verb "to piece" in the Pluperfect Tense

Piece (Pluperfect)

But it appeared that Gregg, before his dismissal, had got hold of an old check-book which gave a hint of the story, and had pieced the rest together with the help of a clerk in Fleetwood’s office.

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Verbs similar to piece


And when heart speaks to heart with tongue of love, Folk who would part them hammer steel ice-cold.


He was perfectly sure it was his brother’s boot, because he was a boot-repairer and had patched the boot the very day before his brother had left him.


They had at first turned to the left, but seeing the main body of the passengers assembled there, had stepped back again and emerged on the starboard side which was quite deserted.


Like the country mouse that had tasted a little of urbane manners, I long to be nibbling my own cheese by my dear self, without mouse-traps and time-traps.


But she had picked up two figs, and bit little pieces from the sweet pulp to still the child with.


She had unlocked the cage for Patrick. ‘He never seemed anxious to be released while he was at work,’ said Jane, after she and the captain had spelt the symbolling in turns.


Mother,’ said Sylvia, in despair, ‘I’ll make some clap-bread: that’s a heavy job, and will while away t’ afternoon.


Why, I spotted you for a boy when you was threading the needle; and I contrived the other things just to make certain.


Gunch did not lump the speeches.


I will not forsake her because she does not pile the cinders of a false repentance on her head; I will have more faith in the latent strength of patient purpose to win her back from error.


What he was continually looking at in the palm of his right hand was nothing but his watch, the minute hand of which he appeared to be noting intently.


Some one was loafing about outside the window, and the snow crunched under his tread.