Phrases with the verb "to place"

Examples of verb "to place" in the Future Tense

Place (Future)

There is a mob coming towards you with two dead bodies, which will place you in circumstances disagreeable enough: but that is not the worst, for of that you may be able to clear yourself.

That letter will place it before you in Mr. Romayne’s own words.

For I will not place confidence in servants, and there are no guests here at present upon whose judgment I can rely concerning even a lesser matter than this which occupies all my thoughts.

He is a great man, and I believe a very good one, and the law and your father’s will have placed him in the position of a parent to you.

The use of the ordinary bludgeon or slung shot would be quite needless; a gentle tap on the head with a clay pipe or a toothpick will place the victim in the proper condition to be despoiled.

When he shall have placed the ring on her finger, your battle will have been won.

What the lip cannot utter, nor the looks reveal, these pages shall hold in sacred trust for you till the day when my father will place my hand in yours, with heart-felt approval.

Without that we will not place you in that position.

I am your slave and your servant, and I myself will place my own ear into your hand.

The proper medical officer will report officially on the case, and the law will place her under the necessary restraint.

Examples of verb "to place" in the Conditional Tense

Place (Conditional)

I determined to watch that evening at dusk, for if they were watching the pit, as I was almost certain they were, it would be at dusk that they would place their sentries to be ready for the night.

She, according to her own lights, would have placed freethinkers in the same category with murderers, regicides, and horrid mysterious sinners who commit crimes too dreadful for women to think of.

Nor was he eager to accept a view of the situation that would place him in his own eyes in a contemptible light.

I would leave her — not with resources which could be easily spent or squandered away, but with what would place her beyond the reach of want for ever.

And (they added) this better being would place himself sometimes at the door betwixt the witches and the children, and when they came to Blockula he pulled the children back, but the witches went in.

Now the Abbot of the Barnabites was the Belverde’s brother, and I saw at once that to obey his order would place me in that lady’s power.

The most moderate computation would place the number of spectators at fifteen thousand.

He was a statesman, and conceived that Horatio’s talents and eloquence would place him high among the legislators of St. Stephen’s.

Prince John retired to sleep, congratulating himself in the expectation that another day would place the fair culprit at his princely mercy.

Life under conditions in Siberia was not easy, and my escape would place a double burden on the shoulders of Alexandra Lvovna. But she met this objection with the two words: “You must.

Examples of verb "to place" in the Pluperfect Tense

Place (Pluperfect)

It seemed as if Providence had brought him to this spot to-night, and had placed this ignorant country-girl in his way, for some special purpose.

This prophecy, as she called it, she had written down and had placed it in an envelope.

The insanity of this poor victim of a sublime passion was of a mild type, and he lived quietly at Sten Cottage, a private asylum near Liverpool, where the Doctor himself had placed him.

His grandfather had placed a little gate at the top of the stair, so that children could run and romp in the gallery without fear of accident.

She hated and despised herself for the miserable oversight which had placed her at the mercy of false opinion.

The menace of authority was new and sudden, and I felt with a pang of mortification the full force of the position in which my dear father’s will had placed me.

In something less than a quarter of an hour I had rolled several large rocks into the mouth of the cave, and upon these had placed others until the entrance was effectually barricaded.

The park was illuminated; the moon, too, as if she had placed herself at the orders of the lord of Vaux, silvered the trees and lake with her own bright and quasi-phosphorescent light.

With her help, they had placed him on an entirely new diet.

Nature had endowed him with no neck, and had placed his ankles (as usual with that race) in the middle of the upper portion of the feet.

Examples of verb "to place" in the Perfect Tense

Place (Perfect)

Couldn’t you have placed it there yourself in a fit of abstraction?” “No, that is entirely out of the question.

Our wish for Milton is that he should have placed himself from the beginning above party.

Yes, there was the one of ‘The Moss Rose,’ the very first one upon the top of all of them, and it almost seemed from its position, that Toller might have placed it there.

The pulse of the old militia-man throbs with pride as he thinks of the trust you have placed in him, and vows to deserve it.

It must be admitted, however, that utilitarian writers in general have placed the superiority of mental over bodily pleasures chiefly in the greater permanency, safety, uncostliness, etc.

My uncle has placed me with a family here, for my health.

Oh! if I had but wings to fly with you there for one day to see the grand play ‘Joan of Arc,’ as they have placed it on the stage.

A most providential accident has placed us upon his track.

She reproached herself bitterly for having permitted her lover to go without a word, without a glance, wherein she could have placed her soul.

How much worse for a woman, and one who has placed herself (by her own misconduct, I am far from denying that) in so unfortunate a position!” “In short, you support her?” I suggested.

Examples of verb "to place" in the Imperfect Tense

Place (Imperfect)

I am reading Don Quixote chiefly and am his fervent admirer, but I am so sorry he did not place his affections on a Dulcinea of somewhat worthier stamp.

Secondly, she was placing herself in passive antagonism to the one fixed authority of Mr. Harby, so that the scholars could more safely harry her.

Catherine held the key in her hand, but she did not place it in the lock—instead she paused awhile.

The young woman touched it with the end of her fingers, as if she were placing a twenty-kopeck piece in the hand of a hooligan, and withdrew from it with disgust.

Mine host, his bare arms crossed over his chest, was looking on laughing, whilst a girl was placing fresh flasks on the table.

Though he had risen and was placing a chair for her, she moved to the window again.

She stood rather behind him; so perhaps she did not see the hand which Kinraid stretched out towards her, for she did not place her own little palm in it, as she had done to Philip an hour ago.

Some good-natured person had enlightened the doctor as to the danger in which his son was placing himself.

The only independent one among them, he warned her that she was doing too much for this man, and was placing herself too unreservedly in his power.

Skepsey did not place the name of Matilda Pridden beside it or in any way compare two such entirely different persons.

Examples of verb "to place" in the Gerund Form

Place (Gerund)

This is placing nature in a situation quite unknown to him; and it is impossible for him to tell a priori what will result from it.

Uncle David himself, in deep conversation with two gentlemen, one of whom is placing in his breast-pocket a paper which he has just folded, leads the way into the hall.

Cloths are laid in the cabins, and the steward is placing blue plates — full of knobs of cheese at equal distances down the centre of the tables.

An angel with outstretched wings hovers overhead, and is placing a laurel wreath on the president’s head, crowning him—Queen of the May, I suppose.

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Verbs similar to place


It is just the man who is maddening when he is ordering a cutlet or arranging an appointment who is probably the man in whose company it is worth while to journey steadily towards the grave.


The material was pure, and his art was pure; how could the result be other than wonderful? No face which we can give to a matter will stead us so well at last as the truth.


But as your over-scrupulous man is one in a thousand, this was ranking Captain Winstanley with the majority.


No, he corrected himself; the person who had posted the money had had the revolver.


If you had pointed it out, he would have agreed seriously, for the rich always desire to be artistic.


He was staking everything upon what would eventuate from the happenings of the next half hour, for, if his reasoning were correct, he would have located by then a body hidden somewhere in the sands.


The robbery was committed in a very audacious manner, for several persons were passing in the street at the time.


It was in the attempt to send envoys on such voyages that the Society of Worlds brought upon itself the epidemic of exploding stars.


I will not deny, that if we look back as far as history will direct us, towards the original of commonwealths, we shall generally find them under the government and administration of one man.


I must always have been ready in the Ucs to identify myself with Professor R, as this meant the realization of one of the immortal infantile wishes, viz.


If they were gloomy, like the Teutonic conquerors of Europe and the Arabian conquerors of the East, they would invest it with unseen terrors.


I based no calculation on all Mrs. Harbottle had gone back to, just as I had based no calculation on her ten years’ companionship in arms when I kept her from the three o’clock train.


Only that morning Jane had spoken about it in so firm a manner that, if he had dared, he would have rated her soundly for her interference.


Little Bright Eyes streaked past the tables seeking Mr. Conan Doyle among the Englishmen who were posing as Englishmen about the lobby.


The Arowack Indian said it was but four years ago that he and his companion were ranging in the forest in quest of game.


We could depend on him, and have timed the arrest accordingly.


She hardly understood when she was to see him; her weary heart and brain had only received one idea — that each step she was now taking was leading her to him.


He thought of the generosity of Laura Lou, who had lavished her all on him, and had held him fast.


He told us a few details (some girl must have given her away), but the point he kept coming back to was that they had parted in “high dungeon.


This moment dated from an afternoon hour that I happened to spend in the grounds with the younger of my pupils alone.


I inquired of you when the next train would start for Evesham. Not for two hours, you told me: so I set off to walk, after getting some light refreshment.


He who has stepped from his cradle on to the world’s high places has lost the view of those things which are only to be seen by idle and luxurious young men of the day.