Phrases with the verb "to river"

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But alas! human longings are perversely obstinate; and to the man whose mouth is watering for a peach, it is of no use to offer the largest vegetable marrow.


Yet there were moments when her royal anguish would brook no restraints.


The whole town was alive with talk about revolutionaries who were flooding the mills with their handbills.


Only in the statements of Collins, Tench and Phillips is fishing mentioned as a common occupation of men and women.


Mais rien n’indiquait que les rives du cours d’eau eussent été récemment fréquentées, rien n’annonçait ni la présence ni la proximité des convicts.


These did not prevent a large stain of blood being visible on the mat, made, as Daddy Jacques informed us, by the blood which had flowed from the wound on Mademoiselle Stangerson’s forehead.


Not a sound came from the village; all its inhabitants had barricaded the doors and windows of their houses.


And, says Mrs. Mountstuart, while grand phrases were mouthing round about him, “You see he has a leg.