Phrases with the verb "to suspect"

Examples of verb "to suspect" in the Conditional Tense

Suspect (Conditional)

Who would have suspected so large and cold and thick-skinned a thing to be so sensitive? Yet it has its law to which it thunders obedience when it should as surely as the buds expand in the spring.

No; I would make some excuse to the landlord to account for my absence, and then creep quietly out of England in such a way that no one would suspect me.

Of his humble origin — that he was the son of an actor and a cobbler’s daughter — he said no word, and from his appearance now none would have suspected it.

I went with the rest, because if I had done anything different from the rest, Mr. Seegrave was the sort of man who would have suspected me directly.

Gad, it would be remembered he had recently had access to the old book and they would suspect him at once! Soon after it was light he went into Douro’s room.

Had the captain of the Sofala been another sort of man he would have suspected the work of age there.

They would not suspect my Aunt Letitia, and must have thought that I had dropped like a cat into the basement.

But nobody would suspect the blue stocking in the brilliant, beautiful and witty hostess whose presence would lend an added gaiety to the London season.

Who would dream of tracking you here, for instance? And suppose we were seen together in the street or in the country, who would suspect anything more than love-making? and that is not forbidden you.

You would not suspect me of knowing any thing of false shame, but depend upon it, my dear, many, who appear to have as much assurance as I have, are secretly its slaves.

Examples of verb "to suspect" in the Pluperfect Tense

Suspect (Pluperfect)

I had not suspected this aspect of the matter before.

Some years before he had read many of the wonderful alchemical books of the later Middle Ages, and had suspected that something other than the turning of lead into gold was intended.

He had told her that others accused her, but that he had not suspected her.

He had confided nothing to her; and although she had suspected some foul play in the matter of Mary’s disappearance, she had been certain of nothing.

He knew that she had suspected him in the past, and he saw that she had outlived her suspicion.

Did she remember that the man who was questioning her, was also the man who had suspected her of writing the anonymous letter? Alban was on his guard against himself, knowing how he disliked her.

I had not suspected in advance that her comfortable face would pull me up, and I somehow measured the importance of what I had seen by my thus finding myself hesitate to mention it.

Edwin had been suspecting that possibly Hilda had given some hint to Janet as to the nature of her relations with him.

Already she had suspected Richard of leaning towards this, the easier solution.

But Mrs. Ruxton was not pleased; she never wholly liked Belinda afterwards, and Miss Edgeworth had always a painful recollection that her aunt had suspected her of the meanness of envy.

Examples of verb "to suspect" in the Perfect Tense

Suspect (Perfect)

I might have suspected other people of purposely denying themselves to me.

Wilfrid had none of the vulgarest vanity; another man would long ago have suspected that this beautiful girl was in love with him; Wilfrid had remained absolutely without a suspicion of the kind.

Anyway, what we must have suspected was altogether too wild to believe.

One might have suspected that he had made a list of uncommon words wherewith to adorn his discourse, for certain of these frequently recurred.

Not unreasonably, perhaps, a casual spectator might have suspected these two of a mild but immediate flirtation.

Yet she was very quick with that answer; so quick that he might have suspected it to be preconceived.

Mrs. Whiteway, indeed, met the suggestion so clearly, and gave such good reasons for assigning Twickenham as the probable centre of the plot, that she must have suspected the truth.

But then who could have suspected Anthony of being a heroic creature.

He may have suspected me from the first; certainly this cross-examination had shown him the truth; but it was clear that I could not hope to deceive him.

He must have suspected them from the start, and the sight of the trio at Tarta had clinched his suspicions.

Examples of verb "to suspect" in the Future Tense

Suspect (Future)

I suppose he suspects me; if so, no doubt, you will suspect me too.

No one will suspect me; and if I am attacked, I shall make a good defence at all events.

It will not suspect that it is she who has paid for the loan!” “Mr. Moss, you are a brute,” said the lord.

Some woman will be suspecting and tattling, because she has nothing else to do.

Ah! Ambrosio, can I have been deceived? Can you be less generous than I thought you? I will not suspect it.

Surely you could have no object in doing this? I will not suspect it.

I suppose he suspects me; if so, no doubt, you will suspect me too.

I am sure you will not suspect me of asking from you any support which the paper with which you are connected cannot conscientiously give me.

Examples of verb "to suspect" in the Present Tense

Suspect (Present)

To start, a man is an open book to her while she has depths that he does not suspect because some of them he will not concede to her.

While such ideas are formed they are felt, and self-love does not suspect the gleam of virtue to be the meteor of fancy.

And, above all things, see that Julien does not suspect anything.

Examples of verb "to suspect" in the Imperfect Tense

Suspect (Imperfect)

I did not suspect her intention, because of late she had appeared much more than ordinary happy, behaving to me in every respect like a dutiful child to a parent.

He did not suspect that the unconscious gruffness of his tone had repulsed her.

He did not suspect that the calculation had been made by Rachel herself; and therefore he had never said to himself that all should be over between them.

But she cast no second look at the cornice, which showed Jennings that she did not suspect his ruse.

She did not suspect the calamities that awaited her, till the close of the year.

And yet, though she did not suspect it, he, too, had a twinge of uncertainty on entering.

I have a right to talk on such subjects, without being suspected of introducing Robert Martin.”— She did not suspect him.

The loiterers, who were suspecting something dramatic from the unexpected departure of the plane, came hurrying forward.

I have a right to talk on such subjects, without being suspected of introducing Robert Martin.”— She did not suspect him.

She longed to stretch her lungs in Paris. These people in Bursley did not suspect what Paris was.

Examples of verb "to suspect" in the Gerund Form

Suspect (Gerund)

Now, if he suspects anybody it must be one of the women, as he’s always following one or the other of them about, and the better-looking they are the more it seems he is suspecting them.

Now, if he suspects anybody it must be one of the women, as he’s always following one or the other of them about, and the better-looking they are the more it seems he is suspecting them.

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Verbs similar to suspect


She must see a certain manager, she said; but she did not doubt but that her loan would be forthcoming on the Saturday morning.


He may have distrusted his shooting, or seen a better way of it.


It was Roger who had cried: Roger who loved some mysterious energy that he himself had never found, or finding had mistrusted and banished.


Mr Brodrick did not believe at all in the day’s work, and in discussing the matter with Mr Apjohn, after they had determined upon their line of action, made his mind known very clearly.


He knew himself to be a shepherd who did not fear the noonday heat; but he was wrong in this — that he suspected all other shepherds of stinting their work.


The fruits were local, consisting of apples, pears, nuts, and such other products of the summer as might be presumed to grow on the estate.


If she again accuses you, you must accuse her.


If your majesty were to complain as if your susceptibility were offended, you would stand in a far higher position with them.


In both classes the male assumes the characters proper to his sex shortly before the age of reproduction; and if emasculated at an early period, loses them.


I had only to remind her of that, and to suggest surprising you and saving you trouble by managing the move in your absence, to make her quite as anxious for the change as I was.


I have been thinking what I should do.


I said the Sherif of Mecca. He supposed he would be sent to Mecca. I said rather to Egypt. He inquired the price of sugar, and when I replied, ‘cheap and plentiful’, he was glad.


They belonged also to different and distant parts of France. There were other physical impossibilities, too.


I expected her to continue the horrible tale but apparently she had found something to think about which checked the flow.


I know that Mr. Jones will not feel the same confidence in that cough medicine now that I have left David to mix it, and I know that there is a telegram lying upon my desk winch I ought to despatch.