Phrases with the verb "to suspect"

Examples of verb "to suspect" in the Conditional Tense

Suspect (Conditional)

A wandering lama with a low-caste boy-servant might attract a moment’s interest as they wandered about India, the land of pilgrims; but no one would suspect them or, what was more to the point, rob.

Now Mrs. Larkyn was a frivolous woman, in whom none would have suspected deep hate.

No; I would make some excuse to the landlord to account for my absence, and then creep quietly out of England in such a way that no one would suspect me.

He was a public servant, and Mr. Bygrave would not suspect him of performing a private errand.

Owing to her silence about drink, no one would suspect a mere drunken brawl: she would still figure as heroine, though the heroes were terribly dismantled.

You would not suspect me of knowing any thing of false shame, but depend upon it, my dear, many, who appear to have as much assurance as I have, are secretly its slaves.

From the nature of the bequest even charitably-disposed people would suspect illicit relations.

No one for the time being would suspect him of being a hireling of Cowperwood’s, and the latter could depend on him to execute his orders to the letter.

If there had been anyone with me, he would have suspected, and he mustn’t suspect me.

Had the captain of the Sofala been another sort of man he would have suspected the work of age there.

Examples of verb "to suspect" in the Pluperfect Tense

Suspect (Pluperfect)

Millicent Hardwicke had been photographed in one of hers and no one had suspected what it was.

They trembled to think that this officer might be a man of unusual shrewdness, who had suspected their complicity, and was impatient to verify his presumptions.

Elizabeth, for example, had not suspected .

He had confided nothing to her; and although she had suspected some foul play in the matter of Mary’s disappearance, she had been certain of nothing.

She had not suspected Gemini of any of this metaphysical precision.

He knew that she had suspected him in the past, and he saw that she had outlived her suspicion.

She had not suspected him to be such a man of the world.

Edwin had been suspecting that possibly Hilda had given some hint to Janet as to the nature of her relations with him.

Thus it fell out with Samuel. Samuel had not suspected that Pan had silken cords to draw him.

I had not suspected in advance that her comfortable face would pull me up, and I somehow measured the importance of what I had seen by my thus finding myself hesitate to mention it.

Examples of verb "to suspect" in the Perfect Tense

Suspect (Perfect)

He must have suspected them from the start, and the sight of the trio at Tarta had clinched his suspicions.

I might have suspected other people of purposely denying themselves to me.

Iffield however has suspected something, and his suspicions, whether expressed or kept to himself, have put him on the watch.

But then who could have suspected Anthony of being a heroic creature.

By the time he might have suspected it, he was beyond suspecting anything.

You say that you have suspected this?” “I have—from the moment when Lilian told me that Mr. Glazzard knew.

But with Cicero my mind is full of such; and they are of a nature to make me feel that had he lived a hundred years later I should have suspected him of some hidden knowledge of Christ’s teachings.

He must have suspected that they would play the Prince as their trump card.

He was annoyed that she should have suspected what he had studiously endeavoured to keep secret.

By Heaven, I would as soon have suspected your footman as Bothwell Grahame!” “He was never more to me than a friend.

Examples of verb "to suspect" in the Future Tense

Suspect (Future)

I am sure you will not suspect me of asking from you any support which the paper with which you are connected cannot conscientiously give me.

Surely you could have no object in doing this? I will not suspect it.

It will not suspect that it is she who has paid for the loan!” “Mr. Moss, you are a brute,” said the lord.

I suppose he suspects me; if so, no doubt, you will suspect me too.

I suppose he suspects me; if so, no doubt, you will suspect me too.

No one will suspect me; and if I am attacked, I shall make a good defence at all events.

Some woman will be suspecting and tattling, because she has nothing else to do.

Ah! Ambrosio, can I have been deceived? Can you be less generous than I thought you? I will not suspect it.

Examples of verb "to suspect" in the Present Tense

Suspect (Present)

To start, a man is an open book to her while she has depths that he does not suspect because some of them he will not concede to her.

While such ideas are formed they are felt, and self-love does not suspect the gleam of virtue to be the meteor of fancy.

And, above all things, see that Julien does not suspect anything.

Examples of verb "to suspect" in the Imperfect Tense

Suspect (Imperfect)

Ganymede answered that he came of as good parentage as he did, which made the duke smile, for he did not suspect the pretty shepherd-boy came of royal lineage.

I did not suspect her intention, because of late she had appeared much more than ordinary happy, behaving to me in every respect like a dutiful child to a parent.

I did not suspect the Count of any impropriety — I knew his moral character too well.

He did not suspect Avdotya’s real feelings and went on believing in her as before.

Ignorant of the fate of the brig he did not suspect the real object of the officer’s visit.

I can see that now, though we did not suspect it then.

He did not suspect that the unconscious gruffness of his tone had repulsed her.

I did not suspect her to have feeling.

The trembling of his voice attracted her attention; but she did not suspect the cause.

They did not suspect that a young student, recently graduated from the University, was so accomplished a horseman as that.

Examples of verb "to suspect" in the Gerund Form

Suspect (Gerund)

Now, if he suspects anybody it must be one of the women, as he’s always following one or the other of them about, and the better-looking they are the more it seems he is suspecting them.

Now, if he suspects anybody it must be one of the women, as he’s always following one or the other of them about, and the better-looking they are the more it seems he is suspecting them.

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Verbs similar to suspect


But some shrewd fellows had doubted all along whether a young lady would be quite so desperate at the hanging of a rich old uncle.


Then Dick must have distrusted his mother just as Janey had done.


And if she had mistrusted her impartiality Strefford’s approval would have reassured her.


She expressed opinions, as I ventured to declare, which (in her position) I did not believe she could honestly entertain.


If I did not fear to intrude upon the rights of our command general, I would offer you some post worthy of you near our person.


Men who undertake considerable things, even in a regular way, ought to give us ground to presume ability.


If she again accuses you, you must accuse her.


He laughed till he complained of hunger.


In both classes the male assumes the characters proper to his sex shortly before the age of reproduction; and if emasculated at an early period, loses them.


It was at that time, too, that she suggested I should take up my quarters in her house in the street of the Consuls. There were certain advantages in that move.


I tell you this! — she will think your true man the worst impostor of the two.


It would be absurd, indeed, to suppose a kind of glass qualified to expose all poisons indifferently, considering the vast range of their chemical differences.


Belonging to nowhere, never having belonged to anywhere.


I expected her to continue the horrible tale but apparently she had found something to think about which checked the flow.


When excitement buoys up the spirit, the body does not feel fatigue.