Phrases with the verb "to temper"

Examples of verb "to temper" in the Pluperfect Tense

Temper (Pluperfect)

Suffering, hope deferred and much service of others had tempered her face to an expression of great delicacy.

When time had tempered her anguish, she saw with clear eyes that her acts had been guided by hallucination.

Examples of verb "to temper" in the Imperfect Tense

Temper (Imperfect)

The blinding sunlight did not temper the cold, which cut the face and made the lungs ache.

Examples of verb "to temper" in the Future Tense

Temper (Future)

Your warm blood will heat our zeal — our colder resolves will temper yours.

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Verbs similar to temper


He never opened his mouth but to howl for her, at her, sometimes about her; and then he did not moderate the terms of his abuse.


I hardened my heart, or I could not have gone.


It was the fact that she should be visiting at the same house with Lord Rufford after what he had seen at Rufford Hall which had angered him.


He’s the brightest citizen I’ve struck this side of the Atlantic.’ The man was calming down, and in another minute his suspicions would have gone.


The day had greyed over; the small blue sky that had poised low on its circular rims of haze was closed in again, the lid was down, there was a raw coldness.


And although the storm was raging and roaring all round, she was quite calm — not a breath of air stirred her long yellow hair — and the candle burned quietly.


It may be questionable whether any marriage could have tamed Burns; but it is at least certain that there was no hope for him in the marriage he contracted.


A few hours’ restraint will cool their hot Calabrian blood.


He struck out as if he were swimming, but that did not ease the choking in his throat and nostrils nor the clamour in his ears.


Then the hour of departure came; the hope of meeting again did not lessen their sadness at parting.


Even the thought of Katrine Yester did not nerve him; she belonged to a world separated by impassable gulfs from that black necromancy which he warred against.


Julia was deeply affected with her situation, and though she was not empowered to administer consolation to her sorrows, she endeavoured to mitigate the sufferings of illness.


But though the tea had quieted the storm then on the waters, there was no true peace in the rector’s breast.