Phrases with the verb "to temper"

Examples of verb "to temper" in the Pluperfect Tense

Temper (Pluperfect)

When time had tempered her anguish, she saw with clear eyes that her acts had been guided by hallucination.

Suffering, hope deferred and much service of others had tempered her face to an expression of great delicacy.

Examples of verb "to temper" in the Imperfect Tense

Temper (Imperfect)

The blinding sunlight did not temper the cold, which cut the face and made the lungs ache.

Examples of verb "to temper" in the Future Tense

Temper (Future)

Your warm blood will heat our zeal — our colder resolves will temper yours.

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Verbs similar to temper


He never opened his mouth but to howl for her, at her, sometimes about her; and then he did not moderate the terms of his abuse.


It was a little globe of hardened glass, of a magnificent full dark blue color.


I’d perhaps better not have angered him, but it wouldn’t make much difference.


Mrs. Loveday jumped up, but before she could say anything to soothe the agitated girl she had calmed herself with the same singular suddenness that had marked her giving way.


The day had greyed over; the small blue sky that had poised low on its circular rims of haze was closed in again, the lid was down, there was a raw coldness.


The battle was raging nearer, and the firing was incessant.


Do not imagine that I bear malice; no, you have tamed me, as you say; but it must be confessed that in taming me you have lowered me; by bowing me you have convicted me of weakness.


Drive slowly under these trees, Dare. It is cooling to look at them after sitting behind that steaming volcano of a turkey.


He was beginning to feel grateful to her for that something final in her tone which had eased the strain.


So far the primary difficulties lessened themselves when they were well looked in the face.


Something in the young man’s aspect had nerved me.


The duchess I think was right in her endeavour to mitigate the riot among Mrs Munro’s nymphs.


The discovery of the photograph quieted me as nothing had quieted me yet.