Phrases with "whole"

Washington Irving In the centre of the marble pavement was an alabaster fountain, set round with aromatic shrubs and flowers, and throwing up a jet of water that cooled the whole edifice and had a lulling sound. The Alhambra by Washington Irving

He always bowed when we met (necessarily with his whole back) and he ate with an appetite proportioned to his girth. Familiar Spanish Travels by William Dean Howells

When thus engaged, they become so absorbed that a skilful archer may shoot nearly the whole party. The Descent of Man by Charles Darwin

This man was cognisant of it, and if he, why not others! Why not the whole town! A danger which up to this moment I had heard whispered only by the pines, was opening in a gulf beneath our feet. The House of the Whispering Pines by Anna Katharine Green

So I was——” But Roger Gretorex was no fool, and his whole being had become flooded, these last few moments, with an awful sensation of dismay and foreboding. The Story of Ivy by Marie Belloc Lowndes [1927]

Mrs. Knox mixed up surmises with facts in a manner to render the whole incomprehensible. Dr. Knox by Ellen Wood [1873]

His face had lost the expression of careless gayety it had worn like a mask the whole day. Twenty Years After by Alexandre Dumas [1845]

Edith Wharton The morning mists had turned to rain, compelling the postponement of an excursion in which the whole party were to have joined. The Reef by Edith Wharton [1912]

The leaven spreads through the whole body politic, so that out of a little thing proceeds a great. A Second Coming by Richard Marsh [1900]

H. G. Wells We’ll have the whole of the human output in the market. The Holy Terror by H. G. Wells [1939]

I was conscious that still the bold part was the better part; that I should be wise to go to the authorities and tell them the whole plain truth, although so tardily. The Crime and the Criminal by Richard Marsh [1897]

Leon Trotsky The whole congress, without distinction of faction, applauded stormily for several minutes. My Life by Leon Trotsky

Thomas Hughes Hard all, is the word; the two stand to one another like men; rally follows rally in quick succession, each fighting as if he thought to finish the whole thing out of hand. Tom Brown’s School Days by Thomas Hughes

Almost the only trace of bitterness in Shaw’s whole correspondence is over an incident in which he thought his men had been morally disgraced. Memories and Studies by William James

Charles Dickens The whole town seemed to be frying in oil. Hard Times by Charles Dickens [1854]

Mark Twain Tom’s whole class were of a pattern — restless, noisy, and troublesome. The Adventures of Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain [1876]

Anthony Trollope Just because this young man happens to be, in a sort of a way, his own son, he is going to destroy the whole family. Ralph the Heir by Anthony Trollope [1871]

Elizabeth Gaskell But no one but myself can tell how hard a governess’s work is to me — for no one but myself is aware how utterly averse my whole mind and nature are for the employment. The Life of Charlotte Bronte by Elizabeth Gaskell [1857]

Anthony Trollope He spent the whole day with her, dining with her in her lodgings at five in order that he might take her to the theatre at seven. John Caldigate by Anthony Trollope

Virginia Woolf It was for this that my whole life has been dedicated, my education, training, everything. The Death of the Moth and other essays by Virginia Woolf [1942]

William Hazlitt The whole play is an unruly chaos of strange and forbidden things, where the ground rocks under our feet. Characters of Shakespeare’s Plays by William Hazlitt [1817]

Walter Scott The whole Faculty could not have assured such an interval. Chronicles of the Canongate by Walter Scott [1827]

They haven’t room as it is for all they want to do with Tattie. She had a whole page to herself this morning. Brat Farrar by Josephine Tey

The whole fleet of canoes barely succeeded in towing the massive and reluctant creature to the nearest beach, and Tom was wont to tell that it took eight strong men to turn it on its back. Tropic Days by E. J. Banfield

Leon Trotsky He roused the whole countryside and had his grandson declared irresponsible. My Life by Leon Trotsky

Andrew Lang It began to snow, and every snow-flake that fell on her was to her as a whole shovelful thrown on one of us, for we are so big, and she was only an inch high. The Yellow Fairy Book by Andrew Lang

Gertrude Stein She looked at each picture carefully that is, every picture on the line, bringing her eye close and moving over the whole of it with her lorgnette, an inch at a time. The Autobiography of Alice B. Toklas by Gertrude Stein [1933]

Edith Wharton My impression is that they realised their incapacity long ago, and that’s why they dumped the whole problem on Judy.” “Long ago? But how old is Judy? This is the writing of a child of ten. The Children by Edith Wharton [1928]

Jules Verne I observe a certain heaviness and dejection about his whole carriage. The Survivors of the Chancellor by Jules Verne [1875]

Arthur Conan Doyle He threw the whole heap of jewellery into the nearest lap. Danger! and other stories by Arthur Conan Doyle [1918]

Virginia Woolf A whole page could be filled with excuses and apologies; declarations of unfitness, incompetence, lack of knowledge, and experience: and they would be true. Three Guineas by Virginia Woolf [1938]

Watkin Tench During the execution the battalion of marines was under arms, and the whole of the convicts obliged to be present. A Narrative of the The Expedition to Botany Bay by Watkin Tench [1788]

George Gissing The glory of the career of letters was its freedom, its dignity! The fact of the matter was, of course, that I served, not one master, but a whole crowd of them. The Private Papers of Henry Ryecroft by George Gissing [1902]

Wilkie Collins At your own time! I wouldn’t distress you, I wouldn’t confuse you, I wouldn’t for the whole world take advantage of the compliment which your sympathy has paid to me. Little Novels by Wilkie Collins [1887]

Bram Stoker We all followed his movements with our eyes, for undoubtedly some nervousness was growing on us, and we saw a whole mass of phosphorescence, which twinkled like stars. Dracula by Bram Stoker [1897]

F. Scott Fitzgerald It’s enough to drive you nutshere I got the whole story except the pay-off. The Pat Hobby Stories by F. Scott Fitzgerald [1941]

Gertrude Stein A whole centre and a border make hanging a way of dressing. Tender Buttons by Gertrude Stein [1914]

Henry Fielding The whole behaviour of Amelia now rushed upon his memory. Amelia by Henry Fielding

Washington Irving In a word, I stood convicted of being an arrant poacher, and was glad to make a precipitate retreat, lest I should have a whole pack of authors let loose upon me. The Sketch Book of Geoffrey Crayon by Washington Irving

His year, strictly speaking, consists only of the four summer months; and when by any means he is prevented from making the proper use of them, he loses a whole year. Memoirs of Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds by Charles Mackay [1852]

If they can’t do that they fail, for, once we suspect, they know that the whole thing must be altered. The Thirty-Nine Steps by John Buchan [1915]

Guy de Maupassant We waited for nearly an hour, while a delicious smell of roast poultry pervaded the whole house. Epiphany (Les Rois) by Guy de Maupassant [1887]

They next descended rapidly the spiral staircase of the tower, and opening the portal, admitted the whole of their companions. Memoirs of Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds by Charles Mackay [1852]

D. H. Lawrence The whole place seemed to have a threatening expression, imitating the church’s architecture, for the purpose of domineering, like a gesture of vulgar authority. The Rainbow by D. H. Lawrence

Tobias Smolle The swelling of our gums subsided as the wind fell: but what was very remarkable, the scurvy-spot on my hand disappeared, and did not return for a whole month. Travels through France and Italy by Tobias Smolle

Florence Dixie Its whole length, for it doubtless stretched down to the sea-coast, must have been about 150 miles. Across Patagonia by Florence Dixie [1880]

Rudyard Kipling Those things would depend on the nature of the ground; but, one way or another, George had to get his whole string of men into some sort of line abreast before he could beat for game. A Book of Words by Rudyard Kipling [1928]

Walter Scott The whole matter had been so sudden, that no person present had time to interfere. The Monastery by Walter Scott [1820]

Tobias Smolle To such fatal misunderstandings the peace and happiness of whole families often fall a sacrifice. The Adventures of Ferdinand Count Fathom by Tobias Smolle

I hold,” in a voice calculated to impress the whole table, “that woman is man’s superior, and that she degrades herself when she endeavours to place herself on an equality with him. Red Pottage by Mary Cholmondeley [1899]

And that will make me absurd in your eyes when I tell you that my whole life is wrapped up in a sense which I cannot see or feel that you have at all. A Daughter of To-Day by Sara Jeannette Duncan [1894]

Theodore Dreiser The whole company was so weak-kneed that the lines were merely spoken, and nothing more. Sister Carrie by Theodore Dreiser

Walter Scott These arms were formed of bronze, and being placed farther back than the altar with its incense, were seen through the curling smoke by lamps so disposed as to illuminate the whole archway. Count Robert of Paris by Walter Scott [1832]

Bram Stoker A dozen years before, the frightful spread of the cholera, which had once again wrought havoc, woke the whole world to new terror. Famous Imposters by Bram Stoker [1910]

M. R. James It took but a very few more taps to clear the whole of the cement away, and I saw a slab of stone about two feet square, upon which was engraven a cross. Ghost Stories of an Antiquary by M. R. James

Charles Kingsley Happy for him if some chance word is not let drop, which will afford the whole assembly an excuse for falling on him open-mouthed, as the cause of all their woes! That chance word came. Two Years Ago by Charles Kingsley

I did try very hard in it to tell the whole truth without violating my literary instincts. Collected Essays by George Orwell

Samuel Johnson The whole work was printed twice over, a great part of it three times, and many sheets four or five times. Lives of the Poets by Samuel Johnson

Alie, is there no hope at all for me? I know I am not worthy of you, but I am an honest man, and I love you with my whole heart and soul. The Beautiful White Devil by Guy Boothby [1897]

Ford Madox Ford I haven’t slept a whole night since . Some Do Not . . . by Ford Madox Ford [1924]

Arthur Conan Doyle Now, Mr. Holmes, granting that I was too hard on Douglas — and, God knows, I am sorry for it! — what else could I do with my whole future at stake?” Sherlock Holmes shrugged his shoulders. The Case Book of Sherlock Holmes by Arthur Conan Doyle [1927]

H. G. Wells Men spread now, with the whole power of the race to aid them, into every available region of the earth. The World Set Free by H. G. Wells [1914]

Tobias Smolle Upon which Morgan was brought back, and, being made acquainted with the affair, took the book, and read a whole page in English, without hesitation, deciding the controversy in my favour. The Adventures of Roderick Random by Tobias Smolle

Sinclair Lewis The whole room seemed so female and incomprehensible to him. Cass Timberlane by Sinclair Lewis

George Gissing Like Egremont, he could not speak his whole thought. Thyrza by George Gissing [1887]

Henry Kingsley It’s infernally hard if a man mayn’t play at love-making with the whole village for a confidant, and the whole matter a merry joke, but one must be accused of all sorts of villainy. Ravenshoe by Henry Kingsley [1861]

Arthur Conan Doyle It filled the whole air, and yet it was impossible to say whence it came. The Hound of the Baskervilles by Arthur Conan Doyle [1902]

Robert Louis Stevenson A little ruby spot of blood was the reward of that great act of desperation; but the pain had braced her like a tonic, and her whole design of suicide had passed away. Prince Otto by Robert Louis Stevenson

Henry James The whole thing was virtually out between us. The Turn of the Screw by Henry James [1898]

Arthur Machen This assumption did not lead me very far, and I was on the point of giving the whole problem up in despair, when a possible significance of the Bowl struck me. The Shining Pyramid by Arthur Machen

John Hill Burton Silent anxiety and inward humiliation do not meet the eye, and draw little attention, though they fill up the measure of a whole life. Introduction to the Study of the Works of Jeremy Bentham by John Hill Burton

Robert Louis Stevenson But no; he is full of precautions to conceal the “disgrace” of the purchase, and yet speeds to chronicle the whole affair in pen and ink. Familiar Studies of Men and Books by Robert Louis Stevenson

In spite of this I continued: “Alie! You must see that I love you with my whole heart and soul. The Beautiful White Devil by Guy Boothby [1897]

Charles Dickens You have said nothing about this to my niece?” “I have opened my whole heart to your niece. No Thoroughfare by Charles Dickens [1867]

Arthur Machen It is an old and approved British test; by it Macaulay condemned the whole of Greek philosophy, because that philosophy did not lead up to the invention of the steam engine. Far Off Things by Arthur Machen [1922]

Henry James The whole place, behind the fence, appeared to bristle and resound. Pandora by Henry James [1884]

Arthur Conan Doyle I have spent my whole life in building it up, and if the day should come when it must go, I trust that I may have gone myself. The Firm of Girdlestone by Arthur Conan Doyle [1890]

E. Phillips Oppenheim The whole thing seemed too improbable and fantastic. The Wrath to Come by E. Phillips Oppenheim [1924]

Arthur Machen A dozen or so of people had endured her and bribed her for long years; and she left the whole of her fortune of £20,000 to a Prebendary of Canterbury, whose acquaintance she had just made. Dreads and Drolls by Arthur Machen

The whole night was passed in anguish, common to the dying man and to the king: the dying man expected his deliverance, the king awaited his liberty. The Vicomte de Bragelonne by Alexandre Dumas [1848-1850]

Nellie Bly The whole situation grew interesting, but I still had fears for my fate before the judge. Ten Days in a Mad-House by Nellie Bly

Gertrude Stein The whole operation took about two weeks and then he gave the canvas to you. The Autobiography of Alice B. Toklas by Gertrude Stein [1933]

Anthony Trollope I’ll ask Dale to come over to dinner on Tuesday; and if he’ll come, I’ll explain the whole matter to him myself. The Small House at Allington by Anthony Trollope

Samuel Johnson But where the whole language is colloquial, he that has only one part, never gets the rest, as he cannot get it but by change of residence. A Journey to the Western Isles of Scotland by Samuel Johnson

Anthony Trollope John Caldigate did not shoe his horse with gold; but he liked to feel that he had enough gold by him to shoe a whole team. John Caldigate by Anthony Trollope

I had only these kinds; besides, Hannah had a whole pile of paper like this in her room, and wouldn’t have been apt to go hunting round after any stray sheets. The Leavenworth Case by Anna Katharine Green

It’s wonderful, the amount of litter they manage to accumulate in these frowsy little shops where the whole stock is worth about fifty quid. Coming up for Air by George Orwell

The whole scheme of the Gordon mission had irremediably collapsed; worse still, Gordon himself, so far from having effected the evacuation of the Sudan, was surrounded by the enemy. Eminent Victorians by Lytton Strachey

Olaf Stapledon The American peoples, of course, would regain the right to abolish the whole system of local capitalism at any time. Darkness and the Light by Olaf Stapledon

The whole was borne upon the shoulders of men, who contrived to cut along with their burthen at a great pace. Eothen by Alexander William Kinglake [1844]

Fanny Fern Mr. Skiddy had now been a whole week a widower; time enough for a man in that condition to grow philosophical. Ruth Hall by Fanny Fern [1854]

When that day dawned the whole Mussulman population of the place assembled in the streets that they might see the result of the prophecy. Eothen by Alexander William Kinglake [1844]

Anthony Trollope The two girls were very energetic, and walked back the whole way to Popham Villa, regardless of a dozen omnibuses that passed them. Ralph the Heir by Anthony Trollope [1871]

Benjamin Disraeli On the contrary, her mind had been employed, during the whole of her journey to England, in a silent effort to endure her lot with resignation. Venetia by Benjamin Disraeli [1837]

The whole are abstruse speculations, even as regards their objects, not dreamed of as possibilities, either in their true aspects or their false aspects, till modern times. The System of the Heavens as Revealed by Lord Rosse’s Telescope by Thomas De Quincey [1846]

George Meredith The whole letter is composed of variations upon one idea. Beauchamp's Career by George Meredith [1875]

Anthony Trollope It seemed that there was a whole troop of horsemen, whose purpose it was to interrupt him in his work, so that the flames should certainly go ahead. Harry Heathcote of Gangoil by Anthony Trollope

Guy de Maupassan It was impossible for Jeanne to sleep, for the whole night she could hear the old dog moaning and scratching as he tried to get used to this new house which he found so different from his old home. Une Vie (A Woman’s Life) by Guy de Maupassan

Wilkie Collins Geoffrey, my whole future is in your hands. Man and Wife by Wilkie Collins [1870]

Thomas Hardy The Austrian General Mack had capitulated with his whole army. The Trumpet-Major by Thomas Hardy [1879]

H. G. Wells Why was there a limited material universe in apparently limitless space? In an infinitude of stars the whole sky should glow with nebulous light. An Experiment in Autobiography by H. G. Wells

And there the whole family feast this day; oh, ’tis a fine world. The Cloister and the Hearth by Charles Reade

One whole family, amongst others, had this day died of the plague. I Promessi Sposi by Alessandro Manzoni

Tobias Smolle The two supernumerary servants were added — The family plate was sold for old silver, and a new service procured; fashionable furniture was provided, and the whole house turned topsy turvy. The Expedition of Humphry Clinker by Tobias Smolle

One may say that the whole of Justinian’s person, his expression, and all his features can be traced in this statue. The Secret History of the Court of Justinian by Procopius [1896]

In Shakspeare’s characters is felt for ever a real organic life, where each is for the whole and in the whole, and where the whole is for each and in each. Shakspeare by Thomas De Quincey

F. Scott Fitzgerald Two o’clock and the whole corner of the peninsula was blazing with light, which fell unreal on the shrubbery and made thin elongating glints upon the roadside wires. The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald

E. Phillips Oppenheim The net profit for the whole year was, I think, a hundred and ten thousand pounds. The Passionate Quest by E. Phillips Oppenheim [1924]

Mrs. Gaskell We wished to ignore the whole affair until our liege lady, Mrs Jamieson, returned. Cranford by Mrs. Gaskell [1851-3]

Of that country it has been remarked with some truth, that its whole history may be traced in its songs. Memoirs of Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds by Charles Mackay [1852]

So again the whole outer surface of a spirally wound tendril becomes wrinkled if it be pulled straight. The Movements and Habits of Climbing Plants by Charles Darwin

Sinclair Lewis You don’t see ME needing any liquor, do you?” Martin more desperately than ever felt the whole county watching him. Arrowsmith by Sinclair Lewis [1925]

Anna’s great hope was for a shoal of whales to come in and the whole Norlands to assemble for a whale hunt. The Island of Sheep by John Buchan [1936]

Theodore Dreiser An exceptional newspaper artist was engaged to make scenes depicting the various steps of the romance and the whole thing was handled in the most approved yellow-journal style. Jennie Gerhardt by Theodore Dreiser

Henry Handel Richardson Cuffy’s resentment at being torn from the sea a whole fortnight too soon did not stand before the excitements of a journey: first in a coach and then in a train. Ultima Thule by Henry Handel Richardson

Olaf Stapledon But the personality as a whole is freely creative in every moment. Philosophy and Living by Olaf Stapledon [1939]

Gertrude Stein Come a little cheese and same same tall sun with a little thing to team, team now and a bass a whole some gurgle, little tin, little tin soak, soak why Sunday, supreme measure. Geography and Plays by Gertrude Stein

The whole scheme of his existence was reduced to the question of how much ready-money he could carry out of that house in his pocket, and in what direction he should betake himself after leaving it. Charlotte’s Inheritance by Mary Elizabeth Braddon [1868]

Bronislaw Malinowski The whole class system has been devised by a process of natural selection, to regulate the proper distribution of the total quantity of food available. The Family among the Australian Aborigines by Bronislaw Malinowski [1913]

I played chess with Fyne in the late afternoon, and sometimes came over to the cottage early enough to have tea with the whole family at a big round table. Chance by Joseph Conrad [1913]

Charles Kingsley Much less can it represent that whole scene at once in all its glories of colour, glow, fragrance, life, motion. Alexander Smith and Alexander Pope by Charles Kingsley

A parting visit to the gallant “Griffons,” who threw the slipper, in the shape of three hearty cheers and a “tiger,” wasted a whole morning. Two Trips to Gorilla Land and the Cataracts of the Congo by Richard F. Burton [1876]

Andrew Lang When Déna arrived he was closely questioned, and then all three started to see the rajah, and to him Déna told the whole story. The Olive Fairy Book by Andrew Lang

The whole place radiates heat, and seems almost to radiate light. A Thousand Miles up the Nile by Amelia B. Edwards [1877]

Maria Edgeworth And now the mildness of her piety, and the whole tone and manner of her speaking and thinking, reminded Helen of that good dear uncle by whom she had been educated. Helen by Maria Edgeworth

We had the whole shoal at our mercy, for George had confidently provided against all contingencies. My Tropic Isle by E. J. Banfield

Elizabeth Von Arnim She was certainly secretive, for though he had been skilful and sympathetic for a whole week, she had as yet given him no inkling of what was so evidently worrying her. The Enchanted April by Elizabeth Von Arnim [1922]

Andrew Lang To him who reaches this point the whole animistic doctrine of ghosts as the one germ of religion will appear to be imperilled. The Making of Religion by Andrew Lang

William Hope Hodgson This, I proceeded to do at once; visiting the whole of the basement again, and examining each of the doors. The House on the Borderland by William Hope Hodgson

William Hope Hodgson The whole of the decks seemed to be in strange movement. The Derelict by William Hope Hodgson

Jules Verne Indeed, they were obliged to be studied and humored in everything, for the whole drove obeyed them implicitly. In Search of the Castaways by Jules Verne [1873]

Charles Dickens The whole business was so cleverly managed, that Herbert had not the least suspicion of my hand being in it. Great Expectations by Charles Dickens [1860]

Sinclair Lewis The whole cathedral expanded before his eyes; the work of human hands seemed to tower larger than the sky. Dodsworth by Sinclair Lewis

Andrew Lang The whole mass deserves the attention of students of the poet’s development. Alfred Tennyson by Andrew Lang

Nikolai Gogol Ivan Ivanovitch passed the whole of the following day in a perfect fever. How the Two Ivans Quarrelled by Nikolai Gogol

Anthony Trollope Her husband might take her abroad, and the whole thing would die away. The Eustace Diamonds by Anthony Trollope

D. H. Lawrence But there she had the whole thing staged complete for her: English village life. St Mawr by D. H. Lawrence

So I took the other way, for I wasn’t going to have the whole population of Muirtown on the hue-and-cry after me. Mr. Standfast by John Buchan [1919]

M. P. Shiel My whole soul rose focussed to the effort—my body jerked itself upwards. Prince Zaleski by M. P. Shiel [1895]

Thomas Hardy They had risen so far over the crest of the hill that the whole west sky was revealed. The Woodlanders by Thomas Hardy

Olaf Stapledon With far-reaching and deep-probing intelligence they swept aside the primitive concepts of their forefathers and fashioned a whole new universe of ideas, adequate to their new experience. Death into Life by Olaf Stapledon

Mark Twain Then our comrade, always a shrewd businessman, offered to take the whole cargo at thirty days, but that little financial scheme was a failure. The Innocents Abroad by Mark Twain

Margaret Oliphant The whole scene was like a picture. The Wizard's Son by Margaret Oliphant [1882]

I felt light and buoyant, with the whole world at my feet. The Shadow of Larose by Arthur Gask [1930]

Walter Scott COLLINS’S Ode to Fear. The whole history of St John the Baptist was, by our ancestors, accounted mysterious, and connected with their own superstitions. The Minstrelsy of the Scottish Border by Walter Scott [1802-1803]

Jack London His whole body was gathered compactly together in the tremendous effort, the muscles writhing and knotting like live things under the silky fur. The Call of the Wild by Jack London [1903]

Robert Green Ingersoll Such was the desert of Sinai. The whole supplies of the world could not maintain three millions of people on the desert of Sinai for forty years. Lectures by Robert Green Ingersoll

William Makepeace Thackeray The moon was brilliant, and, with the aid of the gas-lamps, illuminated the whole face of the country in a way inexpressibly lovely. Mens Wives by William Makepeace Thackeray [1843]

He didn’t touch the legs, so we can’t learn from him whether the rigor was complete over the whole body, but you can certainly find out that from those who brought the poor chap in. The House on the Island by Arthur Gask [1931]

Wilkie Collins And what cause had produced in a moment the whole of this strange, complicated, mysterious effect? Nothing but some rays of moonlight shining in at my bedroom window. After Dark by Wilkie Collins [1856]

D. H. Lawrence The whole affair was ricketty, amateurish, and twopenny. The Lost Girl by D. H. Lawrence

D. H. Lawrence The room—in fact the whole of Sardinia—was stone cold, stone, stone cold. Sea and Sardinia by D. H. Lawrence [1921]

The whole place was in darkness, and Stingaree knocked in vain. Stingaree by E. W. Hornung [1905]

E. Phillips Oppenheim It seemed to Rosina that the whole glamour of the evening faded as soon as she was alone with Philip in the taxi. The Passionate Quest by E. Phillips Oppenheim [1924]

George Meredith I mean you to get the whole place into your head. Lord Ormont and his Aminta by George Meredith [1894]

In the years following the Revolution it was able to step into this commanding position almost unopposed, because the whole process was represented as an act of collectivization. Nineteen Eighty-four by George Orwell

Without seeming to wander from my face, its pupil had suddenly dilated till it appeared to embrace my whole person with its scope. The Leavenworth Case by Anna Katharine Green

There was a whole tribe of men who made a living simply by selling systems, forecasts, and lucky amulets. Nineteen Eighty-four by George Orwell

According to the fourth evangelist, Jesus bore the cross without assistance the whole distance to the place crucifixion (John xix, 16-18). The Doré Gallery of Bible Illustrations by Gustave Doré

John Galsworthy Believe me, Miss Cherrell, I am deeply sorry about the whole business. Flowering Wilderness by John Galsworthy

G. K. Chesterton Some of the old links were indeed severed by accident or extraneous trouble; Seymour, for whose sake the whole had perhaps been planned, blew his brains out before he had drawn ten pictures. Appreciations and Criticisms of the Works of Charles Dickens by G. K. Chesterton [1911]

Sinclair Lewis Say, child, you don’t care a whole lot for Gopher Prairie, if I’m not mistaken. Main Street by Sinclair Lewis

Guy de Maupassan She may pity me or she may hate me, but she certainly does not love me any longer, and I have myself buried that love, for which I would formerly have given my whole life. Mad by Guy de Maupassan

Olaf Stapledon Something or other blinds the Dolt to a whole aspect of experience which is clear to me. A Man Divided by Olaf Stapledon

H. G. Wells The whole prospect had that curiously English quality of ripened cultivation — that look of still completeness — that apes perfection, under the sunset warmth. The Food of the Gods and how it came to Earth by H. G. Wells [1904]

Theodore Dreiser He wanted to put the whole case clearly and succinctly to him before he had a chance to refuse — to make him realize it as his own predicament. The Financier by Theodore Dreiser

Thomas Hobbes But it may perhaps be alleged that the last chapter only, not the whole Pentateuch, was written by some other man, but the rest not. Leviathan by Thomas Hobbes

George Gissing She seemed half undressed, her face, which was naturally hideous, was grimy with untold layers of dirt, and her whole appearance, lighted by the gleam from the tallow dip, was anything but reassuring. Workers in the Dawn by George Gissing [1880]

Anthony Trollope She could ride or walk the whole day, and had no feeling that such vigour of body was a possession of which a young lady should be ashamed. Sir Harry Hotspur of Humblethwaite by Anthony Trollope [1871]

Maria Edgeworth I am afraid of imputing blame where I most wish to avoid it: I fear to excite unjust suspicions; I dread that if I say the whole you will imagine that I mean much more than I say. Leonora by Maria Edgeworth [1806]

Emily Dickinson Baptized before without the choice, But this time consciously, of grace Unto supremest name, Called to my full, the crescent dropped, Existence’s whole arc filled up With one small diadem. Poems by Emily Dickinson

Anthony Trollope He had in store for him, for immediate use, a whole world of glorious bliss. John Caldigate by Anthony Trollope

He seemed to bend his whole soul to look at her, and to shiver at what he saw. The Three Hostages by John Buchan [1924]

My mother, who knew all his whims and habits by heart, generally tried to keep the unlucky book hidden, so that sometimes whole months passed without the Court Almanack falling beneath his eye. The Daughter of the Commandant by Aleksandr Pushkin

F. Scott Fitzgerald Her whole environment appeared insecure — and a few years back she had seemed to hold all the strings in her own little hand. The Beautiful and Damned by F. Scott Fitzgerald [1922]

John Morley It is but too true that there are many whose whole scheme of freedom is made up of pride, perverseness, and insolence. Burke by John Morley [1879]

Wilkie Collins And, by heavens, a whole bagful of muffins! What!!! the kitchen fire’s too black to toast them. Hide and Seek by Wilkie Collins [1854]

Walter Scott The whole is a bully from beginning to end; and I wonder at thee, Jekyl, for being so thirsty after syllabub, that you can swallow such whipt cream as that stuff amounts to. Saint Ronan’s Well by Walter Scott [1824]

Henry Kingsley I don’t want to be young Sam Buckley of Baroona. I want to be the Buckley of Clere. Is not that a noble ambition?” “My whole soul goes with you, Sam,” said Alice. “My whole heart and soul. The Recollections of Geoffrey Hamlyn by Henry Kingsley [1859]

H.P. Lovecraft It was sheer madness that impelled and guided me — if, indeed, my whole underground adventure was not — as I hope — a hellish delusion or phase of dreaming. The Shadow Out of Time by H.P. Lovecraft [1935]

Bram Stoker But there was no reflection of him in the mirror! The whole room behind me was displayed, but there was no sign of a man in it, except myself. Dracula by Bram Stoker [1897]

Rudyard Kipling Just where the whole body of water broke in riot over a series of cascades, the United States Government had chosen to build a lock for steamers, and the stream was one boiling, spouting mob of water. From Sea to Sea by Rudyard Kipling [1899]

Edith Wharton The reading of those letters transformed my whole life — I was a boy till then: they made a man of me. Tales of Men and Ghosts by Edith Wharton [1910]

D. H. Lawrence If the thought was the same as the act, how much more was her behaviour equivalent to a whole committal? She wished she were wholly committed. The Lost Girl by D. H. Lawrence

Every bee knows this, and is eager to shift its own position, as well as that of the others, but not one of them will do so until the whole swarm rises. Garden Cities of To-morrow by Ebenezer Howard

Anthony Trollope He was sick indeed, of everything Irish, and thought that the whole island was a mistake. An Eye for an Eye by Anthony Trollope [1879]

G. K. Chesterton The fact is, that the whole mass of Stevenson’s spiritual and intellectual virtues have been partly frustrated by one additional virtue—that of artistic dexterity. Varied Types by G. K. Chesterton [1903]

E. Phillips Oppenheim The whole gang are going to Widows’ Row—knives, guns, whole outfit. The Lion and the Lamb by E. Phillips Oppenheim [1930]

Arthur Conan Doyle When I got about three miles off I rose to the surface, and the whole crew clustered up to see the wonderful sight. Danger! and other stories by Arthur Conan Doyle [1918]

Anthony Trollope I distrust the self-confidence of him who thinks that he can deduce from one acknowledged error a whole scheme of falsehood. The Life of Cicero by Anthony Trollope [1881]

Mr. Gorby had been watching the Frettlby mansion the whole evening, and was getting rather annoyed. The Mystery of a Hansom Cab by Fergus Hume

Wilkie Collins I respect you; I admire you; I thank you with my whole heart. Little Novels by Wilkie Collins [1887]

Anthony Trollope And here we used to have suppers and card-parties at night — great symposiums, with much smoking of tobacco; for in our part of the building there lived a whole bevy of clerks. An Autobiography by Anthony Trollope [1883]

Anthony Trollope He knew the whole ground well, having roamed there ever since he was first allowed to go forth upon his walks alone. The Small House at Allington by Anthony Trollope

Maria Edgeworth The active scenes,” continued the count, “in which I was immediately afterwards engaged, drove the whole affair from my mind. The Absentee by Maria Edgeworth

I see the whole matter now clearly enough. Louise de la Valliere by Alexandre Dumas [1848-1850]

Olaf Stapledon I perceived the whole biography of my generation, nay, of my species, as you perceive a melody, in flux yet all of it ‘now’. Last Men in London by Olaf Stapledon

Anthony Trollope I heard him going on today to someone as though his whole soul depended on it. Phineas Redux by Anthony Trollope

Every infinitesimal fraction of a second the whole universe peeled off, so to speak, and passed out of consciousness, except for the extremely blurred pictures of memory, whatever memory might be. Many Dimensions by Charles Williams [1931]

E. Phillips Oppenheim You can’t fight the whole Polish army, Alexis, if they insist upon your going back to Russia.” “Has the Master any plans?” “Not yet,” Haven acknowledged. The Ostrekoff Jewels by E. Phillips Oppenheim [1932]